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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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18,486 backers pledged $3,352,208 to help bring this project to life.

A Survivor must protect its own existence. Specially from giant spiders!

Posted by CMON (Creator)


Carlota Mendez is now unlocked for all backers and is ready to eliminate Xenos anytime and anywhere! 

In fact, we agreed with some backer feedback that her pose could be more dynamic, so we've changed Trooper Mendez up a bit!

Trooper Mendez figure 3D render.
Trooper Mendez figure 3D render.

Of course, Mendez had some help in being unlocked so quickly from the recently announced Plague Gang Survivors.

Along the way we also managed to unlock the terrifying Driller Blitzers to all backers purchasing Dark Side:


Our next Stretch Goal is a living, thinking entity, created with a special aptitude for combat:

When we reach $2,440k all backers will get the Kickstarter Exclusive Lieutenant Emma Vogel, including her figure and ID card! 

Lieutenant Vogel was already a very capable fighting machine before being turned into literally that. Now she's fast, lethal with any kind of weaponry, and possessed of strength well beyond what her light frame would suggest.

Lt. Emma Vogel figure 3D render.
Lt. Emma Vogel figure 3D render.


The Stretch Goal after that is itching to be revealed, and we know you're itching to see it, so here it is in all it's nightmarish glory:

When we reach $2,550k all backers will get the Kickstarter Exclusive Widowmaker Abomination, including its large figure and cards!

The Widowmaker lives up to its name, and then some! Its several long, razor-sharp legs give this creature amazing speed, allowing it to move 2 zones per action. And when it attacks, it lashes out in a flurry of deadly claws that swing on a wide arc, attacking all zones adjacent to it!

Widowmaker Abomination figure 3D render.
Widowmaker Abomination figure 3D render.
Back of the Widowmaker Abomination figure 3D render.
Back of the Widowmaker Abomination figure 3D render.



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    1. Missing avatar

      CaffeineMage on

      Can we get some striations or something on Emma's head so it doesn't look like a baldcap? I love it otherwise

      Also +1 for thinking the original Mendez was more distinctive.

    2. charbonnier

      to put an end to the controversy over the two poses, one solution:
      - the first poses with vasquez
      - secunde pose with drake

    3. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      Much better pose. Though I like the original artwork better. +1 for the new abombination

    4. Missing avatar

      Linda Sandbox on

      Did anyone else notice that Mendez is left handed in the artwork and right handed pose for the mini?

    5. Missing avatar

      Bob Enman

      Original Pose Please

    6. Erik on

      yeah! more abominations!!! we need more!

    7. Sharkey on

      I prefer the original art but really like the new mini. =P

    8. Lord Azalin on

      I also liked the old Vasquez better.

    9. Vincent on

      @Sylvanus : it’s not false.

    10. Sylvanus on

      Seriously, how have you validate basic game xenos design ?
      Too much tentacle, too human... the alternative abo mean you have good designers ...
      So why have you be so lisy ?
      Or so greedy ?

    11. Missing avatar

      Sam K on

      I like the new pose, but I'd like to see the eye cover added on. That would help with the Vasquez reference.

    12. mitchell king

      But I’m good either way

    13. mitchell king

      New pose is better than old pose

    14. Missing avatar

      Chris Yoshida on

      I liked Mendez's original pose better because it instantly reminded me of Vasquez. Now when I look at the image, I have to look hard to see the Vasquez reference. If the gun is going to be lowered, it would be awesome to have her in the "braced for firing" stance.

    15. Eddy the Zombie Pandanado on

      Please give us the original Mendez pose as a optional purchase, I've seen many people who want it, plus I preferred it myself, it was such a great pose. Loving Emma's sculpt (please don't change it) and Widowmaker being a cross between the Alien Queen in Aliens and Acklay from Attack of the Clones :)

    16. Mark Havener on

      @SARMINC - I suspect it has to do with theme and timing. I am not sure most people want that many Abominations...I know in my games more survivor variety adds interest, but having more Abom options doesn’t move the needle much.

      I get some people want more xenos, but I’m for more survivors. Give us more options for our player characters. I’m still waiting for more Colonial marines (hopefully in iconic poses). :)

      There are a few good games in KS right now, and that is taking its toll I think. I’m confident that the Terminator game would have had a better chance to succeed if they hadn’t attempted it right now. I know I’m backing three Kickstarters at the same time, and it’s impacted my pledge level here.

    17. Mark Havener on

      Add me to the “preferred original, more iconic pose”, but whatever...I’ll take it. I would really prefer the card artwork be changed back though. I’m still really happy to have Vasquez.

      Please don’t take the clothing off the android. This isn’t Westworld. Just inserting this now, because I didn’t say “don’t change Vasquez” when I posted my support for her, and you listened to others who wanted her changed to a less iconic pose. Don’t change the android please! :)

    18. Todd Ferrullo on

      I definitely preferred the more iconic original pose on Mendez and especially the original artwork as the new art looks rushed and less interesting. I am also disappointed that there does not appear to be any more SGs for the Soldier pledge as I am still uncertain if I will be downgrading back to Civilian as it does not hold the value that previous Black Plague pledges did.

    19. Foxwhisperer on

      If the Android is anatomically accurate, I'm sure she needs some clothing.

    20. Foxwhisperer on

      I am in the first pose better camp. But whateves...

    21. Paulo Ayres Muselli de Mendonça on

      I want more Xenos, more Xenos and more xenos....

    22. Missing avatar


      Great pose for Mendez ready for the hunt or onslaught to begin

    23. Stockpile on

      androids don't need clothing covering up all those interesting seams, she needs to be showing more alloy. please lose the jacket, shorts, belt, and boots .

    24. Liam Xadow on

      I'm the only one that think is ironic so many haters because old Carlota pose and anyone comment anything about Lt. Vogel pointing down ?

      Just a though

    25. Missing avatar

      Wolf Lord on

      Personally, I like the new pose. I was going to alter her to a more dynamic pose anyway. However, I think the iconic pose looked great on her stat card and should be used as such. Each side gets a little of what they want. Middle ground and fitting.
      As to the Widowmaker, if the claws are so sharp, what about a weapon begin able to be constructed from a leg after taking this abomination down? Again fitting or dare I say cutting edge?

    26. Missing avatar


      What would be cool is if the next survivor could be modeled after Ash from "Army of Darkness", just add a space theme to him. I would definitely up my pledge to get that.

    27. Jamie Sanchez on

      Can we have the original Carlota as an optional buy? The replacement pose looks too generic and I'm surprised you didn't go with another iconic pose - legs braced and leading arm straight.

    28. Terrorpin

      @sarmanic the variety of survivors is great for me as a painter. However, as a gamer, I agree that we will all find our favorites and the bulk will go unused. I would prefer more zombies than more survivors. But I'm happy with whatever we end up unlocking

    29. Missing avatar

      SARMINC on

      Why is Invader not doing as well as Green Horde?? Just a comparison - 14 Abominations in Green Horde vs 8 in Invader. Invader has about 20-25 more Survivors than Green Horde. Could it be that people know they are only going to play with a few favorite survivors across multiple games, but want maximum enemy variety? Is it the timing of the launch, with lots of other Kickstarter games in the mix, or simply the space vs Fantasy theme that is less popular?

    30. Pretty Dead

      @Stuart Fern, if you'd bought the Abominations pack for Black Plague or gotten the KS exclusives, you'd have seen that it does come with a little flyer that explains what each of them do that you can keep on your table. I'm 100% certain they'll make the same flyer for this.

    31. Missing avatar

      Rob Sumrall on

      I love the idea of a stat sheet for the Abominations!

    32. Sarkin on

      Yes I will chime in with that again as well. A small stat card like the robots have would be great, flavor text on everything as well +1+1

    33. Phillip Martin on

      I like this model for the brood mother

    34. Phillip Martin on

      I'd love an abomination stat sheet!

    35. Stuart Fern on

      Hi CMON. Do you think we could have a small stat card for the abominations that can sit out when we play. Trying to remember which hulking creature does what can be a bit confusing. It is all fairly simple so just a small reminder card or sheet would be great.

    36. Skritter on

      The old pose needed to be fixed to show proper weight distribution.

      The new pose is better for the game.

    37. Rick on

      Where's the Stephen Hawking tribute?

    38. M. Gulby on

      Original pose was iconic, now she's just another rando gun-haver. Oh well. Might as well cancel my pledge and buy a bucket of plastic army men. lulz

    39. Missing avatar

      Colin Nicholls on

      The abomination reminds me of the Acklay from Star Wars. Love the new survivor.

    40. Paul Wilko on

      I like the new Mendez, but also liked the first pose that I thought looked more dangerous. Can we have both please CMON? The new Widowmaker is awesome....

    41. Missing avatar

      SARMINC on

      Titanfall-style mech - anyone else think this would be cool as a SG? For those that aren’t familiar, Google “Titanfall XBOX”. As a Red weapon or survivor to play with 2-3 survivors to balance sides with multiple abominations in play.

    42. Missing avatar

      jason on

      I do agree eith many that the 1st pose suited the charecter better sure she was standing still (not in atction) but that was what made the charecter significant to ehi she was

    43. Missing avatar

      Cameron Smith on

      I agree, better pose. I think the "action" - getting ready to fire poses work best IMO. Awesome Abomination too! Well done.

    44. Missing avatar

      Abel merin on

      Pregnant!!! I want her pregnant...
      And what do you want?
      a fashion?

    45. Margareth S

      (The mini does look tons better!)

    46. Luke Whitehurst on

      Do we get both versions of Mendez? I'd rather have the original than this new one.

    47. Missing avatar

      GABARD Julien on

      First pose for Mendez but with an exosquelton ... more charismatic and more réalistic !

    48. Margareth S

      Would have loved to retain the image for Vasquez, and only changed up the mini's pose. Oh well, I do have a working printer ;)

    49. Missing avatar

      GABARD Julien on

      Mendez should have an exosqueltte to manipulate his weapon like in alien...

    50. Sarkin on

      Really this is our battle???......... Kilgores legs there is a war worth fight for ;P