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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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$920 Unlocked! Help re-write Dylan's Bio!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Awesome job zombie killers! We're already at $920k for this awesome project! So we're unlocking the Jesse Zombivor!

And in case you missed the post in the comments section of the Kickstarter comments and the last update, here's a reminder:

Some of you have pointed out that the background for Dylan isn't exactly fitting for her artwork. So since you guys, the backers making this game possible, don’t like her bio, what we want to do is to have you help us craft Dylan's new background!

Give us some suggestions about who she was before the zombie apocalypse and how she's surviving now. We'll use what we like in writing her new bio, which will be featured on the back of the artist box!

Just leave your suggestions in the Kickstarter comments section and we’ll start picking out what we think is cool!

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    1. Stephen Mills on

      DIY but give her a portable gas powered nailgun

    2. Ben Brownlie on

      From the get go she was DIY, no questions.

      C's bio below or Zip's on the other thread for me please :)

    3. Neil H on

      Dylan looks more like a TV DIY show host, albeit more targeting a male demographic, maybe she was caught on set of a new renovation project for a show and intent on showing she is more than just the pretty face of the show, turned her skills to kicking zee butt protecting her masculine co-hosts.

    4. Daniel

      I don't think 3d cars would work, since they are object you can interact with and drive around in.

      I'll second a robotic/cyborg character, though. Arnolds Terminator robot comes to mind as something that would fit in nicely in an apocalyptic setting visually :P

    5. Eli Butcher on

      I agree completely with @Nicolaj Beringer. I think at this point in the game, a couple 3D cars and doors would be a massive upgrade to the board. Also, if we're requesting survivor options, I'd love to see a survivor that is perhaps mechanical or robotic (at least partly like from I, Robot, or Fallout, or a Steampunk character), also a cross-over from other CMON games but in the Zombicide art-style, and it seems like the Twighlight Warrior from Kingdom Death would be a good inclusion. Either way, having reached the goal for all current stretch goals, I'm excited to see some new ones.

    6. Paint'Riot Studio

      it will be fun to have a Drill with Dylan !!!

    7. Frank the Tank on

      I like the ideas what Marcus Lindberg said. Give us some funny optional rules, like if you clear a room / building without noise you get one free search.

    8. Josh Deason on

      @James Cotsios I like the entry, DIY Contestant seems believable going off looks alone.

    9. Nico on

      I want more 3D-Objects like CARS, OBSERVATION TOWERS, HELICOPTER.

    10. Missing avatar

      Marcus Lindberg on

      How about some game rules stretch goals instead of yet another Survivor

      1) Alternate support/variant for zombivors. The BGG zombie boss variant is a good starting point.

      2) Alternate threat level variant decoupling experience from threat level.Not penalizing players killing zombies would be nice. Maybe a chart with threat level increasing by noice that rewards silent killers?

      3) Advanced Campaign with fun rules. Not just a string of missions.

    11. Goeshi on

      My entry:

      Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan BATMAN!

    12. Paint'Riot Studio

      new update soon ! i hope !!

    13. Bart on

      I also see her more into the DIY-theme instead of a mistress-type (neighter her clothes nor her looks fit the mistress type... for some reason I can only image a mistress being some sort of old tart that misses both beauty and excitement in her life, usualy 50 to 60+ of age and her boobs no more then some rags of ripped out skin hanging till halfway her belly... eeew... so totally not this concept art...).

      I'd see this concept more like a girl that grew up in dad's DIY-store and got caught on camera while supporting her favorite team in some sort of sports-game (like the way Pamela was discovered before she turned completely into plastic...). After the game some TV-channel got in contact with her and soon after she presents some sort of 'house-make-over'-show...

      Nothing over-spectacular imo, she looks like a lovely natural beautiful woman with both healthy brains and skills...

      Not fond of her name though (never heard that name for a woman before, but that's just me..).

    14. Missing avatar

      Jim Dice on

      Dylan The Renovator

      "When you back is against the wall, she can take it down"

      Dylan was a contestant on the DIY reality TV show Renovate or Detonate. She gathered a legion of fans on the show for her take no crap/get it done attitude. The episode where she singlehandedly levelled a house armed only with a sledgehammer and a power drill in world record time was a sight to behold. Dylan building skills hold her in good stead during the Zpocalypse. Her efficiency in taking a door off its hinge, breaching a wall or erecting a barricade has saved her and many others lives time and time again. “Give Dylan a gun she is useless. Give her a hammer and jigsaw… she will demolish a mob of Zed’s and build you an extension out of their bones”

    15. Nico on


    16. XofMdS on

      "No matter how you do the hole as long as it's in their head!"
      Dylan was bored. She had the wrong boyfriend, a lyer and a cheater. She was in a wrong place, far and remote, with nothing much interesting ever happening. She had the wrong job, at her dad's ironmonger's. She wanted something to change...
      She was working when Zombies stroke. It was brutal. She grabbed what was close by and looked like weapons - tools. She was not used at them, and she nailed it really fast. it saved her life, and that's all she says about the start of her new life. She still can't fix anything in a house or a car, but she wipes hordes all right in her own good style. She won't let the Zombie screw anything now!

    17. Drew Close on


      “It’s Hammer time.”

      Growing up, Dylan was always different from the other girls. She had no interest in dolls, dresses or tea parties instead she preferred hammers, drills and pliers choosing to spend her days in her dad, a local handy man’s workshop pulling things apart. On break from college where she was studying engineering, Dylan was helping her dad on a job that happened to be at the home of a Hollywood producer who immediately cast as the female co-host of his new science based reality TV show “Fabrication Smashers”. Unfortunately her to fame was cut short by the zombie outbreak so now she puts her curious mind and love of hardware to use deconstructing the undead.

    18. Michael

      Oh man. She totally reminds me of the assistant from Tool Time, from Home Improvement!

    19. Missing avatar

      Matthew Eustace on

      I agree. Val's suggestion is ace! :-)

    20. Stuart Fern on

      Val that is the first one I have read but I feel urged to comment. That is cool and absolutely suitable.

    21. JusitnKase


      “Yes I can!”

      One time hostess on the popular makeover show “Radical Home Metamorphosis” , Dylan was known by her legions fans as the girl with the “Can do” attitude. Not just another pretty face that relied on her costars to do the work, Dylan was always in the thick of the project, whether it be tearing down walls, or putting on a new roof. When the zombie outbreak struck, she was in the middle of a shoot. Not one to shy away from a dirty job that needed to be done, she grabbed her handy cordless power drill and went to work!

    22. Andrew C on

      Honestly, I liked her backstory and think it would be a ridiculous inclusion to an already over the top game. The problem was that it doesn't fit the art at all.

    23. Dreadpirate

      Dylan made a choice. When Dylan was a little boy, she always knew something wasn't right. So after learning a trade, and becoming successful enough to afford it; and after the hardships, and the psych tests, and the surgery, and the healing, Dylan was honestly surprised to discover She regretted that choice. Now the world has ended, and 'fitting in' isn't as important anymore. Finding a fresh supply of her pills is always a challenge; but she made her choice, and she's decided to live with it.

      * all due apologies - but I hope I uniformly offended everyone. ;)
      ** also I apologize for the puns - at the end I almost went with 'shes decided to stick it out', but you know, that's not...

    24. Ryan Robinson

      I like the Dylan backstory/concept, and would like to see it used for a more fitting model.

      I kinda hate the idea of relegating her to the "booth babe" concept. That basically makes the entire box "eyecandy for the post apocalypse." A scream queen and a booth babe... I like that most of the female characters are still pretty strong personalities in their own right, even if they are drawn/sculpted as eye-candy.

      Obviously, given that I wrote a backstory for her being a construction-type, that's the sort of thing I'd like to see. I understand that changing the name is probably a no-go, but she was so obviously a handy(wo)man type with the power tools, I couldn't help but go with something shaped like bob the builder.

    25. Dagda

      I think the Dylan backstory is at least something fresh (in contrast to all the DIY suggestions which I find rather boring). I hope there will be a better fitting mini for that story.

    26. Missing avatar

      holeski on

      Yes a real dominatrix survivor would be very cool. With new weapon cards like whip, cain, paddle, upgraded to a nail paddle maybe a double sided monster sized dong to beat Zeds with. Better yet with a companion or zombie gimp slave with a ball gag so it can't bite. Pulled along with a collar & leash like in The Walking Dead.

    27. Thomas Miller on

      +1 for Brad Tomlinson story for Dylan. Would still like to see a new character designed for the dominatrix.

    28. Robert Raymond on

      Dylan the worker
      Dylan always been different ,playing ball , driving truck , she always working hard.
      She also always been a fighter , fightning for her place in a world ruled by men.
      Slowly she been improving step by step to own her own building compagny.
      But before seeing the results , the zombie came. But Dylan always been a fighter , so she fight again .

      I know its a bit short but no inspiration about this character

    29. C on

      (Seems like a lot of us remember that show!)

      Dylan the Depot Girl

      Dylan the Depot Girl of the show, "Depot Improvement, always had a crush on one her co-stars, Willy the Hired Hand. Despite Willy never showing more than his nose from behind the toolshed to both the audience and the cast members, she knew this man would be perfect for her, her eternal love. But Willy was the first to fall. When the zombies broke in to the set studio, the show was filming. And Willy dutifully fulfilling his role, he refused to move from his set location, his nose remaining in the shot until the bitter end. As she cradled his lifeless body, his face chewed off by monsters, Dylan looked around her. Bodies of dead cast members and destroyed inhuman zombies were strewn across the set. Willy's nose was missing. She down looked in her hand, clutching her portable battery-operated powertools, spattered with blood. Dazed and enraged, she knew what she must do. While she may have a screw loose, it would be nothing compared to the drill bit destined for undead skulls. Willy's nose was out there somewhere, and Dylan would find it. Him. Whatever.

    30. Missing avatar

      holeski on

      Great idea letting us work on her back story. There are some really good one but I have to say I really liked the one "Jenelle Adams" posted. Think it truly fits it.

    31. Butters on

      Dylan's bio, with apologies to Rush:

      Her uncle had a country place, that no one knew about. He said it used to be a farm, but that was before the apocalypse so no one will ever really know now will they? On a Sunday to elude the Z's, she hopped aboard the Turbine Freight to take her far outside the city to where her her white haired uncle waited. To her surprise, her uncle preserved for her an old machine, for fifty odd years...a bad-ass Red Barchetta from a better vanished time. She fired up the willing engine, responded with a roar; tires spitting gravel as she took it for a spin. Suddenly ahead of her, across the mountainside, a massive herd of zombies at least three lanes wide. She spun around with shrieking tires to run a deadly race and turned screaming into the valley as the runners gave her chase. She drove like the wind, straining the limits of machine and man...laughing out loud with fear and hope she had a desperate plan. At the one lane bridge she left the abominations stranded at the riverside. She raced back to the farm to find her uncle had turned by the fireside.

    32. dustclaw on

      Dylan the bricol'girl.

      Since it's childhood, Dylan has always been clumsy. She was unable to take or lift something without creating a huge amount of mess. So, one day, his lovely daddy after having seen his beloved car destroyed (for the third time) by Dylan, he told her to "Sit down, look pretty and never touch something ever again!!!!!!". So Dylan worked hard to be pretty and for the first time, it worked. Now at 20, she looks so gorgeous that she succeded the casting for a (satirical) movie with nice chicks teaching men how to do makeshift jobs. When the zombie outbreak struck, Dylan was acting and as ever it became a mess. A bloody mess. Now, Dylan has found a field where she's the best, so she grabbed her heavy-duty rubber gloves to make his lovely daddy proud of her.

    33. Jenelle Adams on

      Dylan doesn't look like a dominatrix. She needs a new name. A good backstory would be that her dad wanted a boy instead of a girl. So she grew up learning how to do boy things to earn her dads love. She got pretty good at handiwork, carpentry, tools, and aced shop class in school. She ended up going into construction for further daddy approval. Once the zombie apocalypse hit, she used her knowledge and skills to her advantage, killing anything or anyone in her way.

    34. vaanguard on

      Dylan bio:
      Dylan was a big hit on the TV home repair show "Tool Hour". Not only was she a knockout in her flannel shirt, but her prowess with power tools and hand tools alike was amazing. Dylan always seemed to outdo the show's host, Bob the Handyman, demonstrating that she clearly knew more about tools and their use than Bob did. That of course did not sit well with Bob, angering him to the point that he was scheming to have Dylan fired. Dylan caught wind of Bob's scheme and was planning for the worst. When the zombie outbreak hit, Dylan and Bob were on the set at the TV station demonstrating the latest new power drill. When the outbreak started, Bob was one of the first on the set to change. Seeing her opening, and not being one to disappoint her adoring fans, Dylan showed everyone how it was done by drilling a huge, gaping hole in Bob's skull. Now Dylan roams the streets perfecting her tool-handling skills on the undead.

    35. Nick CC on

      I definitely give a nod to Brad's, first thing I thought of when I saw Dylan.

    36. Charles Tuttle on

      Awesome of them to allow us to change Dylan's backstory. I would like to think of her as the typical girl growing up being told not to get her dress dirty. In high school she took a shop class and was hooked. She now has her own construction company and flips houses. The zombie outbreak has caused her to flip her reality and now she really loves getting her hands dirty.

    37. Christopher Bartlett on

      Dylan the Apprentice

      "You have to go to college," Dylan's friends said throughout their senior year of high school. "You need to get ready for a job." But Dylan stuck to her guns, apprenticing with her favorite Uncle Max and then eventually earning real, if grudging, respect from almost everyone in her carpenter's union. Her craftsmanship made here one of the most desired interior design specialists in the Northeast, even before the clients found out Dylan was a woman. When the zombies rose, Dylan was refurbishing a centennial mansion near the heart of town. Ingenious and skilled use of the tools of her trade helped her survive, as did the food stores intended for the panic room she was installing. But now, the food is gone, and Dylan has to head out into a darker world where her perfect drywalling skills may be less useful than her aim with a nail gun...

    38. Missing avatar

      Timothy Ott

      I think Brad hit what I was thinking earlier going off of Daniels DIY tool model idea. I think the whole Tool Time from Home Improvement would be fun. Now we need Al with his plaid shirt and manly beard to teach her how to use the tools correctly as we all know Tim wouldn't have survived the Zombie Apocalypse because everything he touched would have caused more problems, either the zombies or his neighbors would have killed him first....Tim the zombie??

    39. Eli Butcher on

      @Tiff, I play this game with my kids, BUT I also play this with my adult friends. I think that since this is an "Add-on", that it's more than excepteble to have something fun for adults in a standalone. I was planning on buying it for the sole fact that it had a Scream Queen and a Dominatrix. We've had so many characters like the Big Bang Theory guys and Dirty Harry. I'm surprised they haven't done a stripper or a Dominatrix already.

      But in Conclusion, I'm extremely happy that if they do include someone with that profession, that is is part of a Guest Artist Add-on, so I don't have to include it when I play the game with my kids.

    40. Alderman Jack on


      “Strictly speaking, this isn't even illegal.”

      Obsessed with the game of Operation from an early age, Dylan dreamed of becoming a doctor. Alas, her dreams ended when her parents' shady talents turned too dark to stay lawfully unnoticed. Without funds and with a tainted reputation, Dylan had to explore creative ways to reach her medical destiny. It started with cheap alternatives for the tools of her trade, and soon expanded to even cheaper volunteers for diverse experiments, easily satisfied with a beer or a burger. When one of her surviving assistants complained of a chronic tooth ache, Dylan found her true calling. Soon her name was whispered under every bridge and in all shelters, as the underground tooth fairy. The zombie outbreak came as a blessing in disguise. With so many new candidates to practice on, she might be well on her way to her final exam!

    41. Bruiser Ben on

      I vote Daniel Winterhalter with Andrew Carter as a close second.

    42. Tiff Reynolds

      My vote goes to Sam Lowrie, with Andrew Carter in a very close 2nd place. Very well done! And thanks to CMON for keeping this a family-friendly game.

    43. Tasker on

      Weild a few power tools, shake her booty in time to the music... The music video was supposed to be her big break but it wasn't any more satisfying than her previous job.

      Then out of nowhere, the makeup girl attacked the production staff in a beserk rage. Tearing the throat out of her best friend and heading for Dylan next.

      Forced to defend herself, Dylan retaliated with the only weapon availiable. Driving the powerdrill she was holding deep into the zombies guts.

      Covered in blood and watching chunks of zombie meat spinning on the end of her drill she felt a shudder travel through her body. Now "This" was satisfaction.

    44. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Tool Time Girl sounds good to me. For the "other" backstory, I'd really like to see a figure of Cara as portrayed on the former "Legend of the Seeker" series in her Mord-Sith "uniform." Come to think of it, in one episode she WAS killing zombies--and (temporarily) got turned into one.

      If the project continues to soar as it has so far, I'd really love to see either an Army squad or an ESU/SWAT-type unit as an add-on or stretch goal. Such a team has been sadly lacking in zombie games so far. Figures from "Battle: LA" or the team from "Resident Evil" would be great.

    45. Greg Krywusha

      Love the DIY home improvement/construction idea. Works really well.

    46. Eli Butcher on

      +1 for Elvira!!!!! as a Dominatrix!!!!

    47. Rand Chua TL on

      this is one fun topic! Dylan's new background!
      1. DIY Home improvement Girl/Model/co-Host.
      2. Home DIY Girl
      Would be great to see a survivor that got build barricades skill!…
      Satisfaction - Power Tool Girls video!

    48. Andrew Hayford

      Or better yet.... Elvira...

    49. Eli Butcher on

      and i would love to see an actual Dominatrix character, clad in black leather with a crop, cuffs and flogger. lol. I'm thinking something like the Mord'Sith from the show Legend of the Seeker, but in black. Maybe a little Dita VonTeese.

    50. Missing avatar

      Morgon Gleave on

      Dylan had always loved power tools since she was a child. Stealing her little brother's toy saws, jackhammers, and drills since she could remember. When she was a teenager, her father would take her to the sawmill and let her watch in fascination at the boards being planed, and cut into neat, precise planks. When she was in high school, she was the top of her class in woodshop. Creating masterfully done furnature and works of art! However, what she didn't tell anyone, was that she had always wondered what it would be like to use her tools on flesh. Everyone always thought that she looked like she was enjoying herself a little too much when working in the shop, but nobody knew why. When the zombie invasion hit, she no longer "saw" the need to keep her dark obsession a secret, and when it hit her small town, she went to work on the zombies as she would a fine slab of oak, saying what she always said before creating a masterpiece..." I'm going to enjoy this".