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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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Nobody puts Babyface in a corner!

Posted by CMON (Creator)


Dorian The Grey has made first contact!


Shaking the floor and letting out a disturbing cry, the next Stretch Goal brings a daunting challenge for any group of Survivors. Yeah, baby!

When we reach $1,240k all backers will get the Babyface Abomination, including its large figure and cards!

The Babyface Abomination is every bit as terrifying as other Abominations. What with the extreme resistance to damage, and how lethal its attacks are. But if you think your troubles are over when you finally manage to put this monstrosity down, think again. They are only just starting. On its death throes, the Babyface’s secondary maw emits a spine-chilling cry so powerful that it drives all other Xenos into a frenzy. Every. Single. Xeno. on the board immediately gets an extra activation! Who’s a crybaby now?

Babyface Abomination figure 3D render
Babyface Abomination figure 3D render
Back of Babyface Abomination figure 3D render
Back of Babyface Abomination figure 3D render


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    1. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      ugly in a good way, love the mechanic it introduces. We need some more things like this. Enemies with new mechanics new threats to make this game as different as possible from what's come before.

    2. C on

      @Jim: The More You Know! (:

      This *does* look like an inexpensive way to get some Nurgle figures...

    3. Clint Lee Werner

      I didn't get a vagina impression, but from the back it does look like it has a huge ballsack.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben Huston on

      The mouth opens into the torso, as you can clearly see intestines. That design was likely inspired by the great unclean one and other nurgle Deamons from 40k. Makes a great nurgle model. doesn’t remind me of a vagina though, the mouth would have to be lower lol.

    5. Erik on

      Ohhh Shit!

    6. Jim Webb on

      For all the men disturbed by the mouth... there is term for that.
      Vagina dentata (Latin for toothed vagina) describes a folk tale in which a woman's vagina is said to contain teeth, with the associated implication that sexual intercourse might result in injury, emasculation, or castration for the man involved.

    7. Justin "Vex" Brissette

      Any chance of more expansions or a way to get more tiles?


      Amazing, awesome and mega cool mini Cmon! Keep up those bad ass abominations coming. Much better than a slew of characters. Ignore the sissies like Joshua

    9. The King of Average on

      Amazing miniature and very cool game mechanic, a win-win!

    10. Neil H on

      Crikey, that's a nasty looking beastie, almost as scary as the Mercedes miniature.

    11. Roddy on

      I am really hoping for Spawn, Venom or Bane as a Survivor this time around.

    12. Peter Do on

      OMEGA T H I C C

    13. Bobby4th on

      Is this supposed to be Patrick Swayze or Jennifer Grey?

    14. Missing avatar

      nathan thompson on

      disturbed yet satisfying

    15. Missing avatar

      nathan thompson on

      properly disturbing.. love it haha never did i think I'd be playing a board game with a walking vagina. amazed

    16. Missing avatar

      Dennis Lubitz on

      @Christopher Bragg
      Dorian is also not exclusive. so they might be part of an expansion or special guest box we get as free bonus instead of paying for it. i think there will be more Expansion boxes, like the black Ops Box (only 1 Alien/Abomination + some Heros and Content. Like the Boxes from The Others).

      I really hope there will be some more additional "Boxes of Aliens" like in moderncide.

    17. Johnny Freedom

      Wow. Dudes who are assuming this is a “ladypart” and then complaining about forcibly being exposed to ladyparts show that misogyny is alive and well in the gaming community. This sculpt is awesome, wherever that mouth be originating!

    18. Zane

      @Ray - Great idea, I never thought to do that. Still I'd rather they avoided it.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ray Miller on

      @Zane... I used green stuff to create a boulder around the peg to look like the Abominatroll was jumping over it plus some other small boulders/rocks around it so it didn't look out of place.

    20. Last Of The Brunnen G on

      I agree with Joshua in the comments below- the incredibly slow increase in $ is showing CMON really needs to get their act together and reassess what they're doing with this KS. Maybe lay off the pop culture characters and instead use actual characters that are famous from sci-fi. (Those Stranger Things survivors in Green Horde killed that KS for me).

    21. Jay Kirby on

      The hand-tentacles really remind me of Nemesis from RE3.

    22. Brett W. on

      @Zane - I agree with the support problem. The dancing Onie from Rising Run arrived broken, and has had to be glued a couple of times.

    23. Missing avatar

      Katie Stegner on

      I really like that this sculpt doesn't have any tech in it. It works great for zombicide ... and my D&D players may encounter it in a deep dark dungeon some day.

    24. Zane

      I love the sculpt, as disturbing as it is (especially from behind), but I'm worried about that pose. They'll have to put a support piece below one leg if they don't change it. I never liked that on the Trollbomonation.

    25. Missing avatar

      Craig Patterson on

      I, for one, look forward to utterly destroying this monstrousity. Over and over. Vivian, Mercedes, Tank Girl - they are gonna beat this thing down! Neat design!

    26. Brett W. on

      From behind it looks terrible. lol Love it.

    27. Joshua

      I just...
      Can't... even...

      So it took 18 hours to get Dorian unlocked and y'all follow up with a walking, screaming ladypart?

      We need momentum, like a classic/iconic scifi character, but we get this instead?

      I don't drop complaints lightly, but seriously, please start inserting some actual space-related scifi Survivors!

      And no more ladyparts.

    28. Ivan Cortez on

      huh.... baby got back 🤣

    29. Nathan McCullough

      @David - +1 favorite game series along side dark souls. good stuff

    30. Kenna

      There are so many things I will never be able to unsee here.......

    31. David Stanciu on

      I like it. It looks pretty gross. I hope they make an Isaac Clark tribute survivor from dead space.

    32. Missing avatar

      Ben Huston on

      Could definitely count as a great unclean one

    33. Ross Webb-Wagg on

      Pupa Nurgle Loves You :D

    34. Streams

      disturbing... truly... disturbing... loving the variety...

    35. Jeffrey Glasgow

      I would have rather had another Juggernaut than this hunk of plastic. The Juggernaut is a cool sculpt.

    36. Judgement Dave

      Sure this one will find a place in The Others, possibly helping out Gluttony

    37. Christopher Bragg on

      @Christian Le Werg - Without the KS Exclusive! stamp you're right to assume this will have a presence come retail. The model might be packaged differently as they tend to do a special KS Exclusive box. That said, without official word there's never guarantee these models will come to retail beyond the core box etc.

    38. Zakarovian on

      This ist not a Kickstarter Exclusive?
      Ist that correct?
      This can bei bought at retail?

    39. DanWolf on

      Oh, yes, it's just a sad little baby, of course! It's his navel mourning about the suddenly lost umbilical cord ;)))

    40. Andrew Brimstone Mayor, Orc axe on

      DanWolf that must be a belly mouth. God I hope it it in its belly lol :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Wouter Palsterman

      Now that’s what I call an abomination! Also cool game mechanic.
      Good job CMON.

    42. DanWolf on

      HAHAHAHA, what a joke! Nobody puts Babyface in a corner and then...this creepy thing. What a nice compliment for Jennifer Grey! :)
      And, ey, who designed Babyface? One lovely mouth sitting between the shoulders, another between the legs. A sort of hungry vagina? Oh boys!

    43. Agis Neugebauer on

      Hmm, better than the core box Abomination, bur for me one of the weaker sculpts, Looks too much like a Nurgle demon to me...

    44. Patrick Kohler on

      You developers are sick people... can't wait to bring Babyface on the board