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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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    1. Stefan Lütjen

      I agree too with Chris. CMON could start a kickstarter for 'reprinting' of past "Kickstarter only extras" or just for add-ons or upgrades for the past zombicide-games. I for myself would never buy some missed kickstarter-zombicide-games, 'cause it feels like to buy an incomplete game - so in consequence i won't buy zimbicide 1-3 and zombicide BP, because i missed the kickstarter and i would never buy a way too expensive "zombicide kickstarter pledge" on ebay. They're selling the kickstarter-extras on ebay for three time the original price.

    2. Missing avatar

      Joe on

      I agree @Chris It would be nice if they place some focus on continuing to upgrade the original Zombicide and Zombicide BP. Hopefully in the near future.

    3. Chris Rule on

      You know what would be better than an extra identical tile set? How about an extra set of tiles with a new scenario book of pre-built variations. I love Zombicide and have all the sets, but it's beginning to feel like Call of Duty. Same game in a new skin. How about some new stuff for the ones we already have? Or how about extra sets of zombies? I shouldn't have to go to ebay to buy more walkers. Anyone else feel this way?

    4. Steve R. Bullock on

      I guess I'm the odd man out on the tile set. I never buy the extra tile sets for any of the Zombicide, but I think I will buy this one. I can see using it for a couple of other sci-fi games I own.

    5. Steven LeMay on

      The extra tile set is a bit pricey, isn't it?

    6. Wade Gregory Tripp

      Will the box be big enough to store all the tile maps from the other boxes in one place?

    7. Missing avatar

      Ray Miller on

      Well.. At this point I will probably get all the optional buys but I am really looking forward to some guest boxes too. :D

      Maybe some giant space dragons or something.

    8. Brian Schenck

      Hoping for a plastic token set as an optional buy!

    9. Lagalla Angelo on

      How about a painting kit as optional buy ?

    10. Mark-Ders on

      I already see people whining about the KS sofar ... really? Please offer constructive criticism instead.

    11. Missing avatar

      Pablo Ors on

      It would be great if the tile set came with a little book with BIG MAP missions :D

    12. Tobias on

      What size are the tiles? Is my desk large enough?

    13. Dragoncat on

      Well, it's pretty similar to the formula for Black Plague. The main difference was that they offered some guest boxes at this point. Nothing big in the way of mechanics though.

    14. Nikkiwhat Crazy Backer on

      Still very excited for the game, the expansion for it and all the SG miniatures! That said, this tile set is a bit disappointing, only because it's just the tilesets we'll be getting from the game+expansion. Was hoping for new missions along with new varied environments for terrain, part of a derelict ship or some wasteland hazardous areas to add to the hostile Planet. Maybe even more tiles relating to Civilian housing etc etc. This just seems more thrown together than reall get me hyped up for bigger maps/play sessions via bigger/extended map.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ludovic BLAY on

      What about an artbook in optional buy?

    16. Brad Hermann

      There was a big box expansion and a guest box within the first week of Green Horde. The tiles came near the end. There was also more thought and gameplay in the early stretch goals. It doesn’t bode well for their support of this game or the thought put into it. Like I said, at this point in the campaign I was hoping to see more from CMON. The space theme has been asked for for years in so many previous campaigns that no one was surprised it was coming... years. Like I also said, hopefully I’m wrong!

    17. Missing avatar

      Matthew Cunningham on

      Not really into the tile set, but at least it and the dice were thrown in early (and it is early, not even a week into the campaign...). Hopefullly we'll get at least another expansion with a new enemy roster or some other gameplay shakeup before any other add-on (crossovers, guest artists, plastic tokens, 3D terrain...last two are guaranteed)

    18. Greg on

      These are common to every game, the good stuff will come later

    19. Brad Hermann

      Wow, this may have killed the campaign for me. They seem to be mailing it in on this which makes me doubt the whole game if THIS is the add-on they’re leading with? They now have 3 add-ons and nothing that adds to actual, CMON created, gameplay... it’s not looking good... like they aren’t concerned with making this one a solid game, just a cash grab. I had high hopes, too! Hanging on for a little while longer because I hope I’m wrong but man...

    20. Missing avatar

      Alchemy on

      I would need balanced scenarios offered with the tile set to consider it or at least promise of an online pdf with tiles using the tiles released around delivery time.

    21. Heroes & Bosses on

      Tempting to get the extra tiles, since I likely won't be playing the actual game, but instead marking off all tiles into 1 inch squares and writing a pen & paper campaign using d20 Future/Pathfinder Rules. Picture a crossover between Aliens, Artemis/The Martian, Firefly, We Are Legion & Starship Troopers :)

    22. Erik on

      My experience with the extra tiles. Is that you can create awsome New scenarios but is also very easy to fall into almost imposible to win scenarios. You need to be very carefull to balance them apropiately.

    23. Pretty Dead

      @Michael - They don't print blank cards because they give you 4x the number of cards you need in the expansions thanks to the foreign language cards that are always in the box. You can take a card sleeve and put your custom item or spawn description on the front side and have the backing look exactly like the other cards. A large number of people sleeve their cards to make them easier to shuffle, so blank cards are kind of pointless. They do provide printable blanks for characters, items, and spawns for all of their games.

      They can save their creative for things like figuring out how to get my Green Horde core boxes on a goddamned truck to be delivered.

    24. Sarkin on

      Another idea...I don't know why they don't sell like a blank card pack with a few dozen of each card type. Omg that would be a hot seller too. For non unique blank printed cards!! Or include 10 blank on the front cards with like the little expansion packs. Kind of like agricola did with the colored minis expansions

    25. Sharkey on

      Hm, would be cool if we see a Crystal and Lava type deal that Massive Darkness did, where they included a small campaign with unique one for the Mines!

    26. Sarkin on

      I know a lot of people never ever buy the extra tile packs. Everyone knows just the 6 tile games can take 3 or more hours. If they were to include even 3 custom missions with the tile pack they would literally sell out of them. Heck include 6 missions and charge 5 more would sell like crazy

    27. Sharkey on

      If you have no plans to homebrew your own missions then the tile pack isn’t for you.

    28. David Dowbyhuz

      A 24 tiles map is jaw-dropping, but how do you play it?

      I see it would break any scenario that comes with the game, and I'm not at all creative Frankenstein-ing my own scenarios. Waiting for a (good) fan-created scenario seems too sketchy to spend $25 more ...

    29. Missing avatar

      Rickard Lindroth on

      Also. moooar senarios wouls be awesome to all the tiles :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Dennis Lubitz on

      naa would do double plegde bevore add mappack

    31. Phillip Martin on

      Or even an additional tile set which was new with some new scenarios.

    32. Sharkey on

      Hmmmmm, now I wonder if those Mine tiles are under the Black Ops tiles...

    33. Antonio Lozano

      Second on Phillip new tiles new stuff for gameplay not just more characters for sg

    34. Phillip Martin on

      Pretty neat, but it'd be even more sweet if there were new tiles as stretch goals!

    35. Missing avatar

      Anthony Evans

      Will there be rules and guides included on how we can build our own balanced custom scenarios?