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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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2 More Stretch Goals Unlocked!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Well we just closed out day 2 and it was another hugely successful day for Zombicide Season 3! We unlocked two more stretch goals:


 And that awesome commemorative stretch goal is just around the corner!

You're going to need those barricades if you hope to last long against the new zombie types in both Rue Morgue and Angry Neighbors!

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    1. Wakoun on

      @Aneurin: I get it, I have so much different barricades items from various origins that only one set is already more than I really need... Well, it's always nice to have variety I guess ^^

      I stand corrected on the number of items. Aaand I just saw that the picture shows one complete and one incomplete barricade... Man, I need more sleep.

    2. Aneurin James Kennerley on

      @wakoun - just wondering how many more I'll need (if any) as extra purchases when they pop up... @Patrick - So this should be enough total.

    3. Patrick Stangier on

      According to Update #17
      "A set of 3D plastic barricades: contains 4 plastic barricade pieces"
      We are getting 2 sets, so I would assume 8 pieces.

    4. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      It looks like the part on the right (with the triangular notches) is the "start building" stage... And then the part on the left stacks on top, to "complete building" the whole barricade... ? The Z geek in me is very happy... Now I just need to convert all the boards into 3D buildings.... :)

    5. Nico on

      Ok, thanks for all the infos!!

    6. Wakoun on

      @Aneurin: based on other SG pictures and texts, what you see should be one set and we should get 2 of this. So 4 barricades total, 2 of each design.
      That's a freebie anyway, why is it so important _immediately_?

    7. Aneurin James Kennerley on

      @Nicolaj - Doc is a freebie SG. It's Patrick you need to add $10 for. See the 'you want fries with that' list at the bottom of the main page...

      So any official word on how many barricade pieces we actually get?

    8. C on

      @Nicolaj: Easiest is to bump up your pledge by $10 now. Don't worry too much -- towards the end of the funding, you should get a summary of the add-ons. (:

    9. Nico on

      @malcolm or can i rise my funds as much as i want?

    10. Nico on

      @malcolm can i add it at the end or have i add for every human i want to buy extra (sorry for my bad english)

    11. Malcolm Slade on

      @nicolaj you add the funds to your pledge and at the end you choose all the extra bits.

    12. Nico on

      How to buy the DOC Human?

    13. Aneurin James Kennerley on

      Language can be confusing - 2 sets of barricades.... What is a set of barricades? 1 fully constructed and the 1 being built? We get 2 of each (for a total of 4 bits(? Or just 2 physical barricades? The picture only shows 2!

    14. Timo Honold

      Guess you have to mark even old and new stuff in anyway by the optional add-ons.