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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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Please sir, can I have some more?

Posted by CMON (Creator)


It's upon us! The Brood Mother has unleashed its Brood Children upon all backers with a Soldier Pledge!

And so we continue on our way to unlocking Preacher Karl for all backers:


Today we have a very special Optional Buy to offer you:

For $15 this Kickstarter Exclusive Optional Buy brings players a full set of 6 original Survivors designed by the great Karl Kopinski and sculpted by Patrick Masson, including their figures and ID cards!

Ever since the St Stilton orphanage was burned down during a riot, there has been an Orphans Gang formed by the abandoned survivors of that incident. The gang roams the galaxy, staying out of the way of the authorities and carving out a living by scrounging, scamming, or whatever else works. The Orphans Gang is always ready to welcome new members, as it's also used to losing members to tragedies such as prison, death, or becoming an adult. Perhaps in a remote mining outpost they can lay low quietly for a while.

All members of the Orphans Gang share the same trait, common to street urchins: it's impossible to hold them down. As such they all have the Unstoppable skill as a bonus, allowing them to slip by mobs of Xenos (or burst through them, in the case of Goliath).


Ink is very used to evading capture by local enforcers. He can jump over obstacles and charge into action like nobody else. He's also not lousy in a fight either, favoring ranged weaponry.

Ink figure 3D render.
Ink figure 3D render.


Baby is the scrounger of the gang, being able to "procure" anything they need (how do you think they got their matching gear?). She's able to search for stuff faster than anyone else. She's also quite good with machines, regardless of type.

Baby figure 3D render.
Baby figure 3D render.


For a kid with one eye, Clops sees quite well. His cybernetic eye is able to scan his environment while his normal eye is busy with other things (like shooting Xenos). This means he may find stuff at the same time as he's fighting. As the leader of the group, he may be able to direct his gang to perform extra actions every round.

Clops figure 3D render.
Clops figure 3D render.


As is to be expected, The Wizard has a natural connection to all machines. He's able to control Bots and Sentry Guns with no need of a remote. His power boots can also move him quite fast and even propel him over obstacles.

The Wizard figure 3D render.
The Wizard figure 3D render.


Jennie likes to tag along, creating a very capable firing squad if she has a companion by her side (preferably Goliath). For such a young kid, she's really a natural with a gun, putting many adults to shame.

Jennie figure 3D render.
Jennie figure 3D render.


Goliath is a brute, no doubt about it. He will charge into the fray and crush anything in hand to hand combat. In time, he may be able to tear apart even an abomination in a brawl!

Goliath figure 3D render.
Goliath figure 3D render.
The Orphans Gang.
The Orphans Gang.



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    1. Vincent on

      @Kickstartmyheart : I really apologize for my clumsyness.

    2. kickstartmyheart on

      Hey@vincent I’m sorry if I came off hostile. It was your use of sophism followed my quoting myself. It felt like an accusation, my misunderstanding. We all just want a successful project and to enjoy some games. Enjoy your day.

    3. Vincent on

      @kickstartermyheart : I'm sorry, there is a terrible misundurstood. I never said that anybody was a liar. In evrything I wrote, I tried to be objective and I didn't want to judge anybody neither. I didn't want to be offensive neither, but when I read your answer, it looks like an attack or an acusation (I hope that I'm wrong, because sometimes, there are differences between what someone write and what someone else read).
      When you say "The numbers are accurate", I do agree, but it depends on the moment and which numbers we are talking about. The numbers I used were write. The numbers you used are write at the moment you used them. I didn't picked up your former sentence as exemple to insult you. If you felt insulted : my appologies.

      I tried to have a debate and I paid attention that most of the answer were cultural. That was really interesting.

      Thanks to averybody who aswered. Have a VERY NICE Campaign.

    4. kickstartmyheart on

      @vincent there has been no injustices, no unfair surprises. Cmon has been perfectly clear on which goals apply to to which pledges. They are not the only creators that offer different applicable stretch goals for different pledge levels. Cmon declared it in black and white. There is no misunderstanding what you want. Those of us opposing your complaint have no reason to be deceitful. We have nothing to gain by lying. We have nothing to gain period. Where were we dishonest? The numbers are accurate and you know it, just because you say something is a lie doesn’t mean it is. Please Prove to us (those opposing your argument) that we are liars and what we gain by doing so with our opposing arguments.

    5. Missing avatar

      Joerg827# on

      If we are going down this way, why not add a genetically engineered Velociraptor to the mix?

    6. Haroudo Satiro Xavier Filho on

      Probably my favorite part of the KS so far! Is very unusual to have miniatures of children, specially so well done. Not just it fits the theme, with children been so iconic when they are well used in Horror and SF genres, but since its rare to see this kinda of miniatures, I willl probably use it somehow on sci-fi RPGs as well. Heck, I will probably run Cybergeneration again just to use them!

    7. Vincent on

      Well, it ’s complicate to convice someone who wants to be persuaded. Most of the arguments of the answers are based on sophisms or in half undurstanding on what I wrote. Exemple : "civilian pledges make up about 6% of the funds raised currently. At the moment they get 92% of the stretch goals" : before the SG, the disbalance was not that big. And without the Civilian pledgers, the SG wouldn’t have been unlocked this soon.

      Thank you for sharing points of view.

    8. Kenna

      Hmmm.....A guy named Wade with an alliterative last name who pretty much lives in VR. Can't imagine what that could be referencing. XD

    9. kickstartmyheart on

      Well said @Andrew. With some quick rounded basic math only counting pledges, civilian pledges make up about 6% of the funds raised currently. At the moment they get 92% of the stretch goals. Though soldier pledges make up 94% of funds raised, they only receive 2 more stretch goals. I really don’t understand the complaint.

    10. Andrew_Roberts on

      @Vincent, you obviously don't understand basic economics.

      #1. Have special strech goals for someone paying more IS actually the only fair way to do it. After all we are contribution g more then someone else who only pledges civilian.

      #2 no you aren't paying for the stretch goals. You are paying for the basic game and possibly an expansion pack. The stretch goals are being given away as freebies. Therefore CMON have to sell more of the basic game and add-on pack to still make a profit. It is CMONS profit margin from selling more items that pays for the SG's did you have to pledge extra when you got a new SG? No. It was the new buyers that provided additional profit that paid for it

    11. Edgar Michaels on

      I'm not going to lie, if there is another Soldier Level exclusive beyond the Brood Mother, I am willing to pledge it a second time. I don't think it's unfair at all. The Brood Mother and he 8 bugs essentially make Black Ops an 18 model expansion; Wulfsburg had 25 figures in it. Another exclusive xeno type, more robots, something.

      I'll do it.

    12. Missing avatar


      Wow... "all APPLICABLE stretch goals"... means some don't APPLY to that level. CMON has it worded exactly how it should be.

    13. Termite

      I don’t know what people are complaining about. I think it’s a great set. Any colony would have children. All sorts of movies and anime (more anime, I guess) deal with the idea of kids getting caught up the conflict of adults. I think it’s great to show them here. Plus these optional buys are very generous with so many characters in each.

    14. Alluidh on

      @Jérémy Lecordier - They're optional extensions. Nobody's forcing you to like or buy them. If you don't like it, leave it, if you like it, buy it. I didn't like all extensions to Zombicide or Black Plague either, so I only bought what I liked. Such a nice thing about subjective buying behavior.

    15. kickstartmyheart on

      @vincent, other companies have done the same thing where certain goals only applied to specific add ons. It makes sense. It encourages people to take the next step. It is a business, their goal is to make money. I’m sure if it’s broken down it’s not financially realistic to apply that goal to all persons. It’s not a trick either. If my boss gives my co-worker a bonus for applying them self more than I did on a project, is it unfair or a trick?

    16. Majik

      @Vincent, if you want the brood mother, up your pledge. Simple

    17. kickstartmyheart on

      @pk lol, yes! Day of the rope! Day of the rope!

    18. PK

      Is there a bit of Prayer of the Rollerboys in this expansion?

    19. Vincent on

      @wizardsGrimm : Cmon do not give us any SG, we pay it ? If it were gift, that would be a reason more to give all the SG to every Civilian's or Soldier's pledge.
      Then "applicable stretch goals" needs a definition or should be called "all applicable streatch goals of This pledge". No ?

    20. Vincent on

      @Janklow : Cmon did the same thing on Z: BP with several caracters (Alpha woolf, Batman, Joker...).
      This is not because they already did it, that means it is fair.
      Moreover, the Knight pledge was a lot more equiped ( core box + expansion (26 minis) + Heros box = 50$) than the soldier's one (expansion (10 minis) + 1 exclusive = 50$).

      Finaly, Cmon didn't made the same trick since Z: BP. Doesn't it means that it was a problem ?

    21. WizardsGrimm on

      @Vincent They are correct in how they've done this. yes, we all met the target, but they are taking a loss by giving it to us for free. Therefore, the higher pledge amount helps cover this. All KSs do it as it is the proper way of doing it financially.
      Secondly, by saying all applicable, they are saying, those they set as appliacable. They never said all, they said applicable. For a reason.

    22. Isaiah Hawk on

      Getting a BK Kids Club vibe from Ink, neat!

    23. janklow on

      @Vincent they did a similar thing with Z:BP (i can't remember the specific breakdown, but some stretch goals were higher pledge specific). fairness aside, if they didn't back down then, they're probably comfortable with how it sits now.

    24. Vincent on

      I would like to talk about the Brood Mother & Children :
      I think this is unfair to make it as a stretch goal exclusive to The Soldier Pledge for several reason :
      -1st one : On the right part where we have different pledges, in both pledge (Civilian and Soldier), it is written we should get "all the applicable stretch goals", whatever is the pledge we choose. And in this case, everybody who pledged for the Civilian's, they won't get ALL the stretch goal. Doing so, the terms of the campaign contract are false.
      If "applicable" has different meanings in each pledge, the sentence "all applicable stretch goals" has to be different like : "all applicable stretch goals of Soldier Pledge" or "all applicable stretch goals of Civilian pledge". But changing this senence now would also be a rupture of the moral contract of the campaign.

      - 2nd : if the will of CMon was to improve the soldier's box because it is very expensive for 8 minis (the core box is 72 minis for 100$), the stetch goal should have be "impovment of soldier box" and doing so, every body should get this stetch goal when this Zombicide will be sold in real life.

      3rd reason : Everybody in this campaign reached this streatch goal. At this moment (obviously not at the end of the campaign), when we reached this streatch goal, we get it thanks to people who only pledged to the civilian's one to. When I'm writting this, the Civilan's pledgers are participating with an amount of 85 000$ (1 600 000 - 85 000 > 1 580 000). Giving this stretch goal only to Soldier's pledgers sounds like a punishment for Civilians who participated to reach this stretch goal.

      -4th : I undurstand that Cmon wants to sell more expansions, and adding this specific stretch goal (SG) encouraged some pledger to change their mind. Because before the advertisment of Brood Mother's SG (stretch goal), there was more than 1 000 people who anly get the Civilian's pledge. Now, they are 850.
      But doing the the avarage of the campaign, everybody pledge 135$. That mean, people who took the Civilian's, 2 caracters boxs, the doors gave more money than the average, and they still won't be able to get those Brood Mother & Co.

      So, here I wrote down a filling of injustice, inequity. It sounds really unfair. It sounds like a punishment of the minority. This is a lack of respect to them.
      I hope everybody would undurstand this is not a complain but a constructive criticism and it aims at finding solutions. The problem comes form the term of "Stretch goal". If Brood Mother an improvment of the expansion box, it sounds fair. If because it is a SG, everybody, with no exception of Civilian and Soldiers pledgers get B. Mother : this is fair. If at the starting of the campaign it is written "all applicable stretch goals of soldier pledge + civilan's pledge" or "B. Mother is a exclusive KickStarter's mini of the expansion box like Lt Massimo" or downing the expansion's price : this is fair.

      The campaign has a great evolution (except this point), may be the best one of Cmon. Every Cmon's KS I did were great, but there was no unfair surprises.

    25. coRxx on

      Happy i can safe money here. Plz releaae a non survivor asdon. And no dice... In other kickstarters such dice are part of the normal game or a sg :/

    26. Jérémy Lecordier on

      By the way, miniatures are ugly.

    27. Jérémy Lecordier on

      Its a joke? The first optionnal buy was a fail (kabuki clowns)
      And now, children ? Thats really doesnt fit with zombicide.
      I loved previous zombicide seasons but this one is making me angry. Wake up !

    28. Missing avatar

      Hubert Urbańczyk on

      at last we have character from Poland! :) :D

    29. kickstartmyheart on

      There is a gang in the warriors called the orphans. What’s the odds we get a survival gang inspired by the warriors themselves?

    30. Sci-Fi Templar on

      Would love to see an homage to the A Team in space. Hannibal, Face, Murdock,and B.A Barracas!

    31. Steve R. Bullock on

      Kids, dogs, robots... it's all good!

    32. Staggeron on

      Spell check that flavor text on Goliath. "He's genetically coded and programmed to guard Jennie abive all else." Should be above...

    33. Space Buccaneer Zip! on

      I remember back in s3 of zombicide the creators putting a pretty hard line down on not doing kids. It’s kind of odd to see that policy no longer being used, not sure how I feel about it

    34. Missing avatar

      Will Sheard on

      Can we have Stargate SG1 squad next?

    35. Matthew

      Are these the Burger King kids club kids?

    36. N.Horstman on

      Instantly a song comes to mind:
      Hanson- Mmmbop

    37. Neil H on

      Wasn't a fan of the Kabuki ones, but these are very interesting. Like Karl Kopinski's work from previous campaigns, so adding these for sure.

    38. Andrew Brimstone Mayor, Trederra forever on

      ...ah orphan reference explained. Random. Odd. Wacky. Yeah, I like them

    39. Missing avatar

      Jose Luis on

      Better than Kabuki gang. For me, at least.

    40. Thiago Aranha Collaborator on

      @Godfather Punk: Jennie, the smallest, is about chest-high. Goliath is pretty much the size of a solider in power armor.

    41. Andrew_Roberts on

      My least favorite of anything in these KS so far. I will probably buy them for the completion it in me though.

    42. John Madigan on

      Um is this a parody of the old burger king kids club? That one guy with the glasses....

    43. Boris Schust

      Oliver Twist

    44. Ludovic Gasse

      Omg! Yes! Yes!!!! Something i can put money on!!$$$$

    45. Godfather Punk

      @Paul - Cast-Iron Stomach upgrade?

    46. Godfather Punk

      @CMoN - What's the size of these miniatures? Is Goliath regular human size or bigger?
      And how tall is the smallest kid?

    47. Paul - Dragon Tamer of Brimstone on

      I had just been thinking if it were possible to use the stranger things gang from GH here! Love it but I do think it's kind of pointless to have a bodyguard with armor everywhere but his stomach!!!!