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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Michael Sprague

      OK, so Coolstuffinc has all the season 3/angry neighbors stuff... but mine still hasn't shipped, even under these "emergency conditions" - what's the deal?

    2. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Oops, clarification, "We'll" in last sentence refers to SMR backers.

    3. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Hopefully this will be sorted out soon, at least for the "Angry Neighbors part. If you guys think this is bad, you should hear what happened to ALL the "Smash Monster Rampage" KS supporters and those who also kicked in for the additional-monsters expansion. We'll be lucky to get anything.

    4. Ismael on

      Hi, I'm in Switzerland (Europe) everyone has received except me ... Friends Switzerland received the Last Friday, me nothing now, not even a tracking number. The shops receive today and tomorrow, how he did what? Thanxs

    5. Joshua Leslie on

      You'd also get all of your money back and then some if you just sell your pledge on the secondary market when it arrives, rather than going through the process of requesting a refund.

    6. Joshua Leslie on

      In previous campaigns, they've been pretty good about offering refunds. I think at this point you would get like 90-92% of your pledge amount back. CMON isn't able to refund you the Kickstarter Fees or Amazon Fees that are taken out of your pledge for collecting payments. You'll have better luck finding out about a refund by e-mailing CMON than asking for one in the comments section here.

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      Troy Schwaller on

      What is this Black Plague everyone keeps talking about? I haven't seen anything on it.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      I'm actually with Dave Hanlon on this one. I'm not blaming CMoN for this, but I'm a Canadian backer and just did the standard $150 pledge. If I need to wait what I would assume to be a couple months (production on the zombie extras, shipping time, packaging at the US hub, shipping to Canada, packaging at the Canadian hub, shipping to me) I'd really rather skip all the little bonuses, get my money back and just go pick up the game at my local game store (which has had it in stock for weeks). I was super excited to play the game but right now I just want this all to be over so I can stop checking this website to see what new way I'll be disappointed.

    9. Missing avatar

      Dan Schnettler on

      I received what I assume is wave two today in the mail, however I never received wave one early like many people did. Should I expect Rue Morgue to arrive soon?

    10. Missing avatar

      Darach on

      I'm from Switzerland as well and I did receive my stuff two weeks ago but I never received any tracking number whatsoever. This simply doesn't seem to work which is immensely unfortunate for cases like yours that are dependent on having a tracking number.

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      Jean-philippe on

      Maybe Canadian backer will receive pledge befor Christmas.....

    12. Missing avatar

      Dave Hanlon on

      Are you offering refunds for our pledges ? While there is no eta, I'd like an out option at this point. I live in Canada and from what I can guess it's going to be months before I see anything. In any other forum of purchase this would be really unacceptable. While I understand and appreciate that this situation was out of your hands... I'd like a refund option. Thanks

    13. Ismael on

      Hi, I'm in Switzerland (Europe) everyone has received from me ... Friends Switzerland received the Last Friday, me nothing now, not even a tracking number. The shops receive today and tomorrow, how he did what?

    14. Luis on

      ok, so if they are going to wait for the exclusive figures to be remade and reshipped before they send the whole order to canada which then has to go through canadian customs and to the distribution hub and then from the hub to our homes...whats the eta? From my end I can easily see it taking a couple to a few more I should expect my game around late summer or early fall....great.

    15. Sandy Brelsford on


      I am an Australian backer and I have also not received my pledge, though my husband did 3 weeks ago. The Toll tracking page says "Thu 26/03/2015 9:24 AM 1 CONNOTE FILE LODGED (E-TRADER) IN SYSTEM " and nothing else.
      Can you please look into?

    16. CMON 37-time creator on

      @ Scott Driscoll: I'll look into it and be in touch soon.

    17. Rafaella Félix on

      I wonder when I will receive the tracking code. I live in Brazil

    18. Missing avatar

      Scott Driscoll on

      So I know some people here in Australia have received their packages. My mate got his about 4 weeks ago.
      I've not seen mine yet. Should I be concerned?

    19. Kyle Appel on

      Thanks for the info I am really looking forward to getting the rest of my packages ...

    20. Roguebaron on's been available in my LGS here for several weeks as well.

    21. Roguebaron on

      Guess the extra wait will make it easier to skip the next Zombicide. I won't back a project until the last one is shipped. It was bad enough that I have to wait for this one to get the updated cards for Zombicide 2, and while I appreciate CMON Putting some effort into getting this out, As a Canadian backer, I feel as if we're no more that an afterthought. I doubt I will see this before summer, if not later.

    22. Ben "Who Let The" Robz "Out"

      So it really means that canada is gonna have to wait that you receive the four missing items and not only the two boxes... How much time could it take for you to produce, pack and ship back to atlanta before sending our pledges... Cause it seems like quite a load of time...

    23. CMON 37-time creator on

      Hey guys,

      Thanks for being so understanding about the situation. As mentioned above, this is a crazy occurrence and we apologize for the inconvenience and the slowing it has caused in shipping out the final pledges.

      Also, just to quickly address some of the questions that we've seen raised, Canadian shipping is waiting on these final items because we ship all Canadian packages at one time via freight to a Canadian hub. This is the best way for us to easily ship out all Canadian pledges while also avoiding customs fees. If you have received your box for Angry Neighbors and the extra items, but never received Rue Morgue, please contract

      Just to reiterate we are still waiting on an air shipment from China that will contain the VIP #2 box and Murder of Crowz box. So we're still holding off on packing those affected pledges. We are still shipping everyday though, we are running through the last set of unaffected pledges this week, and probably into next.

      Thanks again everyone.

    24. Bryce Robinson on

      I had hoped(rather naively) , that since all of my CMoN KSs have had problems, either VERY late delivery or stuff missing or both, that I might get my stuff in a timely manner. How foolish of me. It's not so much the wait, but rather the not knowing if my order is even being dealt with, given lack of shipping invoice info etc.i do think that given just how much CMoN have used Kickstarter, they should have this whole thing sewn up. Alas, once again, this is not the case. It's a shame because I do love the stuff they produce but think their overall KS customer care is dire.

    25. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Thanks, that's what I thought, but from what I'm hearing, Wave 2 appears to have been sent. At what point should I be concerned that it hasn't arrived (apart from Trish/Penny)?

    26. Sharkey on

      Wave 2 has everything else, except for Trish and Penny if you ordered them.

    27. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Where does "Angry Neighbors" stand in all this? I received "Rue Morgue" in the early (Jan., was it?) shipment, but haven't seen anything else yet, incl AN and the extras. Sorry to hear about the girls having gone missing, but thanks for making sure they'll arrive in the end.

      It's always that One Last Box, isn't it! Like luggage. There must be an evil selective Black Hole somewhere.

    28. Mike on

      Does Canada still have to wait for everything to arrive before we can get any orders? Very frustrating that I didn't order the extras and I am still waiting without when all the stores have everything.

    29. Missing avatar

      Riko Reese on

      @iDog - I am in the USA also and received Angry Neighbors and some extra stuff but, like you I have not seen Rue Morgue. So, I am in the same boat with the question of... does this new update (as awesome as CMON is for trying to fix the problem) going to help me???

    30. Mechamonkey on

      That something I wonder to. I didn't order extras. So am I shipping sooner than later or am I going to be forgotten until the end when I need to email them.

    31. Mechamonkey on

      That something I wonder to. I didn't order extras. So am I shipping sooner than later or am I going to be forgotten until the end when I need to email them.

    32. Sharkey on

      That's what it sounds like, though yours in particular might not ship right away but they'll be working on shipments likes yours and mine. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long!

    33. Clarence Garland on

      Since I didn't buy Murder of Crowz or VIP #2 does this mean my order is going to ship now with Nikki and Ms Trish shipping later?

    34. Jack the Grin on

      Thank you for the information and taking measures to get this cleared up. I know that Black Plague is coming soon and you want to save as many backers as you can. I'm kind of on the fence about backing it. If I knew that this current course would also be in place in the off chance that something would go screwy with Black Plague, I'd feel more comfortable about backing. If you have contracts to fulfill with retailers that predate KS backers then make it known; don't give retailers product before your investors if investors gave up money first. At any rate, thank you for what you are doing to rectify the situation. If all goes as stated or better, I'll more than likely fund BP, just probably not with add-ons.

    35. Missing avatar

      zombicide fan! used to be cmoney fan! on

      This is all I was looking for!! Thank you for the truth!!!!

    36. Joe Bowers on

      I haven't received a single thing yet, and people are already ebaying entire pledge levels and my local stores all have everything from Season 3.

    37. kickstartmyheart on

      @Kyle. You would have received Rue extra early. We will receive the rest when the following items arrive (VIP #2, Murder of Crowz, Nikki, and Miss Trish). They have taken action to expedite the arrival of these due to the delay caused by the port strike. So if you are waiting on any or all of those items, it will be a bit yet. That's the short of it. Pretty good news.

    38. Punxnbutter on


      They'll show up at conventions as always. Unless you're an eBay scalper (lower than a dried out white dog turd) it won't affect you.

    39. Kyle Appel on

      what all should we have gotten ...? I've received my Rue Morgue but I'm still waiting on my angry neighbors and all my extras ...

    40. Jeremey on

      @Keith Upton, at Gencon last year every $20 you spent at the CMON booth got a you promo-survivor. I had no beef with it as I was able to score some S1 characters.

    41. Sharkey on

      They'll be sold at Cons, just like they've always done and stated about the promos.

    42. Keith Upton on

      I like that you guys are going through the extra trouble and expense of solution, but it does raise a concern for me. If/when that missing container shows up, what is going to be done with all those extra KS Exclusives? If they are given out or sold (even at Cons), they are no longer KS Exclusives. I feel that would be a breech of the agreement/contract that was formed here on KS between CMON and the backers. It's one thing to bleed off extras for a print run, but it's entirely different to do so with another full print run.

    43. kickstartmyheart on

      Thank you for the clear communication. It's appreciated. I don't mind the wait when I know what's actually going on.

    44. Missing avatar

      Darren Thibault on

      Coolmini can organize emergency air shipments and new production runs.... Can't change your freaking shipping address.

    45. Gregory Chambers on

      About time I hear a decent update. Seems like since I spent hundreds I don't get crap. I mean, because we ordered more we don't get anything until 4 months after release date? lol

    46. Darren on

      How am I supposed to play Big Bang Zombicide without my Trish? Rats... Sheldon and Walowitz met a terrible end in a Rue Morgue scenario yesterday.

    47. Anthony B

      Yikes, good luck finding the missing shipment! Thanks for the excellent service.

    48. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Fournier on

      Too little, too late... You should have done that what, 2 months ago, not now when you can expect those soon... Great, maybe I'll get that before you ask our money for Season 4...

    49. Missing avatar

      iDog on

      So if I'm in the US, should I have definitely gotten Rue Morgue with the partial shipment I received? I only got Angry Neighbors, the extra figs, and a couple other odds and ends.

    50. Kevin Filomeo on

      Thanks for the update. What has shipped out to US backers so far? I've only received the Rue Morgue game so far. I assume Angry Neighbors and other add-ons are what's being held up right now?