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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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The Secrets of Black Ops!

Posted by CMON (Creator)


Major Sharp is getting ready for battle and will be joining our ranks soon enough.


Now let's take a moment to explore a little more in depth all the content included in the Black Ops expansion box, which is part of the Soldier Pledge.



Don't be fooled by the muscles, mohawk, and huge gun, Kyle is a soldier with very keen senses. He's able to see further inside the cramped rooms of the base, and even darkness doesn't seem to phase him. Of course, the muscles and big gun do come in handy (only the mohawk is probably just for show), as Kyle can be devastating with ranged weapons, and may be able to withstand Workers' attacks and other sources of damage.

Kyle figure 3D render.
Kyle figure 3D render.


The leader of Black Squad, Jean can direct his squad mates, giving them extra actions to perform their duty. He's a very active soldier, moving quickly and charging into the action. He's equally capable whether firing his Blackbird SMG or punching the enemy with a Shock Glove!

Jean figure 3D render.
Jean figure 3D render.


Maria is always on hear guard, ready to take on the invader. She gets a free attack whenever Xenos spawn within her Line of Sight. Specializing in either Ranged or Melee combat, she can be the perfect soldier to hold down the line.

Maria figure 3D render.
Maria figure 3D render.


Andrei is brash and impetuous. He will taunt the Xenos, drawing them to him (and away from those in danger), then proceed to either cut them to pieces or shove them aside. If things get trickier, he may also just perform a hit & run maneuver, slashing at the enemy and retreating to safety.

Andrei figure 3D render.
Andrei figure 3D render.


Fiona is extremely light on her feet, using her incredible speed, agility, and modified power armor to literally leap over any obstacles on her way, leaving them in the dust. Or turning them into dust with some well-placed shots, whatever the case may be.

Fiona figure 3D render.
Fiona figure 3D render.


Solomon's medical aptitude actually helps make him a fearsome soldier. He can wield a melee weapon with clinical precision, slicing and dicing with disturbing intensity. Of course, he can also act as a more traditional medic, helping his fellow squad members recover from previous attacks.

Solomon figure 3D render.
Solomon figure 3D render.

XN35 "Crawley" Bot

Unlike the Peacekeeper Bot, the Crawley Bot is unable to perform Melee attacks (a lack of arms will do that). It makes up for that with raw firepower! Its fire is more accurate, and deals more damage than the Peacekeeper's, being able to bring down a Tank with a single shot.

XN35 Crawley Bot figure 3D render.
XN35 Crawley Bot figure 3D render.

Meteor Sentry Gun

The Meteor Sentry Gun is considerably different from the Falchion Sentry Gun. This baby is in reality a rail gun, firing a boulder of a projectile at insane speeds, dealing devastating damage. It aims at a target up to 3 zones away and fires at it. No roll is needed. It simply destroys 1 target in each intervening zone, following the targeting priority order.

Meteor Sentry Gun figure 3D render.
Meteor Sentry Gun figure 3D render.


As you've learned from the Xeno Invaders update, while Abominations generally move at a steady pace, they may surprise you with bursts of speed due to extra activations caused by Abomination spawn cards, or running out of any kind of miniature. So the fact that the Juggernaut Abomination is even harder to kill is a big problem. The rare Flamethrower Canisters should preferably be used to keep the Mold under control, instead of wasting Hellfire on Abominations. Using Concentrated Fire tends to be a more cost-effective (if risky) way of bringing down these behemoths. Only thing is, that trick won't work with the Juggernaut. Only an effect eliminating all actors in the Zone (like Hellfire) will bring it down. Only alternative is to lure it to a Pod Zone and blow him to smithereens!

Juggernaut figure 3D render.
Juggernaut figure 3D render.
Back of the Juggernaut figure 3D render.
Back of the Juggernaut figure 3D render.

Used to build 10 new Mission, the 3 new double-sided tiles included in Black Ops feature a part of the base that's heavily infected by Mold. Each tile features 2 or 3 rooms that have become Pod Zones, starting the game already covered by Mold. This means the game begins in an already much more dire situation, since Mold Spawns in the Equipment and Xeno deck are able to spawn more Xenos, less rooms can be searched by Civilians, and the Spoiler Abomination is that much closer to overrunning the base. On the plus side, the glowing blue Xenium Pods found in these zones are highly explosive. Any shot can ignite the Pods, engulfing the zone in Hellfire! A clever group of Survivors can use that to great effect, offsetting the initial extra difficulty.

An assembly of the three Black Ops tiles.
An assembly of the three Black Ops tiles.

Black Ops brings its own arsenal into the game. Instead of starting the game with the normal starting equipment, the soldiers of Black Squad are each given a Blackbird SMG and a Shock Glove. Perhaps with that they may stand a chance of lasting more than a couple of rounds.

Starting Equipment: Blackbird SMG and Shock Glove.
Starting Equipment: Blackbird SMG and Shock Glove.

There are also other powerful weapons they may find throughout their mission, including powerful melee and ranged weapons, and even a couple machine guns with an attached flamethrower (very useful for clearing all that extra Mold).

Solomon's Chainsword, Roaster MG, and Pyre Minigun.
Solomon's Chainsword, Roaster MG, and Pyre Minigun.
Downtown Bros and Nova Cutters.
Downtown Bros and Nova Cutters.

Do you have what it takes to join the Black Ops?


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    1. Ruben Aguirre on

      What happens with spawn miniatures in Zombicide: Black Ops???
      All expansion must have spawn minis (at least 18 as other expansion)

    2. Steve on

      Apologies, Harker will more than suffice.

    3. Steve on

      How about George St. Pierre to represent CANADA ????

    4. Godfather Punk

      It has come to my attention that we haven't got a Belgian survivor yet.
      How about JCVD from Universal Soldier or Cyborg?

    5. Missing avatar


      With so many people around the world playing this game, I would just love to see all nations team up to fight the zombie aliens

    6. Foxwhisperer on

      We have still 14 days to go. Germany will get a survivor.

    7. Missing avatar


      I think that you do not understand what annoys me about it. but it does not matter. I also wish you one or more heroes / survivors for your nation

    8. Foxwhisperer on

      The countries mean nothing anyway. I don't think they will even be in the character cards. The background won't be.

    9. Foxwhisperer on

      I think it was said a German is on the way. Might not be a soldier though...

    10. Missing avatar


      @ Foxwhisperer because Germany is in third place is my argument quite acceptable. your utterance makes little sense.

    11. Missing avatar


      @foxwhisperer It's about the countries that are significantly involved in the financing to get a hero. That's the principle of fairness.

    12. Foxwhisperer on

      There are 195 countries in the world...
      Only 21 countries are represented in the game now.
      So, 174 countries to go.

    13. Missing avatar


      @cmon Germany is the supporter in third place and there are not yet any soldiers. That is very sad and unfair

    14. Foxwhisperer on

      Well, I hope CMON strengthens the BlackOps deal somehow.
      To me, it's all the same, I'm in at the BlackOps level anyway.
      But to people on the fence it might matter.

      Altough, if CMON puts Mon-Mothmama as BlackOps only KSE, some feathers might get ruffled...

    15. Missing avatar

      Remy van Vliet

      Sure we can NOT buy it, but the 'gotta have them all' mentality of the collector is beckoning! ;-)

      I've pledged $150 (to quiet the voices) and 2x $100 pledges to get more aliens. I really love the big alien in the $50 box, but for that and some more tiles it isn't worth $50 to me at the moment (although there is still some dicsussion about it upstairs). If CMoN added some more critters to the Black Ops box, it would be a no brainer imho...

    16. Foxwhisperer on

      USA - 4 survivors
      UK - 2 survivors
      Wales - 2 survivors
      Scotland - 2 survivors
      Japan - 7 survivors (because of the Kabuki gang)
      Everybody else: 0-1 survivor

      Doesn't seem too bad (and the complaint about no USA in BlackOps gets sillier when you look at the list...)

    17. Missing avatar


      @CMON where are the Germans in black ops? or anyway? there is not a single one, while other countries and nations repeat themselves several times

    18. Foxwhisperer on

      Canada and Chile are in the American continent. So, you have 2 Americans in the squad...?

    19. Foxwhisperer on

      LOL! So much complaining...
      Don't think the expansion is worth it? Don't buy it! Problem solved.
      There are 2 pledge levels for a reason...

      This box has equal number of sculpts as those other boxes mentioned. It's just missing repeat models. It's the number of unique sculpts that raise the costs, not the number of models included...
      As for the coats, I think they are a cool touch. We already have ton of marines without coats. This way these marines stand from the crowd.
      I'm getting this box. New scults, new enemy. new maps, new scenarios. What's not to like?

    20. Missing avatar

      BaggerX on

      Who cares if they're American? Tons of games are full of American characters. Nice to get characters from other places for a change. There's only 6 characters in the expansion and a hell of a lot of possible places to pull them from.

      I'm mostly interested in the extra missions and higher character count.

    21. PK

      Dat ass...

    22. Alex Bass on

      Andrei is a Russian who doesn't drink?! And just like that we went from a science fiction setting to complete fantasy...

    23. Thomas M

      Also, I like the ability the expansion grants to play 12 characters. One knock on this type of game is that your character can die early. You can have 4 people play 3 characters or 6 play 2 characters, etc. If you purchase the extra tiles, can have some huge games.

    24. Thomas M

      To me, the value is in the 10 extra missions. The base game only comes with 10.

    25. Rodrigo Zuñiga Parada on

      I like the idea of playing with "María Rojas" a compatriot... VIVA Chile!!!!

    26. Missing avatar

      James Cornerstone Cunningham on

      OMG none of them are Americans? Pass.

    27. Francois Therrien on

      I would have put the Xenomoths in this expansion instead of a KS goal :)

    28. Francois Therrien on

      Or give like 6 other miniature for actual price..

    29. Francois Therrien on

      I changed my mind. I did not knew about the scenarios. It's worth the price but I bet this discussion about price would never existed if the price was 45$ .. just a though..

    30. Duncan on

      I guess I can see how this doesn't look as good a value as some previous CMON expansions but I like all of the figures (survivors, sentries and abomination) much better than their equivalents in the base game and with the 10 extra missions makes it an easy decision to back it.

      Plus, when you have a painting backlog like mine (and I'm guessing many of you as well), then adding only 9 more figures is a big plus :P

    31. Missing avatar

      Michael Kennedy on

      Originally I backed at expansion level because I like these survivors more than the base game survivors. I’ve since dropped back to just base Game level because there is no value for money here.

    32. Missing avatar

      ryan on

      This looks so badass!

    33. The King of Average on

      The coats and overall look of these minis are outstanding! That plus the 10 new missions that are essentially a variant seals the deal for me!

    34. Missing avatar

      Grither on

      @jgtogi, well said...

    35. Missing avatar

      Grither on

      Capes/long coats are cool. Like Vampire hunter "D."

    36. Missing avatar

      Grither on

      Does anyone really care about the mounds of plastic you will eventually get, or the quality of the game? I mean miniature counts sell games, but the game is the reason they are there. I would also say the quality of the miniatures/size influences that but cost per mini, I don't think is a good reason to back/not back a game. Further, Black-Ops adds 10 missions as well.

    37. Alex Bass on

      I don't think that CMON needs to justify the price point of any of its products. Their Kickstarter projects are incredibly successful and they have a large fan base. It's only natural for a company in this situation to slowly raise the prices with each project. If I owned CMON, I would most certainly do that, especially during during a KS campaign. They are targeting a very specific segment of the population that obviously has money to burn. Personally, I can't believe the base pledge is only $100 given how much you will be getting with the stretch goals. As far as this expansion goes, definitely wait for retail if you feel it's overpriced. It'll probably retail for about $40 on miniature market or cool stuff inc and they offer free shipping on large orders.

    38. Fierce Tiger on

      Just wondering that with the vacc suit and armor, why would soldiers want to restrict themselves further with unnecessary clothing like coats and capes...???🤔

    39. Missing avatar

      jgtogi on

      @George Colon So previous Zombicides expansions shipped with 18 player boards, 30 missions, 10 tiles and hundreds of tokens. I think you have massively overstated your argument to the point of absurdity. The only thing I can think of is you just counted models. But a freaking hawk from the Friends and Foes expansion is not the same as the robot sentry gun in this expansion. Just chill and and don't buy it if you don't want it.

    40. Albi on

      I agree, that this expansion don't feels like worth it. So i decreased my pledge... didn't recognize before, thanks for explanation

    41. Missing avatar

      jgtogi on

      @Jon Harke You are missing something. These models are slightly bigger/more detailed and the expansion comes with more stuff that isn't models. Not just new tokens but an additional six player boards. Sure if just count models it looks bad but you have to also consider everything else. The expansion lacks a volume of models and has less tiles but what is there really matters. There are no duplicate models for example and you'll still get the 10 mission that usually get with every expansion. If you were expecting to have 30 models with many duplicates I am sure you'll get your chance. Green Horde shipped with two expansions and I am sure this one will too.

    42. Missing avatar


      @George et al who are complaining about the price, and I'm not keen on it either, but the facts are that GH Core cost $120 and expansions $50 for about 30 minis - so about $1.70 per mini in the expansion. On that basis, you could just say that ZI Core costs $135 and an expansion of 9 minis cost $15 (about $1.70/mini) ??

    43. Majik

      Comparing this to other expansions for previous games, you get stuff all in this. A few extra Xenos would be nice to the box.

    44. Missing avatar

      George Colon on

      So Walmart should just triple the cost of things in their store one day just because they've historically sold things cheaper than other stores? You can make wild justifications like that Andrew but the issue here is plain and simple. Up until just recently CMON set a precedent for expectation on what should be included in a $50 expansion. And here they delivered 1/3 of that.

    45. Missing avatar

      Craig Patterson on

      Yes. We do. I do. Spent $105 on a greater Khorne Daemon not long ago. 1 model. Excited to discover CMON because it's so much more cost effective.

    46. Andrew_Roberts on

      Seriously do any of you shop outside of KS? I just paid $25 for a single LE mini from another company last week.

    47. Jon Hartke on

      For sure the weakest Expansion(I feel) in Zombicide history for the same cost, unless I am missing some high value point it seems a bit high. Would be cool if @CMON added some value to the Black Ops outside of normal Stretch Goals and other means to make it a bit more. Although 90% or so of backers have already went with it, it would just be a classy move in support of your fan base.

    48. Doug Williams on

      Oh boy, 40k Imperials.

    49. Missing avatar

      Craig Patterson on

      @ George: Also agree. Well written comparison and a valid question.

      I bet pledges would increase if they gave a good explanation or dropped the price on this expansion so that we'd have more dough for add ons.

    50. Andrew Brimstone Mayor, Trederra forever on

      Very nice. Lovely sculpts and art. Like starting gear, good stuff. But:
      Bit pricey for what you get, by at least $10 too much
      Andrei has no shock glove, please, please fix that.