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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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The right Merc for the job!

Posted by CMON (Creator)


We regret to communicate that Doctor White will be unable to join our Zombicide. But don't worry, we managed to hire a fearsome mercenary to replace him!

This is a retroactive Stretch Goal, so all backers already got Commander Amadi Senai, including his Survivor figure and ID card!

Commander Amadi Senai is a warrior forged in the heat of battle. Fearless and obstinated, he uses his bulk to shove his enemies aside in order to position himself for the kill. His combat training is such that he never has to specialize, being able to use any weapon expertly, with a variety of different bonuses.

Commander Amadi Senai figure 3D render.
Commander Amadi Senai figure 3D render.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      Much better than the Dr. White. So much better. I hope This guy eventually has a squad to lead that would be really cool.

    2. Missing avatar

      Xavon on

      Parody may be protected speech, but it's often not worth the money to fight in court. I wonder if it was Will, as everyone assumes, or the IP owners of MiB. Either way, hopefully we won't have too many more party poopers.

    3. Missing avatar


      I preferer this mini than the Mr. White :D

    4. Derick Hildebrandt

      Big fan of the Imperial Fist Bane look!

    5. LtPandaman on

      Cool replacement.

    6. PK

      How about a sleazy entertainment lawyer type “survivor” that can sell out teammates to the xenos? I don’t know which species is worse... ;-)

    7. BreezingThrough

      @Marg with Harrison, Turner, and many others I was surprised this was not an issue earlier. Nor will I be shocked to find it coming up again before (or even after release).

    8. BreezingThrough

      Now DC may interject. It is broad enough to not trigger copyrights/IP but... likeness may cause a blimp (more so with Batman miniature game just finishing its own KS which heavily used Bane).

    9. Margareth S

      Sad we won't be getting Will Smith in this, but it had to happen at some point :(

    10. Digimortal on

      The mini is better, shame about the parodies, I'd like to see teams of characters from an IP who can run around together, like the Monty Python crew.

    11. Warco on

      What the...?!?
      Quite disappointed...

    12. Missing avatar

      Striker on

      @CMON where would be the problem with this update finally a German who also looks cool to bring into play? What's the problem with that? should not be German?

    13. Missing avatar

      Striker on

      @CMON wo wäre das problem mit diesem update endlich einen deutschen der auch noch cool aussieht ins spiel zu bringen? was ist das problem damit? sollen keine deutschen dabei sein?

    14. Andrea Scattolin

      That's bad. Not happy.

    15. Jake Chambers on

      I didn't like the Will mini anyway. Looked like he was going to swim.

    16. NikolausJankowitsch on

      I personally like the replacement more than Mr White. Very cool, better fitting...weil done. 👍

    17. Jack

      I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often, celebrities being what they are nearly always want a slice of the pie if they are being used to 'sell' something. This guy is going to be so awesome in some GCC cross over scenarios. Bane in power armour versus Armoured Batman maybe...

    18. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      Fine by me! (Not that you had a choice, I guess...) While Doctor White would have led to some giggles around the table, I'm pretty sure that THIS guy is a model that at least my brother will actually want to play. Very nice!

    19. Aestivalis on

      How about doing the Josh Brolin version of young agent K from MiB3 instead?

    20. euansmith

      Well, let me tell you a story, all about how, my Stretch Goal got flipped, turned upside down...

      I'm sure that the new guy will be the Bane of Invaders everywhere.

    21. Michael Brooke on

      Doctor White was a bit boring, not like this dude

    22. Alfred on

      Sooooo much cooler than Will :) This one is one of the best! Hill Bane

    23. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      this one looks awesome. my personal favorite thus far. I really hope we get to see more soldiers like this.

    24. Flohsors "Goeng-Si” Wong on

      I actually really prefer the replacement over Mr Smith ;P

    25. Missing avatar

      Christian Weiss on

      It,s Bane... and much better than mimimi Will...

    26. Missing avatar

      Stephen Croft on

      Looks just like a 40k Chaos marine, and that makes me incredibly happy :D

    27. Dondon

      Well I'll blame the replacement on Will Smith... Smart move? I don't think so, How could anyone think that having their caracther here could be bad for them if it just make you want to see a movie from the actor, or maybe the movie they are mostly refering to... It don't think it is a smart move, but...

      ...To be fair I couldn't care less about that SG and I'm really happy with the newcomer. Seems "greedy" is never enough

      So thanks Mr. Smith :)

    28. Neil H on

      Think it's obvious why it happened, same thing as the Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill homages from season one of Zombicide, suppose that's the problem with a character being a likeness of someone famous, and the art was pretty damn close. Besides it's a great miniature, they don't seem to be going all in on the homages this campaign which is OK in my view.

    29. The Art of Sarcasm on

      @ Antonio Lozano: I think "Doctor Whutt" and "Morty" are the closest we are going to get to R&M. Personally, I'm fine with that.

    30. Last Of The Brunnen G on

      Dr White was lame. This mini on the other looks incredible.

    31. Olivier Van Brockhoven on

      i would like an explanation too. i'm realy disapointed when a see a realy good miniature replace like this. even if the new is quite cool

    32. Danny Wagenaar on

      This leaves me wondering, that if they had this "alternative" character already, if he was supposed to be a later stretchgoal and if so, are they thinking up a character to replace this one with or are we quietly getting one less character?

    33. Godfather Punk

      Happened during Z:Season 1 too.
      What was it? Samuel Jackson (Pulp Fiction) and Uma Thurman (Kill Bill) survivors got replaced?
      Or are there still some very limited editions of those around?

    34. Bonzenmann on

      Meh. Not happy with the change...

    35. Antonio Lozano

      We need a rick n morty character make it happen R.I.P. will Smith

    36. Alex Bass on

      Sad to lose Will Smith, but this is freakin' awesome!

    37. Andrew Brimstone Mayor, Orc axe on

      Well this is vastly better than the original model replaced, not just pleased, but much happier

    38. Missing avatar

      Blu on

      this really sucks and the replacements is not that great of a thing, already to many 40k/starcraft already

    39. Fabio on

      Tommy-lee jones would have been fantastic, but I could use another squad of armored grunts!

    40. Yannick De Vos on

      Is is to bad Dr white had to go cause he was one of my favorite survivors and was probably gonna be my go to survivor to play as well. But his replacement does look awesome I must say. But I still hope on a fallout 4 themed survivor with power armor.

    41. Joshua

      Scientology! To the Lawsuit!

    42. Enrique

      The illustration ressembled way too much of Will Smith, no wonder the miniature got canceled.
      But that's too bad, I really really wanted a Will Smith / Tommy Lee Jones duo survivors for this Zombicide.

    43. Waffles are the Best

      r.i.p. will smith, we hardly knew ye

    44. Missing avatar

      Anders Pihl Kofoed

      Thank you!!

    45. Claymore Nash on

      Bumped into some litigious folks huh? Too bad.

    46. Missing avatar

      Rodrigo Rocco on

      Say whaaaattt!? No Doctor White? What the heck!?

    47. Mellekai

      Very happy with that replacement. :)

    48. Missing avatar

      steven lusher on

      Bummer to see him go, was looking forward to him and his partner. Would have made a good crossover character for the original game.

    49. Pretty Dead

      Scientology lawyers strike again, so he's replaced with... Bane?

    50. Missing avatar

      George Colon on

      Should of given him a mustache. Mustaches are the ultimate disguise.