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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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The Xenium must flow! But what Horror it brings...

Posted by CMON (Creator)


The countdown on our campaign is starting to run low. The Widowmaker has been unlocked for all backers, how much more will we be able to unlock?


You've asked for it, so here it is, one last special and terrifying thing, only for Soldier Pledge backers:

When we reach $2,700k all backers with a Soldier Pledge will get the Kickstarter Exclusive Xenium Horror Abomination, including its large figure and cards!

The Xenium Horror is an unsettling creature. When it spawns, it does so a mere 2 zones away from the noisiest zone on the board! And if that's not bad enough (and yeah, it is) if it spawns in a building zone it also adds a Mold token to it, with all the dire consequences that this brings.

Xenium Horror figure 3D render.
Xenium Horror figure 3D render.
Back of the Xenium Horror figure 3D render.
Back of the Xenium Horror figure 3D render.

Of course, parallel to that we also have a Stretch Goal for all backers.

Coming up next is a vast and powerful Survivor who will not let a simple Xeno invasion interfere with his profits.

When we reach $2,650k all backers will get the Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor Count Hugo Harker, including his figure and ID card!

Count Harker the Vast, as his title indicates, is a pretty heavy fellow. However, repulsors installed in his suit allow him to basically bob around, easily bypassing any obstacle. His strong personality exudes authority, making him a compelling leader to those around him. At the same time, he's more than willing to engage in bloody combat with surprising gusto!

Count Hugo Harker figure 3D render.
Count Hugo Harker figure 3D render.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Wolf Lord on

      @StarsCream At least you state you opinion intelligently, thank you.
      @ Isaiah low brow response and troll like.
      You both miss my point. It is not myself or my sensibilities. The point being a nod to Dune is fantastic. However, to use a mixture of the Baron, Andre and Willy Wonka with a gun and repulsors was just wrong and a poor choice by CMON just to say the Xenium must flow. The baron was written as a despicable, evil creature of gluttony, rapine and the worst aspects of humanity. Intelligent yes, treacherous yes. Machiavellian yes. A hero? No. Now, you will say, this version is a survivor, not a hero. Fine. Yet, in this game I have not heard of any mechanics that would reflect how the Baron was written. Why then make a man interested in doing his nephew a hero? You have Paul, Duncan, Gurney and Stilgar, all heroes in their own ways. So I know the chances are small, but you get someone who has not read Dune playing this game. They think the guy with a gun and repulsors is great, a survivor, a hero without knowing his background. They are glorifying a man that should not be, normalizing what he is. There are many anti- heroes that had standards, the baron is not one of them.
      I can dislike a choice CMON made. My voice is one among many. I still support the game, just not adding anymore to my pledge and the mini of the count with gather dust. That is fine but I do not need to get over myself and you do not need to mention my sensibilities. I see something you do not, you see something else or do not see what I do. Do not glorify evil or make someone written as evil into a hero. The nod could have been made to a true hero of the series. There were many.

    2. StarsCream

      get over yourself and stop being offended by the wind

    3. Rand Chua TL on

      Wonder if possible to see some of the others character from Frank Herbert's Dune universe.
      Lady Jessica, House Atreides, Gurney Halleck?

    4. kickstartmyheart on

      Usually there is one more add on in the last 24 hours right? Since the xenos have a cthulhu flavor to them, how low are the odds we get a box of cultist survivors.

    5. Missing avatar

      Javier Anselmo Jaramillo Godinez on

      Why not a possesed survivor by a xeno???, or a xeno capable of controlling a survivor?, with tentacles or psychic power or so... And the survivor using his/her equipment for attacking other survivors, and the others with te possibility to free him/her, that would be fun!!!

    6. Isaiah Hawk on

      Boo hoo a fictional character was evil and this giant easter egg referencing it offends my delicate sensibility.

      Woe is me! Woe!


    7. Sarkin on

      One of my top 10 new favorite heros, love the andre the giant look

    8. Paulo Ayres Muselli de Mendonça on

      Some Sardaukar could be nice

    9. Paulo Ayres Muselli de Mendonça on

      Some Sardaukar could be nice

    10. Missing avatar

      Wolf Lord on

      I must say, a surviving "Baron"is in poor taste. Not all survivors are heroes. Yet this one was evil, whose taste was for young male slaves that looked like his nephew as I remember, who could not defend themselves. It has been ages since I read Dune but I believe all I have stated is the truth. No interest at all in helping achieve this goal. I am not familiar with all the famous survivors we have in this KS. Surely there is a better anti-hero to finish off this great KS with. Really disappointed in glorifying such an evil, despicable giant piece of trash.

    11. Missing avatar

      Max Knickerbocker on

      Harker ..... Harkonnen? I love the reference to the Dune books. It’s this aspect of the KS add-on models I find very Very enjoyable. It really adds a fun flavor to the game options.

    12. Missing avatar

      Francois Latulippe on

      Ok my budget only allowed for Civilian pledge, Darkside and the Plague group, but now you went and made that Soldier pledge irresistible too with that gorgeous abomination! I'm gonna have some problem now.

    13. PK

      Bring in that floating fat man

    14. Aaron Madison on

      That thing is fucking terrifying.

    15. Missing avatar

      dutch on

      Abomination Venoooom

    16. Zammit Fabien on

      Hello ! Can we hope more special guests boxes as optional buy until the end of the campaign?
      i would love some from John howe, Neal Adams, Gipi, Paolo Parente, Jowem Nerd, Edouard Guiton, Marc Simonetti, Carl Critchlow... And extra tiles for Dark side it should be great :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Kim on

      +1 Large Blade Runner Unicorn.

    18. James Austin

      Is that Andre The Giant dressed as Baron Harkonnen?

    19. Bookkeeper on

      To really make the black ops retail be more appealing having at least 1 new xenoype in the box would’ve been good
      To go with the xenium horror,
      We could have a xenotype that is immune to energy weapons when indoors (the oxygen reacts with their skin?) a xenipede or the like, also makes having kinetic weapons more important rather than just grabbing energy weapons.

    20. Godfather Punk

      The Duke will Die before these eyes and... I'm ninja'd, am I ?
      Anyway thanks @CMoN for granting me the almost-Calvin from 'Life'. Well, at least fpr me the color scheme and the 'face' look close enough.

    21. Ben on

      @SARMINC no they don't.

    22. Zaid Fouquette on

      Am I the only one who saw his face, his head of res hair and the name Hugo Harker and saw a bit of Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka?

    23. Missing avatar

      SARMINC on

      Hope you are right. The higher the better for all of us. Separate question - do late backers $$ count toward stretch goals?

    24. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      @SARMINC - Heh, looks like someone underestimates the Final 48; we'll hit 3M quite some time before the end.

      Also, Dune reference, fuck yeah!!!

    25. Missing avatar

      SARMINC on

      The only thing that is going to turn things around and push this over $3M (a far cry from BP or GH) is something that appeals to the masses, not a sub-market of Invader buyers. For everyone that wants another survivor, there is 1 or more that is saying, “Enough on the survivors”. It won’t move the sales needle. It might make those that are already bought in happy, but won’t drive a meaningful level of sales. Optional buy space vehicle, biped mech, or a new element like @Vincent proposed (abomination that infects survivor with Xeno larva) would appeal to masses and drive meaningful sales so we all see more SG’s.

    26. Timo Schneider on

      I'd love to see a character from Mass Effect like Garrus, Shepard or Jack.

      Garth Water, a Survivor with a very specific helmet and the "I am your father" gesture.
      Maybe a Yoda-like Abomination ...

    27. Hound of Tindalos

      Will count hugo fly around? I hope sp

    28. Cthugha on

      These latest SG's are more like it, but far too late. Green Horde had over 30 "famous" survivors and Invader has over half that. GH had 2 excellent expansions with familiars, rats, ghosts ...artillery...and Dragons! Now there is Dark's the same as Invader, with space marines and tyranids. I don't get it.
      Invader core is great and started so well, it's Zombicide in space with a whole new genre to open up! I like Invader Core; the xenos, UN troops, base technicians and the Plague gang fits perfectly. Then it lost it's way. You may disagree, fair enough. But Green Horde reachd $5 million - there's a reason for that................

    29. Missing avatar

      SARMINC on

      @Vincent - love the concept of an infected survivor (host with a Xeno larva inside). I think mechanics for what you describe could be created fairly easily. This would allow an ability for a doctor to extract or cure the larva before it hatches, killing the survivor and spawning a Xeno in the place of the survivor. This would really round out the theme for this zombie ode series. Excellent suggestion - CMON, please take note. This would be a huge add-on / new elementary to this game to further distinguish from past seasons.

    30. euansmith

      The Brute Squad? Here? Inconceivable!

    31. Vincent on

      Isn’t there an abomination who lay eggs in survivors it touches ? everyone who have been touched don’t suffer a wound, but an egg has been layed in the touched survivor. At the end of this survivor’s turn, he loose 1 life.

      Or at the end of a player’s turn, the infected survivor throw a die (that’s a pun). On a 1, a zombie way out from the infected body. The survivor is dead, the baby-zombie get an extra activation.

      Or : if any zombie get an extra turn, all the eggs hatch, killing the infected survivors.

    32. M. Gulby on

      Optional buy: Fremen Seitch = Easy Mode.

    33. Missing avatar

      GodAxe on

      Its not me or the mini is almost the same as a spoiler one.

    34. Missing avatar

      Sean Bester on

      Hoping we get another Horde box to carry all this in.

    35. Missing avatar

      Lane Brown on

      I do not like the Spoiler at all, think it is the only mini until now that really failed the proof :P
      But the others are really awesome!

    36. Missing avatar

      SARMINC on

      Can some Me from CMON comment on how large the Xenium Horror is, compared to the Spoiler Abomination? The update comments on its “large figure”, but doesn’t make a comparison with other abominations.

    37. Missing avatar

      Tommy Rice on

      He is Hugo and Andre, and alittle Dune. It is Andre the G. So cool. Like this guy now.

    38. Jake Chambers on

      This Hugo fella actually reminds me of Hugo from Final Fight. Just a little bit...

    39. Juan Ramos on

      Today i was reading dune and thinking about The Barón, and now this yay

    40. Mark Havener on

      Baron Harkonnen, nice! The spice must flow! Love it!

      Nice to see another addition for the Soldier pledge level too. Everything seemed to be going to the main game which made the Soldier pledge level less enticing.

    41. Fabio on

      Do my eyes deceive me or did he steal the pistol the not-deckard miniature should have?

    42. Lucas Ray on

      SG's are nice and all... but it still doesn't feel like Black Ops is a $50 expansion once its being sold at retail without the extra goals. It seems like its missing a filler zombie troop. Like the wolves from the wulfsburg expansion from Black plague.

    43. kickstartmyheart on

      I think @Chris Courture has it right. baron vladimir harkonnen with Andre the Giants head.

    44. Missing avatar

      vvedge on

      Nice Horror abomination, but I really would like more non-human as survivor like Nura Satar, Dorian the Grey, Ix-Nix-Zik or Feydra.
      I previously read a suggestion about a survivor in a wheelchair ; that would also be a very nice addition to the roster.
      More scientist companions would also be welcome

    45. Murrell on

      Hmmmmmmm. Soldier looking a little more tempting now, but probably have to wait until the pledge manager at any rate. Too many projects going on.

    46. JayLO on

      Baron Harkonen/Hoff/Andre?! In any sense...EXCELLENT update! Be prepared for the last 48 guys! Really excited!

    47. Last Of The Brunnen G on

      Count Hugo bears a striking resemblance to Andre the Giant.

    48. Missing avatar


      So 1/3rd less the stretch goals for the main game. It's all going to expansions. =/