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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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Rogue Sentry Mode Activated!



Preacher Karl is ready to lay down the Good Word! 

Getting to him so quickly was certainly helped by the new Orphans Gang Survivor Pack Optional Buy. Make sure to check it out HERE!


Our next Stretch Goal brings something quite unique to the game. We know you've been asking for more Machines. But be careful what you wish for... 

When we reach $1,680k all backers will get the Kickstarter Exclusive IRIS Sentry Gun, including its figure and cards!

The IRIS is a very different Sentry Gun in the game. This is a rogue machine, and it has some very particular mechanics. First of all, it is not deployed during setup as your Sentry Gun for that Mission. No, you use one of the other Sentry Guns normally. The IRIS has Xeno spawn cards, similar to an Abomination, and when its card is drawn, the Sentry Gun is deployed and all Abominations get an extra activation. From then on, the Sentry Gun acts very much like a Xeno, trying to attack the Survivors during the Xenos' Phase. HOWEVER, if a Survivor has the Sentry Gun Remote token or skill, they are able to also control the IRIS Sentry Gun to attack the Xenos during the Players' Phase! The IRIS doesn't receive an Activation token, so it's never attacked by Xenos. It is indeed a very confused machine.

IRIS Sentry Gun figure 3D render.
IRIS Sentry Gun figure 3D render.


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    1. Julio Zenteno Gaete on April 23

      for Science!!!

      this is my fav SG so far. im making a note here, huge success.

    2. Missing avatar

      MARTIN on April 23

      IRIS attaks survivors, ok, very "cool" and "fun"

      but why IRIS won't attak xenos (as it is primary function) like a third party ?
      and will other sentry gun (or bot) be considered as "threat" by IRIS ?

    3. Andrea Scattolin on April 23

      I prefer the turret to attack the closest miniature, xeno or not!

    4. Geert Thomas on April 23

      This Soldier is all in, mini :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Ben on April 22

      IRIS looks like a nice add, and the Orphans were the clincher for me.
      Lots of aliens is always good fun but the Kabuki Gang i'm not sure of,
      possible lead in to a Rising Sun dimension rift crossover? a quick
      look at the map doesn't seen to show theatre, stage, large loading bay?
      Also not sure about scaling on the tiles to mini's, I might have to get some
      enlarged - hey that way they'll fit more aliens in. :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Grither on April 22

      Target lost...

    7. Missing avatar

      Grither on April 22

      Are you still here?

    8. coRxx on April 22

      + big addon
      + To7s crossover

    9. Warco on April 22

      @Last Of The Brunnen G: +1 for you
      @CMON: what if this "alien virus" infect also humans (maybe like "vampire bite" by one kind of these aliens?!) !? There could be human zombies in space suit!!! The mining outpost workers could not only be slaughtered by the aliens but also...infected and recruited!

    10. Aaron Seymour
      on April 22

      So the Doom 3 things were a reference to Portal? I missed that.

    11. Goodsound on April 22

      I always wished for a Predator, being able to attack aliens as well as humans. This one fits the bill, too. Cool SG.

    12. Godfather Punk
      on April 22

      I would like to see a closed shell version of this droid too. For variation.

    13. Missing avatar

      Joerg827# on April 22

      And there is a game reference. Time to bring something from Mass Effect perhaps also? A specific Krogan as a new aliens comes to my mind.

    14. Lord_Nathaniel on April 22

      This stretch goal came from...SPAAAAACE ! SPACE ! SPACE SPACE !

    15. Missing avatar

      That One Guy on April 22

      Not a hero? Check.
      Unique gameplay? Check.
      Hilarious fun reference? Check.
      My favorite stretch goal so far!

    16. Fernando Costa
      on April 22

      Can I has Anatroc? Maybe in the form of a floating bot with awesome lasers that seek intruders? Hint: it's ok if it goes rogue.

    17. Da Homeless on April 22

      This one is fom the game Portal.

    18. Flohsors "Goeng-Si” Wong on April 22

      So... no Soldier exclusive SG this time? :P

    19. Da Homeless on April 22

      Gopd SG.

      Please bring human zombies representing former inhabitants of the facility. C‘mon! It still ready ZOMBIcide on the box. Doesn‘t it? :D

    20. Missing avatar

      Cameron Smith on April 22

      Been a VERY long time since I saw the movie but is this baby a bit of a nod to 2001 a space odyssey?

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel on April 21

      More machines/Bots/sentry.
      So bring it it on.. :-)

    22. Missing avatar

      Craig Ferry on April 21

      Man, you guys are killin it with the cool minins!

    23. Lachlan Blackmore on April 21

      I feel like one hand slap for ip infringement in a week is enough.
      Maybe be a little less blatant?

    24. Missing avatar

      Grither on April 21

      The cake is a lie....

    25. Mark D on April 21

      How about the Enforcement Droid, series 209 from Robocop. That would be a good one.

    26. Michael B on April 21

      Love it,love it, love it! Not just another mini but new gameplay and more reason for all those mechanics and tinkerers!

    27. Freddie The Drama Llama on April 21

      YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, I swear to god if we lose this just like Doctor White

    28. Thomas M on April 21

      Very Cool

    29. Andreu Sánchez Simón
      on April 21

      @Tctsang Tsang - You're welcome :) (Siri... lol)

    30. kickstartmyheart on April 21

      Oh man, now we need the glados abomb. Lol.

    31. Tctsang Tsang on April 21

      IRIS----> Siri (; ̄O ̄)

    32. Tctsang Tsang on April 21

      @Andreu thx :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on April 21

      I love that quote! Very nice stretch goal!

    34. Damon Steff on April 21

      It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.

    35. LtPandaman on April 21

      Huge success!

    36. Andreu Sánchez Simón
      on April 21

      If I understand right, when you draw the IRIS card you replace your turret for IRIS. If that's the case, I think it'd be cool that instead of being decided by draw, every time a survivor is in line of sight with the turret it was decided by cube... er... dice throw. With special dice maybe? <3 :P

    37. Stuart Fern on April 21

      I cant wait to show my boys! Im making a note here, this will be great for those who are still alive.

    38. Andreu Sánchez Simón
      on April 21

      @Tctsang Tsang - It actually does. It actually works as any other turret, just wirh additional "benefits". Also, you can't fix it. There's nothing wrong with it <3

    39. Last Of The Brunnen G on April 21

      CMON, the cool aspects of this game are really ramping up with your recent add-ons and figures. Now if you include a box set of human zombies in appropriate “sci-fi” gear, this will be the perfect game.

    40. mitchell king
      on April 21

      Very cool

    41. Tctsang Tsang on April 21

      is it interesting to set the rule as someone can fix it and fight for us?

    42. Fabio on April 21

      I like it, but it would be more fun to have them in numbers :D

    43. Missing avatar

      Troy Astarte on April 21


    44. Tiff Reynolds
      on April 21

      I will forever hear "I don't blame you" is a sad, sad robot voice...

    45. K.S. on April 21

      Hui....very nice.

    46. Majik on April 21

      OK this is the best mini in the game

    47. Nikkiwhat Crazy Backer on April 21

      TURRETS! there? Nap time....shutting down

    48. Missing avatar

      dutch on April 21

      This is great! Nice work CMON, now let's work towards a drivable mech for survivors!

    49. Insulin King on April 21