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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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USA Hub Shipping Update

Posted by CMON (Creator)
Greetings Backers,

We wanted to provide a brief update to how the shipping of Zombicide: Season 3 is proceeding from the USA Hub. We have accelerated our fulfillment by expanding to three full teams working to pack orders and ship them from the USA Hub as quickly as possible. I will give a break down for each region below. 

Please note that the information provided below may not include Late Confirmed backers who either did not finalize their Pledge Manager on time or did not pay for their shipping costs on time. Those pledges will be handled towards the conclusion of the USA Hub Fulfillment. 


We are packing and shipping out pledges at a breakneck speed. We should be able to have US pledges completed by the end of next week. 


We are continuing to ship our pledges to our Canada Hub. Those pledges are shipped via freight from the USA Hub to the Canada Hub. We expect the final pledges to be sent to the Canada Hub within the next week or so. 

Mexico, Central America, South America, Africa and the rest of the world: 

We are packing and shipping all pledges as they are processed. Data is currently limited on the progress. What we can say is as those pledges are received by the fulfillment teams they are packed and mailed out. They are nearly completed, but because of how they are being processed, the exact status is unavailable. 

Australia and New Zealand: 

We want to remind you that if you have experienced a shipping mishap such as received the wrong game or another backer’s pledge, please read update #68. Please follow the instructions in that update if you have not done so already. We are going to begin shipping out corrected orders very soon. We are still working on the exact timing and details. As we have that information we will continue to provide updates to you. 


As mentioned in update #69, only a small percentage of pledges shipped from the USA Hub were affected by the missing Nikki and Miss Trish miniatures. We are currently dedicating all fulfillment teams to mailing pledges. Right now, our primary focus is the fulfillment of the remaining pledges. Once we have completed that, we will begin mailing out to the backers missing those miniatures. 

We will continue to provide information as it becomes available. Once again, we would like to thank you for your patience and support. 

Thank you all and take care, 

The CMON Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sebastien Bougie on

      Wait!.. Just got email from Canada post with tracking number... I guest I will get ot this week... I'm in Mirabel Quebec

    2. Missing avatar

      Sebastien Bougie on

      Cmon update for Canadian will be nice!... We waited a longtime!

    3. Styxx42 on

      I came here because I am waiting on my pledge as well.
      I have had no communication about it.

      Any Update on Canada Shipping

    4. Missing avatar

      Carl Paradis on

      Still waiting for my game or info (I am living in Canada). No tracking number either. Argh.

    5. project627 on

      I still haven't gotten tracking info. I got an email 2 weeks ago saying shipping should be completed by now. Update?

    6. Missing avatar

      david on

      It's 2 June and I've not received NOTHING here in Italy... :-( .... NEVER CMON AGAIN
      P.S. Can I ask my money back?

    7. 'Diego Rodrigues on

      I still not receive my tracking number!

    8. Bruno Curi on

      Rafael, I'm in the same status... I didn't receive nothing until now.

    9. Rafael "Ozzy" Santos on

      I still not receive my tracking number!

    10. Missing avatar

      Frank Martin on

      I am in the same place as Riko. I got "Shipment #2", but no info about any shipment #1.

    11. Missing avatar

      Riko Reese on

      @CMON I am still waiting for Rue Morgue itself.. I got all my extras but would like to have the game. I am in the US in Utah. Any word would be nice. I have no shipping or tracking information please let me know. Once again, if it is just on its way I am ok to wait, but I don't know anything about the basic game just all the info sent about the missing add ons. Thanks

    12. Alderman Jack on

      So now I'm confused. I am a EU backer. My pledge was 2 x EB plus the three Big Bang survivors. I received 1x EB plus Angry Neighbours plus the three BB survivors. Meaning I am short one EB with all stretch but have an extra AN.

      Should I PM you about this or is this a Missing Parts scenario?
      And what is the ETA on either?

    13. Mitul Patel on

      My fellow zombivors. I got a response back from CMON and it turns out my pledge was not confirmed which i Immediately took care of. My theory is that since the pledge was split in 2 phases, my initial confirmation was accepted solely for Rue Morgue and phase 2 required a separate confirmation. So people such as myself desperately waiting for their stuff , I recommend you to check your pledges and make sure its confirmed and the balance due is $0. Good luck.

    14. Luis on

      So CMON says they are sending the missing Canadian packages in a week or so, we should expect deliveries by July...maybe...

    15. Damien Smith on

      I also only got 1 Audrey the Bookworm. Whoever packed this didn't pay attention. There also isn't a packing list included.

    16. Damien Smith on

      What method of PM is favored these days? I had an order for 2 of everything and only got 1 Infected Pack.

    17. Missing avatar

      Richard Norman on

      Mitul - Yes, I received a shipping confirmation email with the FedEx tracking information about 2 days prior to delivery.

    18. Mitul Patel on

      Same here James. My buddy got his almost a month and a half ago and he lives just 10 Miles away from me. I did email support and they said i will be notified once the shipment is on the way. I am hoping i receive an email soon. So question for those who have received their phase 2 shipment.....did you nrecieve an email with the tracking number? And which carrier did it arrive in i.e. UPS, Fed ex or USPs??

    19. James Lamb on

      Hi I've STILL not received my pledge and despite numerous emails to CMON nobody is getting back to me about what's going on. Please can somebody get back to me ASAP

    20. Missing avatar

      Richard Norman on

      Received my wave 2 today :-). Unfortunately it was short the 2nd Mustache Pack I had ordered (I read the comment below on an update for shortage requests, so I know what to do there). Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew how the Rue Morgue and Angry Neighbor campains worked. Do we get an email w/ a link and pass code. etc? Thanks in advance.

    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    22. Kenna

      Mine shows it was delivered today, so I'm just waiting to get home! Husband is sick and already brought it in off the porch.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kevin Rhynas on

      Anyone in New Zealand that received someone else's Xenoshyft received their Zombicide at all yet? or any shipping info??? all quiet here!

    24. Missing avatar

      Jordan P. on

      Mine showed up Saturday (Hooray) the tracking information showed up 2 days later (Monday) so it was a nice surprise. Had a pretty big order and only missing two things.

    25. CMON 36-time creator on

      Hey Guys,

      If you have a questions about the status of you pledge please send us a PM. We will be able to look at it an figure out it something needs to be done.

    26. Bob Cahill

      In the USa when should we check on our orders if we have not received them yet?

    27. Rod Mendes on

      Still waiting any news about my pledge...

    28. Felipe Otake on

      I have no news about my pledge yet :(

    29. Madcap422 on

      Is there cause to be alarmed if my pledge manager has no word on any kind of packing/shipping number for my 2nd wave? I understand everything is going as quickly as possible, but I had recieved a pm that my packing slip was generated a few days ago and my orDer was in line to ship. Curious as to why this has not been updated...

    30. michael chumley on

      I got everything on my pledge manager list now except Rue Morgue. So I guess I am in the same boat as Rich Canino, just wait and summit a ticket once you are ready?

    31. kickstartmyheart on

      Those of you who received your stuff, where did you find the pimp weapon cards? I'm not seeing anything that looks like the pimp cards on the campaign page.

    32. Rich Canino on

      Is everything supposed to be in one box? I'm still missing Rue Morgue.

    33. CMON 36-time creator on

      @David Meckler: Once wave 2 is completed we will post an update about how and where to submit support tickets for Parts Request.

    34. Hal9000 on

      Where do I go about missing items from my shipment?

    35. CMON 36-time creator on

      Hey Guys,

      We have to insure that we have enough inventory to cover the remaining pledges that have to be shipped before we can begin taking Parts Request tickets. Once wave 2 is completed we will post an update about how and where to submit support tickets for Parts Request. We are steadily working through the remaining pledges as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

      @Shawn Dickey: I asked around about that. It seems to be an extremely rare misprint. Still, we will be happy to send you a replacement for the cards affected once we are able to accept Part Request tickets.

      @Australian and New Zealand Backers: We are not taking Parts Request orders yet. We just need to identify the backers who were affected by the shipping mishap so we can get the matter corrected. Check update #68 if you have not done so already. Thank you!

    36. Missing avatar

      Sergio on

      @Con Thank you for your answer. I understand that I still have to wait untill Cmon tell us we can request our missing parts.

    37. Mike Nogle on

      @rune- thanks for the link. Found the crows, but not the experience deck info.

      best I found on experience deck is this update :

    38. Shawn Dickey on

      so does anyone elses survivor cards have the wrong zombivors on the back of them? 5 of mine do. M phal has Zombivor rob on the back. Marvin has zombivor ralph, mike has zombivor nick, Lea has zombivor rose and Mack has zombivor Rick. kinda makes it hard to use zombivor rules when your cards dont have the proper zombivors on them.

    39. Missing avatar

      Con on

      Sorry, not "hundreds of hundreds". That would be at least tens of thousands. Just hundreds.

    40. Missing avatar

      Con on

      Sergio, there was a mix-up in shipping within Europe where something like 40 pledges were couriered to the wrong people. Some did well out of this, but others were left short hundreds of hundreds of USD worth of product. One was left short over $1,000 worth. CMoN sensibly decided to fix this immediately. They had a similar problem on a larger scale in Australia and New Zealand, and as you can see from this update they are also fixing this before US hub shipments are complete and they start to fix packing errors.

    41. Brian L. Bird on

      again would be nice to be among the folks receiving their San Antonio, TX anxiously awaiting package and tracking email

    42. Paul Tate on

      Love that I updated my address like 2 months ago and the packing slip even has it listed, but it was still shipped to my old address... it is not a big deal, but one more week and it would have been a real pain to get my stuff. Now I just need to sort through all this stuff :)

    43. Rune M on

      @Mike for 1 & 2 check The rulles for the experience deck is in the Ultimate Survivors sheet. As for 3, dunno.

    44. Mike Nogle on

      Just got mine Tuesday, everything included, just awesome.

      I ran across a few things though:
      1) there are no rules for the crows (like we had with the zombie dogs), are the rules only included when you buy the box of crows? from what I saw on the kickstarter, I didn't need to buy them because the kickstarter gave you crows and cards

      2) how do you use the experience deck?

      3) Will we see the new campaign before season 4 kickstarter drops?

    45. Missing avatar

      Sergio on

      What? People have received his missing parts?

      In the update #65 they said:
      "Again, many people around the world are receiving their pledges. If you have any missing or damaged product, we do apologize for the inconvenience. We are not able to start shipping parts request until we have completed shipping out all US Hub orders. We will post and update on our Kickstarter page once we are complete, at that time, please send your e-mail to "

      So I'm still waiting ... am I the only one?

    46. Missing avatar

      Con on

      No, update 68 did not apply to European backers. For the Europeans that were sent the wrong packages CMoN shipped out replacements of the missing bits about 2 weeks after the problem appeared. They seem to have solved most of the problem, but there are still a small number of remaining errors to be resolved that now have to wait until after US fulfilment is complete.

    47. Ken Hiseler on

      @Mike Watkins

      Did you read the update? They are still shipping US packages, so I guess yours is one of the unshipped ones.

    48. Alderman Jack on

      I guess EU backers should also memorize update 68?