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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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    1. Zaid Fouquette on

      Of all the people this campaign could have introduced, i did not expect Klauss.

    2. Joshua

      I like Corporal Vak! Pretty cool character!
      @Fishcube: Ha! Nicely done! :^)
      @Greg: I was thinking that, too, but I doubt it. it says his tank converts oxygen to H20, so...
      Would've been awesome, though. Perhaps an alternate Red skill...

    3. Michael B on

      @Just R.. Because it's the same artist., Adrian Smith influenced a lot of 40k's art

    4. Just R on

      Sure the pictures says "Dr Brown with WH40k TechMarine gear" but the mini look like a Dr Dreads with techmarine gear ! Just awful how much in this game looks like directly from the WH universe.

    5. General Cammy

      Dr Whutt? Given Doc Brown's "Great Scott!" catchphrase, I think you missed a trick not calling him Dr Scott.

    6. Kaladin on

      Would have been better if it was Dr Zoidberg :/

    7. Orchid

      It took a long time to convince you guys to put me into one of your games, but you finally caved to the pressure. Thanks! I look awesome as usual!

    8. Claymore Nash on

      @RedSarge - No he's 22 of our years. He does say so but I double checked and the math works out. One of his years is 2.4 days, so there are 152 Trappist-C years to 1 Earth year. Divide his age (3,345) by 152 and you get 22!

    9. TheSirSpence on

      Missed opportunity for Admiral Ackbar if you ask me

    10. Jarek Nocon on

      Great, I want more such Heroes! He looks taciturn. :)

    11. RedSarge on

      Wait so if I'm not too sleepy Vak is only 3.81 Years old in Earth Years?!? He's a baby... lol

    12. Missing avatar

      Troy Astarte on

      @Chris military. You can tell because he has a rank rather than a profession.

    13. Doug Williams on

      3000 years old and only corporal?

    14. Missing avatar

      Chris Scales on

      I love it! Is he military or civilian, in game terms?

    15. Michael B on

      Corporal.. do you mean Carporal..?

    16. Allan Morstein

      So that would be a birthday every two and a half days?

    17. Missing avatar

      Scott Berg

      Yay more bipedal aliens. Lets get some weird ones and stop this star trek syndrome!

    18. Alfred on

      Looks fantastic! :)

    19. Pierre Colette on

      Thank's for all the extra miniature, but could I make an few suggestion?
      It could help if your team could add instead!
      - More extra tiles (different one's).
      - More expansion box.

      Keep on the good work!

    20. Greg on

      So he doesn't need to find oxygen tanks to go outside... right?

    21. JustBlayz on

      Marco..... Fish out of water! LOVE it

    22. KZ (KingZombie)

      Abe Sapien! Kinda of!