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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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Can’t We All Just Get Alone?

Posted by CMON (Creator)


Hey Survivors, we have a bit of a surprise announcement to make!

In case you’re not aware, our friends at Horrible Games have a Kickstarter campaign live now for their sci-fi game Alone. We thought it would be fun to create a little crossover between our games, so they’re making the 4 characters from the Alone Core Box playable as survivors in Zombicide: Invader!

These 4 Survivors will make up a brand new Gang, specialized in Hit & Run tactics, with that skill as an extra at Blue level. We’re calling them the “Get Alone Gang”. In order to get them, well, you need to get Alone!

Pilot, Engineer, Captain, and Medic.
Pilot, Engineer, Captain, and Medic.

Each pledge of Alone will now include the 4 ID cards and 1 Rules card that will let you play the 4 Alone Core characters as Survivors in Zombicide: Invader.

Get up with the Get Alone Gang!
Get up with the Get Alone Gang!

Make sure to head on over to the Alone Kickstarter page to check out the game, and maybe add the Get Alone Gang to your Zombicide mayhem!



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    1. ROGAR

      @Dennis Lubitz and Jon Shelky, I did not include isolated promo characters which are plenty for zombicide, just crossovers between Zombicide and unrelated games done either by CMON or by another company.
      Someone reminded me of a similar business move that CMON did before between The World of Smog and Kingdom Death Monster, I am glad that I requested my refund on that game so I did not have to "worry" about crossovers, but true it is not the first time that CMON does this kind of business move with other companies.
      By the way did you guys see the intro video for the game ALONE? Is very well made and the concept of a dungeon crawler of one vs up to 3 players is attractive to say the least. At least it is for me, I never seem to have enough on dungeon crawler games.

    2. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      @Creator, This crossover isn't going to impact the delivery of the Zombicide Invaders game in May 2019, I trust

    3. Missing avatar

      Dennis Lubitz on

      @ROGAR, Not to forget the Dicetower Croudfounding exclusive "Eric Summoner" Necromancer (Zombicide Black Plague) wich was hard to come by.

    4. Jon Shelky

      @ROGAR, how about the game night expansions? Then again they're not crossovers, just hard to come by expansions.

    5. AsE on

      @Robert Dude... chill its just a game, no need to lose your mind!

    6. Missing avatar

      Robert T. Armstrong IV on

      Are you kidding me?
      Half a grand in order to get make sure I had all the characters and expansions for the released game and you put more behind a paywall before you even have a delivery date for the game we’ve already paid for?
      Who are you? EA?
      Kiss my ass.

    7. Missing avatar

      Robert T. Armstrong IV on

      Oh fuck you.

      Dropped half a grand for your fucking game, in order to get a full set of characters and you fucking pricks are going to dangle more characters behind a paywall before you even have a ship date for YOUR Game?

      Eat a fucking dick.

    8. rollntider on

      Would rather have a crossover with the enemy figures. We have plenty of heroes.

    9. ROGAR

      @Tatsu Kan,
      I believe there is a lot involved on this kind of business moves. You boost someone else's KS project if it feels compatible with your game and you get something for your company in return.
      Nothing wrong if you like the other game and you see as good thing to buy it, but terrible for OCD completists like you or me that feel they are missing a limb because their "complete game" will be missing a few minis.

    10. ROGAR

      @ AJ Carruthers, thanks, I was only posting known crossovers for Zombicide game system, Fortunately I do not have to worry about crossovers for The World of Smog since long ago I requested and received a refund for my pledge.

    11. Missing avatar

      Tatsu Kan on

      I don't understand why you're selling off extras for this game to third parties.
      What next? As gifts in cereal packages?

    12. Chris Z.

      Types of board games I like most*** lol

    13. Chris Z.

      Alone looks cool but after backing so many cmon I’m hesitant. Plus it’s not cooperative, which are the types of board games

    14. Francois Therrien on

      I'm speaking of "Alone" btw..

    15. Francois Therrien on

      @BoardGameGuy I'm never backing a game with such ugly minis and generic tiles.. :P

    16. BoardGameGuy on

      sounds great. don't pay attention to those "I'm never backing...bla bla bla"

    17. Nathan Lewin Soto on

      You guys are ridiculous and need to have a long hard look in the mirror. I am never backing or buying a CMON game ever again.

      If it wasn’t bad enough when you completely dropped the ball on the characters and had to replace them due to blatant copyright issues that Stevie Wonder could have picked up on.

      This will be my first and last purchase from you greedy, dim witted, rectal dwelling mouth breathers.

      CMON = Crack Munching Orifice Noobs

    18. AJ Carruthers

      Also with regards to the Shipping issues that people are complaining about, it's not long been Chinese New Year which often causes 1-2 month delays on any work currently in production. Without that delay according to the timeline on the main page China should be starting to send out the game earlier this month, with the aim for it to start being distributed later next month.

      So I think everyone needs to calm down a bit and expect their games some time between April and June.

    19. AJ Carruthers

      @Rogar, you've missed out the KD:M Crossovers for The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch.

    20. Edgar Michaels on

      "It's February and I want my tracking number for a game that isn't even scheduled to arrive at distributors for 2 months!"

      You guys are funny.

    21. ROGAR

      Any crossover that you are aware I am missing?

    22. ROGAR

      Crossovers for Zombicide game series:

      Zombicide/Toxic City Mall/Prision Outbreak/Angry Neighbors/Rue Morgue

      None that I am aware of.

      Black Plague/Wolfsburg/Green Horde/Frienbs and Foes/No rest for the Wicked.

      Massive Darkness (CMON): $8 KS Exclusive + base pledge $120.

      B-Sieged (CMON): $0 KS Exclusive + Base Pledge $90

      TOTAL: $218 on KS for crossovers with 2 games

      Zombicide invader/Dark Side


      Project Elite (CMON) $15 KS exclusive + base pledge $100

      Alone (Horrible Games) $0 + base pledge $114 USD for newcomers.

      TOTAL $229 for KS crossovers with 2 games

    23. Rhys637 on

      Thank god we got another crew to play. for a mere 100USD+ investment. Here I was looking at the campaign page and lamenting the lack of choices I had for survivors.

    24. JustBlayz on

      Why not have this as an optional buy in the Alone KS? Lets us back it for a $1 and then when the PM rolls out let us buy the "Get Alone Gang" ....... owell business is business I guess ughhh smh

    25. Isaiah Hawk on

      nice idea and great for those interested, but man, what boring snooze fest minis. you cant follow up monsters made up of whippy spike bits and Tina Turner / Rick & Morty / Steven Hawkins with...these guys and get too much excitement

    26. The King of Average on

      That's a super cool bonus! :D

    27. Missing avatar

      ryan on

      I agree with a lot of you. I wish we could purchase the cross over separately. Not going to lose any sleep over it if I can't. Not interested in backing Alone at all.

    28. Staggeron on

      Yeah, I just don't know.
      My Zombicide Invaders set may just have to be "incomplete".
      Some of the minis do just seem off a bit.
      And the one thing the could have been interesting, the 3D terrain... Oh sorry we only had 10 left from the first Kickstarter... Kind of feels like a kick in the teeth.

    29. Petr K.

      it is silly to mix into CMON games other minis produced by another company without CMON quality

    30. Missing avatar

      Brian Zavoda on

      I have to agree with several people on here. I was looking forward to having the “whole set” of Invader and spent quite a bit of cash to get everything the KS had to offer. Now, for the “completionist” side of me, I am going to be down some because of this Kickstarter someone else did, ALMOST A YEAR later. Maybe offer backers the chance to get in on just the minis they want? Or offer it at the $17 buy in? Then I would be willing to put some cash towards this game.

    31. Mark Stewart on

      This is an awesome surprise!

    32. Michael Brooke on

      No purchase? No sale? Well of course not, KS isn’t a store.. plus Alone is awesome

    33. Paul Cartwright

      Already got project elite with a big part of the reason being the crossover kit. I back a lot on here but even I have my limits! Alone just doesn't grab my attention. It sucks to know that after all the money I spent on 2 games I won't technically have everything for this game just because I don't want to buy another game from a completely different company! However I'm not really gonna complain, its business after all, I'll have to just pay over the top to grab them on ebay later, I'm not gonna let it spoil my love for cmon games!


      Alone minis don’t look all that great

    35. Loig


    36. Missing avatar

      Ernie Prado on

      See update email regarding kickstarter and gets excited .

      Opens email and sees spam for another game loses that excitement.

      Hard Pass.

    37. M.TERAN

      Hahahaha ha

    38. Missing avatar

      Roch Jonathan on

      Faut acheté tout le jeux ou juste une boîte avec le gang ?

    39. Francois Therrien on

      Almost all minis from Alone looks "unfinished"... Even tiles looks generic.. no buy for me.

    40. Dave the Dead

      To all the haters: I guarantee if they didn't at least do an update to include this there would be a huge outcry of "Now my game is incomplete and you never told me".

      It doesn't matter anyway. Regardless of what CMON does, people will always crap on what they do...even though they are a backer...

    41. Missing avatar

      Boilletot on

      I don't care, i want a shipping schedule, not extra mini for some tenth usd

    42. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      Wow, so much salt! Smh, you guys realize that no one is saying you have to get it, its just something cool that if you're interested, you have access to. Enhance your calm people! ;)

    43. Missing avatar


      Sorry. I am going to pass on this one.

    44. Donald Weed

      I agree with most of the people here. Why spend loads of money for a completely different game for a few paltry figures for a game that we don't even have yet. Sorry, no can do.

    45. Mellekai

      My money goes towards the upcoming Bloodbourne.

    46. Matt Drake

      @Troy Astarte LOL

    47. Finagle

      If find this new trend in KS strategies ... disturbing. If they would offer the opportunity to just pledge for this cross over.. fine.. but this is beginning to annoy me to a point where I might just quit this KS thing altogether, when they think they could just milk me because of a collector's notion... if they think I am an addict they can milk... they are very wrong.