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Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
Find the best weapons, learn new skills, and work together to survive a deadly invasion of zombie aliens!
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Better to be jumping at shadows than have a Shadow jump you!

Posted by CMON (Creator)


Ix-nix-zik has finally come home!


The next Stretch Goal will mark the $1 Million milestone, not bad for one day of campaign! So let's make it a big one:

When we reach $1 Million, all backers will get the Kickstarter Exclusive Shadow Abomination, including its large figure and Xeno cards.

The Shadow Abomination is one stealthy and agile killer. Firing at it is futile, as you'll either miss, it will dodge it, or the attack will bounce off it. You better be ready to take this monstrosity head on!

Shadow Abomination figure 3D render.
Shadow Abomination figure 3D render.
Back of the Shadow Abomination figure 3D render.
Back of the Shadow Abomination figure 3D render.


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    1. Erik on

      This Abomination is just great!!! this is my favorite miniature so far.

    2. Missing avatar

      Cameron Smith on

      Weird "Alien" hybrid - I love it!

    3. Greg on

      Of the best sculptures so far now

    4. Ethan Garrow on

      I'd love to see a size comparison on this bugger.

    5. BlackReign12(@Wal2WalCarnage) on

      I love how it has a tongue like "Venom", instead of the standard Xeno skull smasher.

    6. Hugh Raynor on

      We've reched a million! Milestone unlocked!

    7. LtPandaman on

      Brilliant, love it!

    8. Azure Knight on

      This is what happens when a xenomorph hosts in a Tyranid...I love it....

    9. Missing avatar

      Chauveau on

      whooooo... Men, i want to fight this... thing

    10. Quiarcus on

      Don't forget that Smith worked at GW for quite a while - some cross pollination is to be expected.

    11. rollntider on

      Its a cross of Aliens and Tyranids. Who copied who lol

    12. Bridget (Over Troubled Waters)

      "40k-unique elements" taken directly from the Alien films.

    13. Sharkey on

      Really love this one!

    14. Sebastian Thielke on

      I would really like to see a huge chunk of 3 D terrain addon as well as stretch goals. There is so much more fun with a 3D enhanced board. Doors, walls, evironment 3D modells, and sound track. Do a SOUNDTRACK.

    15. Pierre Colette on

      Those figurine are very nice to the eye, and I am happy to have subscribe.
      But I was just wondering.....,

      It would be nice if you guys could put on the stretch goal:
      - Some 3D items; "Doors close", "Doors open",
      - And some extra; "Survivor plastic dashboard", "Color Bases", "Zombicide dice (invader style)".
      For the last but not the least; An special ranging box for all these wonderful products.

      I know that I may be asking to much, but what do I have to lose ;)

      Thank a bunch and keep the good work!

    16. Mark Horneff

      how big is this fella?

    17. Marco Tonino on

      A 40k Hive Tyrant with sets of Scything Claws. Even the pipes on the back look really alike. I didn't agree with all the 40k comparisons so far, but this one shares A LOT of 40k-unique elements.

    18. Jack

      Nice! This probably looks right at home next to AvP models or the Nemesis aliens

    19. Bart M

      I like the extra abominations!! Specially the different types

    20. Andrea Coletti on

      Last 2 new SG aliens are very cool!!! I hope to see other creatures like these on next SG :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Alchemy on

      I wish this was the style of all of the Xeno in the core box much better than fishy friends

    22. Missing avatar



    23. Mellekai

      Great Abomination. Yup, my favorite so far, too.

    24. David "Killer Bunny" Doughty on

      Probably my favorite sculpt so far

    25. Missing avatar

      Alchemy on

      Awesome Sculpt - best stretch goal so far

    26. Zakarovian on

      Alien? Alien! :)

    27. Godfather Punk

      Full Plate Xenomorph!
      Doesn't he ooze acid blood or something, making close combat even harder ;^)?