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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Mister Gurbic on

      Live in Atlanta. Still have gotten jack shit.

    2. Tim Massey on

      I can't wait till I get my box. I check my pledge manager everyday just to see if it's been shipped. Closer everyday (I hope)!

    3. Mike Strathearn on

      So I got a response about my pledge from CMoN with a shipping reference for DPD in Germany. Unfortunately the reference is invalid. I'm guessing this is because 1) the reference is wrong, 2) the parcel hasn't been shipped.
      Does any one know if the UK pledges are being shipped from Germany and not the UK?

    4. Missing avatar

      david on

      I want my money back... It's a disgrace...

    5. Missing avatar

      david on

      I want my money back... It's a disgrace...

    6. Jerry Koh on

      I have to agree with Rafael Solo on this. Certainly appreciate CMON providing us with updates as soon as they've got to the bottom of the problem; something of a challenge when the fullfilment company who screwed it up is situated at the other side of world!! Also, thanks for letting us keep the "extras" while we wait for our missing items to turn up.

    7. Sandy Brelsford on

      @CoolMiniOrNot I am an Australian and still have not received my pledge. Your comments in regard Simon below cannot be considered a mistaken response. I have contacted CMON support but have heard nothing since sending them an email as requested on 29 April. The Toll site still shows no activity as previously advised.

    8. Ana Clara Franco Dorneles on

      So, what about Brazil? Does "America" include Brazil?

    9. Missing avatar

      Riko Reese on

      Hey, just wondering. I am in the US (Utah) and I have received everything I ordered and all the exclusive stuff, but still have not received the Rue Morgue base game. With all these great efforts to get the extra merchandise out to the backers (which is way awesome of CMON) I am wondering if there are still some of the basic games that haven't gone out and if they are going to do a special shipment for those as well. Any word? Should I have it by now? I am ok waiting I just want to make sure the basic game shipments have not been forgotten. Thanks for all you have done so far.

    10. Michael Lipinski

      Thanks again for the updates CMON. We appreciate it.

    11. Missing avatar

      Simon Sherwood on

      PS by the way, my Xenoshyft order was correct

    12. Missing avatar

      Simon Sherwood on

      Hi CMON, thanks...but I havent received Z3 (just Xenoshyft a few weeks ago to my PO Box which was odd as you asked me for a street address previosuly stating you couldn't ship to PO Boxes). And I have already sent another email to Support.

    13. CMON 37-time creator on


      Send another email to support, this seems like a mistaken response. Support will ask you for a picture of the pledge you received. If you want to attached that to your next email it will speed the process up.

    14. Missing avatar

      Simon Sherwood on

      Hi CMON, I sent an email when you first posted this update (I'm in Australia) as I received Xenoshyft but not Z3, however I've now just received a message saying - "We are still currently shipping out Z3 orders. As soon as your order ships we will send you the tracking."
      Haven't all Australian orders been shipped?

    15. CMON 37-time creator on

      Hey guys,

      If you have yet to receive your pledge in the EU, APAC, or Australia/New Zealand, please do the following:

      Log into to the Pledge Manager ( ):
      1. Verify that your pledge has been confirmed
      2. Verify that shipping has been paid, this is at the bottom of the page.
      3. If both of those are done, please send an email to with your pledge number and issue.


    16. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    17. Missing avatar

      Joshua N on

      If we have not yet received an order, what is the best way to reach out? ... Or is it better to just wait?


    18. Kenna

      @ Rafael - PERFECT response. Very nicely worded.

    19. John Ling on

      Even though your shipping problems have been pretty constant with each release you've done, I'm glad you are making amends for those that got the wrong pledges. I am one who's not gotten everything yet, but I am also not worried. I will get it all soon enough. if this was a fly-by-night company on KS, then I'd worry...

    20. Missing avatar

      Pontifex Maximus on

      Hello, I'm French and i have the same question than Ash3n.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ash3n on

      Well, I'm a EU backer still waiting for his pledge. And in this update there were nothing about EU. Should I start to worry?

    22. Edgar Azevedo on

      No news for people from Brazil and Latin America?

    23. thisRalf on

      Sorry Nicholas, but you are an child who can't see the forest through the trees. I've explained before how it is easy for CMON to get the game to retail as it didn't use the same channels that the kickstarter did. Nor did retail have to deal with 12000 individual snowflake like orders, pack them, and ship them. Retail orders take the base game from the factory and pack the order into one big box, and ship it to stores.

      Even if shipping to retail worked the same way that shipping to backers does (and it doesn't), what would they do to fix it? Seriously? 12000 orders? Spin up the press and reprint the games and air ship to everybody? Do you know how much that would cost?

      You are just acting like a petulant child that isn't getting their toy. All I hear is "I want it now! You owe me by not sticking to your word! Where is my bonus for not getting it on time!?" Seriously? Do you really carry on in life like this? Do you really expect a bonus when things don't go your way?

      Did you read the problems that may arise to shipping? How does a strike on the west coast US, which affected shipping WORLDWIDE, affect your argument? How is CMON responsible for that?

      And I’m going to say it: us donating does not guarantee us ANYTHING. Whenever you give money to a kickstarter, you run the risk of the company pimping out and taking your money with you getting nothing in return. And you have no legal recourse.

      So shut up and stop complaining. CMON or not has been really forward and honest with the updates. And now the game is finally coming. If you sell it on ebay and never donate to a kickstarter again I say GOOD. One less child complaining on the forums.

      And one more thing: CMON, thank you for the timely updates on the situation.

    24. Punxnbutter on

      Sorry Nick but CMON have been upfront about this the entire time. Just because your panties are knotted up about retail doesn't mean CMON has done the wrong thing or been misleading. What exactly do you think you are entitled to "for free" since there were both port delays and a distributor (not CMON) screwup?

    25. kickstartmyheart on

      @Nicolas Fournier It's because the problems were outside of their control. I and many other backers believe they have done what they can to make the best out of the situation. They have even improved their communication and been more clear with us. Most of us appreciate that. If you keep up with the updates, it feels that way. As @Jetewabbie said, 3 months is nothing for a kickstarter game. Things happen. If you need to be upset, take it up with the crybabies working the docks that strike 11 of 12 months a year from the last 3 years. It will all be fine.

    26. Missing avatar

      Gary Barber on

      Well I must be one on the lucky ones, got all my pledge okay from Toll. However having worked with them in the past the stuff up does not surprise me. Also I did warn you guys not use them. Live and learn I guess.

    27. Jkk on

      NOW that is what I call justice..... hahahaha

    28. Jonathan on

      Hopefully the packing won't go on too long. I'm really looking forward to having all of the non-base game goodies, but it's a long drive back to the old address my pledge is locked into. :(

    29. Daniel on

      I scored an extra copy of the base game (I guess someone is getting a great xmas or birthday present from me) plus Patrick. I'm pretty happy that I will now also be able to replace my copy of Amy that was miscast first time around. No doubt someone will be happy to receive all the extra goodies I ordered like most of the guest boxes and the crowz. Now I just have to figure out when I will get time to paint all these suckers.

    30. Missing avatar

      Moran Taylor on

      Confirmed with the pledge manager no free gifts for me :(
      On the plus side the $150 of extras all are here :)

      At least you have decided to change providers. I have also backed The World of Smog: On Her Magesty's Service Order, Rum & Bones and Blood Rage and hope they arrive complete as with my past 3 CMON orders.

    31. Jarrah on

      Also in Australia, and received my delivery correctly. Hope everyone else gets their stuff soon.

    32. Altrstar on

      Thanks CMON for the update!

    33. Drew C

      I'm glad CMON is finally being honest and direct with backers. Shit happens, we understand that as backers, just tell us when it hits the fan! I'm also sad I'm not one of those lucky AU backers who doubled up...

    34. Missing avatar

      IN5AN3 on

      I am in Australia and I am now really disappointed that Toll got my delivery correct!!! :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Con on

      On this thing of KS deliveries arriving after retail, CMoN normally plan KS deliveries to a territory to arrive before the product is released to retail there. But sometimes something goes wrong on the KS fulfilment side, and there's a delay that does not affect the much simpler process of releasing boxes to retail. Their practice seems to be to go ahead with the retail release date they have already announced, which makes very good sense from the operations perspective and the retail marketing perspective, even if it is not ideal from the KS backer perspective.

      Some backers find it annoying, and some find it very annoying, but it is consistent with what they have promised. In their most recent campaigns, they have started to make this more explicit by asking people not to back the project if they are unhappy to see the product in retail before they receive it as a reward. The benefit to backing the KS is in getting the exclusives and stretch goal rewards, not in getting a good delivery date.

    36. Bill the Raven on

      CMON, thank you for the details. It really helps to know which items went missing, and what your plan of action is to resolve the issue (with shipping expectations given per region).

    37. BoardGameGuy on

      @Nicolas - 3 months is nothing for board games on Kickstarter. I currently have 4 other games longer over due. Just chill.

    38. Patty Fedak on

      Now you got me wishing I had added more stuff to my pledge to ensure I was the larger order end of things. Have a feeling I'm going to land in the middle now since all the strictly base pledge games have gone now. Oh well, give my painting circle more time to work on the minis I already have before getting overwhelmed with a bunch more.

    39. Leonard Saludo on

      Very much appreciate the update re: Canadian Z-Cide 3 pledges, CMON - thank you! Still very excited and looking forward to when my stuff arrives!

    40. Tom on

      Thanks CMON. The NZ situation must really suck for you but you guys are dealing with it like a boss.

    41. FoolsBane on

      Great news for Canada. Thanks Cmon for sorting this mess out. I think they've done great between Toll messed up for a part of the world and the US Strike with a lost containers (thanks to those dock workers who didnt do their job right). Since it was never advertised anywhere that we would get out orders BEFORE retail stores, I didnt bother much about a 2-3 months late or even expected the game to be in time.(big games are always late in KS anyway so why wasting energy by getting angry) Those who are upset about that dont understand the world of KS... I've seen a lot worst KS than this one and I wont ban a game that I love because of some troubles in the KS.

    42. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Fournier on

      I don't understand why so much persons "thanks" them: they are 3 months late, they just started to try to do something after months of "sorry" messages, every shops in the world got the stock for weeks except those who paid and made this game possible: us. This is unbelievable.

      And more, nothing have been done to compensate this enormous waiting, by free upgrades or anything. No, we just have to wait, like unrespected-paying buyers that we are, and keep hoping our order will maybe be ok the first time. Or we'll have to wait 2-3 more months just to get this straight.

      And the "keep it if we make it wrong", I hope so! I'll not pay return shipping for mistakes, they laugh enough about us just by this waiting.

      I'm working in import, I've seen delay linked to the cargo situation, but nothing more than 2-3 weeks and, the worst, a month. They use the same excuse since 3 months, its ridiculous.

      2 kind of corporation exist when this kind of situation happen: those who search excuses and those who search solutions. It took 3 months to do something for us, when they find lot of solutions for the shops around the world. This is a real statement: never pay BEFORE getting your stock in live. CMOn just proved it.

      I just wait to finally get my stuff, sell it and not heard about CMON again. What a disappointement.

    43. Mike Strathearn on

      That's great and all, but what about EU shipping?

      Still not received my shipment and have no idea if this is because it is still in progress or went missing or what?

    44. David Collins

      Sucks for CMON that they got so messed up by TOLL! Really appreciate the update and look forward to getting my game whenever you get through the pile of mess that you have been dealt. This whole thing has been really good for my patience, so waiting a little while longer is no problem :)

    45. Missing avatar


      Bully for the guys who get extra stuff.

      In Canada and it looks like I'll be one of the last to get anything. Don't care anymore. Stopped caring when I saw RM at the local FLGS and saw people selling their stuff online MONTHS ago.

    46. Turk

      Sent Email, missing quite a bit from my pledge.

    47. Sjeng [] on

      Oh wow!
      "If the box you ordered contains the wrong game (Xenoshyft instead of Zombicide)...
      You may keep the game and items that you received as a gift. We hope that you find our other games as enjoyable as Zombicide."

      Now THAT is awesome service. Wow. Some lucky people there xD (of course still no Zombicide, but hey, free game!)

    48. Eric Lemay on

      what a messup!

    49. Chad Lagace on

      Congrats to some of our Aussie friends and NZ friends for the extra stuff. Toll really bent cmon over on this.