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$1,669,894 pledged of $250,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$1,669,894 pledged of $250,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

The Mother of All Abominations.. Mother-In-Law!



Reaching $685k we unlocked "Tank Girl" - the Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor, including her miniature and ID card!

When we reach $725k we will be unleashing the Kickstarter Exclusive Mother-In-Law Abomination figure and cards!

Abominations are usually tough, but Mother-In-Law can be particularly deadly: It immediately performs 1 Extra Activation each time it endures an Attack which does not kill it.



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    1. Erik on April 11

      Awsome Abomination, I really like that every abomination require different tactic to eliminate.

    2. Gregg R. on April 11

      not as scary as my mother in law (the Crazy Lady)

    3. Miguel Angel Fernandez Rico on April 11

      This abomination looks really gool! And it is exactly what I was looking on the Stretch goals, new models that are distinctly different from originals. So I welcome our new Alien overlords. So excited keep the good job!

    4. Jonathan Ow on April 10

      Loving the name. Hope we can get a kitchen board tiel to go with it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Grither on April 10

      Eh... Looks like many other aliens, Endure the Stars, Nemesis... more unique content!

    6. Andrea Coletti on April 10

      This abomination art is better, other alien's art like it

    7. Missing avatar

      Johan Adamsson on April 10

      Ooh.. could we maybe get an add-on box with smaller alien ones like this? Super fast little buggers maybe? :)

    8. Streams
      on April 10

      Something new to the mix... hope to see more

    9. Christopher Baughman
      on April 10

      I like this abomination art much better, I wish this was the art direction of the rest of the aliens!

    10. Missing avatar

      on April 10

      Loving the name !!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Ioccai on April 10

      Help us Ripl... ehm, Vivian!

    12. Missing avatar

      Unleashed Paul
      on April 10

      Liking the new abomination