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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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Character Redesign - Pt2

Posted by CMON (Creator)


A while back we notified you that three of the Stretch Goal Survivors would have to go through a bit of a redesign. Well, these brave characters have now exited the quantum field, some more changed than others, and so we'd like to present their final forms to you.

Madame Singleton figure 3D render.
Madame Singleton figure 3D render.
Doctor Stakefrieze figure 3D render.
Doctor Stakefrieze figure 3D render.
Richard Kindred figure 3D render.
Richard Kindred figure 3D render.


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    1. Gregg R. on

      I think it's time for a new update.... please

    2. Missing avatar

      Oscar Garcia Perez on

      I think the Richard Kindred model has not been changed. I have the original image and is exactly the same. But I didn't notice the weird thing connected to his head until the "redesign"...

    3. Missing avatar

      Zack Portera on

      When are we actually going to receive the game?

    4. Missing avatar

      BK on

      @CMON-Thank you for the update. I consider these changes to be very reasonable, and well within the tolerances of a Kickstarter campaign. It should be expected that various minor issues will come up in development of the project and that minor changes will be made. These minor changes are not a problem for me. If you want to see real problems with Kickstarter campaigns check out Evil Dead 2 and Darkness Sabotage. After experiencing those campaigns I think you will find that the minor issues popping up here are very acceptable, and appreciate the efforts and track record for this company in producing great games.

    5. Andrew_Roberts on

      These comments are just prove how dense a lot of backers are. So you think the original Richrd Kindred scuplt was better eh? It's the exact same sculpt, moron. Do a little research and make yourself at least appear more intelligent.

    6. Kosk on

      They all look great! Thank you CMON!

    7. Missing avatar

      Abraham Thunderwolf on

      The first two are excellent! hooray
      but holy hell is kindreds gun the single worst miniature apendage i have ever seen.
      it looks like a pair of cheep push pops glued to an upside down crossbow stock, and hes shooting it in the air for no reason while looking relaxed. gross

    8. Alluidh on

      @Brian Bell. You should write an email to cmon. I think they will offer a way to get your money back. You'll find another Kickstarter and leave this one behind you.

      For myself I'm very happy with this campaign and can't wait until summer of 2019 :)

    9. eBadger on

      I think it would be super in the future to try to steer a bit further from these situations so you don't have to keep substituting models for what was initially shown. As mentioned below, these seem to have strived for average and achieved it. In a situation where you're changing what you promised us, I would certainly have liked to be impressed instead of Meh.

    10. Brian Bell on

      I’m very disappointed with these changes, as 2 of the the previous sculpts were selling points for me on this expensive game. You showed a product, I purchased it, now you are changing what I signed up to buy??! Not cool. Not okay. Very disappointed with this. This will prob keep from buying in the future. I own Zombicyde BP and all its expansions, plus bought several GH models. I won’t bother pre-ordering in the future. Since you have my money you’re changing designs you sold the product with..?? Very disappointed by this!!!

    11. Brian Bell on

      Very disappointing, 2 of the figure designs you used to sell the game were selling points for me. Very disappointed with this!!!

    12. Ant on

      Was hoping these minis would get much larger redesigns as I wasn't really a huge fan of any of the originals. I don't like the random cables attached to their heads and overall I'd say these designs are worse. Oh well, they can't all be winners. Still feel like I'm getting my money's worth.

    13. Rand Chua TL on

      The redo Character Survivors got younger? :p

    14. Lockart on

      I love the new Madame Singleton. Good Job :)
      On the other hand, I find Richard's face not so great. His hair is hideous. However the mini is still my favorite ;)

    15. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      Love the reworks. See it doesn't have to be an obvious spoof to be good, subtlety works to.

    16. Felix on

      I personaly love head cabels :D

    17. Burn In Designs on

      Love the redesign. The poses are perfect as set pieces. Dynamics look great but can be a problem on the tabletop with overhanging parts and poor balance. These should be easier to place close together. The shotgun/grenade launcher is a beast. And I love how calmly the guy is posed with it. Why stress when you have more firepower than everyone around you. I am not a fan of drawn swords mainly because they bend easily but that is not a major problem with soft plastic. The Tina replacement is good, I would reposition the gun hand a little. The palm out position looks like they were trying to show the gun off and puts the hand in an unnatural position. Either way, I can't wait to get the set so the real fun can begin.

    18. Missing avatar

      Hickory on

      Thanks guys! These will do.

    19. Danny Shafer

      These poses are pretty lame. It's like they're posing for a picture. How about some action poses.

    20. Cthugha on

      These redesigns reached for average and achieved it.

    21. Gregg R. on

      they look good, although I'm more of an action pose person. They will work good as game pieces on a board. Thanks

    22. Fango on

      First thing I'm doing to the Richard figure is hacking off those ridiculous epaulets, and that giant double barreled artillery piece...and putting an LAPD 2019 Blaster pistol in its place...even if I have to sculpt it myself ;)

    23. Missing avatar

      vvedge on

      Please get rid of Stakefrieze head cables !
      (and Richard's tube too, although it's less noticeable and already was there before)

    24. kickstartmyheart on

      I think they look great. Still have aspects of their inspirations but now have some originality to them as well.

    25. Felix on

      @Tejon Blalock double barrel grenade launcher <3 :D You are right, that rocks, i love it even more now :D

    26. Joe Daley on

      Somehow I'm seeing Jeff Goldblum + Mr. Rogers + Steve McQueen in the new Richard Kindred art.

    27. Tejon Blalock

      Thoughts on:

      Tonya Singleton- Still looks a little like Tina Turner, but no longer has the similarities she had before to her Aunty Entity character. Despite that, the model looks amazing, so no qualms there.

      Bernard Stakefrieze - Really, I mean REALLY like how this one came out. He looks almost nothing like what he was parodying before, but still, he rocks. Could easily pass for a Rogue Trader, if one were to play a game of the same name using tabletop miniatures and such to enhance their entertainment when RPing with friends.

      Richard Kindred - He has a shotgun. "I" like(read: LOVE) shotguns. Ergo, I like this character model. Or at least I did, until I realized that he doesn't have a double-barreled shotgun; The barrels are entirely too large to be one. Instead, I came to the realization that he has a freaking DOUBLE-BARRELED GRENADE LAUNCHER. I no longer like this character.

      I now love it! XD

      Post-Script: I realize why you needed to change the character models/art; while I've never been in a lawsuit, I doubt it's much fun when your on the wrong end of one...much like being on the wrong end of a Xeno assault. FYI, the wrong end is the one they're running towards, not away from.

      So, while it sucks that we couldn't have them as they originally were, I'm happy with what they turned into.

      Keep up the good work!

    28. AsE on

      Im not that old to be a huge fan of blade runner so i never gave a f*** about those minis that for me have always looked very generic and im pleased with what they did to morfeus so everithing is good to me.
      Good job CMoN.

    29. Felix on

      What is not to like about a big sawed of shotgun :D And yes it is realy funny that people complain now about dekard but not before even though the mini did not realy change :D

    30. Stephen Robshaw on

      These resculpts look amazing!

    31. JAGMD on


      I miss Tina Turner but these are good.

      And I like head cables.

    32. Pressureman on

      I wasn't sure about Deckard - thought that maybe I was the only one who couldn't see any changes to the mini. Glad I'm not the only one.

    33. Missing avatar

      Juan Dietz on

      Funny all people complaining of deckard’s shoulders and his gun...did your realized that this mini was not changed? Only the art on the identity card has changed. Morpheus instead...cables to his head looks just ugly

    34. Koorak on

      Redesigns work for me. And Indon’t get the comments about the third one. The miniature hasn’t changed AT ALL. Just the art.

    35. bragonfly on

      Feel the same as most. Richards gun is silly looking, but the rest of the redesigns looks fine. Nice work CMON!

    36. Felix on

      And them you can replace richards gun with tonyas, now you have your beloved dekard :D

    37. Felix on

      For those who dont like richards shoulders, just cut them of and file it smooth. there you go :D

    38. Missing avatar

      Jyrki Leskelä on

      Noah, sorry, I mixed them up. I did mean W. Not H. W. My bad.

    39. Noah on

      Jyrki, not seeing it. Still looks like Ford a bit, like his stunt double that looks like him but isn't quite him. Not seeing Bush though.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jyrki Leskelä on

      Am I only one who thinks Richard looks like George H. W. Bush? :D

    41. JustBlayz on

      Digging the changes hard. Richard looks great glad he didnt change much

    42. Missing avatar

      kebab hunter on

      Good job, I like these changes especially the new Tonya

    43. Missing avatar

      GreyMatterExtrusion on

      Great to see the update, the new character designs look good.
      Not so sure about the design Richard's gun though. Otherwise the character looks great

    44. Missing avatar


      I like these new characters, love having all the choices for survivors. Thanks for the update!

    45. Missing avatar

      Keltickope on

      @PatrickSk holy shot man are you serious? Are you a child? What makes you think we'd get more free stuff for a character re design that had to happen for legal reasons. You're ridiculous.

      @Tobias you are just as ridiculous. Stop crying you baby 👶, lol

    46. Kristopher head on

      Madame singleton looks good in this version to me. I preferred the more Morpheus look of the old Stakefrieze but I can very much live with this new one. My biggest gripe matching a few comments I've read is how out of place/bad looking Kindred's gun seems to me. Apart from that I feel you've done a good job with the redesign even if I'll miss the old looks somewhat.

    47. Garagos on

      I like their new appearence. :)
      But it is true that Kindred's gun looks more like it will fire cannonballs than lasers.
      It's a but strange, but why not.

    48. Daniel

      and looking at richards gun now, I'm starting to really hate it. it looks like something you could conceive of while going from arrows to gunpowder in the midlleages, before learning anything about ergonomics and theory about inteligent design of weapons. It looks way out of place in a sci-fi setting.

    49. Daniel

      honestly, all 3 figures leave me with a "meh" feeling when I look at them. Not really catching much of reference from them and I feel they are too generic. That said, I am especially annoyed at the 2 male figures. those tubes going from their head to... somewhere... on the outside of their clothes... that's a good way to ensure that random combat movement or moving in restricted places will make those tubes/wires/whatever get caught and pull, which looks like it would be painfull. I cannot imagine anyone looking at such design with the intent of going into combat thinking to themselves: "that looks like a great idea!"

    50. Petr K.

      Pleasured! Nice katana in Bernard hand :-)