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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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The Xeno Invaders

Posted by CMON (Creator)


As we're making our way to unlocking the Doctor Whutt Stretch Goal, let's take a moment to take a closer look at the Xenos from the Zombicide: Invader box.


Workers represent the vast majority of the Xeno invasion. They're not particularly lethal, resistant, or fast (deal 1 Damage, take 1 Damage to kill, 1 Action per activation). But that's not to say that they're not a very real threat. The danger is in their numbers, and the fact that they can quickly flood the board if left unchecked.

You must be particularly wary of allowing too many Mold Zones to remain Active on the board. There are Mold Spawn cards in both the Xeno deck and the Equipment deck, and when these are drawn, the indicated Xenos are placed in EACH Active Mold. There are twice as many Mold Spawn cards for Workers as there are for Hunters or Tanks, and while those cards normally only spawn 1 Xeno per Mold, there are also cards that spawn 2 Workers per Mold.

So, as you see, Workers can quickly swarm the board, and that's dangerous not only because they may surround you and tear you apart, but also because you may run out of Worker figures. This will cause any Abominations on the board to activate, and a new Abomination to spawn!

Worker figures 3D renders.
Worker figures 3D renders.
Back of the Worker figures 3D renders.
Back of the Worker figures 3D renders.


Fast Xenos, of course that spells trouble. Hunters share mostly the same characteristics as Workers, except for the fact that they are rabid predators. Whenever they activate they get 2 actions, which means they can quickly close the gap between you and them, or if they're already on you, they'll attack multiple times. A lone Hunter can kill a Survivor in a single activation, unless they some heavy armor to give them some extra protection.

While Hunters are more rare than Workers, they can also spawn from Active Mold, and that means they might be spawning quite close to a Survivor, putting them in dire straits!

Hunter figures 3D renders.
Hunter figures 3D renders.


Tanks are as tough as they are ugly. And they are VERY ugly. These corpulent Xenos are not only tough to take down, requiring 2 damage to do so, but they also deal 2 damage in a single attack of their powerful tentacles! That means, unless you have extra armor, a single strike from a Tank will kill you where you stand.

Killing a Tank is not easy. Ideally you should use a weapon with Damage 2 to take him out. However, you also have the option of Concentrating your attack, focusing it entirely on a single Tank in the hope that this will be enough to bring it down. Of course, the fact that you're ignoring other Xenos in the Zone may be your undoing. When using a Ranged attack you'll have no choice, though, seeing as Tanks come first in the Targeting Priority Order, which means any Workers or Hunters in the Zone will be hiding behind this wall of flesh.

Tank figures 3D renders.
Tank figures 3D renders.


Finally we have the nightmare of anyone with trypophobia (or anyone who doesn't want to die, really). The Spoiler Abomination is huge, tough, lethal, and overall revolting. With an attack that deals 3 Damage, it will insta-kill even a heavily-armored soldier who allows it to get close to them. Destroying this beast is a real challenge. It requires a Damage 3 attack, which normally can only be obtained by using a Flamethrower to empty a Canister of Hellfire on its Zone. You can also try to Concentrate your attack, if you have a strong enough weapon, and also some luck.

The Spoiler Abomination may be normally slow, but there are several things that can give it extra activations, which means it's always a very real threat. Run out of miniatures of a specific type during the Spawn Phase, or when performing a Mold Spawn, any Abominations (of any type) on the board get an extra activation. Draw an Abomination Spawn card while any Abominations are already on the board, they get an extra activation. This thing will never leave you alone.

And that's not to mention the Mold the Spoiler Abomination spreads! Whenever it enters a Building Zone, a Mold token is placed on it. This destroys any objectives that were in the Zone (which could mean game over), makes the Zone useless (no searching or other special abilities it may have had), and basically destroys all walls and doors towards other Building Zones. It changes the board dramatically. And of course, the Active Mold is a hotspot for Xeno spawning, so you'll want to apply some Hellfire to it quickly to make it Inactive (the Zone won't be any less useless, but at least it won't spawn more Xenos). And finally, never forget that if there's ever a string of Active Mold tokens connecting a Spawn Zone to another Spawn Zone, the base (and the game) is lost forever.

Spoiler Abomination figure 3D render.
Spoiler Abomination figure 3D render.
Back of the Spoiler Abomination figure 3D render.
Back of the Spoiler Abomination figure 3D render.


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    1. Justin Goodson

      just thought - the workers look like the aliens in Signs - with tentacle beards

    2. Missing avatar

      Urohawk on

      Pat, great ideas. They often save stuff like this for the next version if they aren't waiting to unveil it already.

    3. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      @ CMON
      Sounds like the enemy types are more refined with everything having it's place I'm genuinely looking forward to trying this game out.
      I hope that there are more enemy types in store before this campaign ends, besides the seekers.
      I would love to see an optional buy/ add on that expands on the threats the survivors can face. Dangers that expand on the other classes such as the tanks or hunters. Imagine six or seven units with four minis apiece, similar to the exploder set from Green Horde.
      Sets could be 1. Grabbers - basically a tank with a range 2 attack but instead of inflicting a hit the attack would instead pull the target into the attacking Grabbers zone. Imagine the groans of disappointment as you suddenly find your survivor in the middle of the Xenos.
      2. Exploders - A Xenos version of the Green Horde zombie, because blowing up something in the midst of your enemies is always entertaining.
      3. Lobbers - A tank type enemy with a range 2 attack that hits all actors in zone it targets.
      4. Cloakers - A heavy hunter type that when spawning doesn't start in a spawn zone but instead spawns in the zone adjacent to the survivor closest to the spawn point it would have spawned into as a normal spawn. Reflecting them suddenly appearing as they're camouflage lowers. Imagine the wrench that could be.
      5. Fetchers - This hunter type would have 2 action points when it would reach a survivors zone however instead of attacking it would capture the survivor instead and carry them off towards the nearest exit unless eliminated first. If already carrying a survivor it would then attack any others it encountered but escaping would be it's priority.
      6. Chargers - This tank type would borrow from the Trollbomination in that it's actions would jump to 3 when a survivor is in it's line of sight. It's attack and move would be carried out together. When attacking it would only move in a straight line. When entering a zone with survivors the targeted survivor if hit would be pushed back 1 zone unless a wall or other feature prevented movement to continue in a straight line. The Charger would continue on till it's actions where used up. It would continue in this way every activation moving/attacking 3 actions until eliminated or survivors were removed from it's line of sight.
      Now who hasn't seen similar horrors or action happening in any number of Scifi horror films?
      I hope you guys will take the steps to bring them to your game.

    4. Barzam on

      So, why does the Spoiler Abomination have big crystals sticking out of it?

    5. Mark-Ders on

      I really like these mini's. Hope we get even more of them.

    6. Judgement Dave

      Personally think the trypophobes would still fear Pride more from The Others -

    7. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Melo on

      trypophobia - exactly what I first thought of when seeing the preview for spoiler Abom

    8. Missing avatar

      Edwin Dale Sanders on

      The Babyface Abomination and Shadow Abomination are categorised as Type 4.

    9. Missing avatar

      Edwin Dale Sanders on

      Can we also get a Biology sheet for the Juggernaut Abomination?

    10. Missing avatar

      Steven on

      Interesting, all xenos are categorised as type 1... does that mean we can expect a big box expansion add on with a whole type 2 breed of xenos before campaigns end?

    11. Missing avatar

      ShirowShirow on

      I'm very happy about how twisted and ugly these things are.

    12. Missing avatar

      Edwin Dale Sanders on

      Can we see biology sheets like these for the Mother-in-law Abomination and the Seeker Workers?

    13. Tim Vickerman on

      @Sharkey, correct they confirmed it in the play video

    14. Sharkey on

      Hm, so Mold can’t grow on the planet surface it seems...

    15. Andrea Scattolin

      This game is starting to look too difficult. I'll think to some house rules ti make it more easy.

    16. Missing avatar

      Wouter Palsterman

      Love the design of the hunters and tanks.

    17. Michael Melbourne on

      Nevermind... I thought the figure on the right had it's toes dug into the base

    18. John Fiala

      Is it just me, or does that photo of the 'workers' look like a Sentai team? I want to paint them in primary colors as the "Mighty Morphin' Xeno Rangers"!

    19. Michael Melbourne on

      Not sure I like the Hunters bases