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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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1,050k Reached! Another Stretch Goal Revealed! Team Deck Card Size Update

Posted by CMON (Creator)

We've just hit $1,050k so we're unlocking 5 Storm of Crows minis for all Patient 0 and Infected level pledges!

 Of course we've got the Storm of Crows cards coming up next.

And at $1,150k we've got the Zombivor version of Oksana if you've purchased her Survivor version!

Team Deck Card Sized Update:

After seeing some of the cleaver ideas and interesting discussions you guys were having in the comments section, we've decided to change a few things about the Team Building Deck. First the cards will no longer be exclusives as lots of players came up with clever ideas for scenarios using the cards. We don't want to exclude players from being able to partake in interesting and cool player scenarios. Which leads to the second change, the Team Building Deck cards will be mini card sized and with the same back as Equipment Cards, so you will be able to shuffle them into the Equipment card deck. 

We're really excited to see what you do with these cards and what cool ideas you guys incorporate into your scenarios!


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    1. MRCollier

      probably 15

    2. MRCollier

      @micah, well the retail value of the unlocked 5 says $8, but the retail value of the box is listed as $20, so I'm assuming the box has atleast 10

    3. C on

      @Liam. Thanks. Plus, you don't have to frickin' paint standees! :D

      +1 for blank cards. Actually, since the backs are Equipment cards, we can also use these cards for Equipment, Search objectives, Traps, Scenario-specific encounters, etc.

    4. Micah Rose on

      @CMoN How many murders of crows will be in the Crow box? To me, the size of the mini makes me think that 5 might be the actual number.

    5. Liam Hartles on

      @holeski, some ppl like to have the actual models, others dont want to spend £15-£60 to get hold of s1 and s2 exclusives that ppl are trying to sell for an arm and a leg and dont have the expendable income to support it so having this teambuilding decks cards at mini size to use a proxy models (kinda like ye olde DnD tabletop adventures) is am amazing prospect that is nothing but a good thing for the zombicide community

    6. Liam Hartles on

      @C , omg using the mini cards as proxy model stand-ins is a GENIUS idea !!

    7. the_zombie on

      What about 2 "joker cards" per deck? They would act as wild cards so you could be free to pick the (unused) Survivor of your choice. Could come in handy for pre game character selection as well as in-game character generation.

    8. KZ (KingZombie)

      @sharkey & CMoN I think a yellow backed Zombivore deck so we can include them as zombie spawns would be cool.

    9. Paolo Terrevazzi on

      I like the idea of using the Deck Builder cards to find new survivors for the group as the card gets drawn. It could be an objective of the game: you have to find people inside the buildings or save someone.

    10. Andy Marshall on

      I like the idea of using the Deck Builder cards to put all chosen survivors in the loot deck and seeing them turn into zombivors as the card gets drawn.

      I know there's been a load of grumpiness and moaning about the deck builder set, but as a FREE stretch goal, I really don't see how people can be complaining... never understood how being given something free is in any way punishing or insulting anyone.
      Some people on here come across a bit entitled.

    11. Missing avatar

      onesteek4you on

      I like the stand and Zombivor-as-random-spawn idea. Caveat: can't have Zombivor spawn of char that is in play. Draw again.

    12. Philippe Proteau on

      +1 for James Cotsios' idea!

    13. C on

      As an add-on, how about universal card stands to make standees for the survivor deck cards? You can get them through mail order, but the best price I could find after postage needed 200 pieces.

    14. Martin Gregory

      Most important question for those of us that play using the Zombicide app: will it be updated to include the use of the team deck?

    15. Missing avatar

      Jim Dice on

      The TBD tweak is a great enhancement. Another suggestion is to create a set of survivor spawn cards to go into the zombie deck. That way we can spice the game up with dealing with greater threats rival survivors. It would be good to have the zombivors version as well in the TBD. It is a staple of the genre contending with rival survivors. This is what I want most out PvP rules. Hope there will be some thought on coop rules against survivors as a threat. These decks will go a long way for the community creativity and house rules. You could put the zombivors in a separate pile. During the zombie spawn phase you flip a survivor spawn. The threat level determines the level of survivor (random generate a skill for that level) and how many equipment cards they have. 1 for blue 2 for yellow...etc. imagine the players dilemma if they kicked down the door of a building and discovers a gang of hostile zombivors armed with shotguns. Possibilities are endless.

    16. Sharkey on

      Any chance for a Zombivor deck, with the yellow backing to put into the zombie spawn deck? I'd love to throw in some harder zombies with a zombivor being drawn! =D

    17. Lordoftheslugs on

      Oh and btw, i really think it's amazing that you guys at CMON listen to the massive amount of pledgers (myself included) bitching about the card thing.
      It shows a lot of awesomeness that you are willing to listen and modify accordingly :)

    18. Lordoftheslugs on

      If we keep going at the current rate of pledges we will only hit the next stretch in about 13 hours. Come on people lets spread the word :D

    19. Layzen Rupi on

      Will the Storms of Crows as a boxed supply be available as an optional buy in this campaign? I really like them and want some more of them

    20. Hibiki Ryouga on

      You guys rock. Great decision regarding the TBD

    21. Missing avatar

      onesteek4you on

      Apologies if my question seemed stupid; as a stretch goal we get it for "free" and others have to buy later, so I see the benefit now. Absolutely love the idea of making them usable in the equipment deck. Another use is if someone dies, the could pick up a new Survivor by people doing Searches. Lots of options...really like this game.

    22. Joshua Leslie on

      I am super happy with the decision regarding the cards. Thanks for listening to the feedback. This was something I was hoping to get even before the Kickstarter started.

    23. Last Grimm on

      Great choice with the cards :)

    24. Tony Thomas on

      @Teskal: Thiago has already stated (somewhere in the 11,000+ comments in the main section) that all future survivors will have a team building card included in their boxes.

    25. Tyfighter77 on

      @Thiago: You guys are great for responding to our ideas. The ability to use the cards as proxies is a great bonus. Here's another idea how bout Zombivor cards too? :)

    26. Paul Brown on

      Nice update. Team deck sounds pretty cool as mini equipment cards

    27. Missing avatar

      Catherine Pengilly on

      @DR. Thanks for that. I was reading it as not including the exclusives. What a difference to the meaning one little s can make ;-)

    28. D R

      @Catherine: The cards will include the exclusive characters but the cards themselves will not be exclusive so you can buy them later at retail.

    29. Missing avatar

      Catherine Pengilly on

      So let me get this straight, the team building deck is shrinking and will not now include exclusives? Meaning a stretch goal that looked useful is now pointless.

    30. Nick CC on

      @ Phillip Grant, had the same mistake myself being my first kickstarter. They explain it on the Home page under the FAQ. Just manage your pledge to the according amount, example $150 pledge but you want Oksana to, then manage your pledge and change it to $160. They'll send a questionaire via email one the kickstarter is done to choose what add ons you wanna spend the additional funds pledged on

    31. Missing avatar

      onesteek4you on

      Don't suppose the team deck stretch is getting replaced with something else now?

    32. Nadim Alam on

      For gods sake give us 3D DOOR MINIATURES to unlock already!!!

    33. Punxnbutter on

      Great update

      All CMON and GG have to do is deliver in a more coherent process than Season 2 and I'll be on cloud 9. Zombicide may be my favorite board much fun!

      I think I'll keep creating my poker sized character cards because they're easier to shuffle for random teams, I do see huge value in having them as equipment cards though.

    34. Kenny Nierwienski on

      Why don't you guys come up with something interesting for them? I doubt anyone is interested in their default function.

    35. Jeremey on

      Now you just need to give those new to Zombicide access to the S1 and S2 characters.... ;)

    36. WarWolf on

      Holeski, your getting the dashboards for them and there are plenty of proxies out there so it is still is of use for previous season characters wether or not you have original sculpts. They are not reissuing the. Just accept it and move on instead of getting angry about it. I'd love for them to do it to I didn't get to back the earlier seasons either but it's obvious that they are not changing their minds.

    37. Pachro on

      @Giger Fan, +1 to the PDF idea for printing poker sized too. I see the appeal in both sizes, but I do hate shuffling the mini cards.

    38. Missing avatar

      holeski on

      People are just going to use those cards in place of sculpted minis. Why should we bother to collect the minis if your giving us all survivor cards for all the sculpts we can't get?

    39. C on

      @Matt: You can shuffle the Team cards into the Equipment deck to represent survivors you rescue, or an encounter. Mini-sized also means you can use them as proxies with a "universal card holder" (or small binder clips) to stand them up.

      No need to hunt down proxie miniatures! (:

    40. Jeff

      @CMoN thanks for listening to the comments about the Team deck. Very happy with the change.

    41. Phillip Grant on

      How do I option to buy the extra stuff?

    42. Jeremey on

      Thanks for listening to the feedback.

    43. SherMMR98

      While I love the idea of being able to use the mini-sized cards for new player scenarios, I really had been hoping they would be poker sized - honestly, the mini-sized cards are the only thing I don't love about Zombicide in general. ;)

      Any chance you could provide a .pdf of poker sized team builder cards we could use to print them ourselves?

    44. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      I hope that in the future every survivor will also have team deck card included.

    45. James Solomon on

      Thanks for the update on the team building deck guys. And qudos for taking community ideas on board and making this excellent change so they can be used in missions!

    46. Matt Burrows on

      @Thiago Thanks!

    47. Thiago Aranha on

      @Matt Burrows: Stuff like having to search to find more survivors and such.

    48. Miguel Michan

      And the crows rules are...?

    49. Matt Burrows on

      Without reading the many, many comments, what were some ideas people had for using the team deck during game play?