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Canada Hub Emergency Shipping Plans

Posted by CMON (Creator)
Greetings Canadian Backers!

As stated in our previous update titled “USA Hub Emergency Shipping Plans” on April 20th, 2015, we are missing a container that holds the following items:

-VIP #2

-Murder of Crowz


-Miss Trish

As previously stated, we are going to enact an emergency shipping plan for the USA. We’re going to have our factory redirect a shipment of the Murder of Crows and VIP #2 boxes that were planned to go into retail, and air ship them to us instead.

Originally we had planned on waiting until we had everything in hand before shipping the Canadian pledges to the Canadian Hub. However, after some discussion, we've decided to pack and ship what we can fulfill right now. Starting next week we will pack Canadian pledges that are unaffected by the missing items. We will then freight ship those pledges to our Hub in Canada that will send them out for delivery.

We will assess the best way to complete the rest of Canadian fulfillment after we get the air-shipment of Murder of Crowz and VIP #2 in. We will update you accordingly. 

Sorry that this is a ‘no frills’ update, just wanted to keep you up to speed with the latest news. We knew you would want to know ASAP.

Best Regards,  

The CMON Team

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    1. Martin Durand on

      I'm wondering if we will be getting a tracking number when the pledge are shipping from the canadian hub to our home. Also, did you already send the emergency shipment to canadian hub? This is on your control so we should get an ETA on this at least. Thanks.

    2. Missing avatar

      J Young on

      @Daniel Desmarais. I hate to break the news to you, but your opinion about the reasoning of other individuals is just that - an opinion. No more, no less and perhaps just as useless. Wakeup!

    3. Mike on

      Has the ready packages from the Canadian shipment been sent to the Canadian hub yet?

    4. CMON 37-time creator on


      While we do apologize about the delay, losing a whole container sucks. While we always attempt to reward all of our backers on time and with as few issues a possible, sometimes stuff like this happens. As unfortunate as this situation is, we will continue to work through this and get your pledges to you as soon as we can. We recognize that this is inconvenient, but would like to thank you for your continued patience.

    5. FoolsBane on

      All those complaints about stores getting their games before us is non-sense. I hate to break the news but we didnt back this project to get the game before retail, we back this project for the EXCLUSIVES. Thats the only logical reason. Why should someone pay the core box + shipping on KS instead of buying it on the shelves with no shipping fees??? Some of you guys are seriously misleading yourself or you are very bad in finances. Retail stores dont have access to the Exclusives... thats OUR reward for backing this project, not to get it first. Wake up!

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kahl on

      @pachro yeah but did that Game from 2013 you are still waiting on, did that ever get made? Have you seen that game on shelves? That's the issue most of us are feeling while delays in a game ever being made is one thing. But a fully funded game that is being currently produced, shipped to stores where we can easily go buy a copy of the game from our local retailers before we get ours. That's why most of us are upset. Delays are expected, being felt like our money went to make more copies of the Game to send out to sell before delivering the already sold products is what's hurting must of us. Again. ..i know shipping problems can occur. But some of us just dont know.

    7. Brendan Burke on

      Can I just make sure that I am understanding what is said. You are shipping the orders once you have VIP #2 & Murder of Crowz. Unless the order contains Miss Trish or Nikki, if the order contains either of those two figures it will ship at a (much?) later date.

    8. Addam on

      It's understandable that there are problems when you have shipping delays and dock worker strikes - but it's still a HUGE kick in the head to see dozens of boxes of Rue Morgue on the shelves at the FLGS while I have received nothing from the Kickstarter.

    9. Seth Anderson on

      Actually I just now grokked what you meant, so my apologies for my snark.

    10. Seth Anderson on

      Today I Learned that when your profits go down due to increased costs, you don't actually lose any money.

    11. Eric Lemay on

      Wind Lane: I pretty sure that they do not really loss monney by double shipping. Less profit? sure! Lost monney, dont think so!

    12. Brian L. Bird on

      I'm with Justin Stephens: "I don't get it. Two of my friends in Houston, Texas received their orders and I haven't received mine. Not happy."

      I'm in San Antonio

    13. Jeremiah bourland on

      I am in the same boat as afew of you as well. I have not gotten anything but the base game. Plus I have to worry about a change of address...did anyone who got there's actually get an e-mail from the shipping company? Just wondering? Keep hope alive:)

    14. Pachro on

      @Brent, 2-3 months behind on a project isn't too bad for Kickstarter. I'm still waiting on a game that was supposed to be delivered in December 2013. Projects that ship on time are the exception, not the norm for Kickstarter. If you back other projects, expect delays as well and rejoice if they're somehow on time.

    15. Jonathan on

      I'm in the US, roughly 4 hours from Atlanta and I'm still waiting for all but the base Rue Morgue box. I'm guessing they are shipping based off of backer # when they have full sets ready. It sucks, but I guess I'll be waiting even longer if they're shipping stuff to Canada next week and I still haven't received mine. :(

    16. Justin Stephens on

      I don't get it. Two of my friends in Houston, Texas received their orders and I haven't received mine. Not happy.

    17. Brent Leithead on

      I am a little miffed....this was the 1st time I backed the kick starter, was told that I would have everything by Feb. I understand that things happen, but this is getting a little ridiculous. I live in Vermont, 17 hours away from Atlanta.

    18. Turk

      HI team

      NZ backer here, my first box with VIP , Lost Infected etc arrived ! Looking forward to the other bits coming soon as well. First game already played and going all good ( tho we wiped lol )

    19. Mike on

      Thank you for making this happen. Obviously the missing crate is beyond your control, but holding back peoples orders that you have all the stuff for in Canada and then telling the rest of the US that you will just ship to them in 2 separate orders would of been unacceptable.

      Not sure if this is possible or not but perhaps include some kind of voucher for stuff like box of crows that people can take to a store and redeem to get the items.

    20. John Falcon

      Since I have not even received Rue Morgue or Angry Neighbors yet in New Jersey, I really could care less about missing bits and pieces...

    21. Wind Lane on

      @ Rowland Gould

      It's not about the game being playable or not, it's about cost. It's really dang expensive to ship to Canada from the US.

      Multiply that by several thousand and you're talking the kind of numbers that'd make most of us break out in a cold sweat and lose sleep over if we had to pay it.

      CMoN basically choosing to nearly double their shipping costs to make this happen - especially when a lost container is 100% not their fault - then I'm inclined to give them a little slack and wait patiently for my plastic toys.

    22. Missing avatar

      Rowland Gould on

      Ship everything that you have to everyone in Canada. The game can be played without any of the missing optional extras. There is no need to make people wait to play your amazing game. My order is not affected so I really appreciate the update. I think everyone has waited very patiently and deserve to be rewarded by suffering attacks from angry Zombi's. Just my opinion. Thanks

    23. Leonard Saludo on

      Thank you for the update re: Canadian orders, much appreciated!

    24. Missing avatar

      Eliot and Ressie Lyons on

      My concern is that we ordered none of these and haven't gotten the rest of our $150 level pledge.

    25. Roguebaron on

      Same boat here, ordered 3 of these 4 items, and now have an indefinite wait. Not amused.

    26. FoolsBane on

      Me too, I'm in the same boat. $700 of stock delayed for only 1 box of crowz.

    27. Francis Semenuk on

      I really appreciate the Canadian update CMON! It's unfortunate that I'll have to wait still in limbo since I ordered 3 of the items listed, but can understand not wanting to ship things twice. Too bad there isn't a secret option 3 which would work better!!

    28. Missing avatar

      J. S.

      I am not sure why they would not ship everything and then ship the missing components later? I too just got the extra set of crows and am now in limbo for an indefinite period of time. I realize you cannot please everyone but this does not seem optimal. I imagine they want to start another kickstarter and simply want to please as many people as possible before it starts.

    29. Colton White on

      What if we didn't order the crowz or the vip#2. But ordered the two character, will my order be held back too?

    30. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Fantastic, I really appreciate the update! Thank you for going the extra mile to help us out and shipping what you can!

    31. Donatos Aphael on

      @CMoN If I just ordered Nikki & Trish, I'm assuming that I'm *fudged* and have to wait to for the rest of my reward ?

      Thanks in advance

    32. Arron DeMoss on

      TBH at this point I would rather just not get the Murder of Crows I ordered if it is going to be much longer. That is the only one of these 4 I ordered.