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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Sharkey on

      Thank you for the update, CMON! Out of those items I only ordered Nikki, so I can totally wait on her as I've biting at the bit for Angry Neighbors the most.

    2. Missing avatar

      David Wann on

      I live in country WA and I received my shipment about 3 weeks ago. 2 weeks later I was emailed my tracking number. You may need to chase up CMON for a tracking number then contact Toll to find out what happened to it.

      I have heard of one Aussie backer who has had his shipment sent back to CMON by Toll, not sure why though.

    3. Kyle Bardiau (kyky) on

      I live in at the port they are having the strikes. Maybe I'll just go search them for us. Sounds good?

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Thanks for the update! I was just wondering if the Canadian hub will get shipped after the replacement shipment comes or if we are going to have to wait for the Miss Trish and Nikki replacements as well.

    5. Prasant Moorthy on

      Mark / Jarod - I received my Oz shipment (Brisbane) at least two weeks ago...

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark Fall on

      Any news on aus/nz? Still no tracking no./parcels :(

    7. Doramos

      Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

    8. Rune M on

      Wow Ron, you were really an early backer! The project went live on June 29th 2014, yet they've had your money for over a year?

      It's too bad you're still waiting for the game (I was lucky, got mine a few weeks ago), but at least you get a shitload of extras that retail customers will have to pay extra for.

    9. Sam Mattson on

      If CMON is reading these comments, YRC Worldwide is a company that may be able to help. They're set up specifically for freight held up by the west coast port slowdown. They have a hotline you can call 1-800-325-8747.

    10. ron killingsworth on

      Really sad customers that did not KS can pick their games up at retail, while those that kickstarted and have allowed you the use of our money for over a year are still waiting for product. Too bad you aren't offering to pay interest.

    11. Jared Pinfold on

      I'm hoping the next update will be an explanation of what's going on with Australia/NZ.

    12. Matthew Graziano-Humphrey on

      "Or maybe they just wanted to make sure that the majority of deliveries coming from Atlanta had been handled by the time that Black Plague goes live."

      That is what I suspect too.

    13. Vince D on

      Great news! Thank you for keeping us up to date with this - what a frustrating situation that shipping strike caused.

      You guys rock - can't wait for the Black Plague!

    14. Keith E. Weber II

      Wow this have been a crazy ride through the international supply chain. Thanks for the updates!

    15. Tserofal

      Very happy to hear . CMON doing what they can for us backers. my hat's off!!

    16. Luis G Rodriguez on

      This is VERY appreciated... I am glad I did not took back my Rum & Bones pledge

    17. Kenna

      I should have known Penny and Bernadette were conspiring to cause me problems.

      So let's get it done and move on to Black Plague! I'm all in, as usual!

    18. Joshua Leslie on

      Jeremy - depending on how many people whose orders included Nikki, Miss Trish, the Crowz of VIP 2, it could still take weeks for them to process all those orders. Even if they start early in the week, that's no guarantee that any individual affected backer would have their stuff sent first.

    19. Jonathan on

      This is good news, but I can't even recall what I added on to my pledge at this point. I think I got the exclusives but not the crows or VIP box. I definitely can't wait to have what's left in my grubby paws though. I'm almost through painting season 2 zombies. :P

    20. Jeff Richards

      Thanks, CMON! Appreciate the extra care you're taking with backers!

    21. Jeremy Gentry on

      So just to confirm... if they only thing my shipment is waiting on is Nikki, and Miss Trish... it should ship out next week? If so that is GREAT news, can't wait to play the new stuff... and I'm already looking forward to Zombicide: Black Plague.

    22. estrus on

      Outfrigginstanding! That's how it's done!

    23. Jared Bond

      Hm. Had thought my missing Wave 2 shipments were stuck in that container, but it doesn't sound like that's the case. So CMON....I'm dying to start painting my stuff!

    24. Alejandro Quesada

      Guys! You are the best!! Thanks for thinking on us and take that sacrifice so that no one gets disappointed for something that is not your fault!

      I really appreciate your hard work!! Keep counting on my support for your future projects!! I can't wait for B-SIEGED and the new Zombicide!!

    25. Joshua Leslie on

      Matthew, in previous updates, they've mentioned multiple delayed containers. I'm guessing the the majority of those containers have arrived in Atlanta. If one of the containers is truly missing and requiring a reprint, it probably doesn't make sense to wait on that before shipping stuff out, as I'd imagine the reprint wouldn't be completed and delivered until at least the middle of May.
      Or maybe they just wanted to make sure that the majority of deliveries coming from Atlanta had been handled by the time that Black Plague goes live.

    26. Patty Fedak on

      Thanks for the specifics on what items are missing.

    27. Missing avatar


      Wow, that's really going above and beyond. Major kudos to you.

    28. Matthew Graziano-Humphrey on

      Appreciated, but I'm skeptical, why wait until now to set in these emergency usa shipping procedures? what changed in the last week other than you running out of pledges that won't be affected? Most people would be happy waiting for the last container I think (Well I know I would) so why incur the additional costs?

    29. Roberto Ruiz on

      Nice! I didn't add any add ons and really want the rest of my stuff haha hope it gets shipped soon!

    30. Bill the Raven on

      Thank you for the extra clarity. For the first time now I understand which items in particular are holding everything up my US (Michigan) order.

    31. Missing avatar

      Malcolm James on

      Thanks for the update.

    32. Dev Sodagar on

      +1 to Brien - thanks for the open communication!

    33. Joshua Leslie on

      Thanks for the update.

    34. Arron DeMoss on

      Man so my box of crows is what held me up. I knew I should have got that at retail. Good news none the less. We have finished up all the Rue morgue missions and now I need my angry neighbors.

    35. ripperjim on

      Thanks for the update. Definitely out of your control! I would have even been cool with waiting until you get everything to ship it all at once.

    36. Brien Dulaney on

      You guys have been pretty good at keeping us updated on this situation and transparent with it. I for one am not upset and thankful you at least kept us up to date. I had no issues with you in the other Seasons of Zombicide. No complaints here. And Thanks!

    37. Tim 'thor0298' Thorson on

      Thanks for the update much appreciated. And thanks for going the extra length for us