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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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Open the blast doors! More dice are coming!

Posted by CMON (Creator)


Major Sharp joining our ranks is imminent!


Now we have an optional buy that's been often requested:

For $10 this Optional Buy gives you 11 3D Plastic Doors to bring a new dimension to your game! This includes 5 generic grey doors, and 6 other mission-specific colored doors in pink, white, blue, purple, green, and yellow.

Doors in Zombicide: Invader are not handled the same way as in previous Zombicide games. Since it is your base that's being invaded, initially all doors are open (unless otherwise required by a mission), which means there are no door tokens on the board, only openings on the tiles. Survivors can decide to close a door next to them, placing a Closed Door on an opening. They can also open them again by simply removing the Closed Door. However, when Xenos try to move past a Closed Door, they bust it open and it becomes a Destroyed Door. Such doors are permanently open and cannot be closed again.

Taking these rules into account, the 3D Plastic Doors have two modes: Closed and Destroyed. When a Closed Door is Destroyed, simply swivel down the door pane so it's lying flat on the ground!

That's not all we have in store for you today. One can never have too many dice, right?

For $10, this Kickstarter Exclusive dice pack comes with 6 custom Zombicide: Invader dice with blue symbols.


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    1. Paul Wilko on

      I don't like these door. I would prefer an open door and closed and remove door if broken. I think the door down as broken, doesnt really work. Please redo the door like other doors in other Zombicides.

    2. Roop Pandya on

      I think the best thing to do is start with the doors on the board in the open position, then close them if a survivor closes them, and then remove it completely if it gets bashed down.

      Only problem is they look odd in the “open” position so may have to buy a third party door such as the ones from Mantic.

    3. Missing avatar

      WillK on

      @Petr Kveton: No it's not necessary, that's why it's optional. There will be tokens included with the base game, as it is a required part of the basic rule set.

    4. Petr K.

      Is 3D doors necessary? If there is no 3D door, there are some carton tokens for the mission?

    5. Blair Crewther on

      +1 for doors that "Slide" in from the top also

    6. Thomas M

      The doors are very cool.

    7. Missing avatar

      Corwyn on

      Please make the doors "unhingable". So we have all 3 options on the table: opened, closed, and broken. Thank you.

    8. Keith Glass on

      Looks like the doors swivel down, am I correct ?

    9. Missing avatar

      Ray Miller on

      +1 to redesigning the doors... I get the current design but it's a little goofy... I'd rather see it slide up and/or down and then take it out and lay it down for destroyed.

    10. Sarkin on

      I am buying the doors, I would have rather had regular doors to have the option if we want to place open doors at starting and destroyed door markers like in the plastic tokens pack. Just dropping my 02 cents

    11. Missing avatar

      Turbo on

      Not sold on the door design. If the doors hinge at the bottom, what stops them just falling open if someone bumps the table? OK, friction might keep them in place for the first few games, but what happens when they loosen up in the frames after a few plays?

    12. Berith on

      @Andrew you just need to add 10$ to your pledge. If you go to "Manage my pledge" you can change the amount of your pledge. Add the money you want
      (look at the end of the news, they describe how to do it)

    13. Antony Barlow on

      Is one set of doors enough for all the missions? Very confusing.

      How many doors do we actually need, how many doorways are there to fill max if you have one set of tiles from the core set and black ops?

    14. QorDaq

      +1 for doors that "Slide" in from the top.

      Big fan of doors (and other 3d bits)...!

    15. Missing avatar

      Andrew Playle on

      How can I add these to my pledge as I cannot in the manage pledge page? Or is this done at the end of the Campaign?

    16. New Hampshirizer on

      First I thought the functional design choice for these doors was odd. You expect them to go from closed to open, not closed to destroyed. But doing it this way means you don't need as many doors on the board overall (since open doors are left blank), and for me, that's an advantage in gameplay terms, as there's fewer things to manage and try not to knock out of place as you play the game. The open / destroyed approach is a nice compromise, giving you some atmospheric scenery without becoming a burden, and the busted down doors add a nice sense of drama. If you really, really want to have open doors, though, you could just buy two sets of these doors, and then remove the swiveling doors from half of them. It looks like it would be simple to do. Then you could just swap open / closed doors in and out as needed and have all three types (open, closed, destroyed) represented on the board as you play.

    17. Silver Bowen on

      The doors are sweet. I really want ones that open normally as well. I would happily pay an additional 10. Or combining the two so the doors open normally but the panels are removable to indicate destruction? Slide in/out from the top? Then you could just lay them inside the doorway to indicate bustedness. I also worry that this is slightly too few doors.

    18. Missing avatar

      Alchemy on

      Love the thematic doors and a good price too - easy add on for me and glad to see an add-on that makes sense to be on a station unlike the Japanese circus clowns and their sketchy backstory ;)

    19. Sharkey on

      I think 11 doors is just fine here since they all start open and I doubt you’ll burn through 11 of them in an official map.

    20. Enrique

      In ZBP, 27 doors were too much I have to agree, but 11 doors here, does that feel enough for you?

    21. Flohsors "Goeng-Si” Wong on

      Oh hi! welcome to my collection :D

    22. Missing avatar

      MarcusF on

      +1 "We want special guest boxes or more zombies boxes"

    23. Missing avatar

      Corwyn on

      Can you remove the door or is it fixed? I always bought the 3D doors: Zombicide Modern, BP/GH and MD. It was a no-brainer for me. But this time I'm a bit underwhelmed, I have to admit.

    24. Brian on

      I read this as open the doors more mice are coming!

    25. Olivier Van Brockhoven on

      3D doors is nice but only a toyz. We want special guest boxes or more zombies boxes. Give us the oportunity to give you more money !!!

    26. Roop Pandya on

      I was hoping for some open doors because the board looks better and it makes it more obvious where the doors are.

    27. MikeR

      @ Christopher Baughman
      Thank you. I do realize that but the design seems weak to me. IMO, a simple lift out door would have been more "sci fi". Opened doors could have rested in a lifted, open position and bashed doors could have been removed from the frame entirely.

    28. Brian on

      I always use 3d doors, never the tokens :)

    29. Michael B on

      3D doors always sounds like a good idea, but always end up using the tokens

    30. Missing avatar

      Remy van Vliet

      You can just as well add the plastic tokens now ;-)

    31. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      I dunno. I was prepared to get the doors this time (they just look better on battle report photos), but I don't like that there is no door on the board if it's open. I would have prefered the doors to open and close and a few busted doors extra. Sorry, I think I'll wander off to TinkerCAD later and 3D print some of my own.
      Please give us plastic markers and additional sets of the Seekers and Xenomoths. My group much prefers many enemies on the board over extra activations, so I would buy those in an instant! So far this is the cheapest CMON campaign I ever was in, my only addon so far is the Kabuki troupe. I'm a bit bewildered about my pledge amount. :P

    32. Bonzenmann on

      You just can't have enough doors.
      Two for me, please!

    33. Christopher Baughman

      @MikeR its because they are opened by fungusmen breaking them down..

    34. SPECTRE_01 on

      No variation in doors like previous games? That’s a bit of a let down tbh

    35. John Fiala

      I like those doors.

    36. David "Killer Bunny" Doughty on

      I love them both thank you

    37. MikeR

      Not digging the sci fi drawbridge doors.

    38. Christopher Baughman

      The 3D doors have added a lot to the other games, that is a no-brainer at $10.

    39. Brian Schenck

      Love the doors! Not certain about the dice, but I'm hopeful for a plastic token pack given you've doors as an add-on.

    40. Daniel Schmidt on

      The Doors should be a stretch Goal! Not sure if the doors are more of a hassle than it's worth though falling over or opening/closing/destroying.

    41. rollntider on

      love the doors and dice.

    42. Hendrik W. on

      I am getting more and more upset about this Kickstarter somehow (also backed Z:BP and Z:GH)

    43. Sharkey on

      Ok those doors are sweet, easy add! Love the blue dice too!