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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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18,486 backers pledged $3,352,208 to help bring this project to life.

What's worse than a Tank? A FAST Tank, of course!



The struggle to unlock Lara Hansen continues. Hope she'll be joining our team soon!

Meanwhile, we hear you miss having parallel Stretch Goals going. So how about we do one more. And hey, why not make it something really enticing?

This Stretch Goal will add a whole new Driller variant, only for backers who get the Dark Side box:

When we reach $2,300k, backers purchasing the Dark Side core box in this campaign will get the Kickstarter Exclusive Driller Blitzers, including 6 figures in two different sculpts, plus spawn cards!

Driller Blitzers might seem like the Drillers you're already familiar with at first, but they're much, much worse! Ok, so they are basically Tanks, dealing 2 damage per attack, and requiring 2 damage to eliminate. But they're also as fast as Hunters, performing two actions per activation. So yeah, hard to take down, incredibly fast, and will tear your head off when it gets to you.

Oh, and don't forget, as a Driller, it's harder to destroy if it's in a Pit zone. Just thought I'd mention.

Driller Blitzer figures 3D renders.
Driller Blitzer figures 3D renders.

Ah, and there's the darkness as well, which makes it even harder to kill them before they get to you. Oh boy...



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    1. Missing avatar

      Lodovico on April 29

      Is possible have this how optional buy?

    2. Missing avatar

      Vincent on April 28

      @Kevin : I agree with you ! People from civilian's pledge help to unlock every thing but they can't get everything. It sounds unfair.
      But the problems comes from the the Soldier's pledge has a nice core box and an expensive expension with very few (9 minis, when there are 6 minis for 15$ on optional buys) or useless material (dashboards). The only way they found to encourage people to buy this almost useless expension, is to add some specific stretch goals. But it seems to be an Cmon mistake that Civilian's pledgers pay.

    3. Brad Hermann
      on April 28

      Is Lara showing the Xenoes her multipass? Odd choice...

    4. PewPewLaserYoda on April 28

      looks ace, i wonder what the shipping costs are gonna be, with all of these big boxes and SG inside. Knowing CMON its gonna be a large pill to swallow XD

    5. Missing avatar

      vvedge on April 28

      Parallel SG rocks ! Just please don't make it alternate SG and keep the same gap between regular ones (currently 90k slowly increasing) and don't wait another 170k for the next DS SG (60k was good :) )...
      also, keep giving some love to the soldier pledge too : you got me in for DS but I still need some more incentive for BO :)
      I would gladly exchange those extra 6 dashboards for 3D doors or some minis, because I really won't need 18 of them...
      @Andrew_Roberts : I was thinking like you at first but in fact it would only be fair if DS SG were based just on actual DS pledges and not overall pledges... but I agree to the fact the current ratio (98 minis for DS against 146 for invader) isn't fully satisfying
      @kevin freksen : on the other hand, each DS buyer help increase total contribution and thus help unlock the next regular SG ; so every DS SG helps you get your next one :) (as long as SG are kept parallel, just keep an eye to regular SG gap, it slowly increase like in previous Zombicide campaign)

      As for next DS SG : more scientist companions maybe ?

    6. Missing avatar

      Swen Gaudl on April 28

      The kickstarter and all the unlocked models are amazing.

      It would be great if there was a stretch goal for a new mission/scenario pack as well. I really love the campaign so far but I wish it contains more variety in tiles and scenarios which we could unlock.

    7. Missing avatar

      Pat on April 28

      Yay! I like this. Now At least I'll have mini's and cards to experiment with chargers in game. It's hard to replicate the random spawn without cards, mini's are no problem something can always represent but cards are hard.
      I must say I think you've found a good rhythm with how these stretch goals are being revealed. Survivors- soldiers or civilians, then an abombination, then some new alien troop type. The mix keeps it fresh and the variety of new enemies will keep this game far from growing stale. Good job.
      Hope you might consider a volatile lobber tank that hits the whole zone for 1 damage from a distance but if if you kill him he's quite explosive.
      Or a grabber tank that pulls a survivor into it's zone from a distance instead of attacking first
      I might use these blitzers for camouflaged hunters but who wouldn't love to see what you guys can cook up instead.

    8. Francois Therrien on April 27

      I meant.. Reverse-Evil-Ash...

    9. Francois Therrien on April 27

      Frank is the evil ash of the dark side of zombicide as weird as it sounds like.. XD

    10. Francois Therrien on April 27

      @Claymore Good point!!!

    11. Claymore Nash on April 27

      Troy is Ash huh? Well Frank has a chainsaw arm ;)

    12. Andrew_Roberts on April 27

      @Kevin, people pledging for Dark Side are putting in twice as much money as those just pledging for the base game. If things were truly fair half of the stretch goals would be Dark side only.

    13. Missing avatar

      kevin bermingham on April 27

      troy is ash from evil dead

    14. Claymore Nash on April 27

      I've never backed a Zombicide before and I don't know who Troy is!

    15. Brandon the Wut on April 27

      In my opinion, if they don't add a new version of Troy here, I think making up an Invader character card for Ultimate Troy would work just as well. Or any version of Troy, really.

    16. Missing avatar

      Xavon on April 27

      How about an 'Hiers' add on; Invaders versions of the original Zombicide and BP Survivors...

    17. Joshua
      on April 27

      @dafrca: Naw, you're allowed your opinion. Even if it's wrong. :P

      Seriously, though, I'd rather have a Paxton character anyway.

    18. Brandon the Wut on April 27


      Boooo! Hiss! We all need Space Troy! :P

    19. dafrca on April 27

      At the sake of being killed, I am kind of glad they have not done a Space Troy. I mean I could make a tray card for the figure I already own if I really want him in this game. I would rather see the remaining slots used for folks we don't have yet. But I get that is just my opinion. LOL

    20. Joshua
      on April 27

      Space Troy and a Bill Paxton Tribute-character are absolute MUSTS!

    21. DungeonMaster 4 Space Troy
      on April 27

      Still no space Troy.

    22. Olivier Van Brockhoven on April 27

      +1 for optional add ons of extra exclusive aliens

    23. Missing avatar

      Rey on April 27

      +1 for optional add ons of extra exclusive aliens. Feel like I wont have enough of these bad boys and friends.

    24. kevin freksen on April 27

      It makes no sense that people who just have the invader pledge has to help unlock stuff for another base game.

    25. Missing avatar

      Zach Blay on April 27

      So this will be the last parallel stretch goal?

    26. Missing avatar

      GodAxe on April 27

      So here we are 2 soldier pledge and 2 Ds.... Yeah... No more need the tiles pack

    27. Missing avatar

      GodAxe on April 27

      I ll. Take ds twice ... Just to got 12 of them....

    28. prwarrior04
      on April 27

      +1 for boxes of xenos as add-ons

    29. Michael Brooke on April 27

      Adam, the sculpts give it away...

    30. Vic Harper
      on April 27

      Very nice work! How cool is this going to be!
      Will there be add-ons available during the survey timeframe?
      Like addition figures and game parts?

    31. Adam on April 27

      These are awesome, I just wish that these specialty figures had distinct bases to make them easily identifiable from similar models.

    32. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on April 27

      May we finally buy extras of the previous new alien types to help with the goal, please? I bought extra Fattie Bursters in Green Horde and really, really want more of the Seekers, Xenomoths etc to avoid extra activations and for bigger games.

    33. Mark-Ders on April 27

      I like these :)

    34. Joshua
      on April 27

      These are BAD-ASH!!!

    35. mitchell king
      on April 27

      Dark side has the coolest looking artwork and sculpts

    36. Rene Weinmann on April 27

      At least 2/3 pledgelevel sg again :) really like it, just want to see the next soldier one too :)))

    37. Fabio on April 27

      I like the art!

    38. Aaron Madison on April 27


    39. Cruel on April 27

      @Thiago: Nice SG. More enemy variation is better than a ton of suvivors. Now put in a new big box expansion and then we have a nice day.

    40. DaveC on April 27

      Please do a Blitzer add on when they are unlocked.

    41. Gedracon on April 27

      No love for the Soldier pledge?

    42. Ben on April 27

      Sweet one !

    43. Flohsors "Goeng-Si” Wong on April 27

      Interesting combination :)

    44. Sharkey on April 27