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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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$425k Reached! Next 4 Stretch Goals Revealed!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Heading into the first night of the campaign and we've already crossed the $425k mark, unlocking the Kickstarter exclusive Cat survivor for all Infected and Patient 0 level pledges!


So what's next? Well I'm glad you asked! Here are the next three stretch goals we have in store!




At $525k we'll be unlocking a Rue Morgue campaign and Angry Neighbor campaign designed specifically for backers of this Kickstarter! Even better, we'll get a free update put out for the map editor that will add the Rue Morgue and Angry Neighbors tiles!

So let's keep pushig, there are so many cool stretch goals right around the corner! Let your friend and family know: the Zombicide Season 3 Kickstarter is in full swing!

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    1. Nick "Grand Vizier of Kilforth" Hughes on

      Ha if anyone looked less suited to running around at one with nature!

    2. Simon Crouch on

      Woohoo, I hope that isn't Leon because that is not Matilda, lol

    3. trevor laughlin on

      You know what I would LOVE as a stretch goal? A weapons pack! I would love to be able to swap some of the existing weapons out of the models in question and stick them elsewhere, or possibly add the 'ultra red' weapons to existing sculpts.

      Basic weapons could include:

      I know not every sculpt is idea for a weapons swap, but I'm willing to give it a try as a modeller!

    4. The D of D&E on

      CMoN will it be possible to get a second female ABomb? I have two of each of the other sculpts of abominations and I'd hate for her to feel left out!

    5. Joshua Leslie on

      I believe that they've been digital download the last two times.

    6. Anthony on

      Are the campaigns printed and added to our shipments or digital download?

    7. Joshua Leslie on

      Hoping to get the Female A Bomb at Half a Million before it hits midnight on the East Coast.