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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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      Scott on

      AU packages on the water? So 1-3 weeks before it gets here (depending on how long it's been sailing), a week in customs, a week or 2 to process, a week to go via post... so going by previous kickstarters I should have my boxes in 4-8 weeks... I won't hold my breath... ;)

    2. Christopher Bartlett on

      This has been an excellent campaign. I really appreciate the information and updates, and your willingness to get in and answer meaningful questions. Looking forward to backing another project with you. Well done.

    3. Missing avatar

      Darklet on

      i think Michael Racel is right about the cultural differences and that no EU shipment left China so far. Lets hope the Chinese can get rid of the problems at their end and will ship asap. To me that sounds more likely than CMON lying to us. Still, if they got no word from China, they could have told us last week. Chinese New Year started Thursday, Feb 19th.

    4. Joshua Leslie on

      John, the first paragraph in the update is about the US shipping. They expect to ship the optional items when every thing arrives in Atlanta, and the West Coast port delays are unpredictable and prevent them from giving an accurate time estimate.

    5. Missing avatar

      John Runyan

      When are you expecting to ship the optional items to the US?

    6. CMON 37-time creator on

      Hi guys,

      Some clarifications, South America and Central America ship out from USA. So any updates about what's happening with the status of USA packages applies to those regions.

      APAC/Hong Kong will ship from China. Packing should begin after the Chinese new years celebration has ended.

      There will not be 2 waves, only 1 wave for Season 3. We did ship some copies of Rue Morgue (just Rue Morgue, no extras or Angry Neighbors) out early to USA backers because we were running out of warehouse space.

      We can't add to or edit orders because we have already begun printing pledges out and setting up for packaging.

      Thank you.

    7. Michael Racel on

      Folks, if you have never worked in or with Chinese companies you are apt to think CMoN is lying about what they know. The reality is that Chinese companies often "mislead" their clients since they don't want to tell them that something is not done or isn't done right. It is a loss of face for the Chinese company, so they often stretch the truth or do not respond at all. It is very frustrating. They don't mean to cause so many problems, but it is a huge cultural difference that is a cost of doing business in Northeast Asia.

    8. Sebastian Pa on

      I also doubt that container is en route to Europe. What confuses me is - why bother to give false promises that only fuel expectations to people who are in fact Your free marketing service. I wonder....

    9. Hubert on

      "prior Chinese New Year" was like 2 weeks ago. I cannot believe manufacturer is not sending any shipping notification or any kind of info to you. That is just bad for business and they do not want it. The only explanation is that you know it was postpone but not informing EU customers. just my 2 cents. I might be mistaken

    10. Jeremiah Sechrist on

      So I'm a little confused here. The Asia Pacific pledges are being shipped to Australia first instead of from China?

    11. Vadim Deylgat

      @neil, I assume it's the full pledges or CMON would have said otherwise. Remember some While back a part of the US backers got the retail version of the games early, but not the exclusives or add ons, those will ship separately. If the EU pledges where planned in 2 waves we would have been told already.

    12. Pressureman on

      Very excited by this update (NZ backer).
      When you say "on the water, in transit", I hope you mean in transit to Australia!

    13. Neil H on

      Will the EU package be the full pledge or are we splitting into waves again this time, like season 2?

    14. Missing avatar

      Balazs Kuno Kiss on

      Dear CMON,
      Can I now add to my pledge an extra order (Zombie Dogs and dogs companion) without extra shipping cost?

    15. Missing avatar

      Luke Civetta on

      As an aussie, i am thrilled to have mine arrive first instead of waiting months and hearing all the stories :-)
      Now, to rub it in my American friend's faces! ....wait. Who am i kidding, i dont have friends :-/

    16. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      I want to be at the party in china!!! :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Steven White on

      Thanks for the update. The table is cleared in anticipation. More zombies than you can shake a stick at! The U.K. Eagerly awaits the apocalypse.

    18. Miguel Sainos on

      Some news (status) about those that will be delivered in Mexico?

    19. Missing avatar

      Gary Barber on

      I get the impression that you are shipping the APAC (Australia and New Zealand) pledges from Australia. Which seems to run counter to your support emails about PO Box deliveries.

    20. Simon Crouch on

      Not worried in the slightest, go zombicide!

    21. Arsonor

      Go Australia! You guys deserve it!

    22. Carly Jurss on

      Thanks for the update! Can't wait to get these so I can start up some new zombie slaying action :D

    23. Walker Schlundt

      Ugh lots of kickstarters being delayed cause of the West coast.

    24. The D of D&E on

      Any chance for a local pickup?

    25. gwailo on

      Hong Kong and APAC? Any word?

    26. Missing avatar

      RoelofSetsFire on

      Blodhemn took the words out of my mouth :D
      *fingers crossed*

    27. Jeremey on

      Thanks for the update, sounds like Australia might get their stuff before the US. Lol!

    28. Blodhemn on

      Thanks for the update!
      Here's hoping that the European containers are indeed on a ship then. Can't wait to get my game!