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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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Season 3 Gameplay Video!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hi backers!

Our friends at Jogando Offline have gathered together to do the first review of Season 3, along with an extended gameplay session of Rue Morgue (with some Angry Neighbors elements thrown in!). 

Check out the video in the link below:


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    1. Daniele Silvi on

      No news here. Italy

    2. Missing avatar

      Jean-Philippe Belliard on

      Any news for EU shipping date ?

    3. Missing avatar

      Darren Goodair

      Still haven't received anything, any update for Australia backers?

    4. Cleverson Renan Padrão on


      I am too anxious to put it on the table for my gaming group.
      When deliveries begin in Brazil?

      big hug!


    5. Joshua Leslie on

      Angry Neighbors ships out with the rest of the stuff from the Kickstarter, which is still planned to start being distributed February of next year.

    6. Will Russell on

      when does angry neighbors ship?

    7. Missing avatar

      german grullon on

      @ander i am in Manhattan and received mine on tuesday. The tracking number should be in an email that was sent on monday or last week i believe.

    8. troy on

      Eli Butcher is right it was painful to watch. i had to stop about 5 mins in.

    9. Eli Butcher on

      I'm glad that they brought out a gameplay video, but I really wish that CMON would quit using Jogando Offline to make videos. They guys seem like they're really nice guys, but it's almost painful to watch. It's just really annoying. It's not well organized, and most of the time they end up talking over each other and go off into tons of tangent comments and conversations. It shows how the "tone" of a game may be, but their rule description is "massively scattered and disconnected"... This was just as bad in the Arcadia Quest and SMOG videos, and I couldn't even watch the Dogs of War. Like I said, they seem like they'd be cool to know, but these videos are annoying and not helpful at all.

    10. Brandon Fletcher on

      got mine yesterday was happyly sprized

    11. Missing avatar

      Jay on

      Where do we find a tracking number? I'm in NY and have not received anything. I checked the pledge manager and it says confirmed.

    12. Miguel Angel Sanjuan Faus on

      I'm looking forward to play it soon