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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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18,486 backers pledged $3,352,208 to help bring this project to life.

Buddy is a Badass Bot! Plus all our Bases are belong to you!



It all end tomorrow, so it's good we've unlocked Gold Coast Gary to join us in the celebrations!

<Directive one: Protect survivors> 

<Directive two: Obey survivors>

<Directive three: Exterminate survivors>

Next up, we seem to have another faulty piece of machinery in our hands.

When we reach $2,850k all backers will get the Kickstarter Exclusive BuddyBot, including its figure and cards!

Similar to the previously unlocked IRIS Sentry Gun, the Buddy Bot is a rogue machine, with its particular mechanics: It is not deployed during setup as your Bot for that Mission, instead you use one of the other Bots normally. The BuddyBot has Xeno spawn cards, similar to an Abomination, and when its card is drawn, the BuddyBot is deployed and all Abominations get an extra activation. From then on, the BuddyBot acts very much like a Xeno, moving and trying to attack the Survivors during the Xenos' Phase. HOWEVER, if a Survivor has the Bot Remote token or skill, they are able to also control the BuddyBot to attack the Xenos during the Players' Phase! The BuddyBot doesn't receive an Activation token, so it's never attacked by Xenos. It is one very annoying machine!

BuddyBot figure 3D render.
BuddyBot figure 3D render.

We do have one last Optional Buy, due to popular request:

For $15, this Optional Buy comes with 48 plastic counter bases to help you identify different Xeno types. It contains:

  • 16 Gray Bases
  • 16 Black Bases
  • 16 White Bases

These counter bases can be attached to the bases of any Xeno figure (except for Abominations, of course) so you can more easily identify any special group you may want in the mayhem of your Zombicide. Keep in mind that this set will not be available in retail.



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    1. Missing avatar

      JJ Field on May 3

      I know this probably sounds crazy but hear me out -- CMON, can you please make a Massive Darkness crossover available for these minis? They're great and could very well blend into a zany cross-genre MD campaign pretty easily.

      Pretty Please???

    2. Missing avatar

      Xavon on May 2

      I agree, a Buddy Survivor, so you can use him as an Abom or Survivor would be awesome.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dean Gamble
      on May 2

      New game rule. Every time buddy opens a door, the player has to cry out "aaaaaaaand open!"

    4. Brett W. on May 2

      I wish they would have had these for Hate. In ten different Colors or however many tribes we ended up with. I would have added them for sure.

    5. Damon Steff on May 2

      This new robot had better be able to open doors!

    6. Missing avatar

      Wingnut on May 2

      Buddy survivor card please

    7. Bart Bouwman - (Thanks for Leeloo!) on May 2

      The answer by Isadora to the question if we will see a survivor card for BuddyBot in the next update..

      @Bart Bouwman - We got Leeloo, love CMON!: [rolling D20... loading result... 1] you know what *that* means

      Seems clear. But why is ‘that’ between **
      I just hope she looked at the wrong side of the dice...

    8. mitchell king
      on May 2

      Yes I must agree it would be great to have a survivor card for buddy

    9. Missing avatar

      SARMINC on May 2

      If these add-one came up 2 weeks ago I would not have said a word, but of all the things that could have been released... just seems pretty lack-luster for this stage in the campaign. CMON has to be way behind expectations for this KS. I would have expected a bit more “wow” factor in the final 48 hours.

    10. TheHoboMagician on May 2

      Survivor card for buddybot please!

    11. Bookkeeper on May 2

      @ Stephan 2 sets (3 if you want all hunters to have same base)

      18 bases for each set of hunters (say black for base set and Grey for the DS) (DS vs BASE is easy identification)
      6 for the DS Blitzers, and 8 for BASE seekers (say white) if you brought 3 sets you can use the remaining Grey ones for the tanks if desired but I found the fatties easy to spot in zombicide and Grey won’t stand out so well with the base set

    12. Bookkeeper on May 2

      @vincent when playing the game spotting the difference between hunters and workers and seekers (runners and walkers in the original) is easy to miss when the board is busy. I understand the mound makes sets of eight (I believe) but 16 is annoying for a kd exclusive as all the ones I want to mark will have 18,

    13. Bookkeeper on May 2

      @vincent when playing the game spotting the difference between hunters and workers and seekers (runners and walkers in the original) is easy to miss when the board is busy. I understand the mound makes sets of eight (I believe) but 16 is annoying for a kd exclusive as all the ones I want to mark will have 18,

    14. Da Homeless on May 2

      Claptrap and BB8 in the mix...

    15. Termite
      on May 2

      Best stretch goal of the game. I wish he was a survivor...

    16. Timothy on May 2

      Damn fine point sir!
      The hoops are probably requested by people who can’t paint haha

    17. Timothy on May 2

      @Will Shard
      You can count on that mate

    18. Missing avatar

      Steffen on May 2

      How much Bases Do I need for 150 Pledge and optional 90 Buy?

    19. Yannick De Vos on May 2

      Claptrap the best thing about that game I love to seem him here, way better than another survivor. But I would love to see some more enemies cause they make the game even better. But if you guy want to bad another survivor how about the 6 survivor for the plague gang, we need ut for immersion sake ;)

    20. Judgement Dave
      on May 2

      Not sure it's pure claptrap - the description made me think of Walter the wobot (2000AD character that sometimes appeared as housebot for Judge Dredd iirc)

    21. Missing avatar

      Vincent on May 2

      Is that really the last add on ? Can somebody explain to me why lots of people enjoy this add-on ? I feel like Pinocchio in a carpentry : lost.
      Should we have artists boxes purposed ? Some of the SG are not exclusive (Hook, Oink Ôink, ...). I guess they should come in a guest box. But when ? The guest boxes will apear the last day to give less to people to think and let us being compulsive?
      I ’ ve got the impression that Cmon is trying lots of things this campaign. I don’t know if it ’s funny or weird .

      A guest box with Abe, from the vidéo game or Cobra (the man who have a canon instead of his left arm). Thanos ?

    22. Noah on May 2

      Since they won't fit earlier versions of Zombicide's minis and are $15 per set, not worth it. Considering the number of minis that I'll be getting in total, I'd have to spend $45+ to get one for each because who wants to mess with moving them around? I understand the ones for the survivors, but this is just silly. I'd rather save myself money and take a little time to paint a ring around the base of each, as I have plenty of model paint already. I'd rather spend that money on other add-ons that will actually be useful.

    23. Missing avatar

      Rey on May 2

      @Sarminc Its not desperate when many have been asking for it. It didn't came out of the blue.

    24. Digimortal on May 2

      @Sarminc: People have asked for these in chat a fare bit, it's great as an optional addon for those people, but like you I have no need for them, why so hostile?

    25. Missing avatar

      SARMINC on May 2

      Losing confidence in whoever is steering this ship. I can paint a ring on the bases of all Xeno figures in a couple hours with $.25 worth of paint. I would never buy these rings and doubt too many others will. #DesperateForIdeas

    26. Digimortal on May 2

      Great mini, well done.

    27. Missing avatar

      trent wormley on May 2

      if we get this I'm making a custom mission. "Find claptraps eye"

    28. Paulo Ayres Muselli de Mendonça on May 2

      Ridick could be nice, a box with serenity or Expanse guys, even the martian suit armor too

    29. Missing avatar

      Christopher Skelly on May 2

      Claptrap!!! 😆

    30. Missing avatar

      Will Sheard on May 2

      @Timothy, then don’t buy them...

    31. Tobias on May 2

      If CMON has no more ideas for a Addon than the days of Zcide are counted.

    32. Missing avatar

      Alan Miller on May 2

      Dark Side nearly got me,,, But Claptrap pushed me over the edge. Well played CMON... Well played.

    33. Timothy on May 2

      Plastic hoops for $15......Bargain! :-/

    34. Garagos on May 2

      Thiago already answered the question about Z "classic" & BP in the comments.

      "@Cooperton: No, these should fit only Invader bases. They're the hard model with a hole (like Blood Rage, The Others, Massive Darkness, Rising Sun), not the old soft model like classic Zombicide and Arcadia Quest."

    35. Garagos on May 2

      @Mark Havener
      I think he was confused with this buddy... =)

    36. Foxwhisperer on May 2

      Look at me. I'm dancing! I'm dancing!

    37. Roop Pandya on May 2

      I would’ve expected an essential, must-have add on at this point to boost the final figures, instead of... plastic rings.

    38. Noah on May 2

      $15 is a bit much for that, isn't it? $5 maybe. Also, if it's necessary to need rings to tell the pieces apart, that sounds more like a design flaw than an extra feature. Perhaps the figures should be colored differently based on type or the rings included in the game or as a SG instead of asking us to buy them. We're already up to over $400 for everything, could these not be thrown in? Will the rings at least fit other versions of the game as well? (Zs1-3, BP, etc.)

    39. Garagos on May 2

      Possessor of Zombicide "classic", sometimes it is a bit confusing between runners & normals.
      I painted mines bases with different colors to see them better in game.
      If you don't paint them, it could be nice to separate them easily.

    40. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone
      on May 2

      Hooray for Claptrap!

    41. Shawn M. on May 2

      @Golbata None of the previous sets have even had Zombie bases as an add-on buy.

    42. Mark Havener on May 2

      @TheSirSpence - Seriously? Dude, it’s Claptrap, not Wall-E. I agree that Wall-E would have been lackluster at this point. A Claptrap addition to the game though? This is my favorite SG, by far (it would have been tied with Vasquez, but they changed her look, so...).

    43. Mark Havener on May 2

      Claptrap! YES!!!

      Where is the rest of my Borderlands characters?!?

    44. Golbata on May 2

      A noobs question: how necessary are those counter bases? How often would I without them be confused with the models? Thanks.

    45. Golbata on May 2

      The nomad from Hardware M.A.R.K. 13 would have been nice.

    46. Missing avatar

      Robert Mendez on May 2

      Wow...while this is cool on its own but as one of the last SG its super disappointing

    47. Missing avatar

      Eddie Lovelace on May 2

      Just FYI, these bases will also fit Conan. I know the Conan bases fit Massive Darkness and The Others. My guess is these will fit Mythic Battles as well. So they have uses in games form other companies as well.

    48. TheSirSpence (is killing me) on May 2

      Disappointed by the robot, feel like there were so many better choices than the random droid from Wall E.

      Kryten from Red Dwarf maybe, or the forbidden planet robot, or the one from the new Lost in Space or even R2

    49. Missing avatar

      Rey on May 2

      Just a small request from me, if possible add a survivor card for Buddybot/Claptrap so we can use him as a survivor as well!

    50. Derick Hildebrandt
      on May 2

      @Thiago Aranha
      Wait, are they different size mini bases than BP/GH?