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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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More Stretch Goals Smashed! More Stretch Goals Revealed!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Awesome! We've smashed more goals over night!


While we were sleeping you guys gave us another huge push and we hit $550k in the night! Here's what we unlocked!

And here's what we've got coming up! More Very Infected People zombies and a slick dice bag to carry all those signature Zombicide dice in!



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    1. Wuffer on

      Think the new SG's are a nice change of pace from the character/zombie sculps, but already jumping from 25k to 30k SG's :(

    2. Tasker on

      It's good to know that people use the dice. I think we have enough of them by now though. :-)

    3. Sanguinius on

      we have enough dice by now and brown is the worst of possible colors, flashy colors are best; i dont think we have yellow or blue dice yet.
      i have no use for a dice bag, both these should really be addons but not stretch goals, and now the stretch goals are 30K apart instead of 25K?! bad choice for stretch goals

    4. Joshua Leslie on

      Michael, I believe that it's three zombie Leia and three zombie Elvis VIPs in each stretch goal.

    5. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Taskers:yes I use the zombicide dices and the dice bag isn't a luxury with the new dices but i hope there will be after new exclusive survivors...and i would like to know how it will works for zombivor of Rue morgue,stretch goal,addons ? And if Audrey will be also an addons ??

    6. Michael Sprague

      Question on the VIP's - what does the 3 mean in 3 VIP?

      both the Elvis and Leia say 3 VIP, does that mean we get 3 of them, or are there two others going with it? if it's 3 different figures (now 6) what are the other (unpictured) ones?

    7. Welfi on

      I do use them, don't know what's so confusing with them...? We actually use a set of dice for every person, since I already have like 5 or 6 sets with S1 + S2 + TCM...? =D

    8. Francis Guilbeault

      guys just give us the white dice that were never offered in previous campain :)

    9. Tasker on

      A dice bag.?

      Well they had to put "money for nothing" stretch goals in eventually. Just didn't think it would be this soon.

      I would have thought people would have worked out some method of holding their dice by now. And does anyone actually use the Zombicide dice?

    10. Missing avatar

      Matthew Eustace on

      Better be a big dice bag...

    11. Jason Robinson on

      I'm pumped for a dice bag, and love all of my dice! I just hope the bag holds them all!!!

    12. Timo Honold

      lol some want more abominations, some have already enough

    13. Jared Roswurm on

      Why brown dice? I wish they could have picked green or blue.


      Yea enough with the dice already.... Should be an addon option

    15. Missing avatar

      holeski on

      I have that same dice bag, found at my local comic shop for under $5 bucks. Could have been more original at least.

    16. CK Lai on

      @ frede jensen : agreed! More tile sets or zombies please. Dice? Dice bags?! Hmmmm..... :/

    17. Missing avatar

      Scott Debuck on

      WOOO new ABOMB sculpt !! it would be cool if we could get a female sculpt for all of the other Abombs (Standard, Toxic and Berzerker) that would be WICKED!!
      Please make this happen. . . PLEASE

    18. Jeremey on

      I'm digging the stretch goals.

      I'd love to see some kind of "Zombie Hoard" tokens/markers to replace big groups of walkers/fatties/runners. We played through the scenarios in Game Night #2 last night and trying to pack red-level spawns into the mall tiles' hallways and rooms was a mess. Speaking as someone who has painted everything, I'd prefer to limit the piling up of figures, but even if things were unpainted, tokens/markers for large groups would be nice add-on to keep everyone in their correct space.

    19. Miguel Michan

      Brown dices?! Ugly! Fluor Green maybe...

    20. Joshua Leslie on

      I like all these add ons. I will be excited to see some new characters, too, but thanks for the cool free stuff.

    21. Frede Jensen on

      Dice and a dice bag!? That is so weak. After backing season 2 I already have more dice than I can eat. I find the dice pretty annoying with a symbol for both 1's and 6's it gets confusing during the heat of battle. I never use anything but the plain dice already in the game. And you really have to be a hardcore fan to get excited about a bag.

    22. John Burnett on

      @Alejandro - I'm happy to keep getting stuff for free, thanks. :P

    23. Simone Savogin on

      yess!! dice bags for every color set as an addon!!! please, please, pretty please!!!

    24. C on

      In case you're looking for some Elvis impersonators to go along with the Elvis not-zombivores, RAFM makes USX Modern Day miniatures:

      BGG has the Elvis fanmade ability card!

    25. Pachro on

      How many official sets of dice do we have now (including the ones in this KS)? Nine? I hope there's an add-on for another bag...

    26. John Barker on

      Hope you've got plenty of stretch goal plans made!

    27. Welfi on

      I like the idea of storage items as strechhoal :)

    28. Beau Cunnyngham on

      I don't know if I'm in the majority or minority, but I really, really like the special dice and dice bag. Cool.

    29. S Buntenbach

      what is with the zombivor of the new Heros?

    30. Pascal Bouchard on

      How bid is the dice bag ? One set of dice ? or all of them ?