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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.

And we're funded.. and we've hit our first two stretch goals!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

We're already funded and hit our fist stretch goal in only a few minutes! Yowza!  

All Infected and Patient 0 level backers will receive a purple Zombicide storage box containing all the promo Dashboards released before Season 3, even the ultra rare Kyoko!

We've already well passed our second goal of $150k, adding 8 more skinner walkers to all Patient 0 and Infected pledges!

We're also almost at our goal of 175k!

Zombicide 2 backers: a quick note on the $10 optional item credit we're giving to Season 2 backers. This credit is applied at Patient 0, Infected, and their early bird levels. Please refer to the FAQ for full information.

You can also pledge $140 and choose the $90 early bird level, if you wish to pledge for Patient Zero - it's a limitation of Kickstarter that they can't share a common pool - so snag yourself an extra discount!

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    1. Colton White on

      Too bad you hadn't read updates and the FAQ. You can use the 90 towards the 140. Just pledge 140 at the 90 level.

    2. Yoki Erdtman on

      I wish that I had seen that I could use a $90 Early Bird pledge towards the $140 level, I instead abandoned it and upped my pledge to $150. Oh well...

    3. Patty Fedak on

      Very curious to see the list of the dashboards that will be included with the 125k stretch goal.

    4. Mark Picklesimer on

      With the cards in the purple case come with figures?

    5. Stephen Cowart on

      Is there a full list of the cards that'll be in the case?

    6. Francois on

      Honestly, i'm not very enthusiastic about the purple storage box, i believe i'm going (or try to) sell it when i'll get it. Everything else is quite great.

      for everything else, well, everything is closed to perfect (maybe an additionnal tile in Angry neighboor ?)

    7. Bran on

      CMON: What promo dashboards will be included? Freebies and/or add-ons from season 1 and/or 2? Mustache pack? Wrath of King promos?

    8. R2D2 on

      Got my answer and it is YES, we can double pledge EB levels.

    9. WarWolf on

      Cause I thought if I up my pledge to 140 I could get everything at patient zero level, expansion etc. and save ten like the lucky few who the eb at that level. Thought it would be good to get the 90 early bird in case a friend wanted to get In on a smaller pledge.

    10. Thomas E.

      @CMON : does the last paragraph only apply to season 2 backers too ?

    11. estrus on

      If you have to pay extra for Audrey at EB Infected, why not just go regular Patient 0? Still works out to $150 either way.

    12. estrus on

      Creator CoolMiniOrNot 7 minutes ago

      Audrey is Patient Zero only, but we'll put her up as an optional item if you don't want Angry Neighbors.

    13. R2D2 on

      @ Warwolf - Yes, but you dont have to do it now, you can wait until the pledge manager.... at least thats how I did it in Season 2 KS.

    14. R2D2 on

      @ C - No need, my friend has his own account, but he is on a holiday and dont have access to internet. Just wanted to know if we can save in shipping if I order two sets in one huge box!! ;o)

    15. WarWolf on

      So I got the 90 early bird level, if I up my pledge to 140 I get Audrey as well?

    16. C on

      @Arto: If you don't get an answer, open a second account and pledge for a $90 level. It's useful to have a second KS account for various reasons (eg. SG's based on number of backers).

    17. Alana on

      I'm in as long as I can still get Audrey and all the stretch goals the 150.00 pledge will get

    18. R2D2 on

      If I pledge 280$ can I choose two Patient 0 EB's in the pledge manager? (I was lucky to get that EB)
      also is shipping cheaper if I pledge for two sets for me and my friend or both making separate pledges? we live in Finland (EU)

    19. Eric S McClanahan on

      @CMON. So this means Audrey comes in either of the EB selections then? So long as you are getting both boxes?

    20. Den aka MDS (Morathi's Darkest Sin) on

      Okies switched to the Infected early Bird then.. but left my pledge at $150.. what do you mean its not going to stay $150... yeah.. yeah.. I know. *Sadface* :D

    21. ALDI on

      I was also wondering about the rue morgue zombivors... also.... any chance of a pistol wielding, beret wearing, Stallone character??

    22. Joshua Leslie on

      @CMON, will there be a way to get Zombivor versions of the 12 heroes in Rue Morgue?

    23. Sharkey on

      Any chance you guys still might consider "I Am Legend" tiers later on? PLEAAAASE, I HAS MONEYZ TO THROW AT YOU!!! =D

    24. Missing avatar

      Turbo on

      CMON can you clarify the last paragraph of this update please? Does it mean that if you pledged at the $90 EB that you can increase your pledge to $140 and effectively get everything the $140 EB pledgers are getting?

    25. CMON 36-time creator on

      @S Butenbach Yup that's right, we're treating both early birds the same.

    26. Roberto Antonio Urias on

      So we need to move our pledge down to 90 to get the 140 Early Bird special?

    27. Thomas E.

      same question as S Buntenbach.
      And Patient 0 SGs too ?

    28. Matt Moylan on

      Kyoko "ultra rare"? It's the easiest cheapest promo survivor you can find on ebay ;)

    29. S Buntenbach

      to clear- i back EB Infected - pay 140 and get Patient 0 ?

    30. MRCollier

      so if i understand that correctly I can get the $140 level EB by marking $90 but pledging $140

    31. Jake on

      So, I pledge 140 but picked Infected Early Bird, I can upgrade to Patient Zero for that $140?

    32. Esoba on basically us 140's can get another early bird (i.e. 90)

    33. Steven Palchinski on

      correction, you hit all 3 stretch goals before you were able to post this update.

    34. Alan mordey on

      Yep past 175K just after posting this update.

    35. Stephen Nasrat on