Zombicide: Season 2


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    1. Timo Lemburg

      You're welcome ;-) Looking forward to some nice Stretch Goals.

    2. Brian Leahy

      Unexpected!? You lie!

    3. Roberto Antonio Urias on

      This is going to be fun.

    4. Ian Arnold on

      I hope you allow those stretch goals to come up retroactively since we are already 300% funded. Looking forward to seeing what you guys have this time around.

      Also can you guys see if PA would let you do a Tycho related model this time around?

    5. G_Q

      I laugh at you and your...Ummm. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH

    6. Paul Howie on

      Seriously... I was refreshing to see if I could nab an early bird. The project appeared, I scan down and read "The complete season 2 experience" - hurrah! 45 of 100 remaining. What? Better be quick. Click. "All gone".

      This is going to be mental.

    7. Sputang on

      That was hilarious! I've never seen limited pledges go so fast.

    8. Zap Brannigan on

      Literally lmao on how quick this game got funded!!! No, seriously, its not there anymore...... Simply astounding!

    9. Grefven on

      I think they totally expected the KS to be funded within a few minutes with this much promotion before and announcing when the KS was to launch. By getting funded this fast, they effectively made sure they didn't have to put up any stretch goals, so they save quite a bit money with that.. They are sneaky. :D

    10. sixsixty on

      Would love to see season 1 promo figures as stretch goals or additional purchases. please!

    11. lawrence kniffin on

      100k in 12 minutes is amazing long live the zombicide

    12. troy on

      unexpected... everybody that was in the first kickstarter is back + more. how is this unexpected?

    13. Sharkey on

      Can you make it possible to add TCM as a $50 add on? Got the Inmate Early Bird, but didn't see the Fugitive until it was too late! XP

    14. troy on

      @sixisty NOT GONNA HAPPEN

    15. Darkson on

      CMON sit back with a beer an start adding those goals and be ready to sleep a little less for the next month.

    16. Thuulzax on

      are we missing out on stetchgoals since we funded so quickly ><

    17. insanity prawnboy 23

      Me too, 45 early birds available to 0 in a few secs... crazy
      Anyway, glad to get a normal price bundle with Season 1 included, as I missed out on this first time round :-)

    18. MooseMCA on

      Retroactive Stretch Goals Pleeeeeeease!

    19. Sputang on

      @Bryan: I'm certain you'll be able to add it later through the pledge manager.

    20. Nick Johnson on

      I think they are just going to wait until it stop going up 5k every minute. Then they will release the stretch goals.

    21. Ian Arnold on

      I really hope we don't get gypped on stretch goals..... We had 7 stretch goals by 120k on season 1.

    22. Yoki Erdtman on

      I'm with Troy, this is in no way unexpected, and as soon as you add an a la carte menu you'll raise even more money, as I want an extra copy of Toxic City Mall (and probably the rest of the stuff too).

    23. Joshua "Cornbread" Harris on

      I was seriously checking every 5 minutes for this....then I went to take a shower, and missed it!

      I was the third backer in the first one, and it wasn't a huge rush until the end...this will be...different!

    24. Missing avatar

      Matthew Eustace on

      If I can make one suggestion - for your game-play videos, make sure the voice over is louder than the music. :)

      Beyond that - bring on more stuff! I'd love to see some pictures/get some details about the new survivors!

    25. Lawrence "Saker" Collins

      The first Zombicide had stretch goals at $50k, $65k, $75k, $85k, $95k, $100k, and $120k. That's a good measure, so post 7 completed stretch goals, please! On our way to $140k for number 8!

    26. Michael 'Jonah' Rees on

      +1 for the also not unexpected! People have been going batsh*t crazy for this all over FB and BGG so was always going to get funded in absolutely zero time. Hope we've got some cool (retroactive) stretch goals coming. And a million times no to the previous promo characters. This has been done a already and GG have confirmed that IT IS NOT HAPPENING

    27. Nicholas Vitek

      I'll be pessimistic and guess that we won't be seeing 7 stretch goals by $120k as Ian states was the case with the original KS.

    28. LBC on

      Glad for your success. Keep up the good work!

    29. Michael 'Jonah' Rees on

      I don't think we will see 7 stretch goals either. This was always going to be more popular so standard that the stretch goals will be further apart. I think we'll see some retroactive ones added in though (fingers crossed)

    30. Barbara Monk on

      I would love the opportunity to get the original extra survivors from the first Kickstarter as a stretch goal!

    31. Lawrence "Saker" Collins

      I guarantee CMON already has every stretch goal to $1 million already planned out. They may make adjustments, but they already know what they want to ship with the final game.

    32. StarsCream

      +1 vote for S1 alternate sculpts or reprints, mainly so the selfish and resellers can get kicked off their high-horse (though I doubt CMON is going to....)

    33. sixsixty on

      @Barbara +1
      I'm even willing to have those stretch goals be an extra cost to help add to this kickstarter total!

      @Troy -1

    34. David Hoffman

      Define "unexpected".

    35. Adam Hake on

      When did they ever confirm that?

    36. Joe Kiyoshi

      Yeah, some retroactive stretch goals would be awesome for all us fans.

      Also, I'm not opposed to having the first KS exclusive mini's be available to purchase separately for KS backers this time around. And yes, I have all the KS exclusive mini's from the first season. I think everyone should have a chance at getting a complete promo game.

    37. Chris Frost on

      I think Joe Novak is a great example of a first round backer not being crotchety about folks that missed out on first round addons

    38. Leigh Pfeffer on

      Nice comment, Joe! Yeah, I think that having the first KS minis is not unreasonable considering the sheer amount of money this KS is going to raise and how quickly. They're hopefully going to have some retroactive stretch goals, and here's to hoping they have some leeway for new ones, perhaps including something like the KS1 promos. After all, they've gotta be really searching for what they can add on to this! This is crazy!

    39. Michael 'Jonah' Rees on

      Adam - they answered on BGG (I believe it was Percy) plus they have responded several times to the question on their FB page and in updates. They have repeatedly said that they will not go back on their promise that the original KS promos were exclusive and for that KS only. See this thread on BGG which has their official statement:


    40. Missing avatar

      Oliver Del Rosario on

      I don't like only have 2 cars to choose from... what if as a stretch goals you made some other cars in different colors so on a big board there are a whole bunch of different cars in different colors... So the mall parking lot will look like a mall parking lot and not 10 pimp mobiles on 1 map...

    41. Sharkey on

      YES, I would love to have some standard cars, especially some taxis!

    42. Chris Frost on

      Michael, to be fair, the statement said they're kickstater exclusive, not that campaign. I'm not stressed about it, I'm relatively confident that I'll be able to track down proxy minis for them.

    43. Paul Howie on

      I also don't mind at all if they release the promo figures (all of which I did pledge for in the initial kickstarter). But they won't because they were always listed as KS exclusives and it would be kind of insulting to people to take their money and then come back with a "technically we didn't say they were exclusive to /this/ kickstarter, chumps!"

      GG have more class than that, so I can't see them going back on their word. They have in fact said as much on a bunch of forum threads and KS comments.

      Honestly, I think it's a damn shame that people can't get hold of these because I know how much it eats at my very soul to be unable to pick up promo content I missed for games I own. If there was a way to make it happen without pissing anyone off I'd be delighted to see it.

    44. Michael 'Jonah' Rees on

      Chris - well that is how people have tried to interpret it but they have confirmed elsewhere that they will not be made available again. The statement says they were exclusive for THE kickstarter meaning the original one not they are exclusive TO kickstarter. I agree that it is very easy to read it either way but they've also confirmed that there was only the amount made that were ordered + 5% for miscasts/lost packages and that they are not casting any more.

    45. Frederik Vezina

      120 seconds. Awesome.

      Season one was by far the most riveting kickstarter campaign so far, and I can't wait to see how his one goes.

      Also: early bird slots are for generating initial interest in a project that might not rise to the front page. On a Zombicide expansion, they just make the pledge levels hard to read and make later backers cranky. I suggest you don't do that next time.

      It's not like any of the first thousand backers wasn't going to back it at $10 more, anyway.

    46. Paul on

      The only reason I used Kickstarter today is to avoid getting "screwed" out of any promos like I did in Season 1.

    47. Joe Longworth on

      I would love the opportunity to pick up the KS exclusives from the first set, even if it means kicking in some additional funding to make that happen. I was afraid the mini quality was on par with Super Dungeon Explore and passed, and boy am I sorry about that.

    48. Frederik Vezina

      Regarding reissues of first season miniatures:

      Season one exclusive minis were clearly advertised as such - either you got them in the kickstarter or you just had to hope you could snatch one at a convention. Some may feel that was a bad call, but that's what GG's promised and a simple reissue isn't going to help them build trust with anybody. It's just not on the table.

      Overwhelming demand might justify a resculpt - the same character abilities with a different miniature. Possibly based on a B-list equivalent of the original character/actor. If that's not enough for you, you're a collector, not a player, and you'll have to pay, well, collector prices.

      Actual reissue would probably be deemed tolerable by the more vocal "nobody else can have it" crowd if they were ridiculously expensive. Cast them in resin or metal (which I understand is less expensive for small runs) and make them a single $500 set of twenty figures. People will have a choice of getting them, or not.

      I'm not at GG or anything - just chiming in.

    49. Quinn Droghei on

      First time play on this game 6 weeks ago, completely hooked, completely amazed at the season 1 KS. My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw that almost $600k had been pledged before I got off work and could pledge myself the first day. Really happy with being to help pledge and will be able to get the games at retail cost, oh, and free stretch goal rewards. I don't see why people are demanding or whining about free stuff. Generation gap? Doesn't matter, this KS rocks! Thanks everyone who has been part of this KS, and super bravo to the devs.