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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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18,486 backers pledged $3,352,208 to help bring this project to life.

The Xeno firing squad is poised to attack!

Posted by CMON (Creator)


Shiver me durasteel beams, Captain Warlock is unleashed upon the galaxy!


Our next Stretch Goal will bring a nasty kind of enemy that backers have requested since the beginning of the campaign: ranged Xenos!

When we reach the milestone of $2 Million all backers will get the Kickstarter Exclusive Flinger Xenos, including 8 figures and 9 spawn cards!

Flingers may be relatively small, but they're an extremely dangerous type of Xeno. They are capable of performing ranged attacks at a distance of up to 2 Zones, and even being inside a building doesn't shorten their range! Whether it's in the rooms and corridors of your base, out on the planet's surface, or deep inside the dark tunnels, these nasty projectiles always find their mark and can quickly bring down any Survivor!

Flinger figure 3D render.
Flinger figure 3D render.

Ah, the Dark Side Optional Buy, it seems like it was only yesterday that it was announced...

Well, in fact that's true, and in that update we mentioned we might be adding even more extras to backers purchasing this additional core box during this campaign. True to our word, let's draw a plan to add extra Xeno figures so you can have even bigger swarms roaming the dark tunnels, including some Kickstarter Exclusive alternate poses!

When we reach $1,950k all backers getting Dark Side will get an extra Driller Abomination figure!

Driller Abomination figure 3D render.
Driller Abomination figure 3D render.

When we reach $2,010k all backers getting Dark Side will get 4 extra Driller Hunter figures in a Kickstarter Exclusive sculpt!

Alternate Driller Hunter figure 3D render.
Alternate Driller Hunter figure 3D render.

When we reach $2,070k all backers getting Dark Side will get 4 extra Driller Tank figures in a Kickstarter Exclusive sculpt!

Alternate Driller Tank figure 3D render.
Alternate Driller Tank figure 3D render.

And when we reach $2,130k all backers getting Dark Side will get 8 extra Driller Worker figures in two different Kickstarter Exclusive sculpts!

Alternate Driller Worker figures 3D renders.
Alternate Driller Worker figures 3D renders.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      Super cool I like the variety of the goals. I know I keep posting this but it's true. Hoping we will see more alien monsters with unique attacks or abilities. Like grabbing survivors and pulling them into there zone or camouflaged hunters that spawn in an adjacent zone. Volatile xenos that explode, and sluggish beasts that turn into raging berserkers when they see a survivor. Keep the hordes coming.

    2. MGAC

      Just gets better and better...

    3. Stuart Fern on

      For people who are getting everything the current stretch goal mania is amazing. It is like stretch goal inception.

    4. Typhon

      In case it goes over peoples heads I’m referencing a movie. Anyone know which movie?

    5. Typhon

      Do these clingers have more than the minimum amount of flair?

    6. Heisenbrain on

      @Andrew You're thinking about the strechgoals wrong. They are not replacing civ or soldier strech goals with Dark Side, they are relasing them in parallel, so that the Dark Side pledgers don't feel like they got screwed out of strech goal goodness on a potential second Invader KS.
      There are multiple Strech goals active at once, the next civ goal will be released as soon as we hit the 2 mil needed for the active goal.

    7. Alfred on

      Great stuff 👌😁

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew Mortensen on

      Every update is making my friend who is new to zombicide feel less and less like pledging. You need more civilian and soldier goals. They feel like they're being screwed going with even soldier pledge at this point.

    9. Michael Brooke on

      I would say you get the companions sets equal to copies of Dark Side as it's more of a bonus addon, but the Dark Side SG once per Invader+DarkSide (so 1 Invader & 2 DS would only get you 1x set of DS SGs)

    10. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      Oh, the main campaign graphic looks pretty clearly like the SGs come with each box!

      About the campaign: While I'm very, very sad about all the exclusive and limited stuff, I also enjoy this campaign tremendously!
      The sadness is twofold: 1) new players who try the game with us or who read my battle reports will not be able to get all monsters or even the other base game. That's a terrible trend since Green Horde, alternate sculpts and some promo survivors were always good enough for me. 2) It's obvious CMON doesn't expect this game to sell well in stores, so they try to sell everything here. Which means there's probably no future for this game.
      The enjoyment is, I expected NOTHING from this campaign. It's not even a theme I like much (I'm more a samurai/steampunk/fantasy/Cthulhu gal). But the rules surprised me with really nice new mechanics and a well-written background story, I love them! So this campaign keeps on surprising me and I love every SG and the addons. Plus, we'll finally have a game where we can field all our old Warzone, 40k, Vor, Void etc pp minis and also the Deep Madness and Chronicle X stuff later, and my brother will finally stop bugging me with "I wanna play a Space Mariiiiine!". Now he can, hah!
      The only things I'm still hoping for are a plastic marker set and the ability to buy more of the new alien types for bigger games and less extra activations.
      I hope the appeal of the base game is still big enough for a German version later, as it would be a nice game for my English-phobic brother.

    11. Missing avatar

      jgtogi on

      @mitchell king I think you misunderstand my point completely. I am just stating the way I see it. I am not trying to sway anyone to not kickstart the project. If anything I am swaying people too kickstart the project. I have said that this will likely be your only chance to get these items and that CMON won't likely be supporting Invader in the future. It's good that they are desperate at this point. We are seeing seven stretch goals over the next 200k where in past we would see two or three at this point in the campaign.

      In the long run we'll likely get less unlocks in total but at least they are not shortchanging us completely and giving us things that would have been meant for higher stretch goals. It's an interesting compromise for what is looking to be a relatively mediocre campaign. I am just looking at this from a business perspective and it is interesting to watch. My negativity is personal. If you are happy with the campaign. Good on you, I am glad that you (and most people like you claim) are enjoying it. I just see things from a different perspective.

    12. Vincent on

      (the first word was : "It")

    13. Vincent on

      I would have been easier to create a 3rd pledge : General Pledge with both core boxes and all streatch goals. But now, they would loose most of all the expansions pledgers. Or they can create a 4th one : The Marshall Pledge with 2 core boxes and 2 expansions (because I guess the Dark Sides of the force box has his own expansion). But that would be a 300$ pledge. That would be a LOT.
      But : because the expansion price is over priced, they could make a discount : 2 core boxes and 2 expansions : 250$

      Is that a dream ?

    14. mitchell king

      Have to agree with Markus on this one jgtogi. They have run 30 Very successful KS’s. And they change their formula on each one. They even say that in the FAQ’s. So if this game or campaign is not for you then that’s your choice. But don’t try to sway people to join you. Because if you cannot tell the vast majority love the campaign, the minis, gameplay and all the optional buys.

    15. Missing avatar

      Freddydafox on

      Can't see any desperation here. Still 9 strong days before us.
      Just remembered that this is CMONs 30th Kickstarter campaign. Maybe that's why things run different these days.

    16. Missing avatar

      jgtogi on

      Say what you want but it looks like CMON is trying to run a Darkside Kickstarter campaign within the Invader Kickstarter at this point. It's interesting to see them get a bit desperate at this point. It looks like they are really trying to hit 3 mil and they will likely make it (just barely). It's good for backers but kind of disappointing overall. I have this thought that if they earned more money these stretch goals would have been pushed out over two years. Now it looks like Invader is mostly going to be a one year thing with a bunch of limited print stuff. I am not sure if it worth backing at this point. It has been an interesting look at the business behind these big business Kickstarters and the marketing machine behind them.

    17. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      @Michael and Kenna: Actually, I'm a she, but what Kenna said! :)
      I assume yes too, but I don't want to promise our friend something wrong, especially since the text says "all backers who bought Dark Side" and not "for every Dark Side box". I hope Thiago will answer.

    18. Missing avatar

      Johan Adamsson

      So awesome.. I really need a crossover for BP and MD!! :P

    19. Kenna

      @Michael - We know that. His question is, if he buys two copies of Dark Sides, does he get two copies of all the related exclusives? I assume the answer is yes, as in past campaigns, but assuming isn't always correct.

    20. Michael Brooke on

      Kenna, Eph (etc)... You only get the extra Drillers SGs if you get Dark Side

    21. Kenna

      I would say it works like Green Horde, where the expansion with an exclusive mini gets you one mini per expansion box you buy...but now I'm questioning, too.

    22. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      @CMON: Are those Dark Side Stretch Goals per backer or per Dark Side box bought? I might have a friend interested in getting Dark Side only, so I would buy 2 boxes. If the extra minis are for each that might convince him faster.
      I know 2 base pledges give twice the SGs, but I'm unsure how it's handled with all these "just with X" goals this time.

    23. Vincent on

      and +1 to a cross over between the differents Zombicides (Back to the Future with a whole campaign book). And Think about that with the Demogorgone Abomination that would fit in this Zombicide.

    24. Phillip Martin on

      Can we have an option to have everything ship together? That would be amazing! I don't want a core shipment, expansion shipment, and KSE shipment.

    25. Vincent on

      + 1 to alternate poses of the abominations that already are ine core boxes (regular one and the drill one).
      I said almost the same thing,but I forgot the word "pose". So I...moarf

    26. Vincent on

      + 1 to alternate abominations that already are in core boxes (Regular one and drill one)

    27. Phillip Martin on

      I'd love to see a swarm of moldy worms which ooze from the walls if more than x noise is made or like the skinners from S3 if you roll a 1 killing something else.

    28. Missing avatar

      Rob Sumrall on

      I once staying in a monkey sanctuary in Belize. Nasty little critters kept throwing their feces at us. I wish on all things zombified that I could have blasted them with a flame thrower. This SG is gonna be therapeutic for me.... #issues

    29. Flohsors "Goeng-Si” Wong on

      Nasty little critters :) well done! But the flavour text suggests somehing like a poison condition? Is that going to happen?

    30. Missing avatar

      Olivierthib on

      Ok the question was answered while I was typing :D

    31. Missing avatar

      Olivierthib on

      Hi all , is increasing the amount we will pay at the end the only thing to do, to make sure we will get the "dark side box"? And then select it when it comes to pledge manager ? Or is there anything else to do/select ?

    32. insider714 on

      Wow, they're REALLY trying to push the envelope to justify this campaign. However, I dunno if I can justify the expense at this point. What's the gimmick for the "next" Zombicide Invader going to be if hey "blow their load" all at once like this? Makes it seem like, at this point, this game won't receive after- Kickstarter support like so many of CMON's other properties. As it stands, the only POSSIBLE after- Kicstarter content so far is 3 Survivors which, (if you look at their MO for Zombicide games) They haven't even reached the full pack of after- Kickstarter content. Meaning, if you missed this Kickstarter, the only thing you MIGHT be able to buy are ONE guest survivor box and that's it. What's that mean for brick and Mortar stores? For getting people into this game AFTER Kickstarter. Seems to me CMON doesn't really care about retail sales anymore and just wants to front- load....

      A sad day we live in indeed. Here's to corporate greed! ;)

    33. PK

      Chili's or Flingers, lol xD

    34. Missing avatar

      MarcusF on

      how many boxes are expected with all these SG? XD

    35. Missing avatar

      Will Sheard on

      @Damien Brooks, if you’ve pledged at least $240 assuming Soldier pledge, then you choose the optional buy for Dark Side and that Dark Side stuff would be auto included.

    36. JustBlayz on

      WOW what an update

    37. Josh (no not that Josh)

      Hm. wondering if these will be in their own box....

    38. Waffles are the Best

      captain warlock = captain harlock?

    39. Damien Brooks on

      Do I need to add the extra pledge now for the optional but to get the stretch goals or do I get them as long as I order it with the pledge manager?

    40. Duncan on

      I was getting painting backlog anxiety thinking about all the minis I'll have to paint but I've just decided that I'm simply not going to use the core game aliens at all - these guys are soo much better.

    41. HunterPrototype on

      How about a different pose for the Abodomination too

    42. Sharkey on

      A waste?! It just doubled the chances of holes for these bastards to hide in!

    43. Sharkey on

      I fully expect them to be the same as workers, much like Deadeyes are.

    44. XofMdS on

      Is it possible to know what priority order thèses Flingers get?

    45. Warco on

      @Bastian.....I'm with you mate -_-

    46. Saud

      The extra Driller Abomination is a waste. At least give him an alternate pose.

    47. Missing avatar

      Bastian Muth on

      Alright, alright.. if that's the case I am in for Soldier Pledge AND Dark Side.. *sigh*

    48. Warco on