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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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Come down to the Dark Side!

Posted by CMON (Creator)


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Unexpected events happen all the time, but we were not prepared for this. The Xenos, a species so alien to us we could barely communicate with it, grew infected with… something… in a very short span. They redirected their underground galleries to meet our mining tunnels and attacked everyone on sight. They caught us by surprise, in the dark.

As I record this, the Xenos are destroying their way up to the surface so fast, the army can barely react. But I’m part of the Green Squad, the sole military unit to survive so deep below PK-L7. We still receive instructions from the command HQ. We are survivors, and there is plenty to do. Let’s move!


It has long been rumored that foul things lurked in the darkness of the underground mining tunnels of PK-L7. Today we bring the Dark Side to the light!

For $90 this Optional Buy gives you Zombicide: Dark Side! This is an entirely new standalone core box, including all the content you would expect in a Zombicide base game: Survivors, Machines, Xenos, Tiles, Missions, Equipment, Tokens, etc. While Dark Side is an independent entry point into the Zombicide sci-fi universe, it is also fully compatible with Zombicide: Invader, which means it also acts as an expansion for it, bringing a lot more content to your game.

In Dark Side, players take on the role of the soldiers of Green Squade and delve into the underground mining facilities of PK-L7. There they will face a new breed of Xenos: Drillers! these red devils benefit from the pits that the Driller Abomination digs up, using them for extra protection, and to make surprise attacks on the Survivors. Players will also have to contend with the crushing darkness of the tunnels, which severely hamper ranged combat. With new equipment at their disposal, and new tactics to be learned, Green Squad might just stand a chance to make its way out of the dark!

Dark Side will be produced as a Limited Print Run. This means we will only produce enough quantity to fulfill the backers' orders and any other retail pre-orders, but have no plans to reprint at this time. To be clear, this is not a Kickstarter Exclusive, and will be available at retail. But numbers will be limited, so if you want to guarantee a copy, the safe way is to include it in your pledge.

Zombicide: Dark Side comes with:

  • 9 Double-sided Game Tiles 
  • 72 Miniatures 
  • 6 Survivor Plastic Dashboards, Color Bases, and ID Cards 
  • 48 Plastic Trackers 
  • 6 Dice 
  • 128 Mini Cards 
  • 15 Pits
  • 56 Tokens 
  • 1 Rulebook

But that's not all that's lurking in the dark!

By purchasing Dark Side in this campaign, you will also get some awesome extras not available in the retail version: A booklet featuring 10 new Missions that mix together elements from both the Invader and Dark Side boxes. These Missions also utilize a new game mechanic: Companions that will help the Survivors in their mission. 3 Kickstarter Exclusive Scientist Companions are included, each granting Survivors a different benefit. These extra elements are explored more in depth towards the end of this Update.

Now let's take a deep dive into the Dark Side and explore all of its elements!

One of the main features of Dark Side (and what gives this box its name), are the tiles which make up the underground mining facilities at PK-L7. Stepping outside the living barracks and processing facilities, players find themselves in the dark tunnels that stretch down into the planet's rocky crust.

The buildings in these tiles are mechanically similar to the ones in Invader, featuring normal rooms, Security rooms where Soldiers can search, Corridors with open lines of sight, and airlocks leading out of them. As the tunnels are linked to the base's life-support systems, no Oxygen tanks are required to step out of the airlock. However, if you can find a flashlight, it would be very useful. The outside tunnels are drowned in darkness, so those are considered Dark Zones. Survivors cannot trace a line of sight to a Dark Zone, unless they are standing in it. This makes the use of ranged weapons in the tunnels extremely tricky, unless you have the equipment to shine a light into the darkness.

The 9 double-sided Tiles of Dark Side.
The 9 double-sided Tiles of Dark Side.

In the stifling darkness of the mining tunnels, Survivors will have to face a new breed of Xenos: Drillers! 


The Driller Abomination is the stuff of nightmares. This huge beast is all claws and horns and other things that skewer and gore. Its attacks deal 3 damage, instantly killing even an armored soldier. Like all Abominations, it gets an extra activation whenever an Abomination card is drawn, or the players run out of a type of Xeno miniatures, so it can be on top of you when you least expect it. Bringing it down requires 3 damage, which can be obtained by using a Seismic Grenade, or concentrating your fire.

Driller Abomination figure 3D render.
Driller Abomination figure 3D render.
Back of the Driller Abomination figure 3D render.
Back of the Driller Abomination figure 3D render.

Of course, there's also the "driller" part to contend with. Whenever the Driller Abomination gets an extra activation, it digs a Pit in its Zone. The Zone then becomes a Pit Zone, losing any special abilities it might have had (other than still being a Dark Zone, of course), and becoming impossible to search in. That's the least of your worries, though. While a Pit is allowed to remain open, it has two effects:

- Open Pit Zones may spawn extra Driller Xenos when Pit Spawn cards are drawn during the Xenos' Phase, or when searching the Equipment deck!

- Any Driller Xenos standing in an Open Pit Zone become extra resistant to attacks: An additional Damage is required to eliminate these entrenched monsters!

In order to avoid these terrible consequences, Survivors should try their best to find Seismic Grenades and throw them at Open Pits in order to collapse them. The Zone then becomes a Filled Pit Zone, which still can't be searched and with no special abilities, but hey, it could be worse!

An Open Pit is incredibly dangerous. Collapse it with a Seismic Grenade as soon as you can!
An Open Pit is incredibly dangerous. Collapse it with a Seismic Grenade as soon as you can!


Driller Workers are the grunts of this Xeno race. Spawning in large numbers, Workers may quickly surround the Survivors, specially if spawning from Open Pits. While Workers are usually not a big challenge to put down, things could become tricky if you need to eliminate them while entrenched in an Open Pit. Having to deal 2 Damage to kill each Driller Worker is no picnic!

Driller Worker figures 3D renders.
Driller Worker figures 3D renders.
Back of the Driller Worker figures 3D renders.
Back of the Driller Worker figures 3D renders.


That Hunters are a very real threat, Survivors should already be aware of (2 actions per activation usually means a quick death, even dealing only 1 damage per attack). However, Driller Hunters charging at you under the cover of darkness is a whole other level of terror! Try to draw them into a building, preferably to the corridors, so you may stand a chance of shooting them down a couple Zones away. If you're fighting them in the dark tunnels, you're in deep trouble. Don't even dream of engaging them in a Pit Zone, where it will take 2 Damage to destroy each of them.

Driller Hunter figures 3D renders.
Driller Hunter figures 3D renders.


Driller Tanks deal 2 damage in a single attack, which is enough to kill most Survivors in one hit. Thankfully they are not very fast, so if you meet them in the dark tunnels you may still be able to position yourself to take them on. But for all that is holy don't allow them to take protection in an Open Pit Zone. Having to deal 3 Damage to take one down means no normal weapon will do the job, it will be like attacking an Abomination!

Driller Tank figures 3D renders.
Driller Tank figures 3D renders.

Dark Side features the brave soldiers of Green Squad. The fact that these guys are the ones having to face the Driller Hunters in the dark tunnels means they're either very good, or just extremely unfortunate. Let's learn more about them while we can.


Miranda's combat reflexes can be crucial in surviving the Drillers. She can guard Open Pits, attacking for free whenever new Drillers spawn there. With several free combat actions at her disposal, she's able to secure a whole quadrant by herself.

Miranda figure 3D render.
Miranda figure 3D render.


In such a dire situation, you need a tough soldier to hold the line. Drake is that soldier. His technical knowledge allows him to fully repair his armor every round. But Drake doesn't just stand there and take it, he dishes it out just as well. Each subsequent Ranged action he takes in the same round rolls and extra die!

Drake figure 3D render.
Drake figure 3D render.


Reese seems to have been trained to deal with the exact situation where she now finds herself. In the dark, you'll ned to engage Xenos at point blank range, and she's able to expertly use ranged weapons in such a way. And if that's not enough, she may just shove them away to buy some time for the next attack.

Reese figure 3D render.
Reese figure 3D render.


Miles is extremely agile, being able to move incredibly fast and jump over obstacles in his way in order to fulfill his mission. He's a well trained fighter, though many say his effectiveness often comes down to sheer luck.

Miles figure 3D render.
Miles figure 3D render.


The only non-human of Green Squad, Umkos is an extremely welcome addition to the team's current predicament. As his primary sense is actually smell, he is unaffected by the darkness of the tunnels, being able to pick out the Xenos way before his squad mates even know they're there. Getting free actions for any kind of combat also helps make him very effective.

Umkos figure 3D render.
Umkos figure 3D render.


Soldiers admittedly are fairly limited in their ability to find equipment anywhere. Radka comes in very handy, as her searches yield extra gear for the squad. She's also able to control all kinds of machines with no need of a remote, and can quickly slip through swarms of Xenos unscathed.

Radka figure 3D render.
Radka figure 3D render.

A new squad comes with it own machinery, ready to take on their mission.


The first important feature of the Vindicator Bot is that it ignores Dark Zones, so it may come as a blessing to Survivors. While it's not capable of performing Melee actions, the Vindicator's shots deal 2 damage each, and have a fair chance of killing most targets.

Vindicator Bot figure 3D render.
Vindicator Bot figure 3D render.


The Maul Sentry Gun can also fire into Dark Zones, showering them with extremely accurate shots that can bring down a Tank (as long as it's not hiding in a Pit).

Maul Sentry Gun figure 3D render.
Maul Sentry Gun figure 3D render.

Dark Side comes with a new Equipment deck chock full of new gear for the players to explore. Instead of a SMG, Dark Side Survivors start the game with a Pistol. Perhaps less powerful, but much more accurate, and working very well in tandem with a melee weapon.

Starting Pistol, Chainsword, and Pit Saw.
Starting Pistol, Chainsword, and Pit Saw.

And of course, there's a plethora of other ranged and melee weapons, including awesome prototype weapons that are capable of bypassing the limitations of fighting in the dark.

Saw Assault Rifle, Reaver Sword, Golden Dragon Pistol, and Prototype Laser Rifle.
Saw Assault Rifle, Reaver Sword, Golden Dragon Pistol, and Prototype Laser Rifle.

As a special treat for those backers who choose to acquire Dark Side in this Kickstarter campaign, we're throwing in some awesome extra stuff to make even better use of what Dark Side offers!

The contents of Invader and Dark Side are fully compatible with each other, so why not create a full set of Missions that combine the tiles and other elements from both boxes? This booklet will include 10 new Missions to bridge the gap between the surface and the underground of PK-L7.

While the booklet will be included with Dark Side purchases in the campaign, we'll make the PDF available for everybody.
While the booklet will be included with Dark Side purchases in the campaign, we'll make the PDF available for everybody.

But that's not all that these new Missions will do. They'll also introduce a new element to the game: Scientist Companions! These character are different from Survivors, as their role is just to help the Survivors in their mission. They can be moved around the map, granting extra Skills to nearby Survivors!

Lukas - Tactical Expert

The Tactical Expert provides Survivors close to him with the Combat Reflexes skill, giving them a free extra action whenever a Xeno spawns within their line of sight.

Lukas figure 3D render.
Lukas figure 3D render.

Olive - Explorer

The Explorer provides Survivors close to her with the +1 free Search Action skill, allowing them to Search every round without having to spend their basic actions to do so.

Olive figure 3D render.
Olive figure 3D render.

Markus - Instructor

The Instructor allows Survivors close to him to gain extra Experience on the go. They can simply spend 1 Action in order to gain 3 XP, quickly unlocking extra skills.

Markus figure 3D render.
Markus figure 3D render.

If you want more challenges, different strategies, and new resources, don't hesitate to pick up the Zombicide: Dark Side core box for $90 in this Kickstarter campaign. We may even be able to add a few more Extras to it before all is said and done.

Keep in mind that, since Dark Side is an Optional Buy, you'll need to get a Civilian or Soldier Pledge first before adding extra funds for this additional box. It's not possible to get Dark Side instead of Invader.

And because this Update wasn't long enough already, let's go ahead and reveal the next two Stretch Goals!

When we reach $1,750k all backers will get the Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor Lieutenant Jee-hye Chey, including her figure and ID card!

Lieutenant Chey is an incredibly effective exterminator of Xenos. No matter what combat action she performs, her attacks are always able to eliminate one more Xeno than normal. Her other skills give her all sorts of varied combat bonuses, allowing her to specialize in either melee or ranged attacks.

Jee-hye Chey figure 3D render.
Jee-hye Chey figure 3D render.

Guess there's room for one more, right?

When we reach $1,820k all backers will get the Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor Trooper 19-82 "Squirrely", including his figure and ID card!

A loner by nature, Squirrely can always find what he needs to Survive, being able to Search without spending one of his actions. At higher experience his true nature comes to the forefront, with a superhuman strength, superhuman senses, and superhuman thirst for battle!

'Squirrely' figure 3D render.
'Squirrely' figure 3D render.


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    1. Rafael Gutierrez

      Is there still time to add Dark Side to the pledge?
      Please let me know

    2. Simon Crouch on

      I buy pretty much anything with zombicide in the title, but I'm not sure about this one. I'm not sure why they aren't waiting a year to release the expansion, I'm curious if they are realizing zombicide fatigue might be a thing.

    3. Sluffmo

      Sorry, but why have effectively a Kickstarter exclusive to be a standalone set when you have to buy the base game with it.

      I'm not even upset about the price. I'm upset about needless components that just take up space. I'm literally going to throw any duplicate stuff out, but I'll still have this extra box to store.

      It's already bad enough that I have to spend more money after I get CMON games to build or buy inserts to slim down the shelf space they take up when there isn't a bunch of extra stuff.

      Please start taking this into consideration. At the very least, plan your boxes and inserts so they can they can good all the non-KS exclusive stuff in as few boxes as possible. That or partner with an insert company like Go7, and offer an insert with the campaign.

    4. Ronald E Elmore on

      Is Darkside a whole new box? With additional stuff?

    5. Balloongineer

      While I really like the smaller xenos in this set, the driller abomination just seems really odd for a few reasons. Its pose looks like a mixture of Wolverine's iconic claw pose and some fabulous Broadway musical singer, mid high note. Also, its wolverine claws look like armor/weapons clipped onto its forearms instead of being part of its anatomy... is this intentional? I also hate that it is looking straight up and not at its future victims... not menacing at all. The driller tanks have the right idea! Is it too late in the game for this model to be modified a little?

    6. diversionArchitect on

      Stoked to not have to wait another year or more for another kickstarter to get a big expansion like this!

    7. adrian robson on

      "so if you want to guarantee a copy, the safe way is to include it in your pledge." Interesting way to try and gauge another $90 out of me for what is basically the original Zombicide game play plus rules for 'darkness'. So count me out.

    8. PewPewLaserYoda on

      '2 Kickstarters in 1, so only half the Stretch Goals...Cheers CMoN my Zombicide addiction may be at an end' <<<< this!! i have nothing to add to this

    9. Missing avatar

      Turbo on

      2 Kickstarters in 1, so only half the Stretch Goals...Cheers CMoN my Zombicide addiction may be at an end

    10. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      Wow! This campaign has it all. Well almost. But I'm hoping you've planned well ahead all these moving parts. I hope you won't run into to many if any at all getting this out on time. I would hate to see this be in phases like DARK SOULS. Of course the last two Zombicides have been more or less phased.

    11. David John Connolly

      So this is basically Zombicide Invader 2.0, but in the same campaign instead of a year later as far as I can see. Seems unusual for CMON as they could have easily made a second Kickstarter for Dark Side if/when this one has shipped/finished.

    12. Akira on

      awesome! i wish you could choose light side or dark side and get a set of SGs with either... as it is.. please don't give us more dashboards. use the plastic on minis instead... if we have to get more dashboards maybe you could do them in red or something at least? or maybe remove the dashboards from black ops and give us more minis in that box instead... TOO MANY DASHBOARDS. awesome new aliens though!!!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      It's a shame you have so little faith in this "Dark Side" idea that you don't believe it can make it on shelves as a regular game. :/

      Also, not liking entire game system part (companions) as kickstarter exclusive.

    14. kickstartmyheart on

      @Troy Astarte I joked to a coworker that "The dude from Blade Runner looks like Ninja from Die Antwoord." Followed by laughter. I don't think it's actually Ninja but sometimes Zombicide characters reference more than one person. Ninja was in Chappie, which was pretty much a sci-fi flick, it could work. It's a stretch but if some people want to think he's Ninja, no harm in that.

    15. Michael B on

      @Benjamin T. Adams the line under the "extras" makes it quite clear, the companions are only if you also pledge for the Dark Side box

    16. Michael B on

      Good job KS isn't a shop then

    17. Goodsound on

      As Dark Side is a full core box, why is there no pledge level to get it?
      Why are we supposed to get it only as an optional buy? Thus having two core boxes, instead of one core box and expansion.
      This is not very customer friendly!

    18. PK

      Paul Blart, Mall Sentry Gun

    19. Søren Staugaard on

      The problem for me is that I like Dark Side better than Invader, but I can only get Dark Side in two ways: buy Invader as well or drop the KS and hope for retail.

      I don't want two boardgames that are nearly identical in so many aspects (too many games already), so for me personally, the only option seems to be to drop the KS and hope for retail. But that just seems like a strange business model.

      I would happily by the green squad as an addon for $20 or whatever if that was possible.

    20. Missing avatar

      Troy Astarte on

      It’s definitely Roy from Blade Runner. Why on earth would it be Ninja?

    21. Missing avatar

      Chelmy on

      I'm upset with this. I want another kickstarter with bonus for 90$.

    22. Last Of The Brunnen G on

      Lmao at all these kids thinking that survivor is the Die Antwoord guy.

    23. Missing avatar

      ShirowShirow on

      Holy crud these Xenos are SICK looking. If I could, I'd buy an extra box of just them.

    24. Big Tim Stiles

      "I wanted to step out of your shadow. You understand that, don't you? But when I stepped out of it there was... there was no sunlight. No sunlight at all.”

    25. dafrca on

      Just curious, should the grenades hanging down from the front of Magnus' weapon in the core box be larger like those hanging down from Umkos' weapon? The larger shells make it more obvious what they are and Magnus' art clearly has them larger. Just a thought.

    26. Matthew "Mad Jester" Jones

      D: My Pledge is already at $280!!! CMON STOP!!! Too much awesomeness!!! I'll have to build a house made of your minis and boxes soon. BP, GH, Hate!

    27. Danny Shafer

      I don't know if I'll buy everything, but will definitely buy the Dark Side expansion and a few other add-ons. I would however like to see plastic tokens as an add-on.I would definitely get those. How many door add-ons does one need? Hopefully just one.

    28. Matthew "Mad Jester" Jones

      Ninja! Awesome! So many South African references in this Kickstarter... LOVE IT!!! :D

    29. Benjamin T. Adams on

      Retailer Pledge Level question. Dark Side is only available to Kickstarter and Retail Kickstarter backers. But the KSE stretch goal of the companions says they are "Not available in the retail version". Since it's never going to traditional retail, does it mean that the Companion KSE strech goal is not going to be included in the retailer pledge levels either? Confused by the wording. Help me CMON you're my only hope...

    30. Ben on

      It’s not childish whatsoever to back out and not support something you find as an uncomfortable business practice.

    31. Brett W. on

      I am fairly new to this. I missed out on other Zombicide games. I have heard a ton of good things about the game though, so I figured I would try this one out. I have been around Kickstarter projects long enough to see and hear what is going on and how things work. I was a part of the Hate hype, and even though I am not a miniatures painter. I spent a lot of money($300+)on Hate to not miss out. This add on looks great. Better xenos than the base game by far imo. I can not back this without backing the base game however. I noticed the same sad thing happened with Hate. Thought the minis were all cool, the coolest ones cost more money. Do what you have to do Cmon. I understand that this is a business and you have to make money, but put your best product up first. Don't chum us in with another ok base game then pile on the add ons for 2-3 times the price of the original game, because it has better minis. I will continue to pledge for my base game, and if I like the looks of the doors, dice, card holders, and I do, then I may buy. If you like the looks of anything by all means buy it if you can afford it. I am not bitching about the add ons or game, just the ethics. Just my two cents.

    32. Danny Shafer

      @jgtogi - Are you new? Every Zombicide KS I ever backed was in the $300 plus range to get everything that was offered. Everyone who backs a lot of games on KS knows how expensive it can be. It's not my fault if you can't afford everything that is offered. I have missed out on lots of extra's in other KS's when I didn't have the money to spend, but I didn't make a big deal about it and accuse the company of a money grab or other nonsense. If you don't give them any money, how is it a money grab. Only the folks that want it will buy it. And no, I'm not made of money even though it is none of your business. I go into debt like everyone else to get things I want.
      @Insider714 - It's childish because no one is forcing you to buy it. If you don't want or need it, DON'T BUY IT. If you want it and can't afford it, save up and get it in the PM. It will be open for a couple of months. Your Idea of an adult is different from mine. I'm a 62 year old retired man. I don't live in my parents basement and I can also afford to buy this game.

    33. Ian Osterland on

      I agree that 18 dashboards and all the repeat tokens are WAY too redundant for what we’re getting in a product we can only get by backing the base game. I’m all for the new content and I’m backing Darkness with the Soldier Pledge, but if you’re going to ask backers to drop this amount of cash, please don’t overwhelm those that are actually supporting your project with this many redundancies.

      We are backing this project because we believe in the new and different content that we’re getting and want to support the company that makes great games.

      Please take these things into account as you keep making bomb products.

    34. Missing avatar

      jgtogi on

      @Danner Shafer Some people don't have thousands of dollars to spend on board games so when they choose to buy one they want the most bang for their buck. This expansion isn't an add on it is a core set with an added darkness mechanic. They could have easily made it an expansion.

      They could have dropped the extra player boards, some minis and unneeded tokens. Then they could have sold the expansion at $50. I know your a superbacker so money likely isn't an issue for you but for other people we don't want to gouged for so much especially when it is stuff we don't need. Plus, an add on this big so late in the campaign feels like a cash grab to me. They should have announced this earlier in my opinion. People don't like having to come back to pay and more even if it is for more stuff.

    35. Missing avatar

      Luis Manuel García Luna Pérez on

      I believe this is not a good for the kickstarter supporters, I'll still support the game but in my opinion is not worth 90 USD for having the same playstyle like any other zombicide game. The real difference betwen this one was the Oxygen thing and with that gone is like playing old zombicides for me.

    36. Missing avatar

      Rey on

      @insulin King It is supposed to be available at retail for a while, it isn't kickstarter exclusive. Being a limited print means they only make X number and that's it. how common or rare it will be at retail though that's an entirely different question.

    37. Insulin King on

      My only gripe about this is that it’s a limited print run. I’m ok with missing out on some KS exclusives, but an ENTIRE core game I’ll miss out on if I don’t buy now?? That’s not ok

    38. Orchid

      Biggest. Franchise. Add-on. Ever. Whoa! Not gonna lie: There's a little bit of pee coming out of me right now. I need to sift through the voluminous update text to see all the goodness that was revealed today (Invader 2.0 developed over at the Upside Down?). Wowzers!

    39. Duncan on

      @coRxx, you're not wrong - it is pretty much the same as the core game - but I think it'll be one I stick with and I'll perhaps end up selling the Invader box. I like the look of the monsters and squad a lot more not to mention that since the squad leader is a Kiwi, I pretty much have to back this. :P

    40. Edgar Michaels on

      This is the best add on I have ever seen.

    41. insider714 on

      @Danny, I dunno what's childish about it at all. They didn't like the business practices, so they voiced their concerns and voted with their wallet. Nothing about that sounds childish. It actually sounds pretty adult.

    42. coRxx on

      Haha, you will buy everything as long as zombicide stands on the package..

      For me this addon is just a 1:1 copy to the core game. Walker, runner, fattys...

    43. Olivier Van Brockhoven on

      @Danny Shafer: totally agree whith you ^^

    44. Missing avatar


      @CMON If you already have another Kickstarter game to pack, then at least bring the dice, 3D doors, tiles, and plastic tokens as stretch goals. As a buyer, you feel completely robbed and you can not afford it anymore. Please do not think about your merit, but about the loyal customers who have made you what you are today.

      sorry for my bad english

    45. Danny Shafer

      If you don't like this standalone games, then just don't get it. Why you would drop your pledge all together is pretty childish. I personally am going to get this awesome looking game. I spent over $300 to get all the Green Horde awesomeness, I don't see the difference here. I have always bought about everything you could get for Zombicide. It's always been $300 plus. So why are people are bitching about this? It's ridiculous.

    46. Missing avatar

      dwayne amos on

      Maybe they should relook at the BlackOps box. Maybe dump the dashboards from it and add some more Xenos to it. And people will jump back on it

    47. insider714 on

      My mistake, Rising Sun was after Green Horde ^ ^'

    48. insider714 on

      Personally, I could see the "cash grab" mentality, since, like many a business, they want to top their sales with every Kickstarter they do, and so this one is no different.

      Looking at some of these Kickstarter track records, Green Horde was their highest grossing Kickstarter, and before that, Black Plague. So it's Natural, the next mark they want to hit is somewhere around 6 million, or at least higher than Green Horde, otherwise, it's a bust, and this project, like so many of their other ones, will fall by the wayside. That's CMON's MO. The bottom dollar. If the game doesn't promote growth, it dies. I highly doubt you'll see a resurgence of anything along the lines of Massive Darkness or Moloch any time soon.

      On the Plus side, they might take the hint and return to Fantasy- style games. Although, I'm of the opinion right now the only reason they didn't move forward with another fantasy Zombicide is lack of mechanics ideas, but seeing as it had made them the most money, we'll see.

      I just hope this doesn't affect the next Arcadia Quest game...

    49. Missing avatar

      Rey on

      @valo89draven Its still less expensive going all in at this point then Green Horde, hope to see a couple more add ons! Come on c'mon, where are my plastic tokens?

    50. kickstartmyheart on

      Can’t decide if Squirley is Ninja from Die Antwoord or Roy Batty from Blade Runner. Both?