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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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Two More Stretch Goals Passed! Next Three Revealed

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Overnight we hit the commemorative $781K stretch goal, so now all Patient 0 and Infected level pledges will be receiving 2 sets of 3D plastic barricades. Each single barricade is made up of two plastic pieces. So each eligible backer will receive 4 pieces that total two barricades.

 We also unlocked another VIP!

 And now for what we have in store! Here's our next three stretch goals!




Let's keep spreading the word! Zombicide Season 3 is still rolling with a ton of steam!

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    1. Evil Mushroom Games on

      We so need the" A team " or the nerd group of friends dressed up as them the" B team" fresh from cosplay meet up

    2. Paint'Riot Studio

      900 k woot ! Gordon Zombivor will come soon :)

    3. Francois on

      What i would love for survivor is resident evil characters like Jill Valentine, use my familly name if requiered ^^

    4. Missing avatar

      Damien Macomber on

      Honestly about the survivors... sure there are some I like more than others but I choose who I start with based on ability. You could have a little old lady with a walker but if her starting ability rocked I would play her. Gordon is fine, a Not Darryl from walking would be cool though.

    5. Cyd@lone on

      How about additionnal 3D barricades as an optional buy? I'd get some more!

    6. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      The more I look at the ramsy zombie, the more I can hear him yelling...
      "Oi you, get the f*** out of my kitchen"


    7. Anders H. Pedersen

      Like with last season I am still hoping for King Diamond, Alice Cooper and some of the other rock/metal guys from the eighties.

    8. Rob Crookes on

      Personally i think Gordon ramsay is a twat, but the missus loves him.
      I'd like to see some Game of Thrones Survivors, Tyrion, Brienne, Arya and the hound.

    9. C on

      @Wargamer: The speculation is how many of the restaurants would have failed *without* intervention.

    10. Shawn Sharp on

      I really really hope Jesse the Chef has "2 cocktails are better than 1" in his skill tree!

      That'd make thematic sense

    11. jerome on

      Thanks, imagine Bas Rutten using zombie limb as weapon ,lol.

    12. WarWolf on

      Jerome good list

    13. jerome on

      just now
      Here some mini suggestion
      Jason Vorshee
      Mickel Jackson thriller
      Bas Rutten, can fight zombie based on this:

    14. ezra wexler on

      I'd like to see the Seinfeld gang! :)

    15. MaMart on

      @Liam: Josh from Season 1 is Jesse Pinkman. I don't understand the lack of Walter...

    16. Liam Hartles on

      Walter white and jesse pinkman survivors !!! ..... oh and dont forget Saul too =D

    17. Jason Hayes on

      @Michael Sprague +1, I can't believe I forgot about the 'A Team'. That's a brilliant idea, I'm wondering how easy (read: cheap) it would be for GC/CMON to get official licensing for a couple of your ideas. The rest you could rip off.

    18. C on

      @Goeshi: Better than 90%. If it wasn't for Gordon, most of the restaurants would close.

      Anyway, you get the complaining because of "opportunity cost". These SG's aren't free. Including shipping, you're paying $20+ for the Stretch Goals, since the base game should sell for $60-$70 on Amazon and the VIP should sell for $15-$20. This assumes that the cost to produce one exclusive is the same for another. For all we know, Ramsey's kid is a big zombie boardgame fan...

      I prefer the UK versions of Ramsey's Kitchen NIghtmares. Good stuff, if you like "looking under the hood" of everyday businesses -- a habit you should have before pledging for any KS:…

    19. MaMart on

      Please add Walter White...or Simon Adebisi....or both!!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Stormwolf on

      Finally some people who acknowledge that everyone has different taste.

      I'm really looking forward to the guest artist boxes and real surprises, like the 3d stuff we don't know about yet. And since we have only seen 5 survivors I still got my hopes up for the next ones ;)

    21. Nikdo on

      I hope to see more 3D barricades and maybe some 3D cars. I also love the guest artist sets and would love to see more. I got all three during the 2nd KS and love them. The Miguel Coimbra set is at the top of my list right now for add-ons. I'm generally not super crazy about the celebrity characters but some of them I do like. Not everyone is going to like everything, right?

    22. Philippe Proteau on

      @valente: why not add the English keyboard? That's what I did on both my iDevices. Less painful to type... and super easy to swap between French and English (and those nice emoticons apple calls emoji)

      Just saying... ;)

    23. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      So cheer up... Or Suck my plastic zombie balls.... Haha

    24. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      So cheer up... Or Suck my plastic zombie balls.... Haha

    25. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      We all have different opinions... That is great... Just some people sound less constructive and more winey...

    26. WarWolf on

      I found Gordon Ramsey to be a nice suprise. We are not going to all agree on who we want to see not everyone likes the same shows and characters. People want characters from supernatural, I'm Like meh. Doesn't make me right just not my show.

    27. Missing avatar

      Stormwolf on

      So voicing ones critical opinion is whining now? Since when do you have to like everything you get for "free"?
      Feedback for a product contains always both sides, not only the blind joy.

    28. donnbobhardy

      Because only the brown-nosers are allowed to have opinions of course.

    29. Francois on

      ... Thaïs auto correction... Nick, of you say ... You = Youtube ... Pff

    30. Francois on

      Nick, of Youtube say that about my question, there is NO complain, as i said, it's just curiosity (i like stats And was surprised to see only 800% when the last is was about 9000% for just 3 time the ammount we already reached)

      And i am writting on i pad with french autocorrection parking it a hell to write à sentence without à badge correct ( it was worth it, not worst it)
      Exemple of thaïs horrible auto correct without me attrempaient to correct my sentence : zombie idée si goinfre to cake à nous Record = zombicide is going to make à new record

    31. caz

      SUPER AGREE!! QUIT YA WHINING & WHINGING PEOPLE! Bring on more freebies - maybe some people don't get the sense of humour they're going for here :p having a Ramsey mini is funny - end of.

    32. Denni Brøndum-Hansen on

      Whine, whine and whine. Seriously, why do you complain about free stuff? The gimmick of these miniatures is, that you recognize them from real life. Don't like the model and the stats? Sell it later on ebay and earn a fortune. Like the stats hate the model? Find another you like and substitute it.

      But keep your whining to yourself... It is tiresome and tedious to read.

    33. donnbobhardy

      You know what's more aggravating that people that complain about free stuff? People that complain about people who complain about free stuff.

    34. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      Oops, auto correct fail in my last post...

    35. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      Loving what your doing!

      You uou want I'd like to see?

      Seriously, most people out there are only paying the basic...

      Any free stuff is amazing! Personally I love the humor as a 'shun of the dead' fan... Gordon Ramsey is a
      Poor example of us English... But it would be hilarious to see him fighting off zombies....

      Keep up the amazing job! :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Nick Wooster on

      People are seriously complaining about free stretch goals?


      Looking good, digging the VIPs a lot.

    37. Francois on

      By the way, why did the pledge goal is 4 time higher than the season 2 goal ? (and 5 time season 1) just curiosity, i know i'll get many goodies and it's worst it any way.

    38. Michael Sprague

      Auto correct bumbled that last bit - GG/CMON

    39. Michael Sprague

      I didn't get into Z until just after the second KS, so I missed all the abundance so many got... I dig the extra survivors, Doc/House makes sense (I'm just glad they didn't do Grey's Anatomy)...

      The bummer is this set encourages the teams - so we need team themed survivors. Add to the bummer that other piece of teams have already come out (e.g. Big Bang) and for those who missed it, too bad (I being one of them). I think a re-sculpt would be nice. OR give us some real teams - even as add-ons (some have been mentioned)...

      Dean and Sam
      A - team
      Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles.... you could use their alternate universe, bored now, as their Zombvivors)

      How about some Reservoir Dogs? I know you parody the names - but come on... the colors are already there :)


      OR how has GG/CON not made a partnership with Cryptazoic and done a real license of Walking Dead - real names. It'd be a win-win - Crypt could encourage people to use them instead of the cardboard cutouts, and we'd get legit survivors

      these are just thoughts, many are echoed by others in the ever growing comments... maybe some of these were done and I just missed them...

      glad to be on board...

    40. Missing avatar

      cliff hutton on

      As a backer for all three kickstarters. not liking the trend of the exclusive survivors.
      chef and Dr.... meh is my response.

    41. Chris Baginski on

      'Those brains are burnt so badly that a Fatty wouldn't even eat them!'


    42. Valerian Fargog on

      30 40 k$ between SG, its twice they need to fund Zombicide 1. Gordon Ramsey would be à good idea with a better pose.

    43. Joshua Eastman on

      Actually, these 'actors' are much harder, scarier people than the previous TV characters. House and Gordon Ramsey seem like they would take this interruption in routine very badly. I mean, look at their reactions to ordinary everyday crises. This is going to be crazy!

    44. Nostromodamus on

      Can't wait for the Ainsley Harriot promo.

    45. Jason Hayes on

      Gordon Ramsey is sort of cool, the vaguely menacing tv celeb; but his mentor Marco Pierre White who once made Ramsey cry would of been cool too. Another option would be a couple of celebrities who used to be actual criminals before they were famous (Tim Allen, Ice T & 50 Cent spring to mind)

    46. Missing avatar

      Severed on

      So many complaints about free stuff...1st world problems...

    47. Goeshi on

      Fun fact: 60% of all restaurants featured on 'Kitchen Nightmares' have gone bust. The guy's a tit.