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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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Heighten the drama with the Kabuki Gang!

Posted by CMON (Creator)


The flapping of wings can be heard getting closer and closer. Anytime now, the Xenomoths will be upon us!


To help speed us on our way, how about some Kabuki drama to the proceedings with a special Optional Buy:

For $15 this Kickstarter Exclusive Optional Buy brings players a full set of 6 original Survivors designed by Adrian Smith, including their figures and ID cards!

The Kabuki Gang is an actual performance troupe that was touring the base when the Xenos attacked. The members of this troupe, most of them with rather shady pasts, didn't hesitate to pick up arms and face the invaders. Assuming the identity of the characters they were playing in their performance of Yotsuya Kaidan (including traditional wardrobe and masks), these actors scrambled to find whatever they could to help them in their fight. This means this group of Survivors each starts the game with an extra Equipment card, randomly drawn from the pile. The show, as they say, must go on!


Iemon is the capable leader of the gang, being able to direct the others with timely extra actions. When sharing a Zone with others, they all get an extra Ranged action to hold down the line.

Iemon figure 3D render.
Iemon figure 3D render.


Naosuke is an imposing figure with a gentle heart. With his starting skill he is able to pull his fellow survivors to safety. Then, when they're all in the same Zone, he helps them fight with an extra die for any type of combat.

Naosuke figure 3D render.
Naosuke figure 3D render.


Oiwa is fierce lady, who likes to get up and close to her target (usually it's her target audience, though). While in a clustered group, they're all able to use Ranged weapons in their own Zone, picking their targets and with no chance of hitting each other. Her bloodlust also propels her to the next target, slicing and dicing it at the spot.

Oiwa figure 3D render.
Oiwa figure 3D render.


Takuetsu is very comfortable around machinery. If he can get his hands on a remote control, he has an extra action to operate either a Bot or Sentry Gun. In a group he fares even better, sharing with all the ability to control any Machine with no need of a remote.

Takuetsu figure 3D render.
Takuetsu figure 3D render.


Yomoschichi's military past gives him great aptitude with firearms. Standing back to back with his troupe mates, they are all able to snipe at the incoming Xenos of their choice. his further skills make him an even more formidable soldier, even allowing him to go full auto with a rifle.

Yomoschichi figure 3D render.
Yomoschichi figure 3D render.


If Samon can organize a search party, the troupe is set. In a group, they are all able to find an extra piece of equipment when searching. He's also very versatile in his combat skills, as well as easily gaining control of a Bot to do his dirty work.

Samon figure 3D render.
Samon figure 3D render.

If you're interested in these special Adrian Smith Survivors, don't miss the chance to acquire them, as they're Kickstarter Exclusive.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Martin Malmer on

      This set is awesome, and the add-on that convinved me to back. But then I'm also a huge fan of Rising Sun :)

      Being kabuki, they could have used a bit more mask variation. Like a Hanya mask on one of them. Yoshimitsu agrees.

    2. Missing avatar

      Collin Schrader on

      Picking these up. Not too interested in them as characters for Invader, but they'll see use in sci-fi skirmish games. Really appreciate the price point.

    3. Steven Harbron on

      @Daniel James
      Looking at the other artwork and 3d mock ups, none have what looks like ejection ports.
      Therefore: caseless ammo.

    4. Termite

      At least I don’t think their real names will appear in the actual game. Otherwise I’d complain that so many are Chinese and not at all Japanese.

    5. SPECTRE_01 on

      I’m all in on this but it’s getting so annoying that a lot of the character guns that clearly have cartridge based ammo and clips have no visible ejection port modelled onto them, please fix this before it’s too late, it’s so glaringly obvious I don’t understand how it slipped through.

    6. Joe Greiner on

      +1 for Kanji Klub

    7. Orchid

      Is this what happens when Mitsuki is left in charge of the entertainment venue at the base? Well, color me entertained!

    8. Shawn McGowan on

      LOL @prettydead, thought the same thing!! Troma two-fer!

    9. Danny Shafer

      I like them. Some are scarier looking than the Xeno's. Great $15 price for 6 KE miniatures. I'm in! Look at the Green Horde. They had a character based on Ziggy Stardust. Ziggy Startdust should be a character in Invader. That would actually make more sense. I just love the crazy world of Zombicide.

    10. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      +1 mark ;D

    11. Mark on

      $15 is my favorite part lol I’ve paid 20 for guest boxes with less characters

    12. Missing avatar

      jgtogi on

      I like that Invader isn't following the same vein as all these grim dark the future is nothing but war b.s. This whole anything goes, crazy shit happens in space is starting to win me over. Not everything has to be Xenomorphs, Zerg and Tyranids guys. At the very least it is a fun campaign where anything can happen. Great job guys. Looking forward to more surprises.

    13. Missing avatar

      Hickory on

      These figs remind me of how I imagined Street Samurai would look in Shadowrun. Cool figs.

    14. Goodsound on

      As if this project needed more (KSE) survivors...

    15. Waffles are the Best

      kabuki gang, kabuki gang, kabuki gang, kabuki gang.

    16. Andrew Brimstone Mayor, Trederra forever on

      Really like these. Best figures in the game. Opens things up too

    17. Pretty Dead

      If I'm reading this correctly, using these as the survivors, you would want to shoot, shoot, move, or shoot, move, shoot, or move, shoot, shoot every turn. There's an extra action that would be used for searching. Incredibly slow and boring, but once you're all on the same zone, or stay on the same zone should be very powerful.

    18. Michael B on

      Miners need entertainment too..

    19. Missing avatar

      Hubert Urbańczyk on

      Don't get me wrong, I love the minis and that sculpts are just outstanding, but they are not fit to my vision on futuristic mining colony on the edge of the galaxy :/ (and we still don't have any miners in that game) ... but still price is good and most probably i will use them to some other games like The Others etc. so I am in ;D

    20. Missing avatar


      Give me more stuff like this. More off the wall and less generic.

    21. Waffles are the Best

      i don't get some of the complaints either. does every character need to be so... i guess, blunt? like "hey, hey, i'm obviously from spaaaaaace! look at my outfit! it's clearly from spaaaaace!"

      we already have Space Marines, and don't worry, we'll almost certainly get more.

    22. Alex Bass on

      +1 K.S. My feelings exactly.

    23. K.S. on

      Hmm.. I am not sure if I like this. The Figure looks great, but they don´t find a way in this space setting. The background story is not nice too. Pirates ok! But actors? i hoped for a good addon with some kind of space Marines, or very nice american or Europa style looked Space Pirates. Or big Space Monster like in Black plaque. I hope we get more other and better addons than it is ok for me. Best regards.

    24. Jarek Nocon on

      I love it! I can not understand all the complaints. Kabuki theater is on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists, so it will be cultivated for millions of years. And these Characters have great skills. :)

    25. Andrew Brimstone Mayor, Trederra forever on

      These are brilliant. Love them. Like the back story. Very cool. Well done CMON

    26. Andrew_Roberts on

      @Gregory, We already have Ripley. See: Vivian and read her through description in update#22

    27. Pretty Dead

      Killer Klowns from Outer Space meets Sgt Kabukiman NYPD?

    28. Carmen on

      Love these — weird designs but with a rational explanation. Added.
      If you don’t like’em, don’t buy them, that’s the magic of optional add-ons.

    29. Michal Valvoda (Miremarsh Mushroomer)

      Well I have never backed any ZC game before, but for this one I've made an exception because of the setting (I have backed Nemesis as well).
      But honestly most of the stretch goals are just crazy... And feudal Japan expansion... Miniatures are cute but for me really far away from the setting and plain weird.
      I am not dropping my pledge and I am willing to spend some extra cash, but please, give me something reasonable to spend it on

    30. Waffles are the Best

      i actually like the premise, it creates a lived in feel. not every survivor has to be an mega cool space marine.

    31. Waffles are the Best

      i dig it!

    32. Pierre G.

      @Michael yeah it may be right but as they have a Japanese nationality, it seem strange that they use a american romanization of their potentially Chinese name over a katakana version making the use of L a bit strange. Mostly for lyu as it's maybe ryu.
      But it's probably making too much thought on a few characters using anyway Japanese stereotypes and a game that don't really seem too care much about keeping his universe believable. I don't mind, this zombicide is more of a let mix anything together kind.

    33. Jack

      I'm thinking the 5 male clowns will be a lovely alt sculpt for the Jokers Gang in the GCC Batman game

    34. MGAC

      All in. Looking forward to these.

    35. Matt on

      @Edgar There's already 9 characters referenced from sci-fi/ pop culture and I'd expect the future stretch goals to continue this. One pack of random Kubuki dancers (??) with a weak back story isn't really Invader "becoming its very own thing".

      $15 is a good price for an optional buy but this is easily skippable

    36. Peter Do on

      While I do i like these new figures, I have to agree that the back story could use a little work. Something along the lines of a pirate gang or Mercenary squad.

    37. zombie57

      At least we now get the "insane clown posse" pack

    38. Missing avatar

      Craig Patterson on

      @ Edgar Well said! I agree! There was all kinds of ridiculous stuff in the others too. It's all part of the charm! Wasn't Iron Man in BP for pitty's sake?!

    39. Edgar Michaels on

      You know what? Modern Zombicide and Black Plague feel more like pop culture echoes than their own universes. Up until now, Invader has seemed like it was floundering between the same echo and trying not to be Warhammer 40k. THIS is Invader becoming its very own thing the way The Others did.

      I really, really like that it is stepping out of the pop culture shadow. Maybe Invader will be the best iteration of Zombicicde yet.

    40. Missing avatar

      Gregory Long on

      This has probably been asked before but i just found out about this game... will Ripley be a stretch goal?

    41. Stephen Robshaw on

      The figures look great but defo outta place in this. Will definitely give these a miss!

    42. Michael B on

      @Pierre G. - Chin Lau & Akiko Liu might be part Chinese,


      Oups... Yakuza ! :)

      If you do not like "kabuki", pronounce "Zakuza"!

    44. Bonzenmann on

      Targeting the asian market?
      Understandable, but I'll pass on this one.


      If you do not like "kabuki", pronounce "Zakuza"!

    46. Missing avatar

      Craig Patterson on

      These look fantastic! I'm laughing to myself at all the folks that don't know about the Rising Sun tie-in. And the Kabuki traveling troupe, brilliant!

      Either you love or hate the goofiness. I happen to love it! Can't wait to paint these up!

    47. Andrew_Roberts on

      different backstory would be much improved. They work well as some sort of ritualistic / Organized conglomorate Space Pirates. I like them.

    48. Rickard Antroia

      So sad to see FIVE dudes and ONE woman in this lineup. :(
      Why not 3+3?

      No buy for me.

    49. Missing avatar

      nathan thompson on

      I'm with you Chris Mennens.
      trying to stay hopeful