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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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Shipping Progress Update - 03/24/2015

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Greetings Backers,

We want to provide a quick status update with regards to Zombicide: Season 3 fulfillment. I will begin with the USA Hub. Please remember that the USA Hub also handles shipping to Canada, Central America, and South America. As we said in the previous update we had begun shipping only the orders we could completely fill with the stock we currently had in our inventory. We are still waiting on the final containers to arrive to our warehouse before we can send the remainder of the fulfillment from the USA Hub. Again, we wish we could send out all the games right away to everyone, but the situation created by the West Coast slowdown is beyond our control. We have confirmed that the containers are heading our way. That is the extent of the information we have at this time.

Regarding Australia and New Zealand, we should have more information very soon. Once they begin shipping out, we will begin to update you with tracking numbers.  

Last week we received confirmation from our APAC Hub that they would begin shipping this week. I expect that you should begin seeing tracking numbers hitting your inboxes next week.

At the EU Hub, fulfillment is in progress. Many of you have begun to get your tracking numbers. Once we've completed fulfillment we’ll provide another update.  

This week we found out that our distributors will no longer be able to ship to addresses that use a P.O. Box. If you have a physical address then you are fine. You are not affected by this. If you use a P.O. Box and your order is returned to the shipping hub, you will be contacted in regards to reshipping.

For orders that are missing anything, we’re not able to start shipping part requests until we have completed fulfillment from the USA Hub. We will post an update on our Kickstarter page once we are complete. At that time, please send your email to

We're just as eager to deliver the fulfillment to you as you are. We are moving as swiftly as we can and will continue to provide you with updates as the information becomes available.

Best Regards,

The CMON Team  


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    1. Missing avatar

      Terry Silverthorn

      I find it disconcerting that the Couriers will not deliver to PO Boxes. Reality is many people in Canada have PO boxes as its quite a large place. Further I am unavailable to receive couriers delivery's as I work. Could I have it re-routed? Not easily. I've ordered numerous things from CMON in the past & it always comes via regular mail & that works for me as I can get my parcels on the weekends. Couriers do nothing but screw people over with their 'brokerage & handling' crap even if something was ordered with FREE SHIPPING. It may be a pain, but please do not use a courier if orders use PO boxes, just use the US Post Office. Honestly if I am told I have to pay shipping due to this issue, I will not be a happy backer. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    2. Ugo Perillo on

      Opened box, missing one black zombivor miniature in the add-on brown box

    3. Sjeng [] on

      Did you EU guys get everything in 1 shipment?
      I got 1 box with only Rue Morgue, the red dice tower and the purple dashboard box.
      I pledged for the Patient 0 EB + extra Infected EB + all promo survivor addons.

    4. Christian on

      C'mon Guillotine Games, why aren't there any tracking numbers for Luxemburg yet? Friedns of mine already got their Season 3 and are living in France. Seriously, keep us updated please.I don't want to get it only the day it will also be available in retail.....

    5. Missing avatar

      Flament on

      Arrived in Belgium 2 days ago, near Namur. Well protected. Thanks

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kahl on

      My friend 10 miles from me got his on Monday. I still haven't. Le sigh

    7. Graham Doman on

      Stealth dropped in Aberdeenshire this morning! The first game has been played tonight and it was great fun! :-) So much stuff too!

    8. Ugo Perillo on

      No previously tracking number!

    9. Ugo Perillo on

      Arrived in Italy, Salerno :)

    10. Benjamin Hagen on

      @Tobias Ebitsch:

      It's getting closer to Stuttgart. If I would have been at home today, I'd received my package in Tübingen ;-)

      Now it's waiting till Tuesday... :/

    11. Jeremiah Sechrist on

      Any updates for Asia Pacific backers? Still no tracking number even though things were supposed to be shipping out this week.

    12. Roberto Zaghis on

      Estimated delivery: Feb 2015
      Received, April 02, 2015

      I wish all Kickstarters were like this... :-)

    13. Roberto Zaghis on

      i just received my package in Milan, Italy. No previous tracking number mail. :-)

    14. Alberto on

      Guys. I've pledged various other projects on KS before this, and i assure you thet zombicide projects is one of the most quick and well organized that you can find here. There are projects Requiring years , not months to complete. Before complain wait for the end of the shipping program. no one likes to wait long, but less than 8 months for a ks program like this are really NOTHING.

    15. Missing avatar

      Cameron Hughes on

      Landais needs to be careful about calling them robbers. Just because you dont have your package yet diesnt make them robbers. Honestly things take time and while we are upset itsnl not our place to make wild accusations. Tracking info would be nice but not supplying it doesnt make them theives. Its just dissapointing. Easters apon us so now we have 4 days to wait for more information.

    16. edchuk

      Somebody (person below) needs to chill. I have backed projects that not only are 2 years late but owner refuses to communicate with their backers. Have a great day LS!

    17. Missing avatar

      LANDAIS Sébastien on

      I have send an e-mail to CoolMiniOrNot for know where is my package and they don't tell me anything.They take my money but i don't the thing for i have payed , i call this ROBBERY, CoolMiniOrNot are fucking robbers !!!!

    18. JimmyZ Johnston

      Like many, I am waiting. Difference is I am patiently waiting. Do I want it now. Hell yeah. Is CMON not communicating as much as they should. Yeah. I am frustrated that I spent about $500 and my understanding is that some figures are still not ready for shipping, which means that people who pledged less get it sooner.
      That is not on CMON. They can't control shipping. In the US the Dock Slowdown is an extenuating circumstances sort of thing. I seriously doubt that CMON is sitting in a corner twirling mustaches and rubbing hands together and enjoying seeing us squirm like this. That isn't good for business. You know what is good for business? Happy customers. I bet the people at CMON are 10 times more frustrated about this situation than any backer is. We have hundreds on the line. They have millions.

    19. Nyssa on

      *blind* I'll send an e-mail :p

    20. Nyssa on

      Got my box late this afternoon and I'm SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY, THANK YOU!! I just finished playing the first Tutorial for Season 3. Not so happy about the fact that I ordered two Dog Companion sets (the billing also says there are supposed to be two in the box), but the box only holds one. I'm not sure where I can file my complaint about it? (I really want that second set)

    21. Missing avatar

      Dave Lambrecht on

      Arrived in Ostend Belgium
      Very happy with the results of the game and the quality of the components.
      This is not my first Kickstarter by cool mini and probably not my last and very happy to see 99.9% intact components.A single bent corner on a survivor card and a slightly of center plastic goal marker (red both sides) is all that kept it from a 100% :D

      Now all i need is the time to play it...

    22. Missing avatar

      Королев Павел Александрович on

      I received this tracking number, but the site DHL writes that this number is not found

    23. Matthew Churchill on

      Arrived in South Wales, UK!

    24. lee mahon on

      so... Shall I say it again.... who wants to take bets that CMON have to admit there has been a foul up with German Backers shipments (among a few others it would seem) . still not a single German backer has received even a tracking number. mind you, that would mean CMON actually giving enough of a monkeys to comment or update their mugs...sorry, Customers..

    25. Kyle Appel on

      New Jersey still waiting on all my add-ons .... this is my very first Kickstarter if I had known I could get it in the stores before I got mine I woulda just said screw it ...

    26. Missing avatar

      zombicide fan! used to be cmoney fan! on

      Nice casey. In mil nothing for me!!!! I guess I should have never pledged for extras.

    27. Missing avatar

      Bill on

      Canada is disappointingly quiet as well, can't wait to hear some noise up north!

    28. Casey Gaffney on

      Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, USA Big box of all the Infected Level just showed up on my doorstep and the neighbors heard me squeal like I was being ripped apart by a Fattie.

    29. Mark Allan Reynolds on

      Get off your butts CMON and start doing some updates, even if they're left in the comments sections for goodness sake! It is taking me less than a minute to type this: surely someone there can do the same and let people know where things stand!

    30. Javi Joseph on

      "Last week we received confirmation from our APAC Hub that they would begin shipping this week. I expect that you should begin seeing tracking numbers hitting your inboxes next week. " is the week after the last update and no tracking numbers appear to have been communicated...

    31. Missing avatar

      Jérôme Clissen on

      I received my big box today in belgium (Liège) but no tracking number

    32. Sven Van Hoye on

      No tracking number yet aswell, but I can buy it retail and get it tomorrow. AIn't that some sh*t?

    33. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kahl on

      My friend who lives 5 miles away from me got his, I haven't gotten mine. Neither of us received a tracking number. Both of us got our tracking numbers for that early shipment of season 3 about a week after we actually got our delivery. Is this common as this is my first kickstarter?

    34. Matthew Churchill on

      I haven't received a tracking number but my friend Tom got his last week. Is anyone else in the UK still waiting for a tracking number?

    35. Missing avatar

      ? on

      Received my huge great box, so more zombies have been sighted in the English Midlands.

      There were several items missing, despite the packing sheet having been ticked and counter-ticked.

      What's there looks excellent. I'm engrossed in the Compendium.

    36. Missing avatar

      Spartan Baby Inspector on

      In Arizona, still don't have my Angry Neighbors and other stuff. Not at a PO box.

    37. Hubert on

      nothing in The Netherlands

    38. Sylvain Broche on

      A little worried as many around me (in France) already received theirs a week ago... Any information about this? I just cannot find a trace of any tracker...

    39. Missing avatar

      Adrian Bolt

      Oxfordshire (UK): my box arrived, it's 14"x 14" x 20" (36cm x 36cm x 51cm). This could take a while...

    40. Tan Cinch Vv on

      Hi guys, just being worried about a sudden new "text" I saw in the Kickstarter Pledge Manager.
      At the address section, what does this line "Please note: We are not able to deliver to PO Boxes" means? I thought I had my stuff confirmed long time ago. Is this something I should be worried of?

    41. lee mahon on

      Okaaaaaaaay, so when is it going to come out that something is amiss with German backers shipments.... been FAR too long now and not a SINGLE backer has been shipped too... I'm starting to get a bad feeling..

    42. John Falcon

      Again, since I used a PO Box I have heard nothing yet...this is the last CMON I will back as it has been a frustrating experience....

    43. Altrstar on

      @Xcerus nothing here in Auckland.

    44. Missing avatar

      Kevin Rhynas on

      @Xcerus sadly not! i'm still waiting in Wellington for my copy! :-(

    45. Xcerus Baernre on

      Any one in NZ got a tracking number yet?

    46. Joshua Leslie on

      Zombicide Fan,
      I totally agree that including that statement would have been a good idea, and goes a long way in dispelling the assumption that Kickstarter backers would get their materials before anything is available for general retail, and hopefully keep folks from getting super frustrated if they see stuff available for sale before getting it.
      I still don't think that the absence of a statement like that means that people should have assumed they'd get their stuff first. But you're right, the more clear communication, the better.

    47. Matthew Churchill on

      I'm inclined to agree with Bryce Robinson. It is galling to read an email from Games Quest stating they have copies of season 3 in stock in the UK before I have even received a tracking number. Kickstarter backers should always come first.

    48. Missing avatar

      Adrian Bolt

      Received my shipping notification yesterday; for England they're using DPD.
      BUT it's described as "Shipment phase #1"! I thought CMON said that only some US backers were getting multiple shipments? Maybe it's because we have three different container arrival dates (first #1, then #2/3/4, then #5)?