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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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Project: ELITE Crossover arrives to Zombicide: Invader!

Posted by CMON (Creator)


As many of you may be aware, a Kickstarter Campaign for the real-time cooperative game Project: ELITE recently launched, and we thought you would like to know that a Zombicide: Invader Crossover has just been made available as a Kickstarter Exclusive Optional Buy!

At the height of the war against the Proxies, when things looked the worst – that’s when it happened. The Project: ELITE scientists were looking for a weapon that could turn the tide of the war; even attempting experimental avenues of research. One particular team was sent to an outpost on PK-L7, where they were able to find not only fellow soldiers and civilians fighting for survival but also an entire new strain of alien creatures. Now the two teams can intermingle, bringing help to the other, in hopes that sharing research information may represent a breakthrough - but their Alien threats are now shared too!

For $15, backers of Project: ELITE can get this kit that not only allows you to use Survivors, Xenos, Sentry Gun, and Peacekeeper Robot from Invader as Heroes, items and Aliens in Project: ELITE, but also take the Heroes from Project: ELITE to use as Survivors in Invader, as well as the Aliens!

Please note this Crossover Set will not be available on retail. You will need a base pledge of Project: ELITE to be able to purchase it, so if you're interested, head over to the Project: ELITE Kickstarter Page!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Emanuel on

      i like the idea and I'd like to buy PE but not for a couple of extra miniatures to use in Zombicide Invaders, if and only if all the miniatures from PE are playable with the crossover it would be worth the money.

    2. Paul Wilko on

      I agree the hero minis look good but not worth getting this new CMON game. How about an add-on of just the heros from the game plus crossover the ZInvader? I would be interested in that

    3. Mike X on

      That game looks truly awful. I was interested until I saw the demo video, and now I realize I'd be spending $115 (plus shipping) for a 6-hero Z:I add-on. Hard pass.

    4. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      @Paul as you said if you are already backing PE its a great deal.

      If you aren't, and based on backer counts the majority of ZI backers aren't its a rip off and feels like extortion. Buy this crap game you don't want or miss out on what should be a $30-$50 addon for ZI because our KS for our crap game isn't doing squat.

      Lets face it 300K for a company that does KS that range from 3-5 mil is a failure.

      This is nothing more then a bail out for PE.

    5. Ozzie on

      Think its a good option for the X-over, get to make use of the minis twice and mixing it up - looking forward to both, so backed PE and X-over. Thanks for the option.

    6. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      Sorry, not interested. PE is not a game for us and you still haven't replaced our broken minis from the SMOG campaign. My ticket is open since February and I only get told to wait until forever. As long as that isn't fixed I stay away from your campaigns.

    7. Paul Cartwright

      Lol at the people calling it a rip off etc. If you don't want PE then fine dont get it, but then also don't complain that it's a rip off. If you are already backing both like me then $15 to add that much extra into both games is the complete opposite of a rip off, it's a no brainer. That is who this add on is aimed at, also to help those on the fence jump in, it is not for those who have no interest in PE.

    8. Missing avatar


      I would have backed PE if I was interested. Sorry but no.

    9. Deimos on

      Get to try the original from Artipia Games. It was frantic, fun and helluva chaotic game. Was kicking myself for missing the campaign. Ridiculous pricing when I saw it on EBay thereafter and gave up until CMON announces a reprint. Happy as a camel in an oasis when I backed it. This crossover kit just bridges my ZI and PE into one massive collection!

    10. Sarkin on

      Thank you CMON! Many of us have been asking/begging for this. I would pay 15 each for dark side and black ops as well for crossover content in an instant....its confusing people upset that if they have both games they could make their minis more useful but if they only have 1 or the other they feel ripped off somehow??
      I don't get it, must be the FOMO because this doesn't really add some huge game content to either game
      thanks again

    11. AJ Carruthers

      If it was possible to pledge for just the miniatures then I'd go for it but while the game does look interesting I've not got the time nor money for yet another set of rules I'd need to learn.

    12. kickstartmyheart on

      I knew this was going to happen when I saw the character/art design.

    13. Endo

      I don't think it's fair to say this is a "cash grab," but for me, it's not enough to go and pledge for P:E just for this.

      On the other hand, if I was already backing both games, it's probably a great add-on.

    14. JustBlayz on

      Lameeeeeeee cash grab

    15. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      @Dael I also got the MD crossover, but I was getting massive darkness so it was a good deal.

      If I wasn't getting MD it would have been just as lousy of a deal as this is :-p

      Honestly the whole timer thing kills it. We kick to kick back and relax when we play, shoot the breeze, break for snacks, not rush ourselves.

    16. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      @Foxwhisper That's still not worth $115 for people who have zero interest in Elite itself.

      Again, its a ripoff to try and boost Elite pledges for the sole benefit of CMON for anyone not already getting Elite.

      If they did a reasonably priced ZI crossover with just the mini's needed as well for ZI backers not interested in Elite it would be worth it & a benefit to CMON & ZI backers.

    17. Missing avatar

      Dael Alonso

      I really enjoy the crossover between Massive Darkness and Black Plage, it's just more game for an already big game and it's an additional reason to paint more heroes. I wasn't sure if I was backing ELITE but this crossover make the difference.

    18. Majik

      Nah I'm good, postage to Australia is $70 alone. I'll pass

    19. Foxwhisperer on

      It's not just 6 characters. It's also that you can use the biters in Z:Invader as enemies and 2 of the bosses as abominations.

    20. Missing avatar

      Greg Whitaker

      Sorry, $115 for 6 characters, I'm not in. If I could pledge $15 for the cards so I could proxy, then I probably would. After the mess with Rising Sun exclusives (still waiting on an update), I'm not so ready to give you guys money just to have it all.

    21. the Apparatus on

      It's not a cash grab. People have been asking for this since the Z:I campaign. Making the crossover include all kickstarter stretch goals would require so much development and testing that it would be very costly.

    22. Sharkey on

      The crossover kit brings over the Elite core box heroes as Survivors, Biters as Workers, and two Elite aliens as Abominations.

    23. Missing avatar

      Biboups on

      Hi and any news for invaders?

    24. Petr K.

      WTF: A poor effort to save a weak project and how to raise extra money from ZS:Invader backers... thank you, but I do not want to.

    25. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      @Fernando The way I'm reading this all you get to use in Zombiecide is the 6 base heroes. The rest is to use Zombiecide stuff in Elite.

      $115 to use 6 figures in zombiecide is a complete ripoff to try and boost Elite sales.

      There time would be better spent trying to figure out why Elite is doing so terrible, cancel the KS and relaunch after fixing what people don't like about it.

    26. Endo

      After reading the update on the P:E campaign, seems like it's only converting the 6 base characters. Meh...

    27. Missing avatar

      Dennis Howe on

      Now I'm even more glad I backed Zombicide Invader

    28. Fernando Costa

      LOL at people complaining that they have to purchase the game that comes with the content that's used for the crossover to be able to use the crossover.

    29. 95SupraTT on

      Not happy with this gimmick. This sounds like they are forcing us to run down the rabbit hole.

    30. Alex Bass on

      If only PE didn't look as ugly as it is...

    31. StarsCream

      wow, so to be able to simply get the crossover cards, we have to back the full KS for a game that someone might not want (i sure as hell dont). Guess Elite isnt doing as good as expected huh? Sha-dy

    32. joshua wojnarwsky on

      So if we back $15 only then we get this? Or $100 plus extra $15?

    33. JayLO on

      YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take my cash!

    34. Sharkey on

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I was trying to be done with KS the rest of the year but I can’t resist! XD

    35. Missing avatar

      Boilletot on

      15$ to fix this terrible art direction from PE

    36. Jonathan Horner

      I have project elite from the original campaign. Can I just get the crossover pack?

    37. Missing avatar

      Agustin Medina on

      @CMON, this same post in the other campaign is better. I think it would draw more attention if you update it.

      Also please make it possible so that we can use ALL of the content (inc expansions and SGs) in both games both ways! Either that or have a version of this pack aimed for retail and a version aimed for KS all-ins!

      I did all-in for invader and thinking about doing the same for ELITE, please make it a reality!

    38. Loig