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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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Plastics! It's the way of the future!

Posted by CMON (Creator)


In the last few days we've unlocked several Stretch Goals that added lots of extra Xeno figures to backers purchasing Dark Side.

And once we reach $2,130k we will release the Driller Worker figures in two different Kickstarter Exclusive sculpts for all backers getting Dark Side.


Meanwhile we continue on our way to unlocking Kilgore for Soldier backers:

As well as unlocking the Butcher for all backers:


How about an Optional Buy to speed us on our way? Let's bling out our games with that space-age material: plastic!

For $25 this Optional Buy gives players 91 plastic tokens so that they don't need to use any cardboard ones in their game! This set contains the various token types found in Invader, Black Ops, and Dark Side, which means you'll have enough plastic tokens to setup any Mission contained in any of these boxes.

The Plastic Token Pack contains:

  • 1 Exit Point Token
  • 1 First Player Token
  • 2 Machine Activation Tokens
  • 18 Noise Tokens
  • 16 Objective Tokens
  • 4 Prototype Weapon Tokens
  • 1 Camouflage Token
  • 13 Xenos Spawn Tokens
  • 20 Mold Tokens
  • 15 Pit Tokens

Please keep in mind that the images above are merely illustrative and the final look is subject to change.


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    1. Vincent on

      +1 for what Mike Nogle said :

      That would be great to get and whole Zombicide's crossover's add-on (ID cards, quests, campaign...)

    2. Missing avatar

      Tobias Metzger on

      This really reminds of the old Star Quest game!

    3. Missing avatar

      GodAxe on

      Think it was nt possible... I will have 30 of these...

      I will probably remake id card from. My Zc moderne to use somme ... I also thinking of a p vs p... Will try to dont get them be forgot

    4. BreezingThrough

      Any chance I can trade 10 of the 18 dashboards for the plastic set instead?

    5. Joshua

      HOO-WAAH! Kilgore is in the HIZZ-OUSE!

    6. Carmen on

      @Jullien -- it's difficult to tell considering everyone has differing tastes.
      I love my plastic tokens: they're more visible on the board, have a little bit extra heft to them, are (slightly) easier to pick up, and are more durable than the cardboard tokens.
      $25 is a tiny bit more expensive than usual (I spent $20 on my last token set) -- though, with this set you also get the mold and pit markers.

    7. Kenna

      Man this is going to run me a lot, but I expected nothing less.

    8. Selven - The Order of the Goat $7.77 on

      Double question:
      If i add more darkside to my knight pledge i get extra xeno forevri box?
      No more dark side stretch goal?

    9. Missing avatar

      Jullien on

      I only have the 3 seasons of the modern Zombicide (no KS, wish i knew about Zombicide back then) and i don't have any plastic token.
      Do they really bring something special to the game experience ?

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      I wonder if there will be an additional buy in's for extra Xeno's

    11. DungeonMaster 4 the ban of fossil fuels

      Really like these in my games. Wish they would have made one for Moloch.

    12. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      Finally! Added! I'm still biting myself for not getting them for Massive Darkness (didn't expect that game to become a hit with my group and only got it for the minis - my, was I in for a surprise!), so I'm not gonna miss out this time. (PS: CMON, finally publish those MD plastic tokens to stores, will ya, pretty please with a cherry on top?)

    13. Mark-Ders on

      The add-on I was waiting for as well

    14. Brian on

      Been waiting for this add on - Plastic tokens rock :)

    15. John DeCocq

      @boilingKettle I have the token packs for the Modern and the Black Plague sets. They are premium quality, embossed symbols, and either printed or painted finish. After numerous games of each they show no signs of wear. I do not regret either purchase.
      This is an immediate add for me.

    16. Golbata on

      @boiling I assume that the tokens are made of a single colored plastic, with a single color print on top of the elevated icons. But I'm not sure.

    17. Missing avatar

      Urohawk on

      @BoilingKettle, yes they come prepainted.

    18. dafrca on

      And there goes the extra workers goal. $2,130k

    19. Golbata on

      @Ryan thanks

    20. Ryan Valdez

      @Golbata nothing aside from a nicer more premium feel from cardboard.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jonas Bak Wold on

      How about a tab listing all of the available additional buys?

    22. Golbata on

      What's the advantage of plastic vs cardboard?

    23. boilingKettle on

      Asking the people who owns the previous ones, are these tokens painted?

    24. QorDaq

      Been looking forward to this one!

    25. Mike Nogle on

      The add on i want most would be a set of cards for the first three zombicide Kickstarters survivors that fit in the trays for this.

    26. Ben on

      Great ... something I can throw another 25 bucks on ;D

    27. Missing avatar

      Will Sheard on

      I’m going to have so much to paint when all this kit arrives. I’ve done approximate math and for those getting Darkside and are on Soldier Pledge, without optional buys we are getting over 200 models so far

    28. Missing avatar

      Richard Heidemann on

      Yes! Nothing blings better than plastic tokens along with custom dice :-)

    29. Flohsors "Goeng-Si” Wong on

      There goes the token pack