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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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A trooper with a big gun, and a gang ready to fend off the xeno infection!

Posted by CMON (Creator)


Her badge checked out, and Lieutenant Lara Hansen has been cleared to join us!


For the next Stretch Goal we have a trooper who doesn't kid around.

When we reach $2,350k all backers will get the Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor Carlota Mendez, including her figure and ID card!

Trooper Mendez is a beast with a machine gun. When she opens fire, she doesn't let go of the trigger, rolling an extra die for each subsequent burst. Aside from being a gun aficionado, she also has extensive experience with automated systems like Sentry Guns.

Trooper Mendez figure 3D render.
Trooper Mendez figure 3D render.

As we enter the last weekend of our campaign, we'd like to offer you one more Survivor Pack to help us on our mission. When dealing with infected Xenos, you need people prepared for it:

For $15 this Kickstarter Exclusive Optional Buy brings players a set of 5 original Survivors designed by the talented Stefan Kopinski, including their figures and ID cards!

This team, specialized in dealing with emergency situations in infected environments, is well suited to dealing with the crisis at PK-L7. They are smart and flexible, free from normal military protocols. All members of the Plague Gang are so resourceful they are able to perform Search actions in any Zone, not only rooms.

Doctor Sydney Hills

Doctor Hills is a natural in the frontlines of a crisis. He charges into danger fearlessly, shoving xenos out of his way and wiping them out with surprising ferocity for someone with a PHD.

Doctor Sydney Hills figure 3D render.
Doctor Sydney Hills figure 3D render.

Doctor Carmen Sunyer

Carmen's hunting days come very handy against the Xenos. She's very capable with a ranged weapon, managing to strike true most of the time, whether at point-blank range or sniping from afar.

Doctor Carmen Sunyer figure 3D render.
Doctor Carmen Sunyer figure 3D render.

Finn Bartoo

Finn's skills as a sniper are unparalleled. He's able to to sit quietly for a long time, hiding his presence from the enemy, only to strike suddenly with uncanny precision and lethality.

Finn Bartoo figure 3D render.
Finn Bartoo figure 3D render.


As a quartermaster, MacIntyre is an expert in finding the stuff he needs. His search actions always yield an extra piece of equipment. He can scrounge parts to build remote controls for any kind of machine, and is certainly not afraid to get his hands dirty when things get tough.

McIntyre figure 3D render.
McIntyre figure 3D render.

Doctor Pat Fieser

Doctor Fieser has a keen understanding of the Xenos. As a consequence he seems to have a weird connection with them, being able to anticipate their moves and cut them down using his twin blades with surgical precision. In time, his research may even allow him to stand against the abominations.

Doctor Pat Fieser figure 3D render.
Doctor Pat Fieser figure 3D render.
The Plague Gang.
The Plague Gang.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Abraham Thunderwolf on

      this is hands down what i wanted form this kickstarter, wish there had been more guest packs

    2. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      I think this my favorite group so far.

    3. Missing avatar

      Victor Robert Banel on

      I would've bought the Plague Gang if it was 6 figures like every other set...

    4. Laionel on

      Godfather "Burt Gummer in Spaaaace"Punk
      Good question

    5. Kenna

      I love everything we get from the Kopinskis.

    6. Godfather Punk

      Why is Finn from the Czech Republic but Sergeant "Ook Ook" Svobade from Czechia? :^)

    7. Laionel on

      Yes, I like this Plague Gang, but Finn Bartoo is not typical Czech name....Finn Bartoš is.

    8. James Austin

      I think the issue with the pose is that in the movie the smartgun is considerably smaller than that, is mounted to a rig on her chest, and she only holds the gun in that position for a few seconds at the time.

    9. Sacha cauvin on

      Love this team, i'll get this one!

    10. Jack

      These are nice but can we please have some 'infected' space humans as zombie stretch goals, maybe they can be infected corpses crawling or moving together as a mass of corpses! Something weird and terrible, that could even be an abomination, something weird and corrupted that once was human

    11. Alluidh on

      @Garagos - Because of Stefan Kopinski, the Gang, the group, the life and everything. In the past we had to pay 20$ for 2 (Zombicide) for 3-4 (BP/GH) and now 15$ for 5/6. I think it is OK and nobody is forced to buy the pack.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Bouchard on

      I would purchase a full colonial marine add on. Now that would make this game amazing !

    13. Anders Larsson on

      What i really would like to see is Cobra from Space Adventure Cobra. But there are many choises in the world of sci-fi. As long as there is no Star Trek, i will be happy

    14. Garagos on

      Why only 5 heroes in this pack ? It's unfair to pay same price for less.

    15. Missing avatar

      James Miller

      Don't tease us, we need the whole platoon from Aliens!!

    16. Balloongineer

      Agreed. Either lean her back, or put one foot forward to brace the weight.

    17. Alex Bass on

      +1 Koorak. Mendez's pose needs to be corrected. It just looks off balance.

    18. Pretty Dead

      They look cool, but they don't look like they belong in space.

    19. Rand Chua TL on

      Like this new Plague gang miniatures

    20. Koorak on

      Awkward pose on Mendez. She needs to lean back more. Her center of gravity is too far forward to hold a gun that big. Looks like she is about to fall over.

    21. Koorak on

      Awkward pose on Mendez. She needs to lean back more. Her center of gravity is too far forward to hold a gun that big. Looks like she is about to fall over.

    22. Missing avatar

      WillK on

      @Way: No, he said "+ Shipping". Excluding shipping, everything comes to $375 at the moment. (Shipping depends on where in the world you are and will be charged after the campaign finished.)

    23. Way on

      @hickory 385? I only count up to 375. Did I miss something?

    24. Adam

      Vasquez is perfect! It would have been nice to have a Colonial Marine box set, and then one for Firefly. I can dream.

    25. Michael B on

      Only 5 in this one?

    26. Paul Wilko on

      Love the new trooper figure, does this mean we might get more trooper figures such as a 'Reese' and an Android?

    27. Alfred on

      Great SG :D Love this stuff!

    28. Da Homeless on

      Please bring Zombie enemies. We need Zombies in ZOMBIcide, don‘t we?

    29. Missing avatar

      Hickory on

      276~ minis. Total cost for one of everything offered: $385 + shipping and applicable tax.

    30. Missing avatar

      Lachlan on

      Just a question... if "she's a beast with a machine gun" why give her model a flamethrower?

      Love the survivors.

    31. Nathan Beitler on

      So what does that bring the total to for an all in pledge ?

    32. Nathan Beitler on

      So what does that bring us up to for an all in pledge?

    33. Missing avatar

      WillK on

      I think Carlota Mendez definitely needs the muscle. Those "yoga arms" (as depicted in her ID card) doesn't seem strong enough to swing that big weapon around. :P The 3D render seems much better. ;)

    34. Last Of The Brunnen G on

      Mendez-about 2 cup sizes smaller than Vasquez was.
      Dr Hill’s tool looks like something that would be used to probe someone, which goes along with the pooper scooper thing on his belt.
      McIntyre- Black Irish?

    35. Thomas M

      Great! Big fan

    36. Christian Boura on

      Love the survivor characters, many SF "celebrities" are included, maybe there could also appear a model like the T-800 (Arnie) or T-1000.

    37. Missing avatar

      Thomas Mertens on

      More Aliens characters please!

    38. Justin "Vex" Brissette

      We need survivors with more heavy weapons and maybe flame or plasma weapons.

    39. Damon Steff on

      Nice to see Sergeant Ramirez get an update from the Sedition Wars Kickstarter, but why the complete change in name? I think it would have been nice to see a little continuity between the 2 campaigns, and maybe some hope that we might yet see a few more Sedition Wars characters pop up here.

    40. Luke Whitehurst on

      These are the best add-on survivor pack by far, but as others have said - it'd be great to get some more Xenos options.

    41. Ryan Fair on

      This add on pack is awesome. I hope we see at least one more like this before the end!

    42. Lucas Ray on

      Very very cool but I was hoping all the gangs would have the full six members to round out the teams. Still these character add on gang groupings are much better than the thousand smaller and more expensive ones we had with Black Plague.

    43. Waffles are the Best

      do you want her in a pretty dress, matt ball?

    44. Missing avatar

      Matthew Cunningham on

      Def going to cancel HATE now. Even if I cut out the dice and deck holders, this is going to be a heavy pledge with all these great (IMO) add ons and the new core.

    45. Insulin King on

      Yes yes yes! Carlota Mendez is my favorite character so far!!

    46. Missing avatar

      Matt Ball on

      Do you think Carlota ever gets mistaken for a man?

    47. coRxx on

      Im in love with the sniper, but to much survivors for me. 3 big boxes and all the sg are more then enough.

    48. Missing avatar

      Sascha Roth on

      Oh yeah finally lets rooooock! Now we Need GAME OVER MAN GAME OVER :)