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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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Aracnophobia just got a new sponsor!

Posted by CMON (Creator)


Major Sharp has joined our ranks!

This was surely helped by our latest Optional Buys, make sure to check them out!


Next we have an extremely special, disturbing and deadly Stretch Goal, just for those who are getting a Soldier Pledge:

When we reach $1,580k all backers with a Soldier Pledge will get the Kickstarter Exclusive Brood Mother, including its large Abomination figure, as well as 8 little Brood Children figures and 6 cards!

The Brood Mother is a truly terrifying creature. It's an Abomination, with all the hardships that this already implies. Very hard to kill, lethal, subject to sudden bursts of speed. But that's not all with the Brood Mother, oh no. The thing is, when it gets within 2 zones of a Survivor, its back starts to crawl with little vile creatures that suddenly pop out, thirsty for blood. Eight Brood Children are placed in its Zone and immediately activate to lunge after the helpless Survivor. These little critters are no stronger than a Worker, but they are fast, and numerous. And yeah, you'll still have a very angry Brood Mother to content with if you manage to survive their onslaught!

Brood Mother figure 3D render.
Brood Mother figure 3D render.
Back of the Brood Mother figure 3D render.
Back of the Brood Mother figure 3D render.
Brood Children figure 3D render. You'll get 8 of these babies!
Brood Children figure 3D render. You'll get 8 of these babies!

So that our backers who are getting a Civilian Pledge don't feel left out, let's also get an extra Stretch Goal going at the same time:

When we reach $1,550k all backers will get the Survivor Nura Satar, including her figure and ID card!

Be careful when approaching Nura Satar, as this kitty has claws. Her genetic modifications changed more than her appearance. The already impressive physical condition and aptitude for the battlefield increased admirably. She is very fast moving to attack her enemies and a specialist in close combat, starting the game with a free Melee action to attack and eliminate Xenos that dare come close to her.

Nura Satar figure 3D render.
Nura Satar figure 3D render.



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    1. kickstartmyheart on

      @C. Hanley. The 3D doors are much more durable than the basic cardboard ones. I wore out my original zombicide doors, eventually started to wear out the my replacements from the expansions as well. I later ended up paying out of my nose for a rare 3D pack. It’s worth it to get them imo personal experience now, haha.

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Very pleased to see non-exclusive rewards. I wish a lot more were easily available later on

    3. Margareth S

      This is my favorite update yet. Love both the monsters and the character design.

    4. Stephen Robshaw on

      Nura Satar looks great but think it would look better like shes charging with 2 claws and a built in gun on 1 of the claws...

    5. adinsx on

      Shitara looks like more at a cat from Blacksad that a cat from Thundercat.
      I have read a lot of SF books where there is GMH (Genetically Modified Human), often with animals DNA and sometimes with plants, but it is not really a common thing in comic. So, I can't figure it out where she comes from.

    6. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      Wow! That's a cool Abomb. They seem to have really cool effects this time around. I hope we'll see some other forms for troop types - workers, tanks, hunters, etc.

    7. Thomas M

      Awesome, Brood Mother and kids look great!

    8. Rick on

      I still would like to see a Stephen Hawking tribute.

    9. Missing avatar

      ShirowShirow on

      Will there be an option to buy additional brood children and/or Xenomoths? I do love the creepy crawlies.

    10. Missing avatar

      Leo Steinmetz on

      Loving all these Abominations. All of them seem like really interesting and fun challenges that will add a lot to the gameplay experience. I was going to wait until after the kickstarter to get Black Ops, but this convinces me to pick it up now, and I hope y'all keep up the good work with these great stretch goals!

    11. Paul - Dragon Tamer of Brimstone on

      No complaints here!!! I just enlisted to get the add-on. And yes I'll take the doors even if I mod them. Too useful not to get for some other games I wish had them. Well done CMON!
      I thought Nura was a feline with a Fox mod! I'll take her either way but that's some mod if she was born human!

    12. Missing avatar

      jgtogi on

      People complained about there not being enough models in the add on. Now that they put more models in the add on people complained that it is a stretch goal not in the regular box. Lesson: people complain no matter what.

    13. Leto on

      @C. Hanley: The 3D doors go onto the board when you Close a door. With Invaders, the monsters can smash through closed doors, at which point you would "open" it on the 3D door (that's why the door lays down).

    14. Anthony Czerwonka

      Not sure on the Door thing, when they wear out, wouldnt they just keep falling down?!?! KInda bad idea having the doors like that, me thinks.... what about having slots at top and bottom, so they can slide to the side or something.

      C Hanley, doors start open, yes... but I think they are telling us that there are color coded LOCKED doors that need to be opened.... but yeah, I was thinking the same thing as you when I seen this

    15. Neil H on

      @Paireon, I read the blurb, maybe alien was the wrong word, more non-human (at least in looks).

    16. Tim Vickerman on

      Love it. More xeno types please

    17. Andrew_Roberts on

      +20 for exclusive stretch goals since it inspires people to increase their pledges to get more. That seems like reasonable economics to me.

    18. Balloongineer

      -1 for exclusive stretch goals (in Green Horde exclusive rewards were just added to the pledge item, like the Stranger Things kids). :(

    19. Fernando Costa

      Need more furries!

    20. Michal Valvoda (Miremarsh Mushroomer)

      Finally great SG (I mean monsters) and reason to get expansion.
      Now we need critters expansion ;-)

    21. Missing avatar

      C. Hanley on

      Grabbing* that should say grabbing. I blame stupid thumbs. ;)

    22. Missing avatar

      C. Hanley on

      Question about doors: What benefit is there to garbing the 3D set, considering the new door mechanic (as in they’re all already open, yeah? Except airlocks? Or did I misunderstand that?)

    23. Timothy on

      Thanks Sharkey

    24. Michal Valvoda (Miremarsh Mushroomer)

      Finally great SG (I mean monsters) and reason to get expansion.
      Now we need critters expansion ;-)

    25. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      @Neil H - The cat merc isn't an alien, though; her birthplace and backstory show that she's a genetically modified terran human.

    26. Neil H on

      Love this whole update, the Xeno's are awesome and the cat character is another great alien design idea, almost as refreshing as Badger from the previous campaign.

    27. Missing avatar

      Stephen Green on

      I like the new stuff and will be increasing my pledge, like the idea of a lunch crew, robot janitor... or how about a Judge Dredd like police force to keep order between the survivors and the mercs on board a cool transition between the two groups or a way to try a survival or escape scenario with out heavy armored mercs.

    28. Sharkey on

      It does, she’s female.

    29. Timothy on

      Is the cat person a girl or bloke? It doesn’t say?

    30. Timothy on

      Seriously I was not sure about this KS at first, only cos I’m not overly into sci-fi.
      But it really is getting cooler and cooler.
      The big ugly thing with little blighters are awsome!

    31. Aaron Madison on

      This is really cool

    32. Missing avatar

      Steffen on

      They know how to Do it :D CMON!!

    33. Andrew Brimstone Mayor, Orc axe on

      Bonkers and brilliant, 2 very good goals, just great

    34. Michael Brooke on

      Another non exclusive..
      Soldier was a no brainer anyhow

    35. Godfather Punk

      Nura Satar is almost an anagram for Samus Aran, isn't it?
      Glad we can kay that subject to rest :^P

    36. Will Baker on

      Continue to kick ass cmon!

    37. Mark-Ders on

      Well played CMON, well played ...

    38. Edgar Guzman on

      Lieutenant Grimes said Noe-nope-nope-nope-nope-nope-nope.., I say Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes

      I really really love the design of those aliens

    39. BlackReign12(@Wal2WalCarnage) on

      That does not look like Cheetara from Thundercats. I am not sure who she is, but love the sculpt.

    40. Jon Hartke on

      I am kind of Reminded of Vega from Street Fighter just in Cat form haha! These stretch goals are great! Love the A-Bomb and Always enjoy more survivors.

    41. HunterPrototype on

      wing commander kilrathi

    42. K.S. on

      Excellent campain CMON! That is the Stuff we dream from! Very good work!!

      +1 For Space Elfs :-)

    43. Missing avatar

      Striker on

      pretty cool! brings more so cool stuff!


    44. Missing avatar

      Craig Patterson on


      Awesome stretch goals!!!

    45. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      Anybody else get a mother brain spitting out little metroids vibe with this? Totally awesome addition!

    46. Shawn M. on

      Sweet! Can we get an option to buy more after this is unlocked?

    47. Tamas Szabadi

      Zerglings !!!! Can we have Kerrigan as well?