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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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Let there be Xenos!

Posted by CMON (Creator)


It's the last week of our campaign!! And we are already off with a good start, unlocking the Lieutenant Emma Vogel!

And don't forget that we've already revealed the nightmarish Stretch Goal that comes next:


So that we may quickly unlock all that and much more, let's offer an Optional Buy that's been heavily requested by backers. Throughout the campaign, backers have unlocked several different types of Xenos, and many of you would like to have some more of those. Well, here they are!

For $30 this Optional Buy gives you 30 Kickstarter Exclusive Xeno figures, as well as their spawn cards! This includes:

  • 8 Seeker Worker figures (featuring 2 different sculpts)
  • 6 Driller Blitzer figures (featuring 2 different sculpts)
  • 8 Xenomoth figures
  • 8 Flinger figures

Let's take a look back at these different Xeno species:

Seeker Workers

Seeker Workers are relentless in chasing down Survivors. While they may be similar to normal Workers in most regards, they are also susceptible to bursts of speed. Each Seeker Worker spawn card also grants an extra activation to any Seeker Workers already on the board. They also frequently spawn from Active Molds, and as the number of Molds increase towards the mid-end of the game, so will the number of these guys, seeking and hunting you down.

Seeker Worker figures 3D renders.
Seeker Worker figures 3D renders.

Driller Blitzers

Driller Blitzers might seem like the Drillers you're already familiar with at first, but they're much, much worse! Ok, so they are basically Tanks, dealing 2 damage per attack, and requiring 2 damage to eliminate. But they're also as fast as Hunters, performing two actions per activation. So yeah, hard to take down, incredibly fast, and will tear your head off when it gets to you.

That's already a formidable threat, even for players who are not getting the Dark Side box. Of course, when played with the Dark Side elements, they become even more dangerous, becoming harder to destroy in a Pit, and using the cover of darkness for an unstoppable charge.

Driller Blitzer figures 3D renders.
Driller Blitzer figures 3D renders.


Xenomoths are terrifying flying creatures of unknown origin. A nightmarish combination of flapping wings, snapping teeth and grabbing tentacles, Xenomoths fly incredibly fast, moving 3 Zones per activation. Fighting them off with melee weapons is nigh impossible, as they know to stay out of reach, you'll need a ranged weapon (and good aim) to be able to bring down these creatures.

Xenomoth figures 3D renders.
Xenomoth figures 3D renders.


Flingers may be relatively small, but they're an extremely dangerous type of Xeno. They are capable of performing ranged attacks at a distance of up to 2 Zones, and even being inside a building doesn't shorten their range! Whether it's in the rooms and corridors of your base, out on the planet's surface, or deep inside the dark tunnels, these nasty projectiles always find their mark and can quickly bring down any Survivor!

Flinger figures 3D renders.
Flinger figures 3D renders.


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    1. Missing avatar

      SARMINC on

      @WillK - you play with them, like any other Xeno type. Add their cards to the Xeno deck and if you draw one you put the number of drillerz specified on the card, onto the board. You would need to know their movement, damage, etc, but could look that up online in the “Dark Side” rulebook.

    2. Missing avatar

      WillK on

      What will I do with the driller blitzers if I have only the civilian pledge?

    3. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      Yay! This is the add on I've been hoping for! Of course I hope we're not done with unlocking more new alien types.

    4. Goodsound on

      Never mind, they are seeker Workers, not standard.

    5. Goodsound on

      Why are standard Workers part of this Promo Xeno box? Doesn‘t make sense, all other xenos do.

    6. Missing avatar

      dutch on

      ED209 Bipedal mech for the next SG..... You have 10 seconds to comply

    7. Scott Paisley on

      Are these just extra Xeno's? Or are they variant new unique ones? My brain is sleep deprived and I'm unable to human today.

    8. Missing avatar

      Matthew Cunningham on

      A Power Loader homage (as a controlled sentry or a survivor) would be a cool SG. Especially if it rivaled the size of the Abominations.

    9. Missing avatar

      Wingnut on

      I'm going to add another Civilian pledge instead of buying $30 of Zenos :P

    10. Cooperton, Shotgun Shogun of Brimstone on

      For those asking for more Broodlings, keep in mind they will only ever spawn from the brood mother. So if you only have 1 of her, youll never need more than 8 broodlings.

    11. Missing avatar

      SARMINC on

      Still hoping we see something incredible to drive $$ up and hit more stretch goals. This update indicated “much more to come”. If it is more survivors it’s not going to help sales. Hoping for some massive abomination, space vehicle, or manned mech weapon (one more Titanfall plug).

    12. Mark-Ders on

      Love this add-on. But I also struggle with the question if I should take one or two ...

    13. Marco Tonino on

      For those asking about balance: each unit type in the past has always been accommodated by ~20 miniatures. This coupled with addition spawn cards means they'll actually make an thematic amd tangible impact on a game. If all my 21 deadeye walkers are on the board it's a very different game then fighting the wolves. Just 6 or 8 of them and it can be too little to notice.

      Personally I like to pick a few to add to the core game deck. I don't put in wolves, deadeyes, 7 abominations and VIPs (who actually make it easier btw) all at once. It increases replayability more then different survivors do.

    14. Missing avatar

      Steve Irvine

      @marco thanks... Now to work out if I can afford it lol

    15. Marco Tonino on

      @Steve yep that works

    16. Missing avatar

      Steve Irvine

      Can I just ask a dumb question? If I throw an extra $150 at this to get 2x soldier pledges, do I get 2x all the SG'S?

    17. Stephen Robshaw on

      Definitely be buying at least 1 box of these. Well done CMON!! Great add-on.

    18. Petr K.

      Only extra Xenos? Not really ... if they were promotional sculpture, then super and I want it!

    19. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      Awesome, thanks! Only decision left is: Do I need one box or two? Hmmm... There are worse decisions in life than this one. :)

      Oh, Mitchell King is right, the Brood are missing. I can live with that, but it would make the Black Ops box a bit more interesting for those on the fence.

    20. euansmith

      Extra Xenomoths is very, very tempting.

    21. mitchell king

      Great deal. Love it. Now add 8 more broods as a soldier pledge only SG!

    22. Alfred on

      Yes! Great :)

    23. Missing avatar

      vvedge on

      Kinda disappointed as I don't need more xenos but for sure many have asked for it and it should mean that it will help to reach the next SG faster ;)
      @Sylvanus : it's marked KS exclusive, so I don't think it will hit retail (or maybe in another scuplt)
      @Shawn : as pointed by @Phillip Martin : Brood Mother is soldier pledge exclusive so I doubt it would make its way to single add-on... but I would love to see more brood children as a parallel SG for the soldier pledge ; I'm currently at civilian level and it would definitely make me upgrade !

    24. Missing avatar

      Christian Kirchberg on

      i might get two of those let alone for the driller blitzers

    25. Shawn M. on

      Could we get a Brood Mother and Brood Children add-on? 8 brood children compared to the tons of other Xenos does not seem like much.

    26. Missing avatar

      Kalavera on

      Hi guys, sure the contend is already available in the core game and the expansion, but it adds the option to play with more alians on the table. The alternative sculpt for the worker is not really impressive.
      If there are some additional spawn cards it would become interesting. A nice box ? No need for that. I store everything in individual case systems. So focus on good contend and many good missions. This is what is important.

    27. Sylvanus on

      So only give an option of a box that will be soin available un retails. So nothing new...

    28. Missing avatar

      SARMINC on

      @Phillip Martin - an optional buy is an optional buy for any pledge level. This will allow those with a Civillian pledge to add these to their core set. This is advantageous for multiple reasons - others have commented on some of these. It allows you to not hit an “extra activation” if you do not have additional figures of a certain type. It also allows more of these Xeno type’s cards, as they will come with Xeno cards. This means the chances of these Xeno types spawning increases. Finally, it allows someone that has not purchased “Dark Side” to introduce drillers into their core set. Overall, a solid update I will be adding to my pledge.

    29. kickstartmyheart on

      With the extra xenos have additional spawn cards(new numbers) or just dupes of the spawn cards we are already getting?

    30. Missing avatar

      Alexis Darbon on

      I like this add-on and will indeed increase my pledge.

      However, seeing as there no new SG indicated after the Widowmaker, may I suggest something I read in someone else's comments: a few tiles with some ships. Maybe one with a small craft, a simple shuttle, and two with a bigger one, and, on the reverse sides, the same, but crashed.

      This way, we could have scenarios where we are scavenging for parts to get the shuttle restarted, or rushing to reach the orbital shuttle to flee, or, on the contrary, fleeing a crashed ship for the safety of the base.

      I can envision a multipart scenario where we would have to cross the planet's surface from a crashed surface shuttle amid spawned xenos to reach the base, have to maintain it clear of xenos for a numer of turns to open the underground access (Dark Side) to get to the other side of the base (Black Ops) to finally get aboard the still functioning orbital shuttle. Since there would be three or four separate parts (depending on how the first base is developed), it could do for up to four moderately long game sessions, or one marathon. And use most of the additional figures.

      We could also have to save some survivors on the way, both to fulfill the rescue mission and to get the engineer or pilot necessary to fly away. There, the Orphans could also be interesting...

    31. Missing avatar

      Edwin Dale Sanders on

      When are we going to see the Xeno Biology sheet for the Mother-in-Law Abomination?

    32. Craig Shackleton

      Thanks for the clarifications! I had skimmed the WIP, but missed that. Cool!

    33. John DeCocq

      @Craig - Page 30 of the WIP rules states that the out-of-miniatures steps have changed. Running out of any type of mini results in: 1) All Abominations in play gain an extra activation; 2) A new Abomination spawns.

      More minis is also a survival technique in this version!

    34. Missing avatar

      TigreBH on

      please, put these guys in a nice and exclusive box...

    35. Missing avatar

      Rob Sumrall on

      @ MWoody @ Craig Adding additional xenos does adjust the balance of the game, but I think it adds a level of replay-ability to the game. While you don't get the extra activations, you do tend to level up faster, resulting in larger hoards. It is just a different variation on the game that me and my buddies enjoy. Sometimes we don't add the extra figures; sometimes we do.

    36. Caleb Priester on

      My wallet...I love/hate how amazing this add-on is...

    37. PK

      They call me The Seeker

    38. Missing avatar

      Matthew Cunningham on

      If you don't swap xeno invasion cards and just add the additional ones, it can make for an easier game as you have less of a chance of running out of models that'll give abominations extra activations and spawns.

      If you swap the invasion cards between certain types, it can change up the gameplay to be more/less difficult or switch up how you deal with encounters. Faster and ranged Xenos will make it harder to put off engagement and be melee focused for example.

    39. The Concubine on

      Need more soldiers..addon a team of 6 soldiers please!

    40. Bart M

      Why not new xeno’s? Extra add on abominations?

    41. Bean Juan on

      This is NOT THUNDERCATS!

    42. Missing avatar

      Matthew Cunningham on

      This just makes it easier to theme the invasion decks to your preference. Want the challenge of facing ranged opponents. Put in more Flingers. Want everything to hit hard and be more difficult to take down? Swap your core hunters with the tougher and faster driller tanks.

    43. MWoody

      I'll echo Golbata's question: as someone who has never played this series before, I don't understand how this interacts with gameplay. Does the game scale up to include these creatures somehow? Does that affect difficulty?

    44. Craig Shackleton

      How does having extra miniatures affect game balance, or how do the rules address this? I know that if you don't have any minis left and draw an activation card, all of that type on the board get an extra activation. So if I have more, is it just a trade off that they don't get extra activations as often, but there can be a bigger horde? Or is there some other rule I don't know? (I have played, but don't own any of the previous Zombicide games).

    45. Missing avatar

      Tobias on

      Experimenting with scenario difficulty

    46. Golbata on

      Could somebody explain to me the purpose of the addon?
      One group it targets is I assume people who want to play huge games with custom missions, 18 characters at once, the additional tile set and so on, and thus need more enemies as they otherwise run out of them.
      Another group I can see would be people who are not that much interested in the game itself, but just in the minis (for collectors or painting reasons).
      Another group might be people who want to sell these extra minis later to people who got the core game in retail and miss the exclusives.

      So, if I just want to play regular missions, don't want to get into miniature trading and have enough minis to paint, I don't need it? Or do I miss something?


    47. Missing avatar

      ShirowShirow on

      My prayers have been answered. There are gonna be SO MANY creepy-crawlies running around my board.

    48. Michael B on

      @boilingkettle it might say in the update

    49. Phillip Martin on

      Sebastian, they absolutely will not. It is an exclusive for the soldier pledge; so I highly doubt they'll even budge on it. For the record, I'd love extra of them.

      They could add extra brood babies to the soldier backers though, that would saweeeet.