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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.

Please Confirm Your Pledge (if you have not done so already)!

Posted by CMON (Creator)


We still have some pledges unconfirmed and with shipping not paid. If you have not yet confirmed your pledge, please do so ASAP to avoid disappointment. Just go to the Pledge Manager at and confirm your pledge, settling any shipping that needs to be paid. If you have any issues, please contact support at

Production continues on schedule and we want to make sure pledge manager issues don't interfere with the process.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Thomas Keefer on

      Just paid for shipping, glad to see it went through after forgetting about this.

    2. Edson Junior Alves Bezerra on

      I am not able to make payment of transportation. Project is closed for maintenance, please be patient.

    3. Lije on

      My Rue Morgue is here, sweet.

    4. Missing avatar

      Javier Benedicto Alfonso on

      Good morning

      I've been out a month and just saw your post, but it is accerder me to the website to confirm payment.
      They could return to command, to make payment for the shipping.
      Thank you very much

    5. Missing avatar

      Joshua N on

      Would not let me login to even verify, but I'm pretty sure I paid.

    6. Missing avatar

      scorion on

      @Daniel Desmarais
      if it's such as me, coolminiornot, the button contact me, and the support are deaf since the 9 sept.

    7. Bryce Robinson on

      I got same thing. IP blocked.

    8. Mikael Hallin on

      Oh hell, just checked the slip: WRONG ADDRESS! I didn't even enter that one!

    9. Mikael Hallin on

      How long is "a few minutes" when you ip block me for entering the wrong password? I apparently double-tapped the password reset and tried to enter the one sent to me in the first mail.

      I was just going in to doublecheck that you haven't screwed it up for me, since I confirmed and paid postage, and everything when the pledge manager had just opened up. $950 total order.

    10. Massimo Molinaro on

      I still have an error 522 when I try to connect to the link

    11. Joshua Leslie on

      I don't think that they ever signed a contract stating that shipping would only be $10. At best that was an estimate, but I don't remember that figure every being presented. The shipping cost was always dependent on what was in the order and where it was being sent.
      The $10 credit for season 2 backers was always for add-ons, and required using the same account/e-mail that ordered Season 2. They were clear from the very beginning that it wouldn't be applied to shipping. Here is the quote from the FAQ on the first page.
      "This credit may be used for any optional item released during this campaign, and will appear automatically in our Pledge Manager after the campaign ends, but may not be applied towards shipping."

    12. FoolsBane on

      @Thomas Here is not the place to discuss your issues in details. You must contact them directly as mentioned in the update. Nothing will be solved in the posts.

    13. Missing avatar

      Thomas Keefer on

      This is where I have the problem. You said it would only cost 10.00 shipping, and for previous customers from season 2 you would give 10.00 off the shipping. Why are you trying to charge me 14.52? That is a breach of your contract and I feel you are being unfair with charges you are giving me.

    14. Missing avatar

      Thomas Keefer on

      I won't have disappointment. You took my 150.00 and you locked me from signing in. That's not my problem to remember my PW when you force me to put something different than my usual PW. So charge me 10.00 or send back 150.00. Don't try and taunt me like a bully chumps.

    15. kickstartmyheart on

      @Michael Moore, thank you!

    16. Jonas Chu on

      The page shows 403 Forbidden....

    17. Michael Moore

      @kickstartmyheart - When you log in, it should say "Order status: confirmed" right under your pledge number.

    18. kickstartmyheart on

      I have a paypal receipt from sept 12 for CMoN, Since there is nowhere to "Confirm" your order on the pledge manager, I'm going to assume I'm good to go.

    19. Prasant Moorthy on

      You guys are hitting new levels of incompetence - first it takes two months to get a response on pledge manager issues, I finally decide to just forget it and not bother trying to get my credit for backing Season 2... and pay $300 in upgrades / shipping... now I check to make sure it's all confirmed and it looks like you've decided to "merge" my accounts by deleting the old one and creating a new one... forgetting the $300 already paid. SORT IT OUT!

    20. C on

      N/M! Works okay now.

    21. Midian on

      Got laid off, living off of food boxes/food bank to get by. dont have the funds to confirm. might not have it until Dec.or Jan. $30 is a lot of money for postage in the US, especially with the limited funds i receive now. not much i can do.

    22. Missing avatar

      Nick Wooster on

      Anyone having an issue if they update their shipping address, the state drop down field is empty and disable, resulting in the packing slip missing the state code?

    23. C on

      Anyone else getting "Error 400
      You IP was blocked for security reason. Please wait few minutes."

    24. Missing avatar

      Damon Bullis on

      Is it still looking like it will ship in Feb 2015? I've already cleared a space for it on my gaming shelf.

    25. Ken Hiseler on


      Did you read the update? Contact CMoN -

    26. Omar Galea

      guys could you please fix the problem with the shipping? I need shipped to the UAE and I only get the message Can not calculate total weight for your country. and now you guys are running after us to close the kickstarter but its not fixed!!

    27. FoolsBane on

      @Roger Yes, because you already paid for the pledge with your credit card when the KS ended. So, unless you pick additionnal material, like I did :), it only charges you for the shipping cost.

    28. Roger Eastep

      What wasn't made clear in that screen was that when I clicked on the PayPal button, it was only going to charge me for the shipping, and not the total with the pledge amount. But I did click on the button, and it only asked for the shipping. So, now I'm confirmed.

    29. FoolsBane on

      @roger Until you have paid, your pledge wont be "confirmed". You have no choice if you want to get it done. Everybody had to pay the shipping to get their order confirmed.

    30. Roger Eastep

      Ok, what about paying for it now via PayPal?

    31. Missing avatar

      David M Brown on

      It says this at the bottom of every pledge level

    32. Missing avatar

      David M Brown on

      No shipping is not included

    33. Roger Eastep

      I don't understand this. I go to the page, I don't see "confirmed" anywhere, I fill in the shipping info, click save, then in the summary it gives the pledge total plus a shipping amount, and tells me to click on the Paypal button to confirm. First, I thought shipping was included. Second, I thought I already paid for this project when the funding ended.

    34. Tomaz Sussi

      Thanks Daniel, checked it now and found out I have already done it. :)

    35. Harald. on

      Confirmed! My gaming-group is ready!

    36. FoolsBane on

      When you see your Pledge, it should say "Order Status : Confirmed", at the top of the page, if you did it or "unconfirmed" if not.

    37. Tomaz Sussi

      Is there any way to know if we have already done it or not? Jeez, it's been so long ago, I don't remember.
      I logged in. Is it supposed to show it anywhere?
      Please help.

    38. FoolsBane on

      Probably your connection because I did access the link without troubles.