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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.

Day 5: $1 Million Hit! New Stretch Goals! New Optional Buy!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

We're just 5 days into this awesome Kickstarter campaign and we've already hit a $1 million dollars!

Of course we don't want to leave you in suspense so here's the next two stretch goals!

At 1,050k We'll be unlocking the incredibly dead Storm of Crows for all Patient 0 and Infected level pledges!
At 1,050k We'll be unlocking the incredibly dead Storm of Crows for all Patient 0 and Infected level pledges!


 We're also adding in another optional buy for you guys!



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    1. Neb Nnamrreh on

      @michael mauldin you can add the money that you want to buy the extras with now to boost our current pledge.

    2. Simon Crouch on

      You get the stretch goals but the ones with a price next to them like Leonard, er Patrick are extra purchases handled by the pledge manager after the kickstarter closes

    3. Missing avatar

      michael mauldin on

      I'm a patient zero pledge does this mean I get all the stretch goals with no additional charge? And also how do I purchase the optional buys?

    4. Simon Crouch on

      Lmao, fair enough

    5. Big Tim Stiles

      And it wouldn't be the Internet without some self righteous jack-ass complaining about people complaining and calling peoples, concerns childish because he doesn't share them.

    6. Daniel

      I'll add my concern at the constant usage of stretch goals where one 'complete' goal is put over 2 different stretch goals (crows + cards to actually be able to use them, survivor + zombivor to actually be able to use it in full rules). It feels like artificial padding more than anything else.

      Just put the 'complete usable' goal as one stretch goal and extend the requirement to the next one if needed.

      For those asking for specific characters, just remember what happened to some of the characters in the past when imageright holders caught whiff of the characters being used outside their own business ventures. I would imagine Capcom being especially trollish in this area if they had the chance, so don't expect much of their properties to be used.

    7. Simon Crouch on

      It wouldn't be the internet if we didn't have whiners, though complaining about the order of free stuff is an impressive twist on normal childish complaining, so kudos.

      Zombicide for me and thanks for the swag!

    8. Patrick Stangier on

      Yup, it is "Crowz". Like in Crows + Zombies.

      I just want to add my voice to those that say that they dislike that the crowz figures and cards are separate stretch goals.
      The concept itself? The sculpt? Awesome. But the figures on their own? How would we use them without the cards?

    9. Paint'Riot Studio

      Love this new survivor !! the zombivor version will come next.....after crows.
      Why Oksana zombivor is not at 1,100k $ ???
      Are they extra cards ???

    10. Anthony Leon on

      At least two more RE Movies charater I would love to see sorry make that 3 no 4, Rain, Matt, Luther, and K-mart

    11. Abbath on

      Teskal Flink, Wereskunk: randomly choosing was never a problem. Just draw an id card without looking ;)

    12. Filippos Pappas on

      i want a Beary Burton survivor!!!! (Resident Evil)

    13. Gavin Meakings on

      @Dan. They did the same with Dogz last year.

    14. Missing avatar

      Justin Hughes

      Just need some toxic and berserker crow cards to top it nicely...

    15. Dan Nowell on

      Cheers @Gavin. So they do.

      Good to know my pedantic side has been appeased :-)

      Although "Crowz" with a Z? How terribly urban.

    16. Gavin Meakings on

      @Dan. The card images say 'Murder of Crowz' at the top so seems like that's the official name for them.

    17. Dan Nowell on

      If I'm looking at the crow mini right, there are six birds on each. So five "storms" give us a total of 30 birds over five separate manifestations. Which is nice.

      Although isn't the collective noun for crows a "murder" or am I missing some other reference?

    18. Utter Fool

      On Oksana - definitely an Alice homage. But I am pretty sure making her a blond stunt woman is a nod to Zoe Bell.

      Oh yeah... So I don't seem out of place . "Boo, Free stuff"

    19. Missing avatar

      Mrorbe on

      oups my bad it seems it will be a stretch goal like for patrick :(

    20. Missing avatar

      Mrorbe on

      @Timo Honold optional survivors are always sold with their zombivore miniature and dashboard

    21. Missing avatar

      Stormwolf on

      Finally a survivor that fits the theme, I like it! I'm also quite interested to see how the crows work. And the card deck is a nice idea.
      You guys do realize that you get everything you need in the same quality if you want to proxy instead of having to use low quality print outs. I think that's a nice move.

      What I don't get is the attitude of some people on the exclusives. You don't need them at all to enjoy the game but if you want to, there are enough options to proxy. Do you behave like this in the non digital word too? Do you go to a store half a year after a sale offer has finished and say: "hey dude, I just heard about the offer now, which is totally your fault. I want the same offer you gave half a year ago"?? That's not how life works.

    22. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      Many players do randomize the survivors, so i do not think the building deck is useless.
      I use normally a software to randomize them, but a pc is not always available.

    23. Laurence Potter on

      To everyone complaining, we are getting a great deal, we get the normal product cheap we've Already got a fair few kickstarter only items. Ok so worst case now is we only get 5 crows and dont get cards for it, you havnt paid for it so just paint them or something

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael Dore on

      +1 for more RE survivors from the games rather than the films

    25. Punxnbutter on

      Yes it is $10 for the human but we all know the zombivor will show up as a free stretch, which is exactly how they did it for Season 2. They'll make available all of the extras that they have planned.

    26. Timo Honold

      Only human? Is the matching zombivor a stretch again?
      So I have to wait until I increase my pledge...

    27. Ravenwing on

      The crows look great. Very dynamic figure(s)!

    28. Alderman Jack on

      I like the crows!

    29. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      I think some people are missing the point.... This sculpt of the murder birds
      Is fantastic and very complicated for a designer to put together...

      So let us congratulate them on this, rather than complaining about how much free sauce we get on our already tasty burger...

      Plus with all the extra manufaturing costs, i'm sure there is going to people working for free to get this project finished.... We are already getting the game cheap, you dont need to spend anymore money... Just enjoy the ride... Its all... Just a ride....

    30. C on

      @Micha: fwiw, KickSpy's projecting 2M, but let me know any other KS trackers are out there. I don't like KickTraq so much because, as I understand it, they project per day, which doesn't take into account a KS that starts later in the day? Otherwise, in agreement.

      Completely unrelated, here's someone who hates his lemon so much, he's raising a KS to destroy it:…

    31. C on

      One other possibility is to make the add-ons as Stretch Goals, not that that wouldn't raise complaints, either. Oksana just as easily could have been a SG at 1050K, with the birds and their cards at 1100K. (I'm also not clear why some exclusives are $10 and others are free, aside from that they can't make them all free.)

      I think at 1050K, we're past 50 miniatures added to the campaign. I think that's a pretty good deal for Day 5, at least for the bucket-o-mini's folks.

    32. Eli Butcher on

      @Micah I will be honest, I hadn't realized that we were getting the previous boards, I thought we were just getting a case to put our boards "in"... And in that, you do have a point. Also, if someone else had mentioned it, I must have missed it. With the last couple updates hitting between 75-130 comments each, some being quite lengthy, it's easy to miss comments here and there. I don't mind admitting if I've been hasty and a bit on edge, BUT I do honestly believe that offering everything (or references to previous promos that are unobtainable "except by buying from ebay scalpers) is bad business practice. It's dangling a carrot, with no payoff.

      With my comments regarding Post #23 and the upcoming SG, I don't dislike the SG, but I DO think they handled their announcements of them wrong. I think what most people have issues with, is that they've offered 2 items (Crows & Crow Cards) as 2 separate SG. If they had done it as a single SG, and waited $100K for the next one, people would have just complained that their was a long wait. But to break it up, and offer 2 items that you can't really use without the other, makes them look bad. Just make the wait between SG a bit longer, so you can offer everything at once.

      With the Oksana character... NO COMPLAINTS! I absolutely LOVE it.... I could NOT be happier.

      In summary, I still think they should offer something for people who haven't been able to get the previous figures, so we can fully use and appreciate those characters. I really think they should review "how" they're doing the SG, so that each SG seem more "complete and whole". Either way, I've backed Rivet Wars, Wrath of Kings, and Arcadia Quest and now this one on KS. I've also purchased Sedition Wars, Super Dungeon Explore and all of the other Zombicide addons from retail (not the promos, as ebay scalpers "kill" with dumb pricing hikes... lol) That being said, no matter what they do, I enjoy their product, and I'll continue to back and support their games. But when I've backed 30 projects, and know how they typically work their SGs, and they are doing odd or shady ones this time, then I feel it's only fair, as a backer and supporter of CMON and GG, to say what I think and "HOPE" that enough people will agree so that perhaps they notice, and either alter how they're doing things or resolve whatever issue that there is.

      I do love my Zombicide though...

    33. Selendys on

      woot! Alice¨!!! Finaly a RE survivor! I hope we will get Chris Jill Leon and the others like Hunk! Peraps a Nemesis Abomination!

      I hope we can get extra crows on the add ons to!

    34. NinjaOffDuty on

      @micah rose I feel the same as you. One zombie love...

    35. Kosongz on

      Oh, I'm loving all the stretch goals so far, and I'm getting Alice.

    36. Micah Rose on

      @Eli Butcher The last stretch goal is not unusable! You don't have to have minis to play the characters! They are giving you all the previous survivor boards from the first stretch goal reached! Why am I shouting at you when you've obviously not listened to anyone who has said the same thing?! Please, this is a kickstarter, each kickstarter is a community of people who really want a cool product, can we just be cool about this?

      @Other Complainers (you know who you are) The next stretch goal will be reached. This game will likely raise over $3million. It looks like it will be doing it the right way. They are doing less exclusive optional buys, which will increase their ability to deliver on time. They are making all the stretch goals free. There is really nothing to complain about here. If you don't like the cards, or dice bag, or whatever, you can sell them on ebay. They will sell. If you don't like any of the other freebies, do the same thing. Please, just stop complaining about freebies that you will have to do absolutely nothing to get.

    37. Kosongz on

      I've been waiting for Alice since season 2, but a stunt woman? We already got Rick.

    38. Garou on

      We need more than five storm of crows. Lots of activations. And, I think we need some rule clarifications about this "pets".
      Like so much the miniatures.

    39. Keats on

      Everyone keeps saying CMoN is making them pay more for the cards. CMoN isn't charging you anything for the cards, they are just trying to keep giving us updates to meet and be excited about without it getting bogged down in the mid-campaign lull everyone cries about. You personally have to give $0 more dollars to unlock the next stretch goal, it is a stretch goal and not a paid add-on. If they gave the mini for free and literally made you increase your pledge to get the cards you would be justified in raising hell. Unless that is the case you are being silly. Seriously, it costs you not a dime, not a cent or not a euro or won or yen extra. It will be met without you increasing your pledge, and in fact if you cancelled your pledge (as a few threatened to this grievous offense of them offering to give you free stuff) CMoN would indeed still get to the revealed stretch goals and probably fund at $4 million. You are honestly having to wait no more than 12 hours for the next goals to be revealed.

    40. Isaac Hayward on

      These are literally the best reveals yet. Hitchcock inspired birds and the mistress of Zombicide herself. Keep them coming guys. Great to see minis for something other than the normal zombie types! (^o^)v

    41. Francois on

      1)season 2 wasn't shipping free... i don't remember how much i paid for it, but i do remember additional shipping cost if you asked for S1 game.
      2)150$ for the 2 games, 1 zombi box and 1 survivor ?
      if i buy them in french, it cost me 90€ (rue morgue based on prison outbreak cost) +60 € (AN base on TCM) + 25€ (based on all zombi box)
      => that make 175€ = 240$ and i'm not considering the free survivor
      nope, definitly cheaper on KS for belgium backers (and i prefer to have everything in english)

      Soo getting more for less cheaper ? obviously i'm happy with it !

    42. Kyudjo on

      Joe : you are not getting the same + 1 mini, we have a lot of extra zombies, 3d barricades, crows, extra survivors and zombivors, other goodies and we know that we have awesome things like 3d doors coming our way and much more. This is just day 5 out of 30 ! I think that, even if I was paying retail price, which is not the case, this would be a deal that suits me. I'm sorry you don't see it this way ...

    43. Joe Crane on

      I paid 130 for prison break and toxic mall... and a box of dogs. With free shipping. I didn't go to any exclusive place, it was Amazon. So far I am getting the same thing plus 1 mini for 140 plus I pay for shipping. And I don't mind supporting companies and people trying to make it, hence why I am here. But I do not think they are showing us early backers any respect by making us pay for cards to a mini we have already unlocked, or a bag for dice, when they have what 10 kinds of dice now? Do i need extra bags for all the dice I own? I was so excited about this kickstarter, now most likely I will finish up the zombicide stuff and never support them again. If you think we are the ones getting a good deal, it's kind of the other way around, and even more so if they are making us pay for cards. They knew this would be a success, and this is what they planned out? Over 900,000 dollars of stated goal and with an extra 100,000 they are giving out a couple of cards? This should of been the kickstarter to really give back and to thank people for the success they have had, not make us pay another 50,000 for 4 or 5 cards.

    44. Francois on

      Soo far, the only 3 unwanted stretch goals are the purple suitcase (seriously 75$ ? i doubt i can sell it 15€) and the VIP spawn cards / crow spawn cards (and only if they are duplicated of thoses in the zombies boxes).

      -the pimp weapon cards are awesome.
      -we never have enough zombies. i definitely prefer more zombies on the board to more activation, and not for the difficulty but simply for the zombie feeling.
      -dice are nice, my bro love them and i prefer them to the normal dices, since i didn't buy any, i welcome those
      -i know i'll use the dice bag, not for zombicide, but whatever, if i use it, i use it.
      -3D tokens are more resilient and immersive... need more
      -team deck building have been asked numerous time in the previous KS and i believe i'll have multiple use for those cards (too much survivor, random pick help a lot and i don't like shuffle under the table)
      -more survivors is always a good thing and soo far we have 5 free for 2 optionnal (and a free leon is just worth it)

    45. jerome on

      Oksana= good, me happy, more of this more!

    46. Kyudjo on

      About those damn birds : I really have no idea how they are played ! Ranged weapons only ? Very last on the shooting order ? So many questions !

    47. Kyudjo on

      wesley : more add ons or more strech goals ? Don't worry, either way, the answer is YES ! ; )

    48. James Solomon on

      Wow. So many whiners. I ageed to pay $150 for s3 the expansion a extra survivor and a box of vip zombies. And figured it was a good deal. Anything else is a free bonus as far as I am concerned.

    49. Missing avatar

      wesley naylor on

      Cheers quentin..will there be more to unlock ?

    50. Stuart Fern on

      "1150k SG announced. Now all of your game components will come in a box". I am loving this kickstarter and I completely agree with Quentin. I think the zombicide team need to be careful not to damage the public feeling along the way with dodgy tactics. Separating the crow minis and cards is just lame and diminishes the feeling of an otherwise awesome update. I think we were all rather excited to find out when the crows would show up and we should all be buzzing about how they work rather than complaining about them. Just something to think about as the kickstarter continues.