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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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Fulfillment Update - April 3rd, 2015

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Greetings backers!

We are working hard this week and wanted give you the latest news on fulfillment for Zombicide Season 3. For the USA Hub, which ships directly to North America, Central America, and South America: we have shipped all orders we can currently fill with the resources we have available in our warehouse. We are waiting on the final containers to arrive from the west coast. Once we have those containers, we’ll be able to finish shipping the remainder of the pledges to the territories listed above. Canada, your orders are suffering from the same situation. We need to have the final containers before we can send your orders to the Canada Hub. As you may be aware, we are still feeling the repercussions of the West Coast shipping slow down. Once we get confirmation that the final containers have arrived we will update you.

We have begun to receive tracking numbers for backers located in the APAC territories. We are uploading them as soon as they come in and fulfillment is moving smoothly. Once we have completed fulfillment for APAC we will post an update.

Australia and New Zealand, fulfillment is occurring as we post this. We had a formatting issue in regards to the tracking numbers that our new Australia Hub has provided us. This has slowed us down on uploading the tracking numbers to the CKPM. We are working closely with our Australia Hub to correct this matter as quickly as we can, and get those tracking numbers uploaded.

To our backers in Europe, we are moving forward with fulfillment in all of the EU territories. As we receive tracking numbers we will continue to upload them into the CKPM. EU Hub fulfillment is still in progress. Once we have completed fulfillment we will post an update.  

Many people around the world are receiving their pledges. If you have any missing or damaged product, we do apologize for the inconvenience. We are not able to start shipping parts request until we have completed shipping out all US Hub orders. We will post and update on our Kickstarter page once we are complete, at that time, please send your e-mail to  

For anybody that requires and address change, we are afraid that at this time it is not possible for us to alter your shipping address. Packing Slips have already been generated and prepped for shipping. We recommend contacting the delivery service to make arrangements to have you package forwarded from your original provided address. If your order does not arrive to you and is returned to the Hub, please contact us and we can ship it back out to you, however, there will be a re-shipping fee.  

We have a lot of stuff that is in motion, and will continue to provide you with updates as they the information becomes available to us. We are working a briskly as we can to get your pledges out to you and, as always, we thank you for your patience.  

Best Regards,  

The CMON Team


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    1. Jack the Grin on

      So two updates back it was said the containers were confirmed to be heading to the hub. The latest update says they're stuck at port due to the backlog. I can see that a strike isn't the fault of CMON but the misinformation provided has me upset. We are backers which is the same as investors. I invested in something and should get a return on my investment before anyone else who didn't (i.e. retailers). I believe we backers should have been sent Rue Morgue as a sign of appreciation for being investors in the project despite what "problems" this might cause. That would have been professional. I'm now worried about the two other projects I backed with CMON and don't feel good at all about backing future projects. That is my two cents on the matter.

    2. kickstartmyheart on

      I forgot about this line "As we said in the previous update we had begun shipping only the orders we could completely fill with the stock we currently had in our inventory" from previous updates. It answers my question. You guys may want to have a talk with Terrance to let him know copying a ling to this update and declaring my question "resolved", which it did not help the slightest. That the most half ***ed customer service I've ever seen. I have contacted you guys 3 times before and you guys have always been awesome. Please get him on track with the rest of your reps. Thank you.

    3. Mikael Hallin on

      Recieved my order today. Everything is there, but there was a minor shipping damage to the box lid of one of the Rue Morgue boxes(I had ordered for myself, and for a friend). One of the corners on the box lid is broken all the way from top to bottom.

      May have something to do with ordering 22.7kg worth of stuff(which was packed into two packages, one of 12kg one of 10.7kg).

    4. Peter van der Meeren on

      Received mine today in The Netherlands, near The Hague. Everything complete! Now I need to make some room in my closet....

    5. Erek Rübig

      Arrived today Vienna/Austria - no parcel number or shipping info ;)

    6. Missing avatar

      LANDAIS Sébastien on

      CoolMiniOrNot don't give my phone number to delivery company, who can't deliver me less my address was confirmed.The Delivevery company must normaly keep package 10days open (of course they are not open week-end), my package was satyed in delivery company warehouse only 7 open days, the day i was coming take it in afternoon, CoolMiniOrNot had asks a return to their German Hub the morning.Now my package is German Uhb and no news from CoolMiniOrNot....And it seemd to me CoolMiniOrNot has said , we must pay a second time the delivery cost for have our package => i call it Robbery !!!!!

    7. Mikael Hallin on

      sidenote: I got no email or sms that my shipment had arrived, only contact by snailmail.

    8. Mikael Hallin on

      Sweden here, got letters from DHL that the packages have arrived, letters sent 7th, but didn't arrive until friday(10th), and they're closed over the weekend, can't call in to schedule delivery until monday at the earliest, so I haven't been able to collect and inspect it.

    9. Luis Anselmo Aguilar on

      I received mine!!! Great!

    10. Grafik Ninja Games on

      European backer - and I haven't received anything yet!!!
      Why? I don't get it.

      To next game CoolMiniOrNot, please put a later date for delievery than you really expect. This timedragging is just horrible waste of time for all of us backers.

      Please consider this advice.

    11. Floyd Santiago on

      How do I know if part of my pledge has shipped?

    12. Victor Ayala on

      @Manuel Vizcaino. Soy de Sevilla y acabo de recibirlo hace un rato. Me mandaron el tracking hace 3 dias y eso es lo que ha tardado en llegar. :)

    13. Bryce Robinson on

      Just checking to see if there are still UK backers who haven't received either a shipping e-mail or the actual stuff yet?

    14. El Terrible on

      I got infected, add ons and all, about an hour ago. Stockholm, Sweden is going dark over the weekend.

    15. Lachlan Blackmore on

      I was all sad when a FLGS had theirs before I had mine (again, the courier's incompetence)

    16. Lachlan Blackmore on

      After some serious stuffing around (courier's fault not CMON's) I have my goodies. Can't wait to bust these out.

    17. FoolsBane on

      @Richard It has been explained many times. Our SGs and Add-ons were stuck in the last container that was delayed due to the problems on the west coast. (read updates for more details) and they have to wait to get everything before shipping to Canadian backers in a single shipment. The individual orders will then be dispatched via a distributor in Canada.

    18. Richard Diosi

      Canadian retailers have copies in stock, so I am a little confused as to how they have their copies but Canadian backers don't have their copies yet?

    19. FoolsBane on

      Well @John Ling, just try to imagine thousands of containers been piled up for months (for the entire conflict duration). Do you really think that they will solve all that late work in a week? It could takes over 6 months for traffic to get to normal at the docks. And Dont expect those workers to work overtime either.

    20. John Ling on

      I just need my Zombicide fix.... before Gencon.....

    21. troy on

      @John Ling
      watch out John! i said the same thing last week and all the white knights came out and attacked me for it.

    22. Miguel Vizcaino Gonzalez on

      @Andres Nortes Martinez Artero,yo soy de Almeria y aun no he recibido el numero de seguimiento ¿y tu?.

    23. Maguila Gorila on

      Any european backers got their games?

    24. Brian L. Bird on

      still awaiting my pledge here in san antonio, tx. watch now it will show up....

    25. John Ling on

      Kinda odd that the west coast shipping issue still plagues us. didn't that end two months ago? shouldn't the container be there already? Are they walking it over? A zombie moves faster than this container.

    26. Missing avatar

      Stephan Verschoth-Kuznik on

      Really Strange, a Friend of Mine who lives in the Same city as me has all his stuff, but i have no Tracking number, no Package and no Reply from cmon regarding my shipment, although ive written a Message some days ago. Hm.

    27. Missing avatar

      David Müller on

      I got all my stuff yesterday, well packed, nothing missing and no damage. No Tracking-ID. Near Cologne/Germany.

    28. Tan Cinch Vv on

      Got all my stuff. Thanks CMON. Now release the Zombicide Black Plague ASAP. XD

    29. troy on


      We are excited to let you know your Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King has shipped!

      Your order was shipped via FedEx Home Delivery, and is estimated to arrive April 8, 2015 - April 14, 2015.

      The following items were included in this shipment:

      1 x Forgotten King Box (SPM210501)
      1 x Boo Booty Bonus Box (SPM210005)

    30. Missing avatar

      Riko Reese on

      Awesome, thanks Cliff. I was just worried that I might have missed something.

    31. Missing avatar

      cliff hutton on

      @Riko, last update said they are still waiting final containers to arrive, so you need to wait like many of us in the USA and other locaitons being handled by the Atlanta hub. so don't worry (yet)

    32. Missing avatar

      Riko Reese on

      I am in the US and I got a box with everything but the Core Game Rue Morgue. Is that right? Are they sent at different times? Am I waiting on the dock issues or did I miss something? I am happy with everything, but want to make sure I get the main game. I know the updates say don't email about missing parts yet, but they have left me confused on rather I was supposed to get it by now or not.

    33. ken burt on

      why is it in the local game store and I haven't received my copy ??????

    34. Steven Parker on

      So a retail store near me has not only had and then sold out of their first shipment but they are also due in another shipment tomorrow and I have FUCK ALL. London, UK.

    35. Martin Munke on

      Hi everybody, received my big heap of stuff today (what a easter after surprise). I'm living in Berlin / Germany. Didn't receive a tracking number before (like the other Kickstarters). Everything seems to be fine, so be patient, yours will be coming soon.

    36. Jakub Pamuła on

      Same thing in Poland, got 2 big boxes early morning, mail with tracking numbers came late afternoon :) But the way they "protect" components, CMON u need to change packaging company - literally 5-6 pieces of foam, it is miracle that only 2 boxes (mustache + lost zombivors) and Oksana card were damaged. Sadly also some missing parts, one mustache pack (1/2), no Audrey (0/1), team deck building (2/3) and extra weapons (2/3), like someone was collecting orders and totally forgot about one copy of game extras...Still miracle that all the dices, trackers, bags etc. were there, the are scattered all over the box, but they are there :D

      Also, my Benny Zombivor has twisted hammer :( I understand we should send message to CMON support after US shipment phase ends?

    37. Missing avatar

      Marc Huber on

      So, updates from Germany. I just got my package (Würzburg) without sending any tracking numbers. Therefore, be patients.

    38. kickstartmyheart on

      @Ethan Send a message to I had a minor hiccup with Kaosball and Zombicide season 1. They were great, super understanding, polite and helpful.

    39. Missing avatar

      Neo Tiong Cheng on

      @charles. I'm in the Asia-pacific region so it was shipped out direct from China. I emailed CMON support already and they said to email them again after all US pledges have been shipped out.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ethan on

      What do I do if I believe they fulfilled my order incorrectly? I already messaged them but no reply yet.

    41. Fredy L. on

      For those who have received their packages in the mail already, were you also missing Audrey's character experience card? Just wondering...

    42. Charles Tuttle on

      I wonder if a lot of the restlessness is more related to people missing out on a quick profit on eBay rather than excitement for the game itself.

    43. FoolsBane on

      I'm from Canada too but... I Strongly Disagree with the children complaints saying that CMON should ship us the main game now just because retail stores have them. There is no place in KS policies that says that you should get the game before retail. There are good reasons why we didnt get it yet. Why should a company takes losses in shipping cost to send a game in 2 shipments? Mutiply that losses by hundreds, even thousands of backers and that company will lose a lot. Some peoples dont understand how businesses work. They will ship everything to Canada in one single wave, when they get all the stuff in the last containre, to a distributor and then the distributor will ship the games to us. Thats the best option. You wont pay customs fees at the border (CMON will pay them), and it will reduce the chance of messing our orders, which is very likely to happen in 2 or 3 shipments. Its easier to fill an order once than keeping track of what was shipped and what wasnt. I only positive thing in that delay... except that I have to wait to play the game... but will I die because of that? I think not. CMON is a good company that deals with a lot of children on KS. Sorry for those who fits that description. You just have to grow up.

    44. REDKOMET on

      Just dropping in to see progress on shipping and can't believe the negativity here.KS are infamous for being late.Warzone was 18 months late and AvP has just hit a year late with no signs of shipping in sight!!Be glad that we are not(Hopefully for some of you)caught up in the Dust Babylon debacle that is playing out all over the internet.CMON is only a month,if not a hair over,but that was the dock strike,not CMON.This has actually been the easiest KS for me to date where I have received anything remotely on time as set by the company.
      Just remember....BREATHE.

    45. Missing avatar

      Sebastien Bougie on

      Bill Fugler I agree with you I'm also in Canada and I think since store have it on the shelves CMON should send us at least the base game, But I guest I will just have to wait and see how long before I get everything.

    46. Trent Hamm on

      Bill, backers in the US have (mostly) already received their copy of Rue Morgue. My understanding is that this message is mostly about the remaining items (Angry Neighbors, add-ons, etc.).

    47. Charles Tuttle on

      @troy, please refrain from making any more personally directed emails and just be patient like the rest of us.
      @neo, where are you located? That would make me very upset as well. you might have to take it up with the distributor if not in the US. Send a pic to CMON and I am sure they will make it right.

    48. FoolsBane on

      @The Inner Geek I agree 100%.

    49. The Inner Geek on

      Sorry, line below should have been;
      "CMON is NOT attempting to be vague to trick you or upset you, they are basically covering their rear-end by not making a promise they may not be able to keep."

    50. The Inner Geek on

      @Troy, You are becoming a serious disruption to my Kickstarter experience. Your attacks on Seth are getting old. He is not a "fool", but you may need to re-read his post. He was referring to the Super Dungeon Update your posted.

      Seth has a good understanding of how Kickstarters work and how Updates to Kickstarters NEED to be worded. Any promise of a date is only an invitation to upset people if and when that date or timeframe are not met. CMON is attempting to be vague to trick you or upset you, they are basically covering their rear-end by not making a promise they may not be able to keep. That is good business on Kickstarter.

      For the record, I'm still waiting on a KS that was supposed to ship 20 months ago. The updates are still coming so I still have hopes of receiving it. Delays do happen with companies both big and small.