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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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Shipping Container Found!

Posted by CMON (Creator)
Greetings Backers,

Wonderful news! We have located the missing container and it is on its way! Remember, as our previous update #68 stated, we have received the air shipment containing VIP#2 and Murder of Crowz. When the found container arrives, it will complete our inventory for the missing Nikki and Miss Trish miniatures. Once it arrives, we will have all four missing items. 

We are going to continue to pack all remaining pledges to be shipped out as soon as possible as posted in update #68. There will be a small percentage of backers who will receive pledges missing Miss Trish and Nikki. The good news is that the backers who are affected will have a drastically reduced wait to receive their Miss Trish and Nikki miniatures.
As mentioned in update #68, we have sent via freight a large shipment to our Canada Hub. All pledges in that shipment are unaffected by the missing items. We will continue to put shipments together for the Canada Hub. Because the container has been found, all further shipment should be unaffected as well.
Central America, South America, Africa and the rest of the world
We will continue to pack and ship all unaffected orders. Once the found container arrives, we will continue packing all remaining pledges for your regions. 

We are very happy that we've made it through this. We look forward to putting the remaining pledges into your hands. As always thank you for your patience and your support! BRAAAAINS! 

Best Regards, 
The CMON Team
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    1. Gilbert MonDragon on

      I'm still waiting for my so called Exclusives. I've received none as of today yet I see another Kick has started

    2. Tomas Tidén on

      I'm in Sweden and know quite a few people who have received their packages, but I haven't. Should I be worried?

    3. Luis on

      such a nice spring day outside, hope everyone is having a good day and will be receiving their pledges soon

    4. Alderman Jack on

      Agreed, +1. Even though my shipment is missing an entire pledge box level I will most certainly back CMON kickstarters in the future. Their games are great and so far they have never let me down.

    5. Kenna

      +100000 @ Daniel & Jetewabbie - This project is pretty close to on time and I'm quite pleased. Very few things I've backed have arrived on time unless they've been playing cards and guess what, Arcadia Quest, run by CMON. Some people just want to be angry or assume conspiracy is involved in everything. @Nicolas has griped from the beginning, so I assume he is the type who enjoys being angry. Not to mention he seems to have backed only this game, so he has no true perspective. I am glad to hear people say "I will never back [insert various company name] again," because they bring the entire project down with their rants. We don't need backers of that caliber. Let's get some positive energy flowing on into Black Plague!

    6. Stephen K

      I am assuming that once the new container hits Atlanta and stuff starts getting packed my shipping tracking information will be updated with everything? As it is right now I haven't seen any updates on it. I'm still waiting for anything and sadly my FLGS has had copies of Rue Morgue for the past month. Thank you for your time.

    7. FoolsBane on

      +1 @Jetewabbie - It will be very refreshing indeed to not have to read all the whining comments. Look forward to Black Plague. I guess @Nicolas has planned all along to resell his stuff on eBay. I dont see any real interest about the Game itself in his comments. He's more concerned about Cmon than Zombicide.

    8. Joseph Fife on

      @ Shelly, they mean that the pledges already shipped to the Canadian hub hadn't ordered Nikki and Trish and that they will have the missing shipment before shipping any Canadian pledges that did order them.

    9. BoardGameGuy on

      Hopefully all those still upset that this is 3 months late (which I consider ahead of schedule compared to some of my other current KS) will stay out of the next one so we don't have to constantly be bombarded with whining in the comments. And sorry no....I am not a fan boy....just a reasonable person that does not think every company is out to screw me.

    10. Alderman Jack on

      @CMON: any ETA on when the time is right to email you about missing items in my pledge?

    11. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Fournier on

      Surprise... You found the container the moment you supposedly order a new batch... Nothing more to say. Everyone got their order, even shops, before us. Still, its a good news? 3 months later? Sorry, I lost faith in your numerous comments on the same subject. I will believe you the day my order, 5 months late, will show up at my door... the day before I sell it back on eBay to never heard about CMOn again. Service is really ordinary, can't believe I've paid for that

    12. Shelley Shaw-Weldon on say that the Canada pledges are unaffected by the missing items (now found) but I'm pretty sure I added on Miss Trish and's late so I could be mis-reading the update.

    13. Arsonor

      Sad to wait a bit longer. Happy everything will soon be on its way all at once! Thanks CMON!

    14. CMON 36-time creator on

      @Grian The container was found in California. It is in transit via rail to the USA Hub located in Atlanta.

    15. Grian the Rogue Rabid Squirrel Slayer

      @ CMON - I haven't received ANYTHING! When you say that the missing container is on its way... do you mean by boat? Time frame please!

    16. Missing avatar

      Riko Reese on

      @CMoN - that is awesome and you guys have done a great job trying to get stuff out. However, I am wondering about just Rue Morgue. I have everything else but the game itself. I am in the USA (Utah) and have been pleased with all the updates and efforts you are going to, but they seem to be centered on the "Extras". What about the actual Game? As I have said I am cool with waiting if its one of these lost containers etc.. But I haven't heard anything about the actual base game being sent out to those who don't have it. I am not trying to complain just to understand. Thanks for the hard work you have already done.

    17. Francois on

      Still no news for european who doesn't have all their stuff ? i'm still missing over 50% of my stuff (in $ value)

    18. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Good news indeed. Still waiting, watching and hoping for "Angry Neighbors" and all the stretch goals and additional purchases.

    19. David Mannion on

      That's good news �. When do we let you know what was missing from the pledge?

    20. Ivan Cortez on

      I'm missing one item of my shipment, is there an email to report missing product?

    21. Sam Mattson on

      What's the timetable on US shipping? All orders fulfilled in the next month?

    22. Missing avatar

      Zack Alexander

      Does this include individual Americas that still haven't received theirs' or just American businesses? I filled out my survey too late (spam folder) so I never got mine in the first shipment