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The follow up to the hit boardgame of 2012! More Zombie action with tons of great miniatures and fast paced rules!
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8,944 backers pledged $2,255,018 to help bring this project to life.

Is it still a stretch goal if we're past it?

Posted by CMON (Creator)

We'd like to replace all the Season 1 regular/traditional Zombie sculpts, and you can help us get the sculpts and tool!

Each stretch will replace one or more of the old sculpts with brand new ones, so your Prison Outbreak game will look completely different from Season 1 if we hit them all!

Of course, we've already hit two of them :) thanks to all of you!


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    1. Frederik Vezina

      It's amazing how many people will pledge and then claim that CMON's tactics are just driving pledges away.

      GG was going to publish an expansion anyway. The kickstarter is indeed about making the expansion better, and some of the stretch goals do reflect that.

      $25k was a symbolic number due to how kickstarter administers the front page; don't worry about it. The game was still being made at $0, and there was no way they weren't drawing in $250k, so that initial goal is thoroughly irrelevant.

      Now, some people claim there should have been goals before $150k, and some people complain that the early goals are obvious things that would have happened anyway. There's just no meaningful boundary between what's in the initial pitch and what's in the final, stretched offering - except the hype. Supporters will get whatever we attain, and *why* we get it doesn't actually matter.

      To the first group, just pretend the posted version had black and white cards and half as many map tiles. To the second, realize that re-using the original molds would cut costs significantly - while it's pretty obvious they meant to do it in the first place, they were under no obligation, and it's *actually really nice* to get new sculpts.

      Also, it's the week-end. You want the really amazing stretch goals to happen when people will report on it. They will come.

      And if you don't like it, remember that accusing someone of fraud while freely giving them your money for doing it rarely conditions them to stop - because you're still giving them your money! You want to be all outraged? Vote with your wallet. Otherwise it's just noise.

      Note that suggestions and advice are still fine - I'm just talking about entitlement issues. Or accusations of fraud.

      Personally, I'm perfectly happy about how this is going, except the duplicate backer levels are annoying. Good job on not having a *TRAP* pledge level this time.

    2. Rand Chua TL on

      New zombies to look forward to.

    3. Michael 'Jonah' Rees on

      VGC - there is no doubt about that. GG/CMON admitted during the last KS that the actual amount required to fund the project was around $200k. But the more over the target it goes to more it gets promoted on the front page of KS.

    4. Missing avatar

      VGChampion on

      Honestly, I don't know if I believe the 25k number. It seems more like a low number just so the Kickstarter can drum up the marketing and a place for us to start hitting the stretch goals. I have no problem with this campaign at all because this one seems more like a labor of love to give us more stuff.

    5. Daisy Swaffer on

      To those who have complained about these initial goals, bear in mind we essentially were given a couple of stretch goals for free at the start with Brad and the Brad zombivor :)

    6. R2D2 on

      @ Troy - LOL, I was thinking the same!! People are being ridiculous

    7. MooseMCA on

      @tom: So? Congrats to them. It also serves as an inspiration to other game designers.

    8. Daisy Swaffer on

      Boom! All 4 met! Next stretch goals now please :) I'm hoping for new heros/extra minis next!

    9. troy on

      i hope the next goal is at 500K just so i can watch you all freak up more

    10. poules_75 on

      Time to think to new stretch goals...

    11. Yoki Erdtman on

      I agree with Oliver Del Rosario that we need some different cars. Enough with the cop cars and pimp mobiles, bring on some others please.

    12. Tom Tjarks on

      While I like nifty promo items, etc, I think CMON is past the point of needing kickstarter above and beyond enough people to get the minimum. It's clear their products are going to be released, now it is largely just a game for them to build hype for their product.

    13. Pierre-Yves Lefeuvre on

      Well honestly I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to get this game and more. Missed the previous KS, won't miss this one!
      However I agree you should have made more stretch goals in the range 25-100k. Just cause you hit that mark so fast doesn't mean you shouldn't thank the backers for it!

    14. Floob on

      @Paul Howie: totally agree with you dude, it was expected frome the start ^^

    15. troy on

      last time nobody knew about the game. now it's mega popular! they are gonna be higher cuz they know it's gonna move fast.

    16. poules_75 on

      Almost done.... I love the fatty lady... And i'm pretty happy to have new sculpt to paint... Because it will be boring after painting all the minis from the season 1 !!!

    17. StarsCream

      I have to agree with most people on this one (not being the rebel for once), The stretch goals are out of whack. 150k on a 25k fund?! Poor form indeed.... Whatever, bring on the add-ons, lets stop playing around with this

    18. Andreas Welch

      "Stretch Goals" in this case are.... We can do this game for X. However, at X+A we can do the game better by doing this. Then at X+A+B we can make it better this way. So when you end up with final funding Z, you end up with a better game because more money was available to make it.

      At this rate, they should probably "pre-post" the goals throuh 500k+ just to cover the weekend.

    19. Paul Howie on

      Nicholas... What exactly is the intent of "Stretch Goals"?

      I'd never heard of them before the first Zombicide and I was under the distinct impression it was a funding goal designed to wave a carrot in front of the backers still on the fence in order to drive the total higher.

      An update with stretch goals that have already been hit seems like the betrayal of the intent to me. They should have waited for the backing to slow down and then set goal #1 at $50k higher than the current total.

      They didn't and that's good news if you ask me.

    20. Missing avatar

      Oliver Del Rosario on

      How about some variety on cars. Already have cop and pimp mobile. What about a regular car, taxi, pick up truck... in a few different colors! Would make the game look so much nicer. You have all these different zombies but a street full of only pimp mobiles and cop cars doesn't look right... We need regular cars so there aren't two of the same car on one map... How lame would the walking dead be if in the scene where rick is on the horse to atlanta the other side of the highway had thousands of the exact same car and exact with the same paint job...

    21. Cory J on

      John, you need to chill a bit. No, they're not the most sincere goals and it was obvious this would be done from the start anyway, But what do you expect? They knew full well this was going to be a rollercoaster, so why not make it seem like more stretch goals, eh? Also, they included quite a bit of value-added stuff right in the original boxes. Box of dogs? Thanks! The rest of the good stuff will come, with time.

    22. JusticeBolt on

      No strech goals before 150 000$ what???Am i missing something here ? The goal was 25 000$

    23. Scott "KillaMini's" Myers

      Completely brilliant. The more variety you add to the Standard Zombies of Prison Outbreak, the more you will sell PO to original owners and vice verse.

    24. Mer on

      John and Troy are right though. I was talking to a coworker about how to do stretch goals and the way CMoN does it, it's fake. I brought up a few that were real stretch goals - sketches being done, talking to other manufacturers, etc. I love extras and I love Zombicide but just imagine what the stretch goals would be if it wasn't already a little over an hour in and over $200K.

    25. Brent S on

      Okay... Need more stretch goals already. Congrats!

    26. Nicholas Vitek

      Stretch goals starting at 125k on a 25k project. What a joke and a one hundred percent manipulation of the intent of goals and stretch goals. Your stretch goals should have started at 50k or your originally goal at 100k.

      All your tactic is doing is harming you in te long run. Now people will be more inclined to joy back at the start and just slowly filter their pledges in to draw out more goals. You have disincentivizing people to back early and quick.

    27. Wolfjaw

      Good thing I haven't painted any of my zombies yet. I think I'll try to make each type look similar, especially since there will be so many different zombies on the board.

    28. Sharkey on

      Coming on $200k already, we need more stretch goals STAT!

    29. Happy Sunshine on

      Pointless Goals. GG knew these were in the bag from the get go. lets see some real stretch goals!!

    30. Skritter on

      @John. It's all part of the game, chill, enjoy the ride.

    31. troy on

      @John Drinkwater well said
      this is how i was last time around and i was treated as a troll

    32. Missing avatar

      Jeff Smith on

      Cool. Once I paint these guys I may divide them up evenly between both core games so each will have more variety of sculpts. Looks like all four goals will be met before the day is over.

    33. Derek Ewaskiw on

      We need more stretch goals!! lol

    34. Missing avatar

      Matt S on

      @CMON Hope you are ready for more!

    35. John Drinkwater on

      Given you were going to do it anyway rather generous non stretch goal. The fake target amount and pretend stretches are wearing a bit thin folks. Anyone who knows the setup costs knows you can't even tool something like this until at least 200K. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to be here, but the way CMON has indulged in the Kickstarter mini-game creates quite bizarre expectations. Already the pathetic posts in comments about "the stretch goals we are missing out on". Good thing you posted this update to at least keep the rabid Zombicide fans appeased - for a few milliseconds.

    36. Peter G. Evans

      Those will be met in a few hours.

    37. Yoki Erdtman on

      Awesome stretch goals for starters! I was a bit bummed to see the same sculpts in Season 2, but should've seen this coming. Great job Guillotine!

    38. Steven Pretlove on

      Nice goal would of been nice if you'd cleared them all for 200k

    39. DaveC on

      Excellent more variety in the zombie sculpts is always welcome.

    40. Missing avatar

      pcalvi on

      And is it much of a stretch if we pass them all on the first day?!

    41. D Kelly

      Nifty :)

    42. StarsCream

      Dat Fatty!

    43. Greg on

      Good Guy CoolMiniOrNot: Posts Stretch Goals. Already hit half of them

    44. MooseMCA on

      Yay!!! New sculpts of the classics. I was hoping for these.

    45. Roberto Antonio Urias on

      Darn. I thought we were getting survivors first.