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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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Two More Stretch Goals Unlocked! One New Stretch Goal Unveiled! One More Optional Buy Available!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

We've really been moving along through these stretch goals! We unlocked another two already! So now all Patient 0 and Infected pledge levels are going to receive the Kickstarter exclusive Jesse Survivor and 2 more VIP zombies!


Let's keep pushing because we still have a lot of really cool stretch goals to unlock and unveil!


And how about another awesome new Guest Artsist box?

 Paolo Parente

Paolo Parente (born 1965, Italy) is an illustrator and concept artist who spends most of his time locked away in his factory-monastery in Shenzhen, China. Paolo produces toys, games, and comic books for his own universe, DUST (a super science WW2 setting).

Paolo is best known for his work with WoTC for Magic the Gathering and numerous other game and comic book properties. Lately he’s done concept design for upcoming films with HK director Tzui Ark and French director Christophe Gans.


“I’ve died thirty-eight times already, so what’s once more?”

Maki’s first acting gig was as Victim #3 in Freaks of Satan, where she played a hitchhiker stabbed to death by a psychotic trucker. A starlet was born that day. Maki appeared in thirty-seven more low-budget horror movies, dying in increasingly creative ways. When the zombie outbreak hit she was guest-of-honor at a horror convention. Grabbing a sword and a knife from the weapons sales table Maki started to hack, slicing and dicing zombies to pieces. It was her finest performance. Since life is now a horror movie, Maki feels right at home.


“This is going to hurt.”

Obsessed with the game of Operation from an early age, Dylan dreamed of becoming a doctor. Alas, her dreams ended when she flunked out of medical school. Needing money to pay off her student debts, she decided to put her collection of medieval clamps, drills, and hacksaws to good use as a dominatrix. Dylan soon dropped her plans of becoming a doctor, deciding that inflicting pain was much more fun than treating it. When the zombie outbreak struck Dylan grabbed her heavy-duty rubber gloves and some of the more exotic implements of her dungeon and went to work!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul Harris

      I like what Zip! put in, but since a lot of our stretch goal characters are... hmm.. a bit familiar from other media, with a twist I think of her as being the host of a DIY TV show with two bumbling male assistants!

    2. Space Buccaneer Zip! on

      Whoops that was supposed to go in general comments- I'll repost there

    3. Space Buccaneer Zip! on

      "Growing up, when other little girls were playing with dolls, Dylan was playing with hammers and hacksaws. Dylan grew up into a 'Do-it-yourself' kind of girl; if she couldn't build it herself, it simply wasn't worth having. She built her own house, her own furniture, and even put together her own car from junkyard parts. When the zombie outbreak struck, Dylan found her skills with construction tools in high demand- not only for building barricades, but also for 'deconstructing' ravenous zombies."

      Furthermore, to support her backstory, Dylan's abilities would focus on improved Melee attacks and barricade construction. I'm not entirely sure how for barricades though- "+1 Free Action: Construct Barricade" seems pretty broken. Any ideas?

    4. Daniel

      Gotta say I love this guestbox. It's about time we had some more sexy looking women in the game to offset all the muscular action-movie trope guys that's been overloading the game so far.

    5. Brian Moran on

      As has been said the artists pick there design. I like all the artist packs and hope more are done. I find them far more agreeable than the tens of "nots" that come out. I just wish the Jesse model was one to pay for so I could not pay for it. :(

    6. John

      Keep in mind the "golden rule" - whoever has the gold makes the rules :D Money talks louder than posts on a forum, so if you don't want to see this kind of miniature in the future, simply don't buy it. I'm sure GG is tracking metrics on how many people buy each one, and will use that to determine what direction they want to take the artwork in the future.

    7. Stuart Fern on

      I am quite happy if Dylan stays as a Dominatrix as I had already decided from seeing Maki that I wouldn't be buying this set. That just convinces me that I don't want these characters. I personally don't want to look at women in that way, I don't want my sons to learn that that's okay and I don't want my daughter to see women portrayed like this. I bought the Dakota character and only realised when it arrived that her top was too small for her. Now that character isn't an option when we play. I just want to be a man who voices an opinion against this sort of artistic direction in case it helps informs decisions.

    8. Andrew C on

      Maki looks like a badass fanfiction version of Alice Cullen (that was literally my first thought on seeing her). I don't mind having a 'dominatrix,' but she looks more like a repairwoman or handyman than some sort of Dom.

    9. Jorge Medina

      I have to agree, who approved these? Do you know that pinup art is not the same thing as character design? Who thought this was appropriate?

    10. Deidre Iannelli

      Damn... I'm sorry for being an adult female boardgame consumer who had an opinion over a design choice that was approved by CMoN and that they wish to sell as part of their game line.

      I had defended Zombicide before for being pretty decent about their representation of the female characters in their games compared to some of the other slog out there. So seeing something like Maki get approved is a bit saddening for me. It perpetuates the opinion out there that this game is just plain sexist.

      I've enjoyed this game since the very first time I played it. I've recommended it to so many people. Because I love it so much, I don't want to see this game get talked about in the same breath as stuff like Tanto Cuore. Something some people out there already do.

      If you are fine with the sort of direction this guest box is going, that's your opinion. But that doesn't make people who feel otherwise are wrong. Show a little empathy for your fellow gamers who might not see this kind of artwork as a respectful depiction of women nor very appropriate for a game about being a bad-ass zombie killer. Hell, my favorite character is even Ivy, so it's not like a little skin offends me. I might have even purchased a set that had Dylan in it. I just think Maki has gone a little too far.

    11. Craig Johnson on

      I would never have guessed that Dylan's backstory would be that if a dominatrix. The concept and the fluff just don't seem to go together. Love the design though.

    12. Jordan on

      Not criticizing Paolo's style (dust is a massive favorite of mine) but dominatrix seemed a bit out of nowhere. Granted, Paolo WOULD make a dominatrix, lets be honest half of his style is making it looked like it leaped off of the painting on a sherman tank. But when I first saw that artwork leaked on facebook, the last thing I would have guessed is a dominatrix. It just seemed out of nowhere.

      I'm sort of shocked her name isn't rosie.

    13. StarsCream

      Paolo's style is awesome. Others like this kind of stuff for the quality of design too Mr Offended. Not everyone who likes something other than you is a 12 year old or a neckbeard. It's a drawing guy, get over yourself.

    14. Kaiohx on

      @CMoN I am offended. Patrick is too hipster. He objectifies hipsters in an unfair light. Please consider dressing him down a bit more, perhaps with some '70s style headphones or a beret for his head.

    15. Deidre Iannelli

      @RIDERpestilence. If that is Paolo's style, that is his business. Should it be censored? No. Should CMoN have picked another artist who is a bit more reserved in how they depicted women? Probably.

      I do want to add that designers design what they are dictated to design all the time. That is part of being a designer. Yeah, sometimes the guidelines on a project are stricter than other times, but a good designer knows how to work well in both cases.

      It does seem that CMoN has some pretty lax guide lines, which I guess it also their business, but they do have to answer to their customers and need to consider how the things they release will be received. Thus why I've added my two cents about how I think these characters are offensive and would like to see them think more about these box sets in the future.

      As for your last point, I do not think it is right either. Objectification in any form is in poor taste. If CMoN released a male stripper character, I probably would also not get it. But if they did, at least they would show that they are not just pandering to the "I want more boobs!" crowd.

      In general though, I am not against sexy looking characters. I just would like to see them done in a manner that doesn't just make them sex objects and nothing else. I mean Maki would even be tolerable if she actually had her shirt buttoned. Even without the blatant objectification there, who the hell would run into a zombie apocalypse dressed like that?

    16. michael chumley on

      I was also going to point out that that is Paolo's style and if you want to be offended you can always find something to be offended with even with the most simple of things. I for one like it and hope that we can get Paolo to make a card for Dust to use them there.

    17. RIDERpestilence on

      @Deidre, these is a guest box, by Paolo Parente, this is his art style. While you might not enjoy the art style I don't enjoy art being censored. If CMoN had asked Paolo to do a guest and then dictate to him what to do then really what is the point? The beauty of this is, as others have mentioned, you don't have to buy it. As a side note how do you feel about men portrayed as sexual objects? Say Chip n Dales dancers or hell David Beckham's H&M ads?

    18. WarWolf on

      Dylan has always been a strong assertive woman who had no time for sexist men or the domineering feminists acting on her behalf trying to tell her how to behave and dress . Dylan is one of the hardest working members of her construction team, she works hard but when she gets home she plays even harder. Behind closed doors she becomes the master and she dons her other tools of the trade. When the zombie apocalypse happened she was determined to be on top and to make all submit to her will and desires. In this new world she is determined to not just survive but to dominate them all, undead or living.

    19. Jamie & Tim Buckley

      I hope with all this cheesecake, that we'll be getting some beefcake as well!

    20. Deidre Iannelli

      I know my problem is that these character designs are obviously objectifying women. They are not sexy women being kick-ass zombie killers. They are pin-ups. Soft-core pin-ups, but pin-ups nonetheless.

      You can say grow up if I find them offensive, but the same could be said in return to someone who cannot see how such characters could be seen as offensive.

      I personally will not be adding this set to my pledge because I find it offensive and I do not want to support more of this kind of stuff being released. Even if I am not buying because I do not like it, it doesn't mean I cannot comment on as to why. Maybe commenting will encourage the designers to release more minis I would pay for and enjoy. I love this game, I want to throw money at it. But I am not going to throw money at furthering objectifying women in art in a mainstream game.

    21. WarWolf on

      Love Paolo's work funny enough didn't even read the bio....urrr wait I only buy these to read the bios

    22. Bayushi Koichi on

      To each his own. I am in the exact opposite boat as Deidre. I thought the majority of S2 guest boxes were a disappointment. A clown, really? Clown zombie cool, clown hero…. So I bought NONE of the boxes (that is my choice, they were optional). But S3! I love both boxes. In fact, I was even thinking of buying two of each.

      For those who feel alienated, just remember, they are optional. You don’t have to buy them. Check eBay and see if you can find a couple of Helens or Roses from S2 instead.

      PS for those of you who do not like the sexy characters, feel free to contact me. I would be happy to take them off your hands. I would love a whole squad of Peachs to play a game with.

    23. Matt Moylan on

      Sexy does not equal sexism. If you don't like it you don't have to buy them. Seriously, grow up please.

    24. Kaiohx on

      Love the new guest box! Also, I am not a 12 year old boy.

      I love the people who complain about 'sexy' miniatures, saying it will alienate them because 1-3 models out of hundreds are "too much". Are you NOT going to play the game? They aren't even nude, so what's your problem? Really, get over yourselves.

    25. Deidre Iannelli

      Last season's guest sets were awesome, this season's ones have so far been a disappointment, and this set has to have the worst characters in general to date (esp Maki). You guys know your fans are more than just teenage boys and girlfriend-less neck beards right?

      There have been some past figures that have walked the fine line between trying to look sexy and being exploitative, but I think the line was crossed right here. Are you trying to alienate some of your fans?

      Anyway, if you are set on releasing this kind of artistic choice then do so gender equally or not at all. Though I'd personally much rather see you choose your guest artists better.

    26. RIDERpestilence on

      Yeah, I like something along the lines of Dylan the carpenter

    27. CMON 37-time creator on

      Hey zombie killers! Some of you have pointed out that the background for Dylan isn't exactly fitting for her artwork.

      So since you guys, the backers making this game possible, don’t like her bio, what we want to do is to have you help us craft Dylan's new background! Give us some suggestions about who she was before the zombie apocalypse and how she's surviving now. We'll use what we like in writing her new bio, which will be featured on the back of the artist box!

      Just leave your suggestions in the Kickstarter comments section (not here, but general comments) and we’ll start picking out what we think is cool!

    28. Missing avatar

      holeski on

      Add another to that vote. If she's a Dominatrix make her look like one.

    29. Ben Brownlie on

      Excellent, but here's another vote for changing Dylan's back story. She looks like she's a DIY nut, not a Dominatrix

    30. Curtis Delaney on

      I like the art, but previous posts are right. The back story for Dylan doesn't match the art at all. Almost seems randomly assigned.

    31. Missing avatar

      Edwin Dale Sanders on

      Builder / Handyman(Woman) - Yes.
      Medical student turned dominatrix - no, doesn't match.

    32. Aaron Tunney on

      Not a fan of cheesecake personally. Sends out the message that the game is exclusively aimed at teenage boys.

    33. Missing avatar

      Matthew Eustace on

      Dominatrix? You mean car mechanic, right?

    34. Gavin Meakings on

      I could see either the birds or 3D doors appearing as the $1 mill stretch goal.

    35. S Buntenbach

      next unnown SG is the 1 Mio mark
      please give us a set of the zombivor

    36. reptilebro1 on

      PAOLO!!!!!!! Yes

    37. ExKitteh on

      Meh -1 for Maki ... lets have some more like Angry Mary or Lea please

    38. Nick AKA Help needed on

      Man I love that guest box. As for sexist? How many sword totting bad ass ladies to you know?

    39. Andrew Hayford

      Um...Does the story behind the 2nd one not match the picture? Was there a mix-up?

    40. captain birdbum on

      I love the special guest boxes. Recently painted S2 ones and I'm well impressed. Keep them coming CMON.

    41. Nikdo on

      I love the guest artist sets. Keep 'em coming.

    42. Tris Moran on

      I assume that the Special Guest Boxes come with normal survivor and zombivor cards?

    43. Timo Honold

      all costs increase... how long is S2 ago?
      4 minis for 20 Dollar is still a good price and cmon has a good quality, even for painters
      i like them more than gw stuff... and I don't have to assemble then and they have less fins.

    44. Tris Moran on

      Nice to see we are still moving towards the Village People :-)

    45. Godfather Punk

      How comes the new Special Guest boxes (and the old ones as add-on) are $20 this time, instead of $15 during Z2?
      Was the demand too low to keep the low price?

    46. captain birdbum on

      Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

    47. Missing avatar

      Michael E. on

      They are the same material as the normal survivors.

    48. Bruno Santos on

      For the ones that have bought special guests survivors before are the material any good? Or the cast is the same low quality as the normal survivors?

    49. Raphael Caparelli Chicoli on

      @butenbach they are additional ;)

    50. Daniel Skomorowski on

      Too bad that Dylan does not have dominatrix outfit on...