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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.

$960k Unlocked! $1 Mil Unveiled!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Overnight we hit the $960k stretch goal! So we've unlocked 2 more VIP zombies for Patient 0 and Infected level backers!

 And now we're unveiling our $1 mil ($1,000k) stretch goal!

This team building deck allows you and your friends to draw your teams for season 3 randomly. This deck contains a card for ever survivor and promo survivor from season 1, 2, and even season 3! No more arguing over who get which survivors, let chance decide!


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    1. Michael Sprague

      Just broke 1mil... Please WOW us with the next SG

    2. Xavier Lumberjacks on

      Are you, dear backers, seriously taking all that cards story so... seriously. Be honest, pledge for zombicide s3 is not a risk... at all. It's a way to have a good game at a good price AND many other stuffs for free.
      Just enjoy, stop complaining. It's only day 5.

      "This SG sucks i'll take my money back". Is that a place for people under 6 years old only .You can give hundreds of dollars for pieces of plastic and take them back because of a little disappointement... Wooh.

    3. Michael Sprague

      @gavin thanks!

    4. Erasmus MusicCentre on

      How is this better than just shuffling the character stat cards you already have?

    5. Hibiki Ryouga on

      As long as the Team Building Deck is the same size as the normal play cards I'll be happy.

      I have been printing my own since season 1 and have now had custom foam cut for everything released on season 1&2. This includes a slot for the survivor selection/randomization deck.

    6. C on

      5K in one hour. Dang, looks like new backers really want these cards! :D

      Assuming these are small-card sized, here's a BGG thread about turning these cards into standees:

    7. Tasker on

      @Zombieversteher... To be honest with you. The way that this KS has been handled so far and the big middle finger they keep giving to those that missed out on previous promos. My pledge for this KS has gone from a definite $600 - $700 to around $200 at most.

    8. Zombieversteher on

      at the kickstarter of Shadow of Brimstone we got a huge epic Boss that is a stretchgoal for 1 million…

      look how cool it was

    9. Kenny Nierwienski on

      I share others disappointment in the deck. If all the other stretch goals were not so awesome it might not matter, but this is just not nearly as cool.

    10. Zombieversteher on

      Are you seroius? a not even Kickstarter exclusive for a million dollars? if the next stretchgoals are not epic i leave my EB spot for somebody else...

    11. Games & Tea on

      Got to be honest, after all of the build up that's got to be one of the lamest stretch goals I've ever seen - especially for a game which offers so much at other points. We've had Leia zombies, Elvis zombies, Dr House, and now a deck of cards to mark $1M? All I can hope is that CMON will notice the generally negative response this has got and throw us something amazing at the $2M mark to make up for it.

    12. Missing avatar

      Frank D on

      I wish there was a stretch goal foam case! ~L~

    13. Greg Krywusha

      Like the idea for the $1 mil SG, but as another person just starting, it's kinda' lackluster. Not owning any other Zombicide games, I could easily randomize the survivors by their boards in this single box.

    14. Michael Sprague

      Where did you read they changed it from exclusive to not? People keep saying "they said" but I never seem to find actual words from them. (Not saying they didn't, just can't find them)

    15. Nico on

      @Pachro: Thanks!
      A 1 million stretch goal NOT KS-Exclusive?! Very bad!!

    16. Pachro on

      They said the deck is no longer a KS exclusive.

    17. Nico on

      @Jeremy Mahieu: Yes, but it makes no sense!
      The KS-Exclusive Logo AND a retail value-logo on the same object.

    18. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Wade on

      #shrugs shoulders# I just still dont get it?

    19. Nick CC on

      I myself came late to the Zombicide universe, and knowing that I had missed out on the season 1 and 2 stretch goals was disappointing, especially when looking at other ways to get them would be through ebay and the like. Now, the 1 mill stretch goal doesn't make me smile from ear to ear as choosing who plays as which character is never a fight, but these cards can still be used. As someone who like to collect things, having all the promo survivors would be awesome, but to say these cards are a waste wouldn't be a huge loss. If I were to use these cards, just put the characters I missed out on aside. Looking forward to the next stretch goals

    20. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Mahieu on

      @peer: there's the KS exclusive logo on the image...

    21. Nico on

      @peer Yes, and on the HOME-Site the Team Building Deck don`t have the KS-Exclusive sign.

    22. Andrew C on

      Is there a booklet that has the character bios? If not, that would be a nice stretch goal. All the cards have is abilities, so having a booklet, like the KBL Almanac, would be cool.

    23. Peer

      Ah, I see, they wrote KS exclusive and Retail Value on the picture :)

    24. Peer

      Nicolaj: The Team Building Deck? No

    25. Jason on

      One thing to note it would be cool if CMON/GG added extra cards with a shadow and the letter A to D for custom cards or game might survivors that might not be in this deck.

    26. Nico on

      QUESTION...Is this stretch goal Kickstarter Exclusive or NOT?

    27. Eli Butcher on

      @Gavin, I completely understand what you're saying, and also why they had that stance. What is confusing to me, and extremely frustrating for others who have arrived late to the Zombicide KS campaigns, is that CMON/GG are promoting entire stretch goals that are specifically tied to these previous promos. This means that every time they do this, then myself and others in this situation may as well just have been given nothing at all. It can also be taken more negatively, as though they're saying,"Hey, look at this stuff that you can use with all the special stuff we gave out earlier! Oh wait, you weren't a part of it, so "sucks to be you", here's a bunch of crap that you'll never be able to use! Better luck next time". In point, it's not just a let down, it's kind of insulting to offer a "perk" to people, when they'll "never" be able to use it. They're going to have to do something. Every Zombicide KS they do, will gain more "new" customers, and therefore more people who didn't get the previous special stuff. If they don't change their reproduction stance, then you risk people not signing up for current KS. So either way, you're going to have a group of people that are mad. Either those who got the special stuff or those who are new and don't have it. The question is, who is (or will be) the majority, and is less of a risk to piss off. With the Zombicide player base growth, I'd say the majority is, or quickly will become, the new customers...

    28. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Mahieu on

      @tasker : yes, it's JE exclusive so, I really think that they don't care about this problem (they could officially announce for the poor guy, that didn't back their previous KS: bad luck mate! You'll still have some useless cards, isn't it great? You want these promo figures? Sell your kids' organs from authorized neo-thieves"...
      BTW, yesterday I sa some copies of Marvin from... Shangai!

    29. C on

      @Lawrence: Selling S1 and S2 exclusives in this campaign would also affect *ALL* CMON KS, not just Zombicide ones.

      Hasslefree should start their own KS...

    30. Gavin Meakings on

      @ Lawrence. During the first KS campaign CMON guaranteed the backers that they would not sell or produce the promotional characters again, even if resculpted into a new pose. They said in the 2nd KS that the same would apply to the Season 2 promos. GG / CMON have decided to keep there own over making a small fortune.
      I am personally happy for them to have a second run of the figures, as are most other Season 1 / 2 backers that I have seen posting, I just don't think they will ever go back on the promise they made.

    31. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Wade on

      Well as I was late to Zombicide I missed the 1st KS and the 2nd KS by days so for me this KS gives me a way to play with the missing heros. Ill just use the characters im missing from team building deck with stands. Yeah I know it sucks but it will work. What I dont get is why there cant be some way of offering the previous KS add-ons from season 1 & 2 as part of this KS? That way people who missed out still get a chance to get them & CMON/GG still keep them as KS exclusives. Imagine how much more money would be pumped in to this KS which would only benefit everyone? I really cant see any reason against why this cant be done? Other than people who are selling them on at inflated prices

    32. Jose Augusto on

      Slightly disappointed with the reward given when it reaches 1M ... expected something more decent for that amount

    33. Michael Paal on

      Hmmm if the deck helps to balance team composition for new players It can be valuable. However, a simple guide would also be sufficient :/ in addition not having the characters from s1and s2 is very unsatisfactory for this kind of SG.

    34. Tasker on

      And yes. I realise it says ks exclusive. But why have an RRP if it wasn't going to be availiable in some form.

    35. Tasker on

      @ Jeremy Mahieu... Actually that's a bloody good point. By the fact it has an RRP it looks like these are going retail. So how is Joe Public going to react when they get the deck only to find that they have no use for 90% of the cards.

      It really does just promote ebay scalpers and takes a dump on those that didn't manage to get the promos.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Mahieu on

      Oh yes, please, give me some more cards for miniatures I don't have (or that I could for an arm).
      Keep supporting the speculation on eBay, because, that's what you're doing! Ridiculous SG, particularly for 1 million...

    37. Dan Nowell on

      Me too @Eli.
      They could release a box of them as a giant set. No need for the cards as they're already in the 1st stretch. That way I don't have to get mugged by the sellers on eBay.

    38. Gavin Meakings on

      For those who are asking for earlier promos -
      I'm afraid CMON/GG have previously advised that they will not be reissuing or making alternate sculpts of the early promos. They have been very firm on this. They have said they would rather focus on making new characters then re-sculpting old ones. You will get the dashboards for them with this kickstarter so you can proxy them but unless you are willing to pay a lot of money on the secondary market you wont get the official models (Board Game Geek and the Zombicidash forums have a lot of suggestions for proxies).

    39. jerome on

      -Chris farley need fat guy in a little coat (miss him so much)
      -The Rock Hoob
      -Ice cube he survive friday
      -Happy Guilmore with hockey stick
      -Ben Stiller scorcherer from tropic thunder, with 2 flame trower and babys strap on is chest
      -Liam Nisen special talant Taken
      Selen from under world
      -Ronda Rosey legit badass woman
      -Ace Ventura do trick with dog companion

    40. Eli Butcher on

      @Dan Nowell, the Add-Ons is what I meant. Moreso that, they will allow them as an Add-On "if" we hit a specific amount. (to cover mold costs, etc.) But my big thing was that I'd like to have an opportunity to get the characters, Stretch Goal or Add-On doesn't matter to me. I just want them. lol

    41. Michael Sprague

      +1 for the underwhelming.... Maybe they could/should have a 1,000,001 SG to commemorate breaking 1mil (and make up for this lack if excitement - after all, this isn't going to push anything)

      +1 for resculpts of the unobtainable promos. Not opposed to add-ons...

      +1 where are the Zombivors for S3???????

    42. Charles Tuttle on

      What about cardboard punches of the older promo and exclusives as a stretch?

    43. Emil Carlo C. Fernandez on

      If it includes the figurines too then YES! Otherwise, it's really disappointing

    44. Ed Lowe on

      Well I dont have season 1,2 or any of the now hard to get promo figures that feature in the deck :( seems like an dull way to celerbrate $1 mill. I agree it seems more like an addon for backers who have all those figures not really new players.

    45. Tasker on

      Bloody hell. What a waste of a stretch goal. In theory this deck is only going to get bigger and more unwieldy as time goes on.

      Also. I'm trying to figure out why this isn't already built into the App. - Which would be far more useful.

    46. Ravenwing on

      A little underwhelmed by the 1.000.000 stretch goal. Especially since I do not have season 1 and 2.

    47. Justin Timothy on

      Please tell me we will get access to the actual figures.

    48. Joshua Leslie on

      I dunno. The Million Goal on Season 2 was one more survivor out of the 11 add on survivors from that season. I feel like a character Deck is more unique and has some great potential if the cards are the same size and back as item/search deck cards.