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Shipping Update 2/27/2015

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hello Zombicide Season 3 backers!

We've got some updated shipping information for you guys today:

As mentioned in a previous update USA, Canada, and Central and South America are waiting on a final container to be released from the port and put on rail. We'll update you as things progress.

For EU there are multiple containers on their way to our shipping hub. These containers are going to arrive in waves, a few at a time. Here's the schedule for the estimated arrival of these containers:

Container 1 V/V.: MSC VANDYA / 505W ETD: Feb 05th, 2015 ETA : Mar 05th, 2015

Container 2-3-4 V/V.: MSC CRISTINA / 506W ETD: Feb 12th, 2015 ETA : Mar 12th, 2015

Container 5 V/V.: MSC AURORA / 507W ETD: Feb 19th, 2015 ETA : Mar 19th, 2015

EU backers' pledges are already packed in their shipping boxes in these containers, so they will ship out as the containers come in.

The container for Australia and New Zealand should be arriving soon. We have an estimated arrival date of February 28. Those packages will be sent out as they come in. 

APAC pledges will begin shipping out from our factory in China in March, we will update you when that process begins and when we start sending out tracking numbers.

Things are getting close and we're just as excited as you guys are for the game to get out to you!

Thank you again for your support!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Sandra on

      Nothing in Spain yet

    2. Mark Horneff

      Are the EU orders shipping from Germany or the UK as one of the boats has already left Germany and is sitting out side the UK right now,

    3. muzfish4 on

      Anyone in Australia heard anything? feb 28 was a while ago.

    4. Jeremiah Sechrist on

      Still no update on whether APAC pledges have started shipping yet?

    5. Florian Cadwe Avril on

      Could we know whta is in each container? is it full pledges or could you specify what is in wich?

    6. Missing avatar

      Kevin Rhynas on

      @Meridith - Thanks! yeah forgot about the bureaucratic part! *fingers crossed*

    7. Missing avatar

      Jarakin on

      Looks like MSC Cristina is near Gibraltar just now too, would really like to know the process of what happens to the shipments once they hit port in Europe, and how long it'll be from there!

    8. Missing avatar

      Steven on

      Is there a vessel name for the AU container ?


    9. Daniele Silvi on

      Anyone got the tracking number? Anyone lucky?

    10. Nuno Antunes on

      VANDYA arrived yesterday to Germany... :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Meridith Moate on

      @Kevin: I'm in OZ and still no word on our package. I estimate that customs will take a few days, early next week is my bet so late next week for you....

    12. Missing avatar

      Kevin Rhynas on

      anyone in NZ or Australia got their package yet? (i'm a NZ Backer) but no sign of email or package yet sadly. Eagerly awaiting arrival!

    13. C on

      @Jaysin: Better crack open the game and play. Plenty of content in the base game box, and plenty of backload for the dock workers to catch up on.

    14. Jaysin Osterkamp on

      We received our copy of the game about a month back and have been waiting insanely patiently for the stretch goals to arrive because we promised not to open the game and play until we received everything - we have been wanting to play so badly but we have to wait for everything before we can start. We know that you guys have been rocking out these orders, thank you for that. Looking very forward to begin playing the game once we have everything!

    15. Noah Nicholls on

      Yeah! Australia isn't being ignored!


      Hi there, thanks for the precise update.
      Although, I'd like to know if the pledges will be sent directly from their arrival harbor or if they will all be then sent to Germany, and finally be sent to the backers.
      For instance, will the content of 1st ship that is supposed to arrive in Le Havre in France be sent directly to the backers, or will it be first sent to the hub in Germany?
      And second question: If the content is first sent to Germany, will it be sent immediately to the backers or will they have to wait until all the other ships arrive?
      I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
      Thank You.

    17. Daniele Silvi on

      Aggiornamenti by me:
      VANDYA: avvistata 6 min fa non lontano dalle coste francesi.
      CRISTINA: avvistata 1g fa nel mar rosso nei pressi di Mecca.
      AURORA: avvistata 2g fa poco lontana dalla malesia

    18. kickstartmyheart on

      Thanks for the updates, it's appreciated

    19. Vadim Deylgat

      I like the update, but I'm a bit surprised that the first container has left China early February and only now do we hear from it.

      Anyway, is there any news on Xenoshyft. China also promised you guys they would ship before Chinese New Year, did they get that out as well?

    20. Missing avatar

      RoelofSetsFire on

      Fingers crossed my pledge is in the first container! ;p

    21. R2D2 on

      Those ships propably stop at southampton and/or in rotterdam before they arrive to hamburg!!
      I hope the german hub starts sending out the packages when the first container arrives!

    22. Missing avatar

      Darklet on

      Thank you, Sanguinius. I hope for the best.

    23. Sanguinius on

      Darklet, no worries, all those destinations are on the way to their final destination in Germany.
      suez is a good crossing from china to europe.
      these ships stop at several harbours on their way, delivering cargo here and there as needed.

    24. Missing avatar

      Darklet on

      Maybe I'm too stupid to use, but if i look at the MSC VANDYA, it is bound to arrive in Le Havre March 1st, not 5th. And the MSC CRISTINA and MSC AURORA are going to Suez, not Europe. Can someone explain this to me or where I screwed up? Thanks a lot.

    25. Jeff Suret

      Is it possible to update the delivery address ?

    26. Casey Gaffney on

      Don't they usually send in a group of thugs to break up strikes like the old days? LOL

    27. Hubert on

      that is how all projects should be communicated.
      details people, details!!!

    28. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Great update CMON, we can track where the ships are at the moment. :-)
      Looking forward to get the games!

    29. Ravenwing on

      So some EU backer shipments will go out immediately when the first container arrives?

    30. Addam on

      Thanks for the updates - they are appreciated.

    31. Roberto Ruiz on

      Nice! Those dock workers really mess things up but glad that they already reached a conclusion.

    32. Missing avatar

      Wojciech Swidzinski on

      That's great news :) I hope it will be here soon :)
      By the way You can track ships here: - its like flightradar but for ships :)

    33. Xander Lee on

      Hmm if APAC shipment is from China. Why are we paying so much more for shipment. Especially for Singapore.

    34. Last Grimm on

      Great news !! looking forward to it

    35. Sebastian Pa on

      Now that is precise news :)))). The containers for eu were divided by countries?