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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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Fulfillment Update - April 4-13-2015

Posted by CMON (Creator)
Greetings Backers,  

As Zombicide: Season 3 continues fulfillment, we wanted to take a moment to provide another update for our Backers. Once again we are still waiting on the final containers for the USA Hub. The USA Hub provides fulfilment for North America, Central America, and South America. The West Coast shipping slowdown has really been a thorn in not only our side, but the side of the backers for the territories listed above. While the labor dispute in the west coast has been resolved for several weeks, we are still feeling its repercussions. Our containers are in the midst of a huge backlog created from this interruption. The containers are in queue to be sent to the USA Hub, but apparently the queue is annoyingly long. Canada, your orders are suffering from the same situation. We need to have the final containers at the USA hub before we can send your orders to the Canada Hub. As always, once we have a more information in regards to this situation we will provide an update. 

To the APAC territories, we believe that fulfillment is getting very near to being completely finished. We are awaiting a final confirmation from our APAC Hub. Again, we are not complete yet. Once we have that confirmation we will post another update. 

Same goes for the Europe Hub. The EU Hub has reported that the vast majority has been delivered. Again, once we have final confirmation we will post another update. 

Australia and New Zealand, as we had mentioned before in previous updates we are using a new hub for distribution. We have confirmation that shipping is moving forward. As mentioned in the previous update we had an issue with the tracking numbers that were supplied to us by the Australia Hub. When they supplied us the shipping list, it included the Backer’s addresses but not the pledge numbers. We need to have the tracking numbers linked to the pledge numbers they belong to in order to upload them in to the CKPM. The CKPM then e-mails the tracking numbers to the Backers. We are working closely with our Australia Hub to correct this matter as quickly as we can, but we know that several of our backers have already received their pledges without getting tracking numbers. To those backers, we apologize for not getting those tracking numbers out to you in a timely matter. We expect that this issue will be corrected for future projects. 

Again, many people around the world are receiving their pledges. If you have any missing or damaged product, we do apologize for the inconvenience. We are not able to start shipping parts request until we have completed shipping out all US Hub orders. We will post and update on our Kickstarter page once we are complete, at that time, please send your e-mail to 

For anybody that requires and address change, we are afraid that at this time it is not possible for us to alter your shipping address. Packing Slips have already been generated and prepped for shipping. We recommend contacting the delivery service to make arrangements to have you package forwarded from your original provided address. If your order does not arrive to you and is returned to the hub, please contact us and we can ship it back out to you, however, there will be a re-shipping fee. 

12,000 backers is a prodigious number. We are always very humbled about the amount of interest in “our little game”. We appreciate the opportunity that you give us with every one of these projects to grow the Zombicide universe. We thank you for your support! And, as always… 

The very best regards, 

The CMON Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      LANDAIS Sébastien on

      All people i know in France have their box , but i have no news from mine after CoolMiniOrNot asks a return of my box to Delivery Companie who don't found my address , i don't have a PO box. After Many e-mails to CoolMiniOrNot , no news , no ansawers from them .........!!!!!

    2. Craig Bishell

      There are a few of us in New Zealand who appear to have received completely wrong boxes. I'm assuming CMON are aware of this (some of the email correspondence between us seems to have gone through some sort of support software).

    3. Moundhy Joseph on

      (Sorry for my english, english is not my first language) I'm a backer from Canada and I want to know how my LGS got the game before the canadian backers do? I used to work for that gaming store and I know their distributors. If they got the game, we should have received the game a long time ago. The shipment delay stuff is exagerated. Something wrong happened or Cmon was unable to produce enough games for the backers.

      When Australian backers get their games before US and Canadian backers and the game is from an US company, you know something is wrong. I won't ask for a refund, but this is the very last product for Cmon and Guillotine I will help kickstarted or buy. If you were a small company with their first kickstarter, I could understand the delays. But you guys are not. Rant over!

    4. Bryce Robinson on

      Anyone in UK still waiting?

    5. Seth Anderson on

      Those of you updating from Japan, thanks! I suspect the China shipping distributor is grouping packages by country.

    6. Rob G Condon on

      I can stop worrying. My pledge arrived at my home in Japan from China in good condition: nothing broken, nothing missing, no extras, etc. Just need to get it to the table now.

    7. Jean-Francois Jalbert on

      I only wanted you to know that I'm a backer fromage Canada and I've seen from my own eyes that three stores already have the season 3 to sell. I don't know if they're ordering from European distributor, but it's frustrating to see it. I thought Kickstarter pledgers would be the first to get the game.

    8. Adrien Auger on

      I'd still like to add an extra Storm of Crowz to my kickstarter pledge while I wait. I don't think that's asking too much. It's not like I want it for free. :P

    9. Rob G Condon on

      @Altrstar, Thanks.

    10. Altrstar on

      @Rob, everyone sees that msg - all good.

    11. Rob G Condon on

      Can I quickly confirm a point about addresses with the other backers in Japan? When I look at the Pledge Manager page there are two big red warnings that they can't deliver to P.O. Boxes. Am I seeing that warning because they think my address is a P.O. Box, or is everyone getting that notice?

    12. Bryce Robinson on

      Just checking to see if any UK backers are still waiting on their stuff? Failing that, can anyone point me to the link for the PledgeManager?

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Nolin on

      Hiroshima, Japan: Everything arrived today in perfect condition.

    14. Troy Baker on

      Disappointed to see this on the shelf of my local gaming store. If you give me the refund you promised I could buy a copy today, but I must admit this mess has put me off the game. I'm not sure I'll continue supporting CMON.

    15. michael chumley on

      @wind lane At least not all of us have the main game, out here in the Seattle area I still do not have anything, and can tell you that the back log of shipping is not cleared up 100% yet. Just to get you facts correct, most of the rest I think that people are complaining way to much, I do not remember them ever saying that we would get our stuff first, and I will get my stuff when it shows up, all in good time.

    16. The Inner Geek on

      You know what bothers me more than a vague update? A specific update that isn't met. Or even a complete lack of updates. The strange thing is, people who complain about no updates are also the ones who complain about vague updates and updates with unmet expectations. So basically, some people are just destined to complain on the internet.

      Despite the delays, there is a good chance I won't have the hundreds of zombies painted from the first couple seasons before it gets here. Though I did just finish getting all of Season One painted this week.

    17. Altrstar on

      @CMON, I'm no expert with MS EXCEL but I can do a few VLOOKUP's here and there if you're not getting anywhere with TOLL. I don't even need actual data, so just give me a sample record or what it looks like that you want matched up and I can see what I can do - or maybe someone with some awesome EXCEL witchcraft can do :).

    18. Punxnbutter on

      what about me? me me me


      Thanks for the update and I look forward to being able to crack open the rest of the pledge. This KS was my "second chance" because the game is really fun. Keeping in mind how disruptive the west coast slowdown was so long as my final box has what I ordered I won't have reservations to backing for other games that interest me.

    19. Missing avatar

      Damon Bullis on

      While it sucks that I have not received my entire order and that stores are getting copies of the game before me, as others have said it is easier to fill orders for just the game than for all the stretch goals and add ons. Also if this were a different group of companies I would be very upset, but Zombicide is a well maintained game that constantly has mission and character updates on the site as well as map creation tools. Other gaming companies tend to drop support of their game as soon as they are on to the next one *cough* Flying Frog *cough* and this isn't the case. The biggest thing I wish that they would do is sell promotional figures from previous kickstarters for those who didn't get them.

    20. Missing avatar

      Troy Schwaller on

      @wind lane No they didn't send the main release out or I wouldn't be waiting on it.

      I understand the special stuff being back logged but the main game should never see a store shelf before the backers have their copy. At this point, they should have split shipments just to make sure people got their stuff before the physical and online stores.

      I also found it odd that people west, north, and east of me got these items while people in my area and south did not.

      I'm a tad annoyed and upset at the fact that they have not responded to any comments yet on what they had to know was gonna be a hot update, considering it's pretty much the same as the last one.

    21. Layzen Rupi on

      Greetings from germany,
      just received a big package!

      Got everything from wave 1, thx so far! :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      I had received "Rue Morgue" in the first shipment batch months ago, but nothing yet on "Angry Neighbors" or the supplemental characters. Is there any way to tell whether KS supporters' items are/have been in the "first wave" of shipping this month, or are in the backlog queue? If in the current shipping batch, should they have arrived by the end of this current week?

    23. Seth Anderson on

      @Jeremiah Your missing parts aren't in China at this point, but most likely in someone else's box. Unless the box with your missing parts was shipped to someone in China. If I get an extra guest character box in my box, I'll let you know.

    24. Missing avatar

      Matt Cooper on

      Does anyone know how to get the downloadable campaign? The info e-mail address replied asking my to leave a comment somewhere to find out about it...

    25. Jeremiah Sechrist on

      The other great thing is looking up the shipping rates based on the weight and origin of the package, I was overcharged. Thanks CMON!

    26. Jeremiah Sechrist on

      According to the most recent update, we shouldn't bother emailing CMON at all about missing things until US distribution has finished? This is despite the fact that my missing parts are in China?!

    27. Jeremiah Sechrist on

      So I got a special guest character box that I didnt order and not the set of murder of crows that I did. I wonder how long it will take until this is fixed.

    28. Jeremiah Sechrist on

      @Seth Speak of the devil my box just arrived. Hopefully, everything will be there.

    29. Seth Anderson on

      @Rob & Jeremiah Hey, a recurring trend I've been seeing from folks is them stating they've received their package without ever getting a tracking number. Some have reported getting their tracking number a few days after getting their box. No idea what the deal is, but there appears to be some lag time from when the distributor ships it out, sends CMON the info, and CMON sends the tracking number out.

      The few folks I've seen from the APAC area report about getting theirs have mentioned missing pieces, poor packing, contents spilled in the box, and general rough treatment. Supposedly APAC shipping is coming out from China, and all I can say about China shipping from living here is that boxes tend to look like they came out of a demolition derby. If I may suggest, get your camera phone ready before opening the box and document what you find, just in case.

    30. Cesspit on

      Received mine yesterday (would have been Friday but I missed the Toll delivery).
      Got everything by the looks (although there were 10 crawlers and walkers instead of the 8 I was expecting).

    31. Wind Lane on

      Man, you people complaining about the shops getting stuff before us - you folks are annoying.

      The stores don't get any add-ons, stretch goals, or any kickstarter exclusives. Of course they're going to get their stuff already - their orders are the easiest to fulfill.

      They sent the main release from this kickstarter to everybody already, ahead of the stores, and people are still pissing and moaning about every little perceived slight. No one has wronged you people, knock off the three year old level temper tantrum already.

    32. Jeremiah Sechrist on

      @Rob I'm in Japan, too, so maybe they are the last to go out?

    33. Rob G Condon on

      Has anyone in Japan received their games yet? Like Jeremiah below, I also haven't received a shipping number yet despite "getting very near to being completely finished".

    34. Niranth on

      I had hoped that the US backers would all show a little aplomb when the situation was reversed. To quote Forest Gump ~"Shit happens"

    35. Seth Anderson on

      Thanks for the update! Great to know where things stand. Understand why you wouldn't want to give a date on when the containers will get to you. I wouldn't trust any date given to me by the folks at the docks myself. You couldn't predict a dock strike coming, doubt you could predict any post-strike high jinks going on that might also cause further delays. You certainly wouldn't want to pass along info that isn't trust worthy to us.

    36. Adrien Auger on

      Just out of curiosity, since the Canadian shipments are basically in purgatory, would you let us purchase an additional add on at the kickstarter prices to make up for it?
      I was hoping to get the Storm of Crowz set and include it with what I've already for coming. If you could do that, I'd be okay with the wait. :)

    37. Mark Allan Reynolds on

      So we get an update which is no update at all. For any fool out there thinking that these containers are just sitting there untraceable, I feel sorry for you. Yes they may be in a congested mess on a dock somewhere, but which dock, what boat, an unload date - all of that is information you CAN get. For CMON to once again pop up long enough to say the container is held up in the west coast dock delay is complete, time wasting bullshit. If CMON honestly doesn't know where the containers are, they should make the effort to find out. If they know the containers won't be off-loaded until June, then friggin' say that! All this vague, hands up in the air, we don't know nothing crap is absolutely a joke.

    38. Luis on

      @sarah, because they delivered to the stores first since they would lose business if they had to wait for a few months on product. You already gave them your money so you can wait for a while with no consequence to their business

    39. Sarah Roberts on

      Hi, thanks for the update - I'm not sure I understand the nature of this container shipment issue. I live in Canada and frequently shop in the US. In both online and brick and mortar stores in the US and Canada, I have seen Rue Morgue for sale, yet have received nothing. Why are stores able to sell this while I'm still waiting for my order? Thanks.

    40. Owen Glover on

      I have a lot of sympathy for other backers who haven't received their pledges yet; very unusually mine arrived weeks ago down here in Melbourne, Oz!! Normally we are the last to get anything. I've backed a huge number game kickstarters and not one had come in on time do it isn't unique to CMON. I get the feeling the problems with the wharfs had a huge cascading effect in this case and I'm one of the very lucky very few. Sorry if it sounds lame but patience is needed... Late delivery if a game s a very first world problem for most us...

    41. John Falcon

      Will someone from CMON please take a moment to answer these questions please?

      I originally used a PO Box Number which was ok at the time but in a previous update, you indicated that they could no longer be used. I was able to change my address on the Pledge manager and in fact paid for shipping all over again. So since I paid for shipping again, will my items be sent to the new address or not? I also never received Rue Morgue so cant that at least be shipped?

      You mention to contact our carrier. Which carrier do you expect me to contact and how can I contact them when I have no clue if/when the items will ship?

    42. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kahl on

      I wish there was a way to just say forget whatever i ordered that was that backlogged container and just ship me whatever you have. It's rather frustrating to know my friend who ordered most the same things as me, got his shipment 3 weeks ago and lives 8 minutes from me. Also the fact that there are some stores that already have products that i was supposed to get already. Yes I'm fully aware of the shipping issues and problems that occur overseas. From a small business co-owner myself, it's in poor taste to supply to businesses and other companies before the fans that made it possible. But that's business. Resell the products that have already been sold for double profit.

    43. Joshua Leslie on

      Thanks for the update. Can't wait for the game to arrive. I'm sure you'd love the final containers to show up, too. Keep up the good work.

    44. Jeremiah Sechrist on

      Guess I'm last in line for APAC backers. Still no number or anything.

    45. Kenna

      @Nicolas - Except I am waiting on shipments for other KS that are having the exact same problems. For example, Camp Grizzly's stock was sitting on a boat since early Feb, wasn't unloaded until after Feb 27, sat there for weeks after that, and only within the past week or so reached their location to begin shipping. You may not like it but it's true. Probably, the things you are seeing in stores include stock that was already in their warehouse here, like the product they sent already for the backers who didn't have any of the exclusives. It's the KS exclusive extras that came later that are holding up the rest of our stuff with the west coast delay.

    46. Drew C

      Once again, CMON lies to backers and fails to deliver to backers before they release to stores. Guillotine really needs to get out from under CMON's thumb, they're too good for this garbage.

    47. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Fournier on

      To repeat myself from the last update (who is exactly the same that this one), I'm working with many import dealers from USA and Canada and the situation is UNIQUE here. I've seen shipments stopped for 2-3 weeks, and one for a month, but I haven't seen any delay like this one, anywhere else.

      If all shipment to USA have been slowed down, how can you explain that shops already got them? You should have send the first one to KickStarter clients, but no, it seem shops around the world (and even in my town in Canada) got them before us... How come they got the games and not us if everything is blocked?... hrmmm

      I am really disappointed, If I could get a refund I'll take it right away, and its the last time I'm buying from CMON. The "reasons" they tell for the delay don't fit the reality and I've got the feeling they used the strike to explain the problem of production/send to shops to make money.

      Clients on KickStarter are the one getting used in the process and its really, really unacceptable

    48. Jonathan on

      I seriously doubt even a lost container would equal a refund. They would most likely just reorder all of the unfulfilled portions. I received the Rue Morgue box but nothing else. The second box with all of the extras will be MUCH bigger than the base box.
      SDE getting into my hands has also dulled the edge a bit. :)

    49. troy on

      they have no ETA cuz the container is LOST. if they knew where it was they would tell us and give an ETA. next update is we get a refund. watch